Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man 229

Academy's Strongest Concession Stand Man 229

Chapter 229 – That Can’t Be Possible (3)

There was a harsh air in the room.
I was dizzy from the effects of alcohol, and I was mentally and physically exhausted from the daytime fatigue from the heavy workload.
Erzsebet recalled a similar experience as she cried out, half-clinging to Luis.
It was a feeling I occasionally felt in the carriage when I first entered Parencia Academy.

“Huh, huh! Haha… !”

The persistent handwork that I also felt through Piiwa’s 〈 fairy tale 〉.
Not only does it not hesitate to dig into the hem of your clothes, it also tickles behind your ears and the nape of your neck.
Every time the hot fingertips touched her, her body became hot as if she had been burned, and Erzsebet could no longer bear the caress.
I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even look at his face, so I lowered my head and scolded him.

“Don’t keep touching strange places, just put it in…” … ! “I am not your toy.”
“What do you mean, you’re trying to relieve some tension?”

His blatant hands don’t stop.
It tickles between the legs and persistently sweeps, presses, and rubs the woman’s sensitive erogenous zone.
On the one hand, they continue to do things that have nothing to do with foreplay, such as letting down their hair or appreciating the slim curves of their backs.

‘I’m so nervous that I feel like I’m going crazy… !’

But as the shared body heat between the two of them increases and the soft parts of their skin meet.
Erzsebet, who continued to shout inwardly, gradually let herself go as she felt her vigilance fading away.
Meanwhile, my hand, which was struggling with nowhere to go, was grabbed by him and dragged between my crossed legs.
I learned why the ‘preparation’ that Lewis mentioned was necessary.

“What… “This is it!!”
“What do you mean, please put it in?”
“Now, wait! Hi! “I’ve never heard of it being this big!!”
“Then where have you ever heard that it is small?”
“That’s not what I meant… ! “Oh, no!”

It was so big and hard that she couldn’t break it even if she tried as hard as she could.
It was to the point where one wondered how Viscount Ruhilen was still alive.
A small movement of resistance occurred in her legs, which had been unable to close properly.
But there was no room for her to run to as she was already lying down on her bed.

“If I put it all in, I’ll die!”
“I heard you’re not dead… ?”
“Lewis… ! Well, you really have no sense or consideration! Just put it here. Just as far as my little finger touches… !”

Louis yells loudly, forgetting that it’s night when everyone is asleep, and annoyance appears in Louis’ eyes.
He was not the type of person to talk pompously or talk loudly like the ministers of the court or nobles who had big mouths.

“I’m not your godfather anymore, so stop acting like a fool and relax.”
“… Hiccup!”


Ah, it feels refreshing.
Yes, people should say what they have to say and live by it.
Even though I was just a store owner, I was definitely older and the benefactor of the kingdom, but Erzsebet had a tendency to be very rude.
However, she repeatedly said that she liked the comfortable relationship they had so far, and since she was a royal, it was not that she was not afraid of what would happen in the future.
So, she adjusted her strength as much as possible as requested, and although it was funny, I only put in the ending and watched her, but her attitude was a little strange.
At first she frowned in pain, but at some point she was moaning with her cheeks turning bright red.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” … !”
“Are you by any chance angry?”

He shakes his head quickly.
She wasn’t sad or scared.
When I massaged her breasts, which she praised as pretty, she even slightly leaned forward as if she was happy.
As I was watching, I guessed something and carefully bit down on his collarbone.


Bright red tooth marks appear on the white skin that the beautiful blonde hair was trying hard to hide.
Nevertheless, Erzsebet did not glare in this direction but rather avoided her eyes.

“Do you really like being scolded?”
“… !!”

I understood everything that was so special about me and why I suddenly didn’t know what to do when my breasts were touched.
It seems that the princess, who is proud and straight-laced, is weak at being pushed around by others.

“Oh, no… ! Ugh, don’t put it in… !”

I belatedly tried to resist by waving my hands, but little by little, I pushed my waist deeper.
It went far beyond the border of her cock, which she had held with her soft, cold hands just a moment ago, and almost all the way to the base of her was covered in her love juices.
Unable to do anything, she just blushed, took a few deep breaths, and covered her face with her hands.
And her knees, which had been constantly closing, relaxed and spread her legs.

Knock, knock, knock!!

“Huh, huh, hahah… !”

One by one, actions that were threatened as not to be done begin to cross the line.
She fell apart quickly as he shuttled his way inside her vagina, leaving kiss marks around her breasts.

“Kyaa! No way… ! If this happens, tomorrow’s political affairs… !”
“Don’t worry about that and focus on me.”
“Huh, huh…”
“Herje… !”
“Yes, yes hehe!!”

When I called her, who had kept her mouth shut, by the nickname I had heard her say when she used to be cute to me, I felt her whole body tremble with joy.
I asked her with a growl, remembering the only thing left of her behavior that I told her not to do today.

“Answer honestly. “Was what I heard in the separate room earlier correct?”
“… Tsk.”
“Answer me, Hergé. “Your godfather asked.”
“Ah, ah, ma, ma… !”

She must also know the feeling of a foreign body rising from the deepest part of her stomach and the feeling of my object hardening to its limit.
That you shouldn’t answer this question.
However, as I added titles that solidified the hierarchical relationship with my overbearing tone, my goddaughter was completely taken over and sacrificed herself.

“That’s right!! Hon, I wanted to come out… !”

As her violent movements continue, Erzsebet pours out her true feelings like a broken glass bottle.

“Well, you were my godfather… ! I knew full well that I was lacking! As you said, I received your help from beginning to end. If I had any shortcomings, I wanted you to admonish me… !”

The princess’s mask begins to come off.

“That’s why I think I tried being picky and acting cute in a way that wasn’t appropriate for my age… ! Well, of course, it wasn’t my wildest imagination to be hugged like this by my godfather or to have my breasts teased… Now, now to that… !”
“Okay, I understand.”

Final warning.
Never pack it inside.
Political calculations, physical arrangements, sexual fears, disgust with poorly twisted genealogies.
After tearing everything out of Erzsebet’s mind and throwing it away, I looked into her bright golden eyes and said,

“You’ve worked hard so far.”
“… !!”

She was startled and trembled as she raised her hand to her face. Then, she came to her senses from the thrill of pleasure that was surging from her lower abdomen, and soon began to shed tears.
After that, he cried for a long time and I was wondering if I should just let him sleep like this.

“Godfather, no, Louis, sniffle, no…” …”

After mulling over her name, she slowly wrapped her legs around my waist.


In the end, she kissed her, saying a word that was no different from usual, but had quite a different meaning.


“I want to die. I just want to die…”

As all her puzzle pieces came together, a terrible feeling of self-doubt swept over her entire body.
He found out why the palace maids had not come to wake him up until this late hour.
There was absolutely no possibility that not one person would have noticed the chanting that rang out from the bedroom until late at night.

Erzébet quickly finished her shower, holding her brittle head.
Even as she was hit by the pouring water, she thought about how to get out of this situation.

‘From the looks of it, it’s not too late for lunch yet, and I can complete my schedule starting in the afternoon. As for Louis, if we prevent political noise by first imposing a silence order on the royal family’s servants and later appointing him to the throne…’

No, you have to do it.
In a way, bringing him into the royal family, as he already had deep ties to other noble families, was the best move.
However, for his sake, this fact must be kept secret as much as possible to appease the nobles and expand Louis’s influence within the kingdom over a long period of time.



When I put on a shower gown and came out, I saw Lewis sitting on the bed with the same expression as he had just a few minutes ago.

“Uh… Crazy…”

Her pupils are constantly shaking beneath her messy black hair.
Now Erzsebet knew how stiff that hair was and how addictive it smelled, and what kind of tender feelings she felt when she touched the numerous wounds on her chest.

In this case, ultimately solidifying one’s position within the kingdom means being welcomed as a member of the royal family, that is, as a father-in-law.
An inexplicable feeling of self-destruction, a sense of relief, and the memory of last night struck me at the same time.
Still, Erzsebet, who had already made up her mind, threw clothes at Louis, who was still shaking, and quickly erased any traces of their affair with magic.

“Stop acting like a fool and do as I say from now on.”
“Princess… We can’t believe it…”
“You weren’t here last night. He left early after drinking with me, and in a few weeks, when Merak Tower’s new dispel magic is announced at the conference, he will be granted the territory as a representative. “After that, I will call you separately to discuss the future, so put this on and go out right away.”
“Yes? Last night? Now, just a moment… !”

He was struggling and even stuttering, reaching out his hand, but there was no time to chat.
If you go out as quickly as even a second, your excuse that you just overslept will be given more weight.
I opened the window to get rid of the smell, adjusted my collar as much as possible, and lightly shook the call bell on the table three times.

“Is anyone there!? Sorry! I was so anxious yesterday that I overslept… Huh?”

And then she quickly opened her door and went out, just as she was about to appeal her urgency to her maid whom she would soon encounter ——

“Yes? To?”

She made direct eye contact with those who were waiting for her to come out at her door.
The head maid, the courtier, and for some reason even the palace chef who came along.
Since it is a royal residence where entry is restricted even for people inside the palace, there are several ministers walking around at the end of the hallway with a quick look in their eyes.

— Look! I told you over and over again that this would end up being like this! What are you doing? Instead of quickly taking off this heavy piece of metal placed on Jim’s head and re-adjusting its size!

Beyond the curved passageway, the sound of the knights’ iron armor and the laughter of my father, who became enraged just by hearing his voice, echoed.

“I… “Princess.”
“Yes… ?”

Of the three people who only looked at each other regardless of who they were, the chef was the first to speak carefully.

“Would you like to eat first…” … ?”
“I am very worried about your health since you have been absent from home for several days.”

While I was unable to understand their intentions, Lewis’ last words flashed through my mind.
Only then did Erzsebet’s memories of last night, or rather the past few days, come back.
They realized that they had been hugging and mingling with each other, skipping meals for three days.

“Okay… That can’t be right… !”
“Wow, princess! Are you okay!?”
“Fuse! “Call the priest!!”

I was shedding tears of shame that far exceeded my threshold.
She forgot her dignity and sat down on the cold marble floor.

“That can’t be possible———!!!”

He covered his face with both hands and screamed in the loudest voice he had ever heard.

From that day on, Erzsebet was unable to make eye contact with people for a month and disappeared from all events and public appearances.
The royal family once again mentioned the reward for his past actions and awarded Louis the title of duke in an unusual procedure.

On the day that the leg meat of the North Sea Kraken, which had been brought in from the North, was served for dinner, an eyewitness story spread throughout the inner city that the princess suddenly became nauseous.
The truth was not revealed to the public until the leader of Bahran, who read the heavens, made an official protest.

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

Academy’s Strongest Concession Stand Man

아카데미 최강의 매점아저씨
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