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Changed Body 17

Changed Body 17

Chapter 17 – Contingency (4)

Immediately after Kim Do-jin collapsed.

When Seo Jeong-hee hugs his head and presses 119 while holding up his smartphone with trembling hands.

“I found it!”

The association’s direct hunters, who had been dispatched after receiving his report a little while ago, appeared.

Although they appeared infinitely late, they quickly began to clear the scene.

Kim Do-jin and Seo Jeong-hee were immediately taken to the hospital.

Perhaps because of the feeling of indebtedness that they were about to be killed by an orc they had missed, the inspection proceeded straight away.

Fortunately, it was not a serious injury.

Seo Jeong-hee suffered from simple abrasions and bruises, while Kim Do-jin suffered from magical exhaustion and a crack in the left ulna.

The doctor tried to give each of them a single room, telling them to rest for a day or so.

“No, just a double room, please.”

She refused

The two of them entered the double room side by side.

Not long after, Shin Yu-jeong, who jumped out of class after receiving a call that her mother had been attacked by a monster, opened the door violently and rushed in.

“Mom! It’s okay?”
“Yeah, mom is fine.”

Seo Jeong-hee greeted her daughter with a smile.

To be honest, I still feel my heart pounding and my mind going crazy when I think of that time, but I didn’t want to show that to my daughter.

Her gaze turned to Kim Do-jin, who was lying on a bed inside the hospital room and receiving magic fluid.

“Do-jin saved my mom.”
“That pig?”
“What is a pig to the person who saved my mom, a pig!”

Surprised by the word pig, Seo Jung-hee hit Shin Yoo-jung hard on the back.


“Oh, it really hurts!”
“Oh! Sorry. Are you okay?”

Without realizing it, she didn’t control her strength and just hit her.

The word pig reminded him of an orc running madly at him.

For the time being, it seemed unlikely that pork would be served as a side dish.

“So how did he save his mother?”

I really didn’t want to talk about it.

Recalling the situation at that time was a great stress for her.

Still, she talked.

“So I was trembling so much, but Do-jin suddenly appeared.”
“Five… , Becomes… , No, this bastard said that?”

As the story unfolded, a strange smile appeared on Seo Jeong-hee’s lips.

When I relived the dangerous moments while talking about it, it wasn’t just fear.

Over the overwhelming fear of the orc, the figure of Kim Do-jin, who found himself in a dangerous moment and finally killed the orc, was engraved.

“Wow… , To be honest, I don’t think I would have believed it if it hadn’t been from my mother’s mouth.”

Shin Yoo-jung, who heard the whole story, was quite surprised.

‘That pig cut the orc’s throat with one blow?’

The fact that he used magic itself wasn’t that big of a surprise.

In the first place, since he knew that he was a wizard, he decided to change his attitude toward him.

What surprised me more was that he drove an awl through the guy’s neck without hesitation.

‘Even the cubs who rushed to become hunters vomited at first, then cried and screamed because they said they couldn’t do it.’

Monsters are also living things.

Even though they know that they are threats to their lives, people hesitate to harm them.

It is unavoidable.

Among the monsters, there are some monsters that look similar to humans, and killing them is no different from killing a human.

‘That bastard… , Doesn’t it really get bigger later on?’

Such expectations began to grow rapidly.

I even think that deciding to make him into a so-called ‘Najak Dil’ might be the biggest achievement of his life.

‘Is it because I lost weight these days… , I used to hate it, but now it doesn’t seem like it….’

If in the past he had a visual that he didn’t want to see because his eyes were torn apart because he gained weight, now he gives the impression of a baby pig who has gained weight in his own way.

‘What am I thinking!’

She vigorously shook her head.

She says she saved her mother no matter what, but I want this to go too far.

“Anyway, is discharge tomorrow?”
“Okay. If you call her friends and play without a mother, you will be scolded!”

Shin Yoo-jung hid her hot expression and hit her hand.

“Hey, mom, do you think I’m still in high school?”
“I’m more worried because it’s not, this one.”

There are signs that a nagging bombardment will begin.

Shin Yoo-jeong immediately took a few steps back from Seo Jeong-hee and shook her hand.

“Then I’ll go! See you at home tomorrow!”
“Yes, I eat rice as a side dish in the refrigerator only today.”
“Oh, okay.”

Shin Yoo-jung hurriedly left her room.

Silence came again.


Again, her heart starts pounding.

She was all right when we were talking for a while.


Her smartphone vibrates on her bedside.

Her face lit up as she identified her caller.

It’s my husband.

―Honey, I heard about you from Yoojung. She said she was almost attacked by a monster. It’s okay?

Her heart began to sink little by little, agitated by her husband’s worried voice.

“Ugh, it’s okay. Fortunately, nothing happened.”
-I’m glad. He said that Do-jin saved him. Hey, it’s something to live for a very long time in the world. That pig, every time I saw it, I thought about getting it and using it, but this day came.

Her complexion hardened slightly.

“Honey. I’ve said it before, but Yoo-jung and you are talking too harshly to Do-jin.”
Haha, sorry. Stop without me knowing

After that, the phone calls of other couples continued.

Feeling that the end of her story was approaching, Seo Jeong-hee felt her heart start to feel uneasy again.

“Hey, honey.”
―Uh, why?
“Sorry but… , Can you come up today?”

Seo Jung-hee’s husband, Shin Byeong-cheol, is an awakened man.

A civil servant Awakener who failed the Awakened Civil Service Exam for 5 years and barely got there.

Most of the jobs given to him, who barely got close to the chin-up, were in the countryside, not in Seoul, and naturally the two had no choice but to live apart.

In the old days, her husband, who used to come up every weekend and holiday to look after her and her daughter, went up less often as time went by, and now it’s hard to see her even once every three months.

– I’m sorry, honey. As I said, things won’t work properly if I fall out of here….

It was always like this.

It is said that it is not easy to leave your seat because things do not work properly without you.


It is a great pleasure to see my husband treated as someone who is indispensable to someone.

But does he know

That you need him right now.

“I just wanted to see you. See you next time.”
-Okay. Ah! Another call came in. I’m sorry honey! I love you!
“Yes, me too.”

The call ended just like that.

Putting down her smartphone, she sat down on the chair next to Dojin Kim’s bed and looked down at him.

In a desperate situation, I remember what he said.

He said he would be okay even if he died if he was with him.

Was it to reassure yourself, or was it sincere?

A slight smile formed on her lips.

‘At that time, he was quite manly.’

At that time, the atmosphere that Kim Do-jin gave off was very manly.

At the same time, he remembered the moment that made him feel ashamed.

The rooftop room I went up to bring side dishes.

Knocked on the door several times, and the door opened with an unpleasant sound.

An erotic video full of skin color and Kim Do-jin watching it frantically.

He was so naked that even if he couldn’t understand Japanese, he could barely understand the contents.

‘Married woman… , It was.’

The clothes, the place, and even the appearance.

Everything was married woman style.

The image of such a married woman taking another man into her house and getting tangled up in her pleasure.

‘I can’t believe Do-jin met me… ?’

She thought it couldn’t be.

There was no way a man who had just turned 20 and was in the middle of his life would see himself in his mid-40s that way.

But he keeps remembering what he said yesterday.

Words added with the ridiculous request to strike a sexy pose.

Even if others couldn’t do it, he said he could.

‘If that’s true….’

What should he do?


It seemed that he was slowly waking up.

Waking up from her thoughts, she lowered her upper body and examined his face carefully.

The trembling eyelids rise with difficulty.

His blurry eyes moved left and right, then stopped in one place.

“Madame… ?”
“Yes, Dojin. Auntie.”

* * *

It’s already the second.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was in a hospital.

I heard the whole thing from her aunt.

The hunters who found us belatedly took care of the aftermath.

Is it the main job of those bastards to take care of other people’s work?

“It is said that the left arm is cracked, so it is better not to use it for the time being.”

For some reason, I felt that my left arm was cramped.

I looked at my arm and saw that it was wrapped in bandages.

Judging from the fact that it was difficult to move, it seemed that a cast had been placed inside it.

“Thank you, Dojin. Thanks to you, the lady survived.”
“Ah, what? If I didn’t have Auntie, she wouldn’t have killed him.”

It’s like they’re contradicting each other.

Because I didn’t have the strength to defeat him head-on.

If Auntie hadn’t had her eyes stolen from her, she would never have won.

“By the way, is the lady okay?”
“Yes? You mean me?”

There are scratches here and there, but no major injuries.

Of course, what I’m asking is not about the external wounds.

“It’s the first time you’ve actually seen a monster. Moreover, he must have been very scared because he was being chased.”

The lady’s eyes widened a little after hearing my words.

What is that face?

While wondering, her aunt’s expression changed once more.

Her mouth is smiling with delight, but tears well up in her eyes.

Am embarrassed.

“Oh, lady?”

Auntie also wiped the tears welling up in her eyes with a surprised expression.

“I didn’t know. I never thought that Dojini would be such a delicate man.”

Smiles shyly

Most of the ordinary people who face the monster that they missed due to the hunter’s mistake are traumatized.

Severe people sometimes lock themselves in their rooms, unable to leave the house at all, wondering what to do when the monster appears again wherever they go.

I was concerned about that.

“Do Jin-ah.”

Auntie called my name.

Moist, wet eyes stimulate protective instincts.

“Auntie, can I hug you just once?”

A woman reaching out her hand with her shy face.

I raised my upper body.

Then she lowered her legs under the bed and sat down and gave the aunt opposite her a light hug.

“It’s okay, ma’am. In life, really unlucky things happen, and today is such a day.”

Sometimes accidents happen because of the hunter’s mistake, and sometimes because of the monster’s cleverness.

“But a day like this will only happen once in a lifetime. Aunty went through it today, so don’t worry too much about her because now she won’t go through it again.”

It was a consolation based on facts.

Most of the people who actually encountered monsters live with the trauma of what to do if they encounter them again, but as feared, there was not a single person who encountered them twice.

The woman’s arm, which had been holding me still, suddenly embraced my body.

“Oh, auntie.”

The wide space between the two boats is instantly narrowed.

The bodies that tried not to touch each other finally met.

It is felt.

The touch of the woman’s voluptuous breasts on top of her thin hospital gown.

The thick body scent that comes from the nape of my neck buried in my shoulder.

Stimulates me more


What I feared happened.

Power begins to enter the cock that had been stretched out without strength.

Oh, stand again.

“Ah, aunt. Wait a moment….”

She tried to get out somehow, but the aunty is holding me too tight.

Before long, something gently touches the cock that has risen intact.

It was near the woman’s belly.

“Do Jin-ah… ?”

Sensing this, the auntie released her arms that were tightly holding my body with her questionable expression.

“No, that’s it.”

Before long, the pupils of the woman looking down at my lower body widen.

Soon, with her hardened face, the lady raises her eyes toward my face.

I guess I’m angry… , What do we do.

“Dojin-ah, can you be honest with me?”
“… Yes.”
“It… , It happened because of the lady… , Are you?”

It was absurd.

In this situation, if he erected his cock while thinking of another woman, wouldn’t that be crazy?

“That… , Um, yes.”
“I see….”

Aunty nodding her head.

When she’s beating herself up for thinking she’s ruined her mood again because of her ignorant cock.

The woman’s expression changed.

A resolute gaze, as if he had made a big decision.

At the same time, one of her hands, neatly gathered on her lap, reached out toward me.


Her outstretched hand touched my cock.

Ajumma’s hand is gently covering the top of the bulging patient gown pants.

What is this? Is it a dream

In a situation where I don’t even feel the slightest bit of reality, my head is jumbled and confused.

At that time, as if proving that this situation was not a dream, the shy voice of the aunt tickled my ear.

“Ah, it happened because of the lady… , Auntie will help you.”

Her hand on top of my cock began to grow stronger.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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