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Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 33

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 33

Chapter 33 – Dizzying Missy Look

33. Dizzying Missy Look

The cover of that old-looking book, which I had never seen before, seemed to grab my left palm and I couldn’t let it go.

And the side where the palm was drawn felt like it was strongly sucking my right palm.

Unbelievable pain.

It felt like my flesh was burning.

Pain like being stabbed by a needle.

I felt pain in my palm as if my whole body was being crushed.

I couldn’t even scream, my body was shaking and convulsing and I lost consciousness.


When I came to my senses.

I was floating alone in a space where I couldn’t see anything.

A world without anything.

It was empty.

No expression could describe this place.

I could not feel any sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, or even taste.

I felt like I existed in this pitch-black space as if I were a soul.

I couldn’t shout.

I couldn’t even move.

Just black and white.

It was so scary that I felt like I was going out of my mind.

But the only thing I can do at this moment is think.

I called several people in my mind.

I felt like tears were about to flow from my imaginary eyes.

This feeling that I don’t exist right now.

I felt like I was going crazy.

A space where one can personally realize the proposition that opened philosophy: I think, therefore I exist.

How much time has passed.

I realized.

That I am with something.

A bit of a strange feeling.

It was rather clear because I couldn’t feel anything.

I focused on that feeling.

The sensation gradually became clearer.

I was convinced and focused on that sensation.

In the veil of darkness, something began to appear blurry.

Yes, this is it.

I put all my attention into that sensation.


Save me!

Anything is fine!

I want to get away from this place!

Gradually, the sensation became clearer and it weighed down my entire body.

This inexplicable feeling, both very creepy and unpleasant, seemed to be weighing me down.

This blurry thing began to take shape little by little.

It soon took on the shape of sprinkling dim light.

Something square floating in space.

The shape began to move and spin very precisely.

It hurt like my mind would melt and disappear.

While enduring this pain, I began to accept this pain.

If I could make a sound, I would have screamed until my throat cracked.

A ray of light emanated from the shape and gradually began to reveal its true identity.

Something naughty.

It’s familiar…


It appears to be blurring again and moving away.

I almost started a match.

I was immersed in this creepy yet unpleasant sensation again.

The shape gradually began to take on the shape of leather.

When the form finally revealed itself,

I couldn’t think of anything.

The moment I was staring blankly at that old book,

A dazzling light of five colors suddenly began to flash.


In front of the messy bookshelf, books were placed here and there.

There was a young man and a woman wearing a sensual dress that revealed her body.

The young man was lying on his back. The woman was blocking her man’s nose and blowing into her..

As she breathes in, the young man’s eyes, which seemed to be forever closed, begin to flutter.

A woman’s cell phone lying in a pile next to it.

A voice was heard inside.

“We’ll be there in 5 minutes! After completely covering the patient’s mouth, breathe into the patient. Visually check to see if her chest is rising, and after breathing in, release her mouth and nose.”

The voice was accurate and kind while conveying a sense of urgency.

The young man’s long eyelashes began to twitch and he soon opened his eyes.

A woman’s face, frowning and sweaty, appeared in the young man’s field of vision.


When I opened my eyes, all I could see was Halla-eun closing her eyes and breathing into me.


Halla-eun’s breath entered my mouth.

I was blankly looking at Halla-eun’s face her.

Her index finger and thumb grabbed my chin and lifted it,

Her other hand is plugging my nose.

And Halla-eun closes her eyes and presses her bright red lips against mine.

Any voice coming from a cell phone.

It was noisy.

I was out of my mind right now.

After experiencing something so great, my sense of reality had not returned properly.

When Han Ra-eun parted her lips and opened her eyes, her eyes met mine.

Han Ra-eun opened her eyes in surprise.

“Ji… –Ah! Uh-..Do it! Fortunately—-..”

An alluring Missy with a sharp nose and eyes that seem to tell a story.

The feel of Halla-eun’s lips is clear.

Han Ra-eun seemed very surprised to see me suddenly waking up. Her pupils got very big and she covered her mouth with both hands.

And her hands were shaking and she grabbed her cell phone.

She started talking to the other person in the cell phone voice.

But she couldn’t hear very well, either because she was unconscious or because her hearing hadn’t returned.

She shouted, “What are you doing?” And she picked up her cell phone and started talking.

I was just blankly blinking.

After time passed and I was able to think normally.

Halla-eun caught me and I started to realize what she had done.

She was on artificial respiration after chest compression resuscitation on her.

In that way, the urgent situation was over.

Ra-eun Hall finished her phone call.


Han Ra-eun said as she hugged me tightly.

“Ugh..Blah..Blah..I’m glad I’m alive. Thank goodness..”

I couldn’t come to my senses.

What on earth happened?

Why did I open my eyes and see the lady kissing my lips?

Ever since I first came to my senses, my entire body had been weak.

I had no energy at all.

I didn’t have the strength to scream or speak.

I feel like all my vitality has been taken away.

I couldn’t even flinch despite Halla-eun’s touch her as she hugged me tightly and patted me.

I was just following Hall Ra-eun’s hands like a balloon doll.

An alluring and captivating scent entered my nose.

Raeun Han wanted to keep track of what shampoo she used.

Because I came to my senses.

In the end, even though my doctor muttered that it was okay, the paramedics told me that I had to go to the hospital.

So I got loaded into the ambulance and started heading to the hospital.

Little by little, feeling in her hands and feet she began to return.

It was difficult to move my body.

It was fortunate.

What on earth is going on?

I experienced something I couldn’t understand.

I was watching Halla-eun holding my hand and purring.

“When I finished the phone call and came out, Jian, you were passed out!”

“You were really..Really..Very surprised because you were completely unconscious. I’m so glad…It’s a miracle.Miracle. It’s all like Yeokcheon’s grace.”

Ra-eun Hall looks at me with worried eyes and holds my hand tightly.

That hand gently touching the back of my hand was full of warmth.

And it tickled.

To my eyes, all I could see was Halla-eun’s tight-fitting gray dress.

What kind of body would appear if you take off that dress..

I thought about this in a daze and fell back to sleep.

When I opened my eyes again, I was already wearing a patient gown and receiving an IV gel.

Next to me was Hall Ra-eun.

Halla-eun said.

I immediately reported it to 119 and checked the status over the phone.

After she realized she needed to do CPR, she reportedly performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

When I looked around, it was a single room.

They say the man is coming.

With the penguin nun.

She said she hasn’t told Jia about my condition yet.

“Ah.. Mr. When will you arrive?”

“Hmm… “In 30 minutes?”

As I continued to lie down and look at Hall Ra-eun, I was faced with a desire that I could not bear.

My heart kept pounding and my dick felt like it was going to explode, as if I had taken a cum pill.

So my face became very red and I was breathing heavily like an animal.

“Jian…What’s wrong? Does it hurt again? What do we do? “I need to call the doctor..”

I grabbed Hall Ra-eun’s wrist.


Halla-eun looked at me in surprise.

“Uh..? Still, Jian’s condition looks very bad.”

“It’s love.”


A cock soaring as if it were going to tear the sky apart.

The cock started to dominate me.

I was already a slave to desire.

My reason was gone, and I was acting according to the voice of this little demon of sexual desire deep in my heart.

“I love you. “Ajumma”

I grabbed Hall Ra-eun’s slender wrist.

And then he pulled me towards him.

Halla-eun was dragged very lightly.

Halla-eun gasped with her eyes wide open! While saying that, he fell down on my chest.

“Ouch! Ji..Jian!”

Halla-eun fell on top of me.

Straight, flowing hair.

He fixes his straight hair and looks at me with puzzled eyes.


I held Ra-eun Hall’s face with both hands.

“Ji..U… “Who?”

Her cheeks were crushed and her lips were sticking out.

It was very cute.


The eyes with eyeliner were sexy.

The bright red lips she were alluring.

And it seems like he wants to seduce anyone.

Even though she has a husband, this sexy woman shows off her sexy body without fail.


I felt like I was out of my mind right now.

You have to do it now.

That was all I could think.

I closed her eyes and pulled Han Ra-eun in to kiss her.

At that time-.

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

다 따먹는 사이비 교주집 입양아들
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
An ancient tome you stumble upon grants you mysterious powers.

Strange events begin to occur.

He utilizes his power to conquer all the women around him, one by one...


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