Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man 228

Academy's Strongest Concession Stand Man 228

Chapter 228 – That Can’t Be Possible (2)

“It’s all a dream! It must be a dog dream!! Haaaaa!!!!”

Erzsebet collapses on the sink, sobbing and feeling self-destructive.
I can’t believe I fell in love with Lewis and ended up spending the night together.
Now, even the royal family has become involved in his genealogy that has become so complicated that it has become a tangled thread.
However, the reason Erzsebet was at a loss now was not because of such political news.
It was simply because she felt tremendous shame at the fact that she was embraced by him as a woman.

‘Oh, no, if you think about it, there might not be a problem… !’

It was a very tangled relationship, but their fates were different from the beginning.
If you think about it, didn’t her first relationship with him start with her fiancé?
Rather, they went around the continent and returned to their original relationship.
If you think about it that way, it’s definitely natural…

“It can’t be natural!! Argh!!! What on earth have I done… ! Wow, wow… !?”

The traces of her lovemaking suddenly spilled from between her legs, as if awakening her to her reality.
Erzsebet’s face turned bright red as she screamed into the bathroom mirror alone.

“This is…”

Just by placing a hand on his lower abdomen, a lot of cloudy mucus came out.
Even though she hated it, it brought back her memories of taking it with her whole body.


She would be lying if she said she didn’t dream of her first romantic experience.
It was a wish that was far from being fulfilled since she was born as the princess of Fenheim and had a mission to revive the country.
Even if she is only the second daughter of a viscount, she marries for the sake of her family, not for love. What would a princess be like?
Rather, the women who clung to Lewis did not have common sense.

“Ugh, I said no… !”
“I heard it’s okay legally…”
“Go, take your hands off my chest! It’s a crime of indecent assault, no, it’s a crime of insulting the royal family… !”
“So, how are you going to punish me?”
“Ugh, that’s… !”

Her thighs between her legs are firm.
The hand holding her breast under the cut part of the dress is also large and warm.
Even though she wanted to rebel, for some reason her entire body became weak and she could only let out a sorrowful sound.
Even when I heard it myself, it was coquettish, as if I was fawning and wanting to be hugged by him.

“I didn’t know you were this kind of person… !”
“I said I would protect you, but ah! On the subject of marrying my friend… !!”

She poured out harsh words at Lewis, but it was no use.
Rather, her dress, which was wrinkled due to the intense movement, went down, exposing her breasts to the cold air.

“It looks like you were in a good mood considering you were selling.”

He chatters teasingly while stroking the erect, light pink nipples.

“You know, princess. “I’ve been curious about this for a while. Are you doing it on purpose?”
“What does that mean… “Huh!”
“That’s how you build up your pride. Trying to rise above people by subtly scratching them. “It’s not that I feel bad, it’s just that it seems like you want something.”

The tingling pleasure on my nipples increases.
It was such a skillful move that I couldn’t help but moan in excitement.
I gave him my breasts, which I had never thought of as small in my life, and was held captive.
I can’t escape his words, which seem to penetrate my true feelings.

“Did you want to scold me? “Because he is the person who can make all things useless, such as expensive clothes and high status.”
“Who, who has such a masochistic personality… ! And I’ve never felt anything like that for you before!”
“Oh yeah? But he only treats me that way. Your breasts are really pretty. “The size and the feel.”
“Tsk… !”

It’s a lie.
It’s all a lie.
I, who was kind to everyone, was especially mean to him, and I didn’t follow my rules and got angry.
Even though I knew he had a fiery personality and liked women, I attacked him as if he were provoking me.
They called me godfather and hugged me as if showing off the softness of a woman.

It was all a lie, just a delusion of stupid Lewis.

“Tsk, stop, stop teasing my heart…”
“Really, I don’t like it…”

A small compliment telling me that my breasts are pretty made my strength to push him weaken without me even realizing it.
A glimpse of possibility sprouted in Erzsebet’s mind.
If that was really the case.
If you had feelings for Lewis from the beginning.

To be embraced by a man who even changes the law to marry other women.
By having the man who was originally her fiancé by her side again, she stabilizes the royal family and finds happiness as a woman.
If that’s what you were secretly looking forward to.

“… Is it so.”

I would be lying if I said I didn’t dream of my first romantic experience.
However, the reality was different from what she thought, a bit more blatant and shameful enough to make her earlobes turn red.

“If you really hated it, you wouldn’t be able to tell me where the princess’s bedroom is.”
“I don’t know how to make a royal castle, I don’t know how to put that dress back on, and all I can do is hold the princess who offered her breasts as shamelessly as possible and carry it to her bedroom.”

I felt ashamed and the feeling of my childhood love that had been crumpled somewhere in a corner of my heart being exposed.

“If you don’t want to spend the night with me, you can just run out of here.”
“Thank you.”

I couldn’t hide it anymore.


Because the royal castle was so large, the road to the sleeping quarters was quite long.
Plus, the weather wasn’t quite summer yet and it felt quite chilly at night, so I started to sober up little by little.
I brought some leftover bottles, but it probably wasn’t enough for two people to get drunk.
Rather, she was afraid that if she lost her mind here, she would make an even bigger mistake.


Turf, plod, trudge.
As I walked in silence, I deliberately did not look at Erzsebet, who had her arms wrapped around my neck.
What she said a little while ago was quite painful, and she couldn’t say anything about it now.

“… “It’s at the end of the corridor leading from that corner.”
“The keys are in your pocket. “I’ll take it out.”

Well done, well done.

“The fire…”
“I only turn on what’s at my bedside. “Isn’t it cold?”
“Yes. Because you lent me your coat… It was heavy, right? Sorry.”

Why are you so embarrassed?
Of course, I felt awkward seeing her, looking so shy, like a newlywed on her first night.
Her mind became even more confused as she remembered the various political issues she had talked about while drinking.

I eventually put Erzsebet to bed and told her to relax.

“Just do it as usual. “Why are you so cautious?”
“Jeez, it’s been strange so far! “I say this to everyone but you in the first place!”
“Well, since I’m the only one there now, I can take it easy. Don’t be too nervous. “Do you want to finish the rest of your drink?”
“… “Give it to me.”

By the time we got this far, it was a complete mess.
My relationship with her.
They were fiancés, then guardians, and even though they disapproved of each other, they became close as friends.
Now, that line has been completely crossed, and the relationship has become such that it is difficult to call them lovers or mistresses.
But one thing is certain.

“Hey, Louis.”
“Tell me… Are you going to guess?”

The truth was that by the time we woke up tomorrow morning, a lot would have changed.


A kiss with a heavy smell of alcohol follows.
Erzsebet was trembling almost like a baby bird that had fallen from the nest.
Her face is down, perhaps because of the alcohol she drank a moment ago or because of shame.
She suddenly screamed as she regained her dazed consciousness as my hand dug into her dress.

“Now, wait a minute!”
“What is it again?”
“I tell you in advance, you can’t do anything dirty…” … !”

It was a remark that made it difficult to understand how much of it was obscene and how much of it was healthy behavior.

“It’s all about leaving no trace of yourself. No handprints or teeth marks. Oh, and there are no contraceptives here, so you have to be especially careful…”
“Do we really have to go that far?”
“Ugh, I have to look at government affairs tomorrow too, you burnt man!! And if today’s secret affair is revealed without an announcement from the royal family, don’t you know what kind of chaos it will cause!? Do you want to see bloodshed in the royal capital!!? I’m going crazy, how can I date a man like this…”

I raise my hands and stretch my cheeks painfully as the subject grabs my waist.
He seemed genuinely frustrated and going crazy.
However, I was also frustrated with her constantly trying to save face, so I lightly grabbed the hem of her loose dress.
When I put my hand inside the underwear that was exposed along with my bare white legs, I felt wetness.

“Aaaaah! What are you doing now… !”
“Then isn’t this dirty? “I just kissed him and he got me wet.”
“Ah, huh!!”

As I stuck my finger into her nasal cavity and intentionally made the sound of love juice splattering, Erzsebet buried her head in my shoulder.
He threatened me not to leave marks, but he was already scratching my back with his nails.

“Well, what are you doing! Stop right now… Haa!!”
“Are you saying I have to wear clothes like this and do government affairs tomorrow too? That’s right, there’s nothing I can’t understand, so I won’t leave a mark. But you know what.”
“Oh, on the inside… “Huh, huh!!”

For the first time, you will experience the exquisite pleasure of being injected by someone else’s hands.
I whispered softly into her ear as her body trembled with a pitiful moan.

“I guarantee you, you probably won’t be able to work tomorrow.”

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

아카데미 최강의 매점아저씨
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Don't steal bread. If you don't want to get left behind.


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