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Changed Body 19

Changed Body 19

Chapter 19 – Contingencies (6)

The whole body is soaked in pleasure and melts away.

The feeling of a woman’s hand running over my cock, the voluptuous breasts being squeezed in her hands.

My mind is white enough to wonder if this is a true paradise.

Then, all of a sudden, I came to my senses.

It’s not the time when I’m like this.

Although the act of inserting the cock directly into the pussy was not done, this was a similar sexual act to the end.

But I wonder if I can feel good?

At first, I tried to close my eyes and finish it with just one shot.

I thought there would be nothing good to do with a aunt anymore, but I changed my mind.

You want me to taste this once and be done with it? It can’t be.

I want to taste it again and again.

No, I want to go further than this.

I wanted to feel every nook and cranny of the mature woman’s body from head to toe.

“Whoa, whoa… !”

I felt like hugging her right away, but I endured it with superhuman patience.

The only thing allowed for me right now is my chest.

If I’m satisfied with it and finish it, will the lady look forward to the next one? Not.

Now, this is a special situation.

A special event created by mixing this and that with the fear of the monsters we encountered for the first time.

It is a situation sufficient to call it an incident that would never have happened if it were not for this situation.

If only I was satisfied and finished, the lady would just relieve the debt.

So I’m not satisfied with myself, but I have to make her feel even more strange.

I’m honestly not sure

I’ve known only one woman’s wife all my life, so I don’t know if my skills are great enough to be eaten by all women.

Still, I’ll have to try it first, can I do anything?

Even if I lack sexual experience, I have experience to make up for it.

The days I passed with only my senses and wit in the face of many crises will give me strength.

I slowly began to change the movements I used to touch my breasts.

Not just for my own satisfaction, but with a meticulous touch to find a part that ajumma would like.


I try to touch it in a slow circular motion around my breasts, and I try to rub my soft breasts like a liquid monster that children play with.

I feel like I am getting closer to the correct answer every time a weak moan squeezes through the tightly closed lips.

The nipples were the most responsive.

The direction of the hand, which had been running everywhere, turned in the direction of persistently harassing the nipple.

“Huh, huh… !”


The woman’s breathing became more difficult.

But this is not enough.

When I see her feeling better, my sense of ejaculation is also rapidly hit.

At this rate, I think I’ll ejaculate first.


Holding my breath, I forcibly suppressed the feeling of ejaculation.

Adjust the hand that touches the nipple more precisely.

Grab it with your thumb and forefinger, pull it lightly, and gently flick the tip with your forefinger and tickle it.

One hand of the woman’s mouth is covering her mouth.

I’m desperately blocking my moaning.

“Huh, breath… !”

There is no need to rush.

The memories left in my head update the information about the ajumma in real time.

To be precise, the memory of the aunt’s husband.

The husband of the auntie, that is, the uncle, is a local awakened civil servant working in the province.

Thanks to her, she spent at least 300 days a year in the countryside, so she had very little time to spend with her aunt.

It’s been going on since Shin Yoo-jung was young until now.

What does that mean?

It means that the auntie’s sexual desire may be piled up more than I thought. What is she?

“Ah… , Black… !”

Even if she blocked it with her hands, the moaning that could not be stopped came out one after another.

Unless you know if your breasts are a very sensitive erogenous zone, it is never easy to send a woman away with just one breast.

Even more so, it is impossible for me, who has lived with only one woman, to be able to pull it off.

So, what I need to aim for is not to make her go grandly, but to make her remember this pleasure.

That’s it.

Whenever she recalls this moment, she gives me a strong, thrilling feeling that reminds me of the pleasure that came from her chest as well as me.

If it was for this purpose, it wouldn’t matter if one more magical exhaustion came.

Gently pour magic into your fingers.

Her fingers, which had temporarily enhanced their motor skills, caressed her nipples faster and more dazzlingly.

“Ha-yeah, uh-huh… !”

A distorted woman’s face.

Pleasant distortion caused by pleasure, not pain.

Judging by the slight trembling of her body, I intuitively realized that her big wave had hit her at least once.


I was momentarily relieved.

At the same time, the sense of ejaculation she had been forcibly holding back soared all at once and reached the top of her head.

“Ugh… !”

Beautiful view!

Before she could say anything to her aunt, semen spurted out of her urethra.


It spurted out so violently that it even splashed on the breasts of the woman sitting in front of her and on her face.

The woman’s sharp eyes, covered with her thick, white semen, are directed this way.

“Do-jin, you… , Sa, you should have told me when you were ejaculating… !”
“I’m sorry. I like her so much that her head goes white, so stop….”

The other half was her aunt rubbing her breasts and forgot about it, but the other half is true.


I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve had this.

Even though her last sex was recorded as 7 years ago, by then she was already dry fucking and wrapping it in a condom.

Hot caresses? I don’t even know when that will be the last time.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do it, she couldn’t because she refused.

I immediately cut off a roll of tissue paper from the chest of drawers placed between the beds and gently wiped the semen from the woman’s face.

As I roughly sorted out the things on her face and tried to go down to her chest, the aunt stopped my hand.

“Yeah, the lady will do it here.”
“Ah, yes.”

She quietly handed over the tissue she was holding in her hand.

The woman who is sneakily turning behind her and wiping the semen from her breasts with her tissue paper.

As she looked at her strong back with no flab, her cock just finished ejaculating squirmed again.

She wanted to vomit her semen into her aunt’s touch once more, but she resisted and pulled up her pants.

Around that time, the lady went into the bathroom.

Judging by the sound of the water, it seems she is washing the area she wiped with toilet paper again.


I was still locked in the afterglow.

It’s just that the owner of her hand that scans his dick has changed, but there’s such a stark difference.

So is her chest, so is her handjob.

I realize how much my life has been wasted and lost.

How could social status and recognition be so important, and did nothing but struggle alone?

No matter how much I think about it, I must have been an idiot in the past.

“If you don’t do that from now on, what?”

Anyway, I’m living a new life now.

You don’t have to get hung up on your thoughts at that time.

While holding her heart, the lady finished her training and came out.

I glanced at him in case he was in a bad mood, but it didn’t seem like he was.

However, the atmosphere changed even more awkwardly.

Also, if you leave this atmosphere as it is, the feeling that you will spend a long time awkwardly stabs your head.

It shouldn’t be.

“Me, aunt.”

Before I knew it, the lady who had tidied up her clothes turned around behind her.

A means was needed to make this situation a little more flexible.

I have such a trump skill.

Just magic.

If you think about it, it’s not like I’m handling it according to the rules, but I’m using my magic to the best of my ability, so I wonder if the word magic would be more appropriate.

It extracts mana only until just before mana exhaustion, and draws in the mana around it.

The coating color is pure white.

The surrounding temperature drops rapidly, and magical grains crystallize in white and appear one by one.

A very beautiful sight even for me as a man.

“Oh… !”

An exclamation escaped from her aunt’s mouth.

White grains began to gather around the hand and form a single shape.

A single rose that is so pure and transparent.

“Thanks to her auntie’s help, today, which could have been the worst, turned into the happiest day of my life.”

Until now.

It may be updated again if I do more in the future.

“Just like how my day has changed, I hope she doesn’t just remember today as the worst day when she met a monster and almost died….”

These words were sincere.

For her aunt, I did not want this day to remain a day with trauma imprinted on it.

Because I know better than anyone how people who live with trauma are ruined.

I gently handed the beautifully blooming rose into her aunt’s hand.

“Do, Dojin-ah.”
“I hope this brings some comfort to her heart.”

Ajumma’s eyes are wet.

Soon, a deep smile bloomed on her lips.

This is it, when I was calling for pleasure inside.

Another strange thing happened.

In the body of an aunt looking at me with her thrilled face.

A pale pink mist began to seep out.

* * *

【Third Person View】

“Are you okay, Auntie?”

From the moment I heard those words, I was half-reasoned.

My daughter and husband only asked about my appearance, but no one asked me about my restless heart.

The child who saved my life by fighting the orcs looked into my heart first.

‘Ah, Do-jin really cares about me very carefully.’

The thought struck me like a bolt of lightning.

Healing light permeated the heart that was still sleeping alone without being comforted by anyone.

Everything that happened after that was caused by reason half gone and impulse occupied the other half.

I hugged myself to feel that I was not alone, and as I stepped back in surprise at the stabbing in my stomach, I felt my self-esteem strangely rise.

‘I’m still in good shape.’

I said.

It was cute to see her struggling with her bulging pants covered with both hands.

It was to the point where I wondered if it was the child who had cut off the orc’s breath with a ferocious gesture a moment ago.

So it was.

The sudden decision to help.

He is also a lifesaver who saved my life, so I thought it would be okay ifhehelped me once.

‘A hand would be fine.’

On the way, there was an incident where Kim Do-jin suddenly ran to the bathroom and came out after a long time, but that was also for a while.

With the atmosphere caught up again, she finally saw it.

Kim Do-jin’s penis came out of his pants.

“Do, Do-jin, yes, it’s yours… It looks pretty.”

Spoke nonsense.

But she was just as admirable.

A pillar that stretched straight without bending an inch and a glans that covered it.

As if he was trying to show off his youth, his bulging veins were fleeting, but to the point of making him look sexy.

Its striking shape piqued her curiosity to touch it.

It is an undeniable fact that it made her feel even less guilty.

The genitals caught so quickly.

‘It’s hot.’

It was so hot and hard that I wondered if her palms might have been burned.

Fascinated by the touch and texture she had never felt before, she slowly waved her hand.

Concerned at the same time.

‘Would you like it…. She must be clumsy, as she’s hardly ever done it with her husband.’

Ki-woo was instantly dispelled.

“Ah… !”

He let out her breath and saw Kim Do-jin’s expression of bliss.

As she looked at it, a strange desire arose.

I want her to show herself that she is more and more happy.

While I was so engrossed, I felt Kim Do-jin’s passionate gaze.

My face and chest.

Her sorrowful courtship-like gaze allowed her to go beyond what she initially expected.

I undid the buttons on my patient’s gown, revealing my breasts to the young man, not to my husband.

The bleak air in the hospital room made me shrivel, but the hot snorts from his face from a distance neutralized it.

No, rather made it warmer.

Before long, Kim Do-jin’s touch was transmitted.

At first, I didn’t feel anything special because it was just kneading according to my desire.

Occasionally, whenever he passed a sensitive area, a faint nasal sound leaked out.

But at some point, his hand movements became delicate and tenacious.

As if trying to find every sensitive part of my chest, I ran it all over.

‘Mmm, I have to stop… !’

I tried to stop because I thought it would be a big problem at this rate, but it was too late.

“Huh… !”

Kim Do-jin took a step ahead and started harassing her nipples, her most sensitive part.

‘Oh, no!’

I tried to hold back her moaning, but I put my free hand up to her mouth to cover it, but I couldn’t stop it all.

The longer they touched, the more skillful Kim Do-jin’s hand movements became, making it impossible to bear.

‘Learning too fast… !’

A large wave crashed in between the calm waves.

Waves of pleasure that do not stop at leaking moans, but penetrate from head to toe and make you shake.

At the same time, Kim Do-jin’s cock, which was shaking vigorously, swelled for an instant, and began to vomit semen with unstoppable force.

Beautiful view!

They were in front of her cock, which she had to cover herself with.

In an instant, her head cooled.

‘My, what am I doing now?’

Grabbing and shaking a child I’ve known for 3 years, exposing her tits, and covering her with semen.

After wiping her face and blocking Kim Do-jin’s hand from going down, I roughly wiped her semen from her breasts and headed to the bathroom.


All kinds of emotions rushed in.

Guilt and sorry for having done something wrong.

The thick smell of the remaining semen that could not be wiped off and the exhilarating pleasure left in the chest.

She turned on her cold water and rubbed her breasts and her face.

By the time the strong smell that seemed to paralyze her sanity had disappeared, she returned to her hospital room, pretending to be as nonchalant as possible.

And saw.

From Kim Do-jin, who called her, a beautiful sight that will be engraved more deeply than anything she has experienced today.

At his touch, the white grains swirled around like a whirlwind, then formed a single shape.

A single rose that seems to be made of clear and transparent glass.

“Do, Dojin-ah.”
“I hope this will bring some comfort to her heart.”

The series of words he uttered felt sweeter and warmer than any words I had ever heard.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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