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Changed Body 1

Changed Body 1

Chapter 1 – Equivalent Exchange (1)

I cooked and ate alone.

My wife says she will take care of it later because she is busy, and her daughter-in-law is on a diet so she doesn’t eat.

While washing the dishes I ate, I suddenly had that thought.

“Is this family? ?”

I don’t think the family I thought was like this.

“How did this happen?”

I do not know.

My wife, who was hotter and more passionate than me, has cooled down and become a workaholic who values ​​work more than love.

What the hell made my daughter and wife like that.

“I really don’t know….”

I would understand if it was because I did something wrong, but I have never done anything wrong.

Good is good, and when there was an argument, he always claimed to be on the losing side, and he did whatever the two wanted.

She had never cheated on her, and she had never been neglectful of her family, to be sure.

“Ideal and reality are so different.”

Maybe it’s because she lost her parents early.

From an early age, she dreamed of a happy family.

Recalling the vaguely remaining happy moments with her parents, she wished that such a family would be built again.

She thought it was on its way when she married her and gave birth to her daughter, who wouldn’t hurt to put it in her eyes.

I shudder at the unknown sense of betrayal.


The deeper the thought, the deeper the time.

Dawn came as I sat at the kitchen table.

Thinking of having a drink alone, she shook her head.

My wife hates the smell of her alcohol.

She’ll have to give up drinking if she wants to sleep with her.

“I’m going to sleep soon….”

After lightly showering, she heads to the master bedroom, where her wife, who was in her study, is sleeping on one side of the bed.

Wear light sleepwear.

He swallowed saliva enough to make his neck tremble at the voluptuous body reflected in it.

Others say that sexual desire dies as you get older, but I don’t know why it keeps rising.

In the first place, if a woman like that was sleeping in front of her eyes, it might be natural for anyone to become a slave to sexual desire.

My lower body towering like a mountain peak told me that I couldn’t sleep like this.

“Honey… , Ruler?”
“Yes…. You too, go to sleep.”

A plain answer that blocks sticky questions.

In response, I climbed onto the bed and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t do that… , How is it after a long time… ?”

Her hands wriggling over the covers, towards her voluptuous breasts, who slept in thin clothes.

By the time you arrive at your desired destination.

“Why are you like this, really?”

My hand was slashed with a cold voice.

She wrapped her blanket tighter and turned her back.

“I have a meeting early tomorrow morning.”

I see

Does she know

That line alone has been going on for nearly 7 years already.

The emotions that had been excited for a moment were immediately thrown to the ground.

Carefully raise her body so she doesn’t wake up.

She took out a bottle of liquor, which had only given her attention a moment ago, and headed to her kitchen.

There was a passenger there.

“Daughter… ?”

My daughter, who is rummaging through the refrigerator and holding a lot of food in her arms, stands with a frown on her face.

When you express that face, you’re like, ‘Oh, fuck. It just caught me.’ I guess.

Before I could say anything, my daughter ran off to my room on the third floor with her face down.


An indescribable feeling grips your body.

He said he didn’t eat because he was on a diet.

“You just didn’t like eating with me.”

She hasn’t even been drinking yet.

Why does my stomach hurt

* * *

Today, I attacked an A+ grade dungeon that appeared in the middle of Gangnam.

Since the dungeon environment was a hot and humid jungle, everyone except me, who was unaffected by the surrounding environment, suffered tremendously.

After having a formal interview with the reporters gathered in front of the dungeon, I headed to the resting members.

“Everyone had a hard time!”
“The captain must have had a hard time too.”
“You worked hard!”

Faces come alive little by little.

“I’m going to give you a shot today, so how about a drink everyone?”

I shouted because I thought this was an opportunity.

“Oh, sorry. Today is our wedding anniversary, so we decided to go in early.”
“I also decided to eat out with my family today.”

The only thing that comes back is refusal.

When I was young, after clearing a dungeon, it was essential to have an after party.

Even if I didn’t want to go, it was my daily life to drink until the sun came up the next day.

“Oh yeah…. Ahaha! I was supposed to have dinner with my family, too!”

I laugh awkwardly and tell lies so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

Everyone left one by one, and I was left alone in a large space.

“I guess everyone doesn’t have time for that anymore.”

I realized all over again.

Everyone got older and became adults.

I became someone’s husband, wife, and the father and mother of my children.

Everyone has a home.

The time for us to gather together and laugh like before is gone.

Everyone is growing and adapting to a new world, but I felt like I was the only one walking in place.

It reminds me of my wife and daughter who have changed.

“Perhaps… , I might be the problem.”

Their change was natural, and I thought that I, who hadn’t changed, might be the problem.

Did you know that in a place where one-eyed people gather, two-eyed people become strange people?

I suddenly had a strong desire to run away from this place.

* * *

A private bar located in Gangnam.

A place for upper-class people who cannot even enter without a membership.

“Oh, it’s been a while since you came.”
“That’s it.”

I enter the room the madam guides me with a shy smile.

With no one to drink with, she came to drink alone.

I wanted to drink soju at the stall, but I can’t because her face is too well known.

If you drink alone in an open place, the headline of the article the next morning will be like this.

[S-class hunter guardian Son Si-woo, caught drinking alone at a stall. Is there any problem?]

In fact, I drank alone once before, and an article went out like that.

The content was more spectacle.

That he has an extremely bad relationship with the raiders, that he is having a feud with his wife.

All kinds of discord rumors heated up the internet.

It is said that incitement can be made in one line, but dozens of documents and evidence are needed to refute it.

At that time, everyone had a hard time explaining it.

When I was determined not to drink alone again, my wife gave me a membership here.

If you want to drink alone, she asks you to drink in a place where no one knows.

Personally, she was hoping for an answer like, ‘If you want to drink, just tell me.’

“Hunter Son Si-woo seems to be suppressing himself too much.”

These were the words that the madam, whom I had bumped into every time I visited from time to time, said it out of the blue as she set her drink down on the table.

“Am I?”
“Yes. Look at the other S-rank hunters.”

Five S-class Hunters.

Two of them are me and my wife.

The other two are a few years younger than me, and the way they live is very spectacle.

Every day, he rents out the entire club and has a party with the girls.

Then, after a few months, a woman turns the world upside down by saying she is pregnant.

In the last year alone, three women appeared who said they had children with him.

Two of them were lies, and one was real.

“They reveal a little too much, but they live their lives doing everything they have to do.”

That’s right.

These two guys are talented people that this country shouldn’t be without, and they’re busy living their own lives, no matter what the world says.

“I was very impressed with his answer the other day.”
“What… Oh, that.”

A reporter once interviewed one of the two guys and asked.

It was a question like what do you think when the internet is buzzing with your promiscuous private life?

At that time, one guy’s answer was very plausible.

“My life is too short to live caring about what other people think… , Did you say?”
“Yes that’s right.”

The confidence that I would not care about others’ notice stood out in order to live my own life.

Until now, the perception of the guy who was just a promiscuous guy has changed.

He’s not just a promiscuous bastard, but a promiscuous bastard with his own philosophy.

“I think I should live my life like him.”

She hastily added her words.

“Ah, but I don’t mean to live with all kinds of women.”

He winks at me with one eye wink.

“I mean, you shouldn’t miss out on the joy of life because you care about others.”

Her hand rested on top of mine, which was on the table.

A long index finger lightly scratches the back of my hand.

“What do you think… ?”

A strange, dense temptation.

She is beautiful.

Big eyes that let out a strange gaze, alluring moles under the eyes, porcelain-white and dense skin, and a voluptuous body that drips salt even when it’s still.

A woman who deserves a one-night stand.

Her upper body was pouring down towards this side.

The top of her tight dress opens slightly, revealing the deep neckline of her chest that catches her attention.

“How about somewhere a little more private and quiet… ?”

Her explicit words and actions tickle her ears.

I carefully freed her hand from beneath her.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m sorry.”

Leaving her behind as she sent her eyes full of regret, she left her bar.

“It was a nice place to drink alone….”


I want today to be the last time I come here.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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