Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man 227

Academy's Strongest Concession Stand Man 227

Chapter 227 – That Can’t Be Possible (1)

Warm sunlight.
And the cozy warmth felt from the soft blanket.
That morning was somewhat unfamiliar to Erzsebet.

Very tired, yet pleasantly refreshed.
It is a comfort that cannot be found in the daily life of busy work after the conflict with Seongguk ended and the demon world was purified.

Could it be that the maids forgot to wake them up at dawn?
Today too, I have a mountain of meetings and schedules.

“Hmm… Huh?”

Erzsebet stood up with a small yawn and immediately flinched from the cold feeling at the end of her legs and the pain in her lower abdomen.
At the same time, she realized that someone was exhaling softly next to her.

“Tsk… !? What on earth is this… ?”
“Uh, um…”

Her white naked body was revealed from the blanket.
But instead of pulling it up again, Ergébet was so embarrassed that he even forgot to breathe.

“Lu, Louis… ? You are here… Why…”

The corner of his mouth twitched uncontrollably when he saw him pulling the blanket over his face as if his eyes were dazzling.
His confused head felt like it was going to explode.

“Oh, no. Nonsense. No way…”

At that moment, a memory of yesterday suddenly appeared in Erzsebet’s mind.
An empty bottle and cookie crumbs lying in a corner of the room told me what happened that day.


Her worries weren’t enough these days.
This was not simply because of the influx of work that came with the post-war process, but because there were serious cracks in the power structure within the kingdom.
Normally, after a war, the power of the nobles would weaken and the royal family’s position would be strengthened.
However, an unexpected phenomenon occurred where the nobles who had suffered damage came together as one.

One of the central points is the picky colossus, Viscount Ruhilen.
Although much of Parencia’s infrastructure was destroyed by the demons’ assault, Ruhilen was still a great nobleman who tightly controlled the central region.
And another family that can be said to be a axis is the Earl of Rochear of Edanbury.
Esther Sylvester, who should now be called the ancestral ice and snowmaker, also lost her unique magic power, but in return, Roshoar gained a vast territory.

Not to be outdone, the Greenwood family also joined hands with the 12 Leagues and the Alkaid Magic Tower to accelerate territorial expansion, and all three families were in the same boat, whether they were willing to join each other or not.
Because of one man.

Louis Brunhart.
It was also troubling that powerful women from three powerful families gave everything they had, including their livers and gallbladder, to increase his power, but his position was not limited to that.

A hero and the strongest swordsman who saved the kingdom twice over the past 15 years.
Under the message of her reincarnation servant, Rehel Darad, while she was asleep in Sakrair, she was offered the position of chairman of the Farenzia Academy and external advisor to Merak Matap.
Although it was said that it was external torture, the proud magic tower brought in an outsider who was completely ignorant of magic and was actually in charge.

In addition, he is forming a deep relationship with the saint who is actually ruling the Holy Kingdom on behalf of the Pope, who is still vacant, and is also gaining support from other archdukes.
According to intelligence recently obtained by Goliath, there was even talk that Caroline Magdalena was planning to marry him by having his child.

In other words, this was the problem of Erzsebet, who had to take stomach medicine with every meal every day.
Louis’s position, authority, and the power surrounding him grew to the point where the royal family could not control it.
If he goes against his will or wants to, he can call himself king, dethrone the existing royal family, and establish a new kingdom.
Even if Louis has no intention of overthrowing the country, the families around him, who are known for their brilliant female skills, may cut off the tension between them at any moment.
If something like that were to happen, needless to say, it would be a continental war.

As a nobleman, he might not have known, but he was a hero who saved the continent and, more than anything else, he was her godfather, so Erzsebet was unable to do this or that and was only in pain.
In the meantime, the man called father is calmly observing the current situation after handing over the administration of the government, and his clothes are about to explode.
I asked for advice, but all he said was that everything would be solved if you captured him more completely than other women.

‘That’s right, so I…’

In the end, struggling with no other solution, she secretly invited Louis around the time a banquet was held in her royal castle and had a masterpiece.
The memories of last night, which had been cut off, came back little by little.


“Has much of the war damage been restored?”
“Yes? Yes… “Megrez Magic Tower has also begun foundation work, and the Royal Knights are being recruited again, so we have overcome a major hurdle.”
“Thank god.”
“It’s all thanks to my godfather.”

If the position is different, the corresponding treatment is bound to be different.
However, unlike Erzébet, who felt pressured, Luis waved his hand as if he did not care at all.

“It’s okay, what else do you want to ask me? “You can stop doing that now.”
“What, is there really anything I can help you with further?”

She shook her head quickly.
If I received any more help from Lewis than this, I would have to sacrifice the entire kingdom.

Of course, I know very well that he has no material desires.
I was still living in that narrow cafeteria.
But do you believe that making up for his immature side is the true help?
While Louise stayed still, other women came forward and started to shout.

“Then Louis.”
“When you have time, please tell Viscount Ruhilen. “We have already properly determined the territory and salary to be bestowed on you, so please do not criticize the royal administrators.”
“Yes, and it is because of you that military demonstrations have been taking place in the Monarch border area recently. Please, please, please visit the Holy Kingdom at least once or at least write a letter to Miss Caroline.”
“Did something like that happen? “I’ll go and check it out.”

Looking at the way he spoke, I guess he really didn’t know.
Also, he was the only one who was suffering because of this problem.
To extinguish her thousand dollars, Erzébet quickly emptied her glass and looked at him with her mischievous eyes.
It was an extremely outstanding face that was not obscured by the frivolous behavior of passing around the wine in the glass for fun.

“Besides that, are there any other troublesome problems?”
“I feel like I’m very thin.”

A word of concern thrown in as if indifferently makes my heart ache.
Because of that aspect, there must have been a truckload of women who were drawn to that light before him and protected him.
In fact, it is true that compared to the many sacrifices and efforts, only mediocre compensation was given.
Naturally, her gaze towards the person in charge of the royal family has been stinging recently.

As the alcohol goes in, the tension gradually eases.
The fact that Louis, who had achieved so much wealth and fame, was as harsh yet kind as before was very reassuring to Erzsebet.
In addition, I had the opportunity to see him again relatively recently.
It was at the time of the funeral of Eris Prashuhra, the saint of the poor.

Her unusually serious attitude and deep sadness in her eyes impressed not only the royal knights who did not know much about her, but also her.

“Ha… Actually, about you… “I have something to worry about.”

Drunk in her dazed mind, she sat a little closer to him and began to pour out her true feelings.


Erzebet Brunhart.

She always strives to be close to perfection.
In order to fulfill his responsibilities as a student at the academy, and to fulfill his royal duties at the royal court, he does not neglect himself at all.
Even today, when she greeted me in a small separate room late at night, she was wearing a wrinkle-free dress and had even finished doing her hair.

She looked very tired, but as someone who had never met many women who were more like nobles than wizards, she was very beautiful in that outfit.
My godfather, my godfather-. I think that’s why I half turned a blind eye to his behavior of clinging to me and hugging me.
Anyway, it was admirable to see him working hard for the kingdom.

“The only thing I can give anymore is karma… ! “The national treasury is already being drained!”

Is that why?
When the mask of her pursuit of perfection was slightly removed, she could not come to her senses from the scent that leaked through the gap.
She keeps complaining about me with a drunken, flushed expression and moist eyes.

“Do you know how hard it was for you!!?”

He’s so talented at knocking down a wine glass! The sound of a nose being struck and exhaled.
But for some reason, the tone of voice that pisses me off still remains.
The part where she was having trouble was not something I had intended, and it was a political struggle between powers and families that I had no interest in, so there is no way to pinpoint it.
Moreover, I also drank a lot of alcohol and ended up yelling at Erzsebet, who kept whining.


“Wouldn’t it have been worse if I hadn’t been there? To be honest, I did everything from start to finish when it came to fighting the demons and the Holy Kingdom!”
“Ah, then you can take responsibility and finish it cleanly! “Look at the power structure of the kingdom that has been in shambles for five minutes and the administrative law that has become a mess because of you!”
“You’re going on a campaign trip just because you changed one law? “Princess, do you know that I have no intention of wielding that power and that the reward I received in the first place was nothing compared to what I have done so far!?”
“What, so you’re telling me to give you more now!? Take it, take it all! “I would feel relieved if I handed over the dust accumulated in the treasury, the statue at the entrance to the castle, and the entire Penheim royal family with my own hands!!”

The childish fight soon began to be accompanied by the usual light fighting.
Late at night, a quiet room with all the servants occupied.
The wariness I felt when we first met in front of the cafeteria is now gone.
Hergé Bett’s dainty hands pinched my cheeks and I trampled on her feet wrapped in her white stockings.

“Isn’t there anything the royal family can’t say? What can I bring you? I bring you something! “Let’s talk about this!”
“You clean up your dirty feet!! And what, you know you can’t do it!? “Lewis, you ruined the marriage system between your in-laws, and now it’s really happening!”
“What kind of bullshit is that?”
“So, with my godfather! Goddaughter! Establishing a relationship as a couple… !!”

After saying that, she took a deep breath.
I too was completely sober and came back to my senses.
A distance so close that they are reflected in each other’s eyes.
Hergé Bet, who was biting her sweet grape-smelling lips, was the first to distance himself.

“Ha… I must be crazy. I’m sorry, Lewis. “I didn’t mean to blame you.”
“Whoa… No, that’s enough. “I completely understand that it was difficult for the princess.”
“No. I shouldn’t have the shame to say this to you. “I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“No, you’ve tried hard enough so far. I know because I’ve been watching it from the side. “I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

As she listened to me, a reddish color, different from the blush caused by intoxication, appeared on her cheeks for a moment.

“Tsk… ! Now, just a moment…”
“Just a little bit, just a little bit away…”

She hastily shook her head and untangled her limbs from me.
Then she gently brought one of her hands to her chest and fanned her face.
As I scanned the floor with unfocused eyes, I realized that I, too, was almost in danger.
It is said that there are no friends between men and women, but in an instant, the feminine scent emanating from Erzsebet made me fall in love with her.

“I think I should stop drinking. “We were both very drunk.”
“Yes that’s right. “I’ll come back after getting some air.”
“Please bring me a glass of water when you come.”
“All right. There’s probably a bottle outside… Kyaaa!?”

She stood up with her fists tightly closed over her rapidly rising and falling chest.
But the hem of her dress was hanging at her feet, which I couldn’t get rid of.
I was barely able to pull Erzébet, who was falling very dangerously due to her drunkenness, to safety.
In this way, on the contrary, she became completely embraced by me.

“Ahhh… !”
“No, godfather…”

The words she said as she pushed me away with her trembling hands.
A truly hers-like response to establish our relationship once again.

“No, I can’t… !”

However, the fact is that the kingdom’s laws, which were revised according to my request, no longer serve as a barrier between them.
Even without saying anything, we filled each other’s heads.

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

아카데미 최강의 매점아저씨
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