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Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 34

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 34

Chapter 34 – Confession to a Married Woman.

34. Confessing to a married woman.

Small but cozy single room hospital room.

There was a window to my left.

I could see the road and people from inside the window.

The cars and people looked cute, like Legos.

It was a single room on a high floor.

To my right.

There is a chair.

Sitting on that chair is a woman with long, straight hair and an alluring appearance.

The woman’s body was considerable.

Clothes made of tight-fitting material that emphasizes her slim lines as if showing off her body.

The gray dress makes your breasts and hips shine even more.

The woman wearing that dress has been good to me for a long time.

He often became my eye candy.

But that was all.

Married woman Hall Ra-eun.

I have never felt such an uncontrollable urge as I do now.

It was not a loving impulse.

Instinctive impulse.

It was an impulse that was not guided by reason.

As if my dick was trying to enter Halla-eun’s petals.

He tried to guide me between the gaps between Halla-eun’s voluptuous thighs.

She stretched out her body as much as possible and tried to lead me.

I have to get in!

Wherever my reason went, I was consumed by desire.

My hard pillar.

A small spark that started from my Danjeon.

The embers gradually spread along the spine.

It envelops the entire body.

My face gets a little hot and my heart beats faster.

It finally reached the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

This small spark began to heat up the pillar as if it was meeting its owner.

Like a skilled blacksmith hammering.

The embers heated up the pillar of fire and quickly took shape.

The pillar became red and hard as if it had been soaked and refined.

Like iron heated to a high temperature.

The pink cylinder standing upright boasts muscles as if it had been pumped.

This pillar of fire is ready to be inserted into that beautiful female body.

The head of the glans contains this small ember.

The glans radiates passion and speaks to me.

Let’s go into the arms of that ugly bitch.

He continued to get angry as if he could only calm down by digging into the flesh of the petals.

This dick kept getting angry at me.

This immature anger control disorder pillar of fire.

A small spark grows as if it is trying to cut off my reason.

It seems like if you don’t do it, I’ll go in myself.

The cock is chattering wildly.



The heartbeat changes accordingly.

It creates an irregular pulse,

It has an abnormal rhythm.

I couldn’t maintain my senses any longer.

The pillar of fire took away control of my brain.

I spit out, following the commands of this small spark that seemed to dominate me.

“…It’s love.”

The word she uttered in her sentence when she was worried about my condition was love.

I couldn’t pick up that language that came out casually, as if asking how I was doing.

I hadn’t even had a glass of strong alcohol.


The corner of her mouth, which had been smiling slightly, twitched slightly.

Could she have imagined my confession?

An expression as if you heard something wrong.

She seemed not to understand the situation just now.

The grip of her hand, which was holding my hand tightly, weakens.

“I love you. “Ajumma”

At this answer she opened her eyes a little wider and stopped her movements

Sexual desire flashed in my eyes.

After a moment of silence she gave her answer.

“What are you talking about..”

“I love you.”

I wanted to hit this stupid, useless dog.

Who would be moved by such a confession?

I couldn’t imagine how ugly a man with a red face and out of breath would look.

My insidious confession.

How she interpreted my skinship made her blush and closed her mouth.

“Ji..Jian, um… That..”

She looks like she doesn’t know what answer to give.

Judging from her complexion of her, I could see a glimpse of her thoughts of her.

If this awkward silence continues, it won’t be easy for me to become close to her anymore.

This confession shouldn’t have started.

A nasty confession shows no consideration for the other person.

What I was breaking was a taboo.

Violating etiquette and manners.

She opened her mouth as if she didn’t know what to do.

The alluring girl was like a goldfish at this moment.

The pupils shook again and again, as if confused by Jian’s confession.

His behavior changed surprisingly as soon as he woke up.

Her expression as if wondering what the hell is going on.

It was revealed that he was unable to hide his embarrassment her.

Halla-eun’s face, whose pupils were shaking in surprise, was the proof.

The pupil seemed to be confused and avoided me.

I couldn’t see my face her properly, and I couldn’t figure out what to answer.


Because my attitude changed.

The more I spoke, the more embarrassed she became.

The few people who met me wearing a patient gown in front of Halla-eun.

It must have been one of the most uncomfortable times in your life.

She opened her mouth again.

“We can’t do this. “The lady has a husband.”

Since I opened my eyes and confirmed that there was no one around here, these words came out easily.

“I know. But I still love you.”

I couldn’t remember anything about what happened next.

Was I this kind of guy?

He was that kind of guy.

Sometimes I couldn’t control myself.

It was an animal, or rather a cub, dominated by sexual desire.


My heart sounds.

A small spark that follows the blood and heats my entire body.

This small spark was the source of sexual desire.

I didn’t want to know what she was thinking at that moment.

Her thoughts and feelings She didn’t matter to me.

I couldn’t tell if she felt bad or happy after hearing my confession.

However, it was clear that he was not calm.

My hand firmly grasped Halla-eun’s slender wrist.

A thin rose gold watch wrapped around Hall Ra-eun’s right wrist.

Bracelets that seem to decorate her left wrist.

As I grabbed her her wrist her her her, I felt the heat beneath her her skin her her her.

The sound of the pulse beating just beneath the skin she could be felt even in that brief moment of skinship.

Slight tingling pain.

Through the pain, it felt as if something mysterious and mysterious was burrowing into my body and into me.

I’m so excited that this slight pain doesn’t even bother me.

It felt like something was passing through my head.

Even in the midst of this, I can’t believe I’m having random thoughts.

I was so horny that I ignored that foreign sensation.

I pulled Halla-eun’s wrist towards me.

Halla-eun was dragged very lightly.

She was fluffy.

Halla-eun gasped with her eyes wide open! She fell on top of me with a sound.

I was sitting reclining on the bed in the hospital room.

Faint sunlight coming through the window.

The sunlight shined brightly on us.

Me, leaning against her bed in her patient gown, and her gray one-piece dress brightly lit up.

Her black hair looks up at me, reflecting the sunlight and shining.

The light hit her clean and smooth skin and it glowed.

Her eyebrows, eyes, sharp nose, and red lips.

The beautiful features become even clearer.

This sunlight shining from the window continues to shine on us as if it were us.

“Ouch! Ji..Jian!”

Halla-eun was dragged very lightly.

A pounding sound as if running a hundred meters.

My heart beats fast, letting me know my condition.

Her backside after she fell and fell on top of me.

The curves starting from her back and ending with her hips she was killer.

The curve was alive.

My actions did not hesitate any longer.

As she fell, her straight hair she fell forward.

Stick your nose in that hair. I pictured myself pulling up my gray dress and inserting my dick between my lifted buttocks.

The saliva was swallowed spontaneously.

He fixes his straight hair and looks at me with puzzled eyes.

“Ji..Jian, you can’t do this.”

She, who had been distracted by my attraction her, finally came to her senses and stuttered her answer.

Ra-eun Hall raised her head and began to pull her body back.

She was the only guest in this hospital room.

Only me and her breathing dominated this space.

At this time, I would have hoped that the temperature in this calm and cool hospital room would soar.

He must have said it in the hope that it would be a bedroom filled with joy.

I held Ra-eun Hall’s face with both hands.

Sudden skinship.

She opened her mouth wide.

I still thought that if I felt Halla-eun with her body, she would have no choice.

I was consumed by this desire and couldn’t stop because I had already started.

All sorts of miscellaneous thoughts came flooding back to me, but I tried to ignore them and followed the will of the massive pillar of fire in my groin.

“Ji..U… “Who?”

The cheeks were pressed and the lips were sticking out to meet me.

It was very cute for its age.


The eyes with eyeliner were sexy.

The bright red lips were alluring.

I felt like I was out of my mind right now.

We looked at each other intently.

No, maybe I was the only one who felt that way.

This woman is so embarrassed that her mind may have turned pale right now.

Like an idiot.

Halla-eun’s pupils were filled with confusion.

I closed her eyes and pulled Han Ra-eun in to kiss her.


At that time.

Some things that kept bothering me in my head.

They began to make their presence known.

It was impossible to ignore.

The pain I felt before I lost consciousness came back to me.

My right palm became hot again, as if I was remembering the pain.

A book with a creepy leather feel suddenly comes to mind,

An unfamiliar scene came to me in my head.

Her desolate and lonely life

Meanwhile, her flowers were lonely and unable to fully bloom, as if they had suffered a long cold spell.

Her flowers she wanted to bloom.

This vagina flower with dense flesh desperately wanted a man.

Her flower buds were already wet and quivering, looking for a man.

Halla-eun! I need a man’s cock!

This pussy flower claims.

The flower bud trembled as if the thick male pillar was its most important nutritional ingredient her her.

Her beautiful light pink petals are fluttering.

As if she was ready to sample the cock, she started producing more and more fluid.

It felt like her desire was stuck in my head.

Unknown scenes sometimes passed by.

At the same time, the images of me and her passed by.

What is this?

As soon as she came into my arms, her symptoms worsened.

A headache that felt like someone was kicking her head.

“Uuuuu… “

I held my throbbing temple and lowered my head.

My breathing became even heavier.

Halla-eun, who didn’t know what to do, seemed to come to her senses when she saw me and started looking at me.

“No, Jian? I can’t do it. I have to call the teacher. I think my condition is very bad. I’m out of my mind right now..”

I stretched out my left hand and covered her mouth.


I firmly squeezed her muzzle.

Halla-eun’s shocked expression.

Looking at that expression.

I lifted her right hand.

“What a bitch.”

A bread with a three-dimensional feel that can be felt even beyond the sticky gray surface.

I hit this provocative butt hard.


Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

다 따먹는 사이비 교주집 입양아들
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
An ancient tome you stumble upon grants you mysterious powers.

Strange events begin to occur.

He utilizes his power to conquer all the women around him, one by one...


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