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Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 35

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone 35

Chapter 35 – Playing With a Married Woman

35. Playing with married women’s views

A headache that feels like your head is being kicked.

“Uuuuu… “

I held my throbbing temple and lowered my head.

In the meantime, things seemed random.

It felt like someone was forcing photos into my head.

A photo became blurry, but when I focused my attention on it, it became clear.

A photo that becomes clearer.

It looked like someone had taken a picture of me fucking Halla-eun, whose face was red, with her eyes open.

Halla-eun hates it while shedding tears.

I am being raped by force, drenched in pleasure.

Snap – A photo that looks like someone took it.

I couldn’t help but look.

As I focused on the clearer picture, the picture drifted somewhere in the distance and then stopped.

As if I had stretched out my hand and grabbed it.

As I concentrated on it, it gradually began to approach me.

I pulled it up like catching a fish.

Parr – The picture started moving as if it was trying to escape.


Come here!

Due to my strong will, the photo came to me even though its body was trembling.

We gradually started to get closer.

And the photo showing a scene that seemed to violate Halla Eun began to move.

I was able to understand this photo when it moved.

This photo was Halla-eun’s imagination.

I could feel it.

It felt like I was peeking into Hall Ra-eun’s head.

No, it was correct to steal.

I was confident without even realizing it.

At the same time as Halla-eun’s imagination is being stolen, the other photos begin to move away.

I tried to hold on to something else, but it wasn’t easy.

Except for the photo that became clearer, the other photos just started running away from me.

In the fading photo, I could see the bookstore man and there were many other people.

Some of the blurry photos were mushy and melted as if they were wet with water.

Some of them disintegrated and disappeared like small particles.

I caught,

It gradually becomes clearer, from 2D to 3D.

From 3D to 4D.

It has changed.

This 4D was played and sound was heard.

At the same time, I began to vaguely hear Halla-eun’s thoughts of her.

The airing date of this 4D was a few hours ago.

The imagination I had while looking at myself lying down in a patient gown.

Han Ra-eun ended this fantasy by shaking her head and calling herself a crazy bitch.

I ended up seeing this imagination.

Halla-eun’s delusion was regenerated.

-Jian, no!

It was a video of Ra-eun Hall, who was crying, lifting up her one-piece dress and inserting herself into her.

There were some blurry and broken parts.

This video of Halla-eun’s delusion was quite fast.


It was heard mixed with various noises.

It was over quickly.

In that scene, I was covering Ra-eun Hall’s her mouth her her and fucking her her.

I played this scene over and over again.

Then, the speed gradually slowed down and things that had not been heard or seen began to be heard and seen.

I slowed down as much as possible.

As if slowing down to 0.5x speed.

It felt like my head was going to tear, but I instinctively slowed down.

I don’t know why, but I felt like it had to be that way.

Halla-eun with tears in her eyes.

Time passes as if in slow motion, crying out for no.

As he focused on Ra-eun Hall, he was able to overhear her thoughts.

‘Ah – I love it! I want to be fucked more. Fuck me harder. Without my husband knowing! Haaaaa–$$#%’

She was crying out no, wiggling her pussy and shaking her ass.

As I was eavesdropping on her thoughts, I heard strange noises and my ears felt like they were tearing.

Halla-eun got caught up in eavesdropping on her mind.

At this time, I was confident.

This is not the future, but a scene Halla-eun imagined while looking at me in the past.

Even though I was in pain, my dick started getting hard at this scene.

At that time, I was pulled out of this strange immersion because of Halla-eun, who shook me and spoke to me.

“No, Jian? I can’t do it. I have to call the doctor.

It seems to be in very bad condition. I’m out of my mind right now- “

She said as she looked at me lowering her head and letting out her pained moans.

It felt like I was imagining Halla-eun’s imagination for more than a few minutes.

It wasn’t.

She entered and exited the world of her head in less than a few seconds.

I couldn’t even hear her worried question due to the pain I felt as a repercussion from peeking into Halla-eun’s thoughts and imagination of her.

After checking the fragments of numerous images that were visible after suffering,

With a smile of bitter joy,

I wrapped my legs tightly around her waist.

From now on, it is time to peel off, layer by layer, the cowardice she has been hiding so that no one can see.

Halla-eun’s desires that she kept hidden intentionally and sometimes without her knowledge.

Halla-eun was oppressed by Confucian culture and customs that required her to be a demure woman.

These pressures and compulsions.

I caught a glimpse of her desire that had been hidden deep in her heart and gained her confidence.

Her her her her her hidden sexual her desires her her her.

It’s time to bring you up to the sun.

How frustrating it must have been.

How cramped it must have been.

I caught a glimpse of fragments of her thoughts.

I was pushed into Junggu Heating little by little, but I saw one thing clearly.

I couldn’t understand this situation, but if this is real, it’s an opportunity.

As I thought about making Halla-eun throw away all her shackles and restraints on her, my actions became more and more unstoppable.

Without hesitation, she stretched out her left hand and covered her mouth.


She pressed her palms against her lips and cheeks to prevent her from making loud noises.

Halla-eun looked at me with an expression full of astonishment.

It happened in an instant.

Out of nowhere, I, who was holding her head and complaining about her pain, suddenly did something crazy like this.

No one will be able to understand this situation.

This situation caused Hall Ra-eun to close her mouth, opening her eyes as if she had found her prey.

In Halla-eun’s eyes, anyone would look at me like I’m crazy.


Han Ra-eun mumbled her words unintelligibly.

I didn’t mind.

He put more pressure on her left hand as if to tell her to be quiet.

Clutching her mouth

Halla-eun began to struggle to escape my harsh hands.

But he had already wrapped his legs around her waist and hugged her, preventing her from moving.

I lifted her right hand as she grasped my wrist with both of her hands.

And she was struck down without mercy.


I can feel the three-dimensional breadiness beyond my palm.

The softness that can be felt even beyond the sticky gray surface.

Any sane man can’t help but take a peek at this butt.

There must be only a few men who have ever hit this tight butt.

I hit him once again.



Halla-eun was trying to take my wrist and her arm off.

She seemed to be startled by the unfamiliar sensation coming from her buttocks as she closed her eyes tightly.

He seemed to be enduring the pain by squeezing my wrist and arm as if he was in pain.

“What a bitch.”

It was a very small sound, but Hall Ra-eun looked shocked when she heard it.

She was able to say these words because Han Ra-eun saw into her her her her hidden desires her deep in her heart her her her.

She had no idea that all this time she had a bitch side to her.

But who she would have thought that this clingy gray dress and the white thighs she sometimes exposed were a tool to relieve this ugly desire.

I thought I knew now.

The reason why she seemed to enjoy the attention of men with such tight clothes even though she was a married woman.

Once she was sure, she started spanking her ass again to reveal the ugly side of this horny bitch.


“Uuuuu uuuuu uuuuup)

Halla-eun’s eyes turned kind as she glared at me.

My palms became clammy and hot.

Does she know that I’m trying to strip her of her pretense of her?

She must be scared and afraid of my sudden appearance.

Covering her mouth her her her, he whispered to Halla-eun.

“Before the uncle comes, I’ll cum inside the lady’s pussy.”

Halla-eun just shaking her body.

She was cute.

She put her right hand inside the gray dress that tightly hugged her hips and thighs.

Her thighs were softer than expected.


I swept up her thighs her under her her dress her her and up to her buttocks her her.

I can feel her thighs shaking.

I grabbed her butt her.

She struggled wildly, as if she was embarrassed and ashamed.

“I don’t like it?”

Han Ra-eun nodded her head.

As if she was telling me not to do it anymore.

I guess I saw something in vain for a moment.

Maybe I’ve gone crazy.

She was afraid that she might have become mentally ill and did something she shouldn’t have done.

So she put her hand between the cleavage of Halla-eun’s plump buttocks.

A piece of Halla-eun’s thin inner garment. There were panties.

It was soaking wet.

“Look. It sucks.”

I hooked my index finger into her panties and pushed them to the side.

I rubbed my wet vagina with my middle finger.

The scent of Halla-eun’s pussy seemed to emanate from an evil spirit.

It was more stimulating than any perfume.

I wanted to fill this hospital room with this scent that was rushing into my nostrils right now.


She patted Halla-eun’s damp flower buds, where the water had accumulated, and continued to sweep down and up with her middle finger.


My middle finger was stained with love juice and wet.

As if he could not bear my small touch, his whole body his trembled and convulsed as if he had been hit by electricity.

This reaction was so amazing that I released her hand that was covering her mouth and whispered.

“Do you like it?”

“Kang Ji-an! Crazy, ugh- ugh!”

He spoke quietly to me, as if he was worried that someone would hear.

While listening to Halla-eun’s moans, I continued to touch Halla-eun’s flower bud, her pussy mound, and her entire clit.

The wet pussy was soft and moist.

A pussy that makes a sound as if asking to be put in it.

Even without inserting my finger, it was full of water and made an obscene sound.


“Huh, ha, don’t, no, ha, ha, ah, ah”

Finally, he aimed his third finger between the flower petals of Halla Eun.

I was toying with whether I should keep adding it or not.

I put my fingers between the fluttering petals.

Then her pussy her, her her bit down as if welcoming my finger.

“Oh..Ajumma, are you a married woman? It’s really tight.”

“Get out, Kang Jian! No..Jian! Stop..”

I started shaking my middle finger, which was deep inside Halla-eun’s pussy, up and down.


Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

Adopted Son of a Cult Leader Who Preys on Everyone

다 따먹는 사이비 교주집 입양아들
Status: Hiatus Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
An ancient tome you stumble upon grants you mysterious powers.

Strange events begin to occur.

He utilizes his power to conquer all the women around him, one by one...


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