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Changed Body 18

Changed Body 18

Chapter 18 – Contingencies (5)

The touch of a woman can be felt even over the panties and patient gown.

My body trembles.

I don’t know how long it’s been since a woman’s hand touched his cock.

“Ah, aunt.”

To be honest, I don’t quite understand the current situation.

Ajumma is a married woman with a family.

She is a family man who does not waste any time.

It’s hard to believe that such an aunt had her hand on the cock of a man other than her husband.

“Think of it as a reward. If it wasn’t for Do-jin, she would have died, so….”

She sounded plausible from the outside.

The heart that will repay the life saver.

But, why do I sound like an excuse to convince myself, not me?

She is constantly in trouble.

Is this correct? Is this right?

Can I really just leave myself to this situation as it is?

While she is contemplating, Ajumma takes a step further.

Her hand, which was on top of her pants, began to slip into them.

Ah, I don’t know

The lady said she would do it with great enthusiasm, but it would be disrespectful for me to leave it out.

When you decide to let go of all your worries and just enjoy this moment.

“Now, now, wait!”

He hurriedly pulled out her hand, which had half sunk into her pants, and stood up from her seat.

“Do, Dojin-ah… ?”

As if surprised by my sudden action, the lady looked at me with rabbit eyes.

“Hey, I’m going to go to the bathroom!”

She pulled up her half-length pants and went straight into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Whoa, whoa… !”

She grabs her sink and exhales heavily.

“I almost got fucked.”

By the time she gives up everything and falls into pleasure.

He remembered the small size of his cock, which did not fit his bloated body.

Size isn’t everything, but considering that, the size I don’t want to show.

Unless this is addressed, it is next to impossible to progress further.

She hurriedly opened her status window to check her magical power level.

「Strength: 7 Stamina: 5 Agility: 3 magic power: 11」

「Contaminated Magical Power: 3」

[Time remaining until purification: 14:32:11]

“Fortunately, I have magic.”

My magic power level was 9 against the orcs.

But now, excluding the contaminated magical power, 2 has risen to 11.

Every time her abilities go from 9 to 10, she shows a fairly large decrease in growth.

Perhaps because of this, the mass of magical power flowing through my body has also noticeably grown.

“It is possible now.”

I made up my mind.

I’m going to raise my cock right here and now.

There are a total of two secret arts that I have worked hard on for my daughter for 5 years.

One of them, the secret technique that raises the growth itself, was used well on Seoyeon, but the other one, the secret technique of metamorphosis, was not used as much.

The effect is certain, but the way it is used is horrible.

“Whoa, I can….”

Chinese hunters who call themselves warriors, not hunters, claim that they will experience metamorphosis once they reach a certain level.

What is Phantasmal Metamorphosis? It means that the bones of the whole body are broken, the muscles are torn, and the skin is melted and reconstructed to transform into the most ideal body a human can have.

I didn’t think that such a thing would happen just because the level was raised naturally.

However, I thought that the word “Reconstruction” They were talking about was quite reasonable.

So I tried.

The madness of breaking and reconstructing my body.

If you tell me to do it now, I won’t be able to die.

At that time, it was possible because I was crazy about my daughter’s health.

Here’s what I found after a lot of trial and error.

Break down bones and muscles first.

Instead of just crushing it, it needs to be ground into a powder that is almost impossible to find the shape of.

Then, pour a potion that is so good that even a severed arm can be attached by touching it, or a high-level healer’s healing skill on the arm.

Then, the shattered bones and muscles begin to regain their shape at a very slow speed, and at this time, mana is used.

After arbitrarily changing the shape of the bones and muscles being restored with the magic within the body, when the recovery is completed, a new form will take the place of the old one.

“I made it, but it’s crazy.”

The reason I couldn’t use it on Seoyeon was because this was really crazy.

The effect is certain, but the pain is indescribable.

Being beaten by all kinds of monsters, I wanted to die even though my body developed resistance, but I couldn’t let my delicate daughter go through that kind of pain.

In fact, I’m still scared.

“Oh, this really hurts.”

A potion or healer is needed to reconstruct the bones and muscles, but the cock does not need that.

Because the sleeping method itself is slightly different.

It is the corpus cavernosum that determines the size of the cock.

To be precise, it is determined by the tissue called the corpus cavernosum that surrounds it along with the corpus cavernosum.

Normally, it is soft, but when blood flows into it, it becomes hard and enlarges. All you have to do is use magic to stretch the corpus cavernosum that surrounds it and determines its shape and size.

This is possible because the corpus cavernosum is a muscle tissue with high elasticity and excellent strength.

If you ask if you can increase it infinitely as much as you want, that’s not it either.

There is a limit because it literally stretches elastic muscles forcibly.

The moment you forcibly increase it beyond that limit, you can say goodbye to sex forever.


Sends the mana that is dormant in the core down to the cock.

My excitement subsided and my cock was half erect.

Penetrates the mana enclosed on the outside into the corpus cavernosum.

And slowly increase the volume of magic power.

“Keep it off… !”

Since it is done by force, it is accompanied by considerable pain.

I thought I would scream as much as I wanted if I stayed like this, so I covered my mouth with both hands.

“Huh, yup… !”

The process of lengthening the corpus cavernosum itself, while feeling endless pain, must be very slow and careful.

It slowly stretches the muscles, and at the same time wraps the blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum with magical energy, making them stronger and able to extend to the stretched area.

The blood vessels must be strong and able to pump more blood so that the erect penis can remain firm.

No matter how hard and large the white membrane is, if there is not enough blood flow to support it, it is a sandfish.

“Twisted… !”

You have come to the final stage.

The pain has become even more severe, but I forcibly endure it with the thought that the end is in sight.

Rather than stretch to the limit, I stopped stretching at the right line.

At the same time, all work was completed by increasing the growth itself by overlaying magical power.

“Whoah… !”

He finally removed his hand that was blocking his mouth and let out a rough breath.

Then, standing in front of the mirror, I checked the size of my cock.


In terms of length, it is approximately 14 cm.

Considering that the size of his penis before the pain was only 8cm, it is a level that can be called metamorphosis as the name of the secret technique suggests.

In addition, since the growth rate has been increased, the size of the white film will also increase as time goes by.

A little more time will pass, and then you’ll get a size you’ll be satisfied with.

So that was enough for now.

It’s because it’s reached a level where I’m not ashamed of it.


Finally, I washed my sweat-stained face clean and opened the bathroom door with trembling hands.

With a creaking movement, I sat down on her bed again and looked at her aunt.

An expression that looks somewhat sullen.

“I, um….”

How should I speak out in this situation?

If I just say, “Now that everything is ready, please do it again,” Won’t they look like crazy people?

At the moment of contemplation, her aunt opened her mouth first with an awkward smile.

“If she doesn’t like what she does, even if she refuses….”
“No, that’s not it!”

She hastily cut off her aunt.

I must have misunderstood that I ran to the bathroom because I didn’t like her aunt’s touch.

“Well, I just went to the bathroom… , I was sweating a lot earlier, so I was wondering if there was a smell….”

She forced herself to make up excuses, lengthening her tail.

Then, a smile spread across her aunt’s lips.

“Pu-huh! It was like that.”

The worried expression melted away at once.

I don’t know why, but she also seems relieved that she hasn’t been rejected.


The woman’s hand is stretched out again.

Unlike a moment ago, the movement felt somewhat relaxed.


Excitement, which had subsided because of her pain, surged in an instant.

At the same time, the patient’s gown also rises upward.

If it was a two-person tent a while ago, it seems to be large enough to sleep at least four people now.

“For a moment… , Do you want to wake up?”

Obediently follow the mother’s words.

I lifted her buttocks from sitting on her bed and stood on my feet in front of her aunt.

“I’ll take off your pants.”

Ajumma’s hands go to her waist.

Pants coming off along her hands down underneath her.

Before long, the cock appears.

“Oh my goodness.”

The cock bounces off her rubber band once and swings in front of her aunt’s face.

Covering her mouth with her hand, the surprised woman’s eyes blur slightly.

“It may sound strange to say this, but Do-jin is yes, you are really… It looks pretty.”

Yes, this is it!

Her aunt’s words make her realize that the agony was not in vain.

When she went into the bathroom and stretched out her cock as she endured her pain, she paid attention not only to size but also to shape.

Doesn’t a rice cake that looks good taste good too?

The cock that puts so much effort into it has a fairly ideal shape.

Moderately thick glans and a pillar that extends coolly in a straight line below.

Even the blood vessels exposed on the surface like a symbol of power.

“Then, let’s begin.”
“… Yep.”

The woman gulped down her saliva and reached out with her right hand, gently gripping the shaft of her prick.


In an instant, her whole body trembled.

A woman’s hand touching this body for the first time.

Even considering her soul, her body and soul exclaim at the same time at the touch of her hand, which is unknown for how many years.

As she slowly begins to move back and forth, the feel of her hand becomes more distinct.

The woman’s hands were not as soft as they were.

There are also a few calluses on her soft hands from all her chores.

Even that was a big stimulus for me.

Next to the soft skin, the hardness of the calluses that brushed against it gave the impression of adding a variation to classical music.

Oh, I’m going crazy.

When she lowers her head, she sees the lady.

The way he stares at her cock and is intent on shaking her hand.

If you go down below it, you can see the cleavage created by her voluptuous breasts sandwiched between her wide patient gown.

Along with all kinds of visual effects, a strange sense of immorality follows.

The fact that a married woman with a family is shaking my cock without anyone knowing about it is extremely arousing.

As she gazed intently at her breasts and face, soaked in her pleasure, her eyes met with her aunt.

Her tongue licked and moistened her lips.

“Chest… , Do you want to see it?”

Like someone suffering from aphasia, I couldn’t answer and just nodded vigorously.

As if it seemed funny, the lady smiled softly and with her other hand unbuttoned the buttons of her patient gown one by one.

The unbuttoned hospital gown opened on both sides, revealing the hidden breasts.

Breasts that sag slightly due to their size.

“It’s a little bit… ?”

When asked if it was okay, I shook my head vigorously.

“It’s the worst. I want to touch it right now… , Huh.”

This snout, like an unbridled colt, babbles even to the words she should keep in her chest.

I hurriedly cover my mouth, but everything that comes out comes out.

My blatant tone made her face turn a little redder.

“… It’s okay to touch.”
“Really… ?”
“Joe, just a little bit.”

She slowly reaches out her hand as she sees the face of the woman who hurriedly adds her words.

Her trembling fingers touched her aunt’s skin.

I want to touch you, I want to hold you

He grabbed her breasts as he touched them with his fingers.


A weak moan escaped from her aunt’s mouth.


This is the third time I have touched a woman’s breast.

Not by number, but by number.

The first was, of course, my wife, and the second was an accident.

And as I was rubbing the breasts of the third woman, I finally realized.

Even though women’s breasts are similar in size, their shape, texture, and texture are completely different.

I finally felt this and that I had been living my life at a great loss.

Oh, it’s a pity!

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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