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Changed Body 4

Changed Body 4

Chapter 4 – Equivalent Exchange (4)

It was only for this day that the man had been wandering in the ocean of information for so long.

‘It’s today.’

If not today, I don’t know how long I will have to wait.

CC Inside, Korea’s largest community.

Hunter Gallery, one of the major galleries, is flooded with information and rumors about all kinds of hunters.

Of course, Son Si-woo is also included among them.

No, he had the most stake.

Countless verifications are attempted to find the real one hidden among countless lies.

Two pieces of information have been successfully verified.

Son Si-woo, who is drunk, likes to talk with the driver, and sometimes appears at a bar in Gangnam when he wants to drink alone.

‘All preparations are complete.’

The result of getting a driver’s license through a tough test and hanging around here for days and days.

He appeared

‘If you come out now….’

He came out sooner than expected.

Appearing with a rather drunken face, he was standing in front of his car, looking up at the sky with an expression as if thinking deeply about something.

‘It’s now.’

I slowly approach him who is waiting for the deputy and greet him.

“Did you call a substitute?”
“Ah, you are the substitute knight.”

At first, he put on an unreliable expression, but he soon calmed down and handed over his car keys.

The man drove the car at a speed that was not very fast.

The distance from where he lives is about 20 minutes.

‘If you go a little slower, about 30 minutes….’

Within that time he had to hear the answer he wanted from him.

A golden scale was already summoned next to the man.

However, it was not a gigantic size like when it first appeared, but a mini size the size of the palm of your hand.

“Is the knight married by any chance?”
“Oh, no.”

A conversation started.

He spoke incessantly with a smirk typical of drunken people.

It’s like you don’t have anyone to talk to on a regular basis.

While discussing trivial things such as the person you like or marriage, the moment you were thinking about how to bring up the story related to the transaction.

“I envy your youth. When I was young too….”

Opportunity walked in on its own.

Son Si-woo first brought up the story of youth.

After making a proper pun, the man insinuatedly threw a question at him.

“If Hunter and I could swap bodies, would you?”
“The knight and I?”

At one question that others would have skipped over with a smile, he was lost in thought for a moment.

Soon he said

“Isn’t that too low?”

Oh, it’s ruined.

I never thought I would get an answer like that.

‘In the video, they say they’re jealous of their youth, you bastard!’

Was it just a lie to empower students?

He was discouraged

He speaks with a self-deprecating smile.

“As expected, Hunter-nim has a lot of things….”


Why would a person who has already achieved everything when he was young start over with a bare body with nothing?

By the time the flame of hope goes out.

“No no, not me, but the knight.”

A single word from him could not rekindle the fire and burned it very brightly.

“Yes… ?”

His answer was spectacle.

“Anything would be possible if you were young, but it would be a waste to trade with someone like me. Isn’t it?”

The scales began to fluctuate at every word he said.

He raised the value of his youth and lowered the value of his own life.

Also, the man thought about that.

‘Youth is such a wonderful thing.’

He, who was only browsing the Internet world in the corner of the room, realized a little about the value of youth, which he did not know at all, and the value increased even more.

The fluctuating scale soon calmed down.

Location has been reversed.

The weight that had been infinitely leaning toward Son Si-woo had been completely reversed.

[Value converted. Your value is higher than your opponent’s.]

Seeing myself sinking to the floor with added value, the man called for joy.

More than his own youth was worth it, he was just happy to be able to swap with him and his body.

For him suffering from her terrible love affair, nothing held a higher value than her.

“Huh, Hunter. This….”

He looked at the check for one million won in my hand.

He only gives money he has never received from anyone to the substitute driver.

When he thought that a man with wealth like that would soon become himself, electricity seemed to run through his body.

With the check roughly shoved into his pocket, he said his last goodbye to Son Siu.

“As expected, I think Hunter’s body is better than mine.”

Perhaps he thought that those words were simply envying him, so he spits out the word thank you.

‘I don’t know what will happen in the future.’

After saying thank you to Si-woo, who gave up his whole life to him, her man arrived at my house in a hurry.

“De, equivalent exchange! Swap my body with Siwoo Son!”

The small scale inflated my body in an instant.

[The opponent’s body is less valuable than yours. Would you like to trade at a loss?]

[Yes / No]

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ appeared before my eyes.

Without thinking, he raised his hand to ‘Yes’ and managed to stop his fingers.

“Oh, no.”

You don’t have to do a bottomless business.

If your value is higher, you can add more conditions to him, but why?

After much thought, he added a few conditions to him.

The scale fluctuates under each condition.

Conditions were set so that parallelism could be achieved without even a single error.

[The two targets are perfectly equal in value. Would you like to trade?]

[Yes / No]

He looked down at me for the last time.

A rotten body with no good points in any corner.

Of course, his own laziness had a great influence on this, but anyway.

“Now the gutter-like life is over!”

He laughed maniacally and thrust his fist at the ‘Yes’ button.


At the same time, an intense soma attacked him.

* * *

Strange sensations run through the body.

The cool feeling of throwing off the clothes you’ve been wearing for a long time and becoming naked.

In addition to the sense of liberation that finally took off even the remaining layer of skin, I feel a sense of control as if I could grasp everything that surrounds me with my hands.


The feeling of putting a guy who had to invest thousands or tens of thousands of hours to handle skillfully at his feet.

A light flick of his fingers makes it a flame and roars, and a light flick of his opposite hand makes the wind follow the movement.

A sense of omnipotence that you can do anything fills your body.

Right then.

The fall has begun.

Everything that had risen high into the sky is thrown toward the floor.

No no!

I don’t want to miss out.

In order not to forget the sensation I felt now, I wiggled his arms and struggled in an obscene way.

Some are lost, some are held tightly in hand.

Finally, something was overlaid on the body that had been falling endlessly.

The feeling of changing into new clothes instead of old clothes.

As usual with new clothes, it is covered with uncomfortable and unfamiliar sensations, as if it doesn’t fit my body yet.

“… Raw.”

Anyway, now I can sleep uncomfortably again, when I think about it.


“Dojin student!”

The noise of a strong knock on the iron door and a voice calling me pulled my consciousness to the surface.

“Ah… , What.”

I think I was having a very pleasant dream.


“Student Dojin, are you okay?”
“…… ?”

Did I drink last night and fall asleep in a cheap motel room instead of at home… ?

Not really.

I’m sure I returned home while having fun talking with my young deputy driver friend… After that, I fell asleep in the guest room.

“Where are you… ?”

When I opened my eyes, I was in a completely different place.

Thump thump!

“Student Dojin, would you like to open the door when you wake up?”

Looking around, it wasn’t a motel room.

If you look at the messy things here and there, it’s clear that someone lives in the house.

Is it the house of a student named Do-jin, called by a woman standing outside and knocking on the door?

“Dojin student!”


My brain is confused.

I don’t know what happened, but I’ll have to send the woman standing outside the door first.

Remove the old lock on the door.

“Wow… , This isn’t something I used to use when I was little.”

Feelings are new.

When I started standing alone in a single room, the lock was exactly like this.


When I carefully opened the door and went out, there stood a woman full of mature beauty.


It was a look that evoked admiration.

I think it was around the early to mid 30’s.

The gray dress that reveals her large breasts and the curves of her hips makes it difficult to know where to look.

I wonder if that is the Missi look of the new city or something, the fashion that is heating up the internet.

Lest you disrespect her, she pulls her neck up to see her face.

I feel like I’m somewhere between Missy and Missy.

The big eyes and tight red lips catch the eye.

By the way.

This woman, how tall is she… ?

I remember that my height was definitely around 185cm, but if I looked up, what the hell.

“Student Dojin, it’s okay… ?”

The eyes, which seem innocent enough for their age, are full of worries.

My body reacted automatically to her worried question.

“Oh, hello, auntie.”

It’s an aunt!

My mouth, which moved freely, called a woman who looked much younger than me.

After getting older, this snout has lost its concept….

However, the woman doesn’t even seem to be offended.

Are you an angel?

“I came up to serve side dishes, but I heard a lot of pain from inside….”


In her hand, there were as many as five side dish containers.

Did you come up to bring these to the people living in this room?

Isn’t that an angel

“Oh, look at this sweat.”

The woman who set her side dish down wiped the sweat from my forehead with her sleeve.

That’s an angel, that’s right.


Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since I’ve been in contact with a woman.

The skin and scent of the woman gently touching her forehead is very intense.

The distance between the face and the face is very narrow.

If you exhale just a little bit harder, the other person hears and smells it all.

Her clear eyes are staring this way.

The feeling of being sucked into it….


Something is strange.

Since she is facing me now, it must be me reflected in her clear eyes.

Who the heck is that

“Student Dojin… ?”

Unbeknownst to me, I took one step closer.

The distance between her and her grew closer.

The embarrassed woman calls my name with her awkward smile on her face.

“My Name… ?”

Obviously, the name the woman called was Do-jin, but why is that my name?

Why am I taking this for granted?

“Umm, is something really bad?”

Her woman’s two hands were placed on her mine and her own forehead respectively.

“Looks like you don’t have a fever.”

My brain is confused.

There is a feeling of tension all over the body.


A slight dizziness occurred.

As I unwittingly stumbled on her side of the wall, she grabbed my arm.

“Dojin student! Why are you dizzy?”
“Yes, a little….”

She answers absentmindedly and lowers her head.

I see things that shouldn’t be shown with my downcast gaze.

My stomach is bloated unbelievably.

I can’t see what my feet look like.

“A boat, a boat… ?”

I stretch out my hand from her wall and touch her stomach.

If you see that the texture is transmitted as it is, it’s mine.

That’s why it’s even weirder

My body, which experienced metamorphosis while becoming an S-class hunter, must have been unable to gain weight no matter how much I ate.

Suddenly, dizzy thoughts run through my head.

That this body may not be mine.

The moment I conceived that thought, my whole brain thudded and rang, and intense pain was transmitted.


After fighting monsters for decades, I thought I had gotten used to all the pain humans could feel.

Even I, in unbearable pain, grabbed my head and sat down on the ground.

“Dojin student!”

A woman sitting down with an urgent voice No, a lady.


The memory of being suspended for a while in a corner.

The life of Kim Do-jin, the owner of this body, not Son Si-woo.

It began to inject in a clearer form.

“Rurrukreuk… !”

Something unbelievable happened.

This baby, a deputy knight who drove my car last night!

I took Son Si-woo’s body and jumped out!

“This dog… , Kyaaaaagh!”

Memories accumulated over 20 years overflow like a tsunami.

The anger added to it causes shock.

The mind that judged that it is difficult to accept all of this sinks deeply under the surface.

“Dojin student, Dojin student!”

My eyesight is getting… , Far away.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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