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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 1

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 1

Chapter 1 – D – 100

Everyone who has no hope of living tomorrow dreams like this.

When I open my eyes in the morning, I wish this world would perish.

It’s an extreme wish, but more people than you think have this dream. Whether you don’t want to go to work tomorrow, or you recklessly confessed to a girl you’ve never seen before, or you’re in the opposite position. Because there is no expectation that tomorrow will be a better day than today, we embrace ridiculous despair as hope.

Although it is defined in the name of hope, in fact, it is more like a meaningless complaint. No matter how much I monologue, telling the world to perish, nothing will come true. It’s just like spitting out swear words when you’re annoyed and having a hard time.

Yesterday I also complained to the world to perish, but I didn’t really wish for it. Of course, I had some expectations. What to do when the real world is destroyed In that world, will my talent be useful? While thinking such nonsense.

But the next day, I woke up safely in bed and announced the start of the day with a sigh as if the ground would collapse.


After putting on my school uniform and getting ready, I headed to the dormitory next door, not the academy. The time to go back to school was getting closer, but before that, there was something to do. As always, I knocked on the door, chewing on the feeling of helplessness that came over me.



“Lena. Are you sleeping?”



I screamed because I was in a hurry, but I looked around with regret. Maybe someone didn’t hear After making sure no one was around, I knocked on the door again.

“Lena. It hasn’t happened yet, has it?”


“Go in.”

I casually took the key out of my pocket and went inside. Soon, a musty musty smell seeped into my nostrils, and I saw a figure wrapped in a blanket in the distance.



“Wake up Lena. It’s morning.”


As I approached the futon and shook what was supposed to be a shoulder, only then did bright red hair pop out. I sighed as I looked around the messy room.

“Hurry up. There’s no time to procrastinate.”

“Five minutes…”

“Then I’ll be five minutes late. I have to get up now to tidy up, wash, and leave?”

“Can’t you do it?”

“Sounds nonsense…”

In the moment of being irritated, Lena finally turned around. The sight of her pouting her lips and staring vaguely at her with half-open eyes made my heart thump without even realizing it. I’ve seen her for over three years, and now I know the truth, but she still has a cute face that I can’t get tired of.


A sigh came out naturally. Not because I was annoyed by this situation, but because I was pathetic for falling for this insincere charm.

“Okay. I’ll clean up the room, so you go and wash and get ready.”

“As expected, Lope. I love you.”

When I finally nodded her head, Lena smiled and hugged me by the shoulders. It was a pretty bold skinship, but I haven’t done anything more than this in the past few years.

Is it a reward for pampering yourself every morning? I felt a little bit embarrassed about accepting that a hug that lasted only three seconds was a reward. But, well, between friends, this is a request worth listening to.

If we’re friends, that is.

In terms of justice, my friend was right. We’ve known each other since we were young, and somehow we entered the academy together. Because they give me a wake-up call every morning. Even the way they treated each other wasn’t too bad.

However, that was outside the academy.

“Lope. Are you done?”

As I was immersed in my thoughts and tidying up her room, Lena muttered and called me. She looked up and saw that they were all ready to go out. She gathered a lock of her hair in her hair tie that was in her mouth and gave her a fresh smile.

“Not yet? Should I do it?”

“No, that’s fine. It’ll be over soon.”

“Then shall I go first?”

For a moment, her fingertips stopped. It was something that would make anyone very sad to hear it. But rather, that was Lena’s own consideration. She had a tacit consideration that she would rather go to school first than to fall awkwardly in the middle of going to school together.

Because at her academy, I don’t dare pretend to be close to Lena.

“Yes. Let’s go first.”

“Yeah. Thanks Lope. I love you.”

It was such an empty confession of love. So Lena left without any regrets and I finished the rest of the cleaning. Finally, after opening the window to ventilate the room, the clutter came in with the puffy dust.


I tried to exhale deeply, but the dust that was stuck in my throat was not so easy to get out. Even though I knew that I was late, I stood by the window for a long time, trying to capture my dizzy mind. At least, I had the illusion that breathing in the cool air made me feel better.

Of course, it was just an illusion, so that feeling didn’t last long.

“It’s late again. Lope.”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“It’s an answer that doesn’t show any attitude of reflection. Are you quarreling?”

“…No. I’m sorry. Student President.”

I arrived at the main gate of the academy only after 10 minutes had passed since school start time. There she was, as always, staring at me with sharp eyes.

“Since when did you call me student president? Are you going to keep doing that?”

“That’s not it, Erica. It’s just me…”

“Shut up. I’m sick of hearing your excuses now. Come over here right now and lay down.”

“Erika. Does it have to be like this?”

“Right now.”

There was a sense of intimidation in his relentless attitude. That kind of charisma must have been the driving force behind him becoming the student body president. Of course, it’s bigger than that that he won the votes of male students with his good looks and outstanding style. Even if the background is good, there must have been support for the secret academy.

But on the other hand, I was an ordinary student with poor grades and background. That’s why I couldn’t even protest properly and stood in front of her in silence. It’s worn out now, so it’s not too embarrassing to be treated like this in front of people your age.

“All right? Are you satisfied now?”

“No. I’m not satisfied. When will you come to your senses? Habitual tardiness. Grades are at the bottom. Don’t you know that the academy’s reputation is going down because of you alone?”

“Are you mentioning the academy reputation just because of me?”

“Don’t answer me. So did I say something wrong?”


I struggled to hold back the outpouring sigh. Do I have to go this far because I was late? Sometimes, when I see Erica, I wonder if she’s taking all of the stress she’s been through as student council president on me.

Or maybe that’s just his nature. When I thought that, a timid rebellious spirit welled up in me.

“The swordsmanship and military science scores are top-notch.”

“Because you focus on useless subjects like that, you can’t escape being an inferior student, Lope.”

“It’s a useless subject…”

“Why. Do you have a disagreement?”

There were, of course, differences of opinion. But the more I talked about it, the more likely it was that my limbs would suffer more. Even so, just as I was about to object, a short-haired female student ran from afar.

“Ahhh… It’s a big deal. Erica!”


A lively and refreshing voice without countermeasures. Just hearing that, the bewildered face was good to the eyes. She jumped up so stupidly that her name, Rose Ria, clung to Erica and started acting cute to her.

“Sorry Erica! Am I late?”

“It’s quite late. What else is this time?”

“I’m a little late because I ate too much breakfast… I’m sure I’ll write it down? Will I?”


For a very brief moment, the thought occurred to Erica that she might lay her down in her fairness. But our student president knew all too well that some students were more equal than others.

“Go in early. Next time, don’t be late.”

“Yeah, thank you. As expected, this is our Erica! Oh, and you were there too. You too, don’t be late next time, Lopez class!”


Roselia called her by her own nickname, and then she pretended to be mistaken and gently stepped on my finger. Then, very briskly, I crossed the front door. It was a cool and confident step like an aristocrat.

Of course I was still on the floor. Her shoulders tingled and her stomped hands throbbed. No matter how much I exercise, why is it so hard to be punished? Isn’t the person who invented corporal punishment the best inventor in the world?

Either way, it’s tiring and exhausting. I was humiliated at the end, but I opened my mouth to ask for forgiveness.

“Erika. Over there, slowly…”

“Oh my god, student president. You’re still here.”

Then, a slow voice crawled out of the field of vision. The stranger who appeared with a metallic clanking sound spoke to Erika in a very weary tone.

“Our security guards can guide the school gate. The student president has to go and guide the other students.”

“I want to do that too, but there are a few latecomers who I can’t stand. Should I say dropouts?

“I understand what the president said. But isn’t it quite late? Leave the guidance to the tardy students to me and stop going now.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to. I’ll ask for the rest, Rebecca.”

“Yes. Chairman.”

Only then did Erica nod her head in disapproval of her, and she haughtily walked away toward the building. The woman called Rebecca looked behind him until the end and only whispered after the sound of her footsteps had disappeared.

“Now get up, Lope. I’m gone.”

“Thank you…Ugh.”

“Are you late again because of that girl named Lena? She shouldn’t have made an excuse by giving her name.”

“Can I discredit the name of the head of the grade? What is a good friend, I just have to endure it.”

And who will believe me That Lena, the best magician in the subject, relies on a failing student like me for her entire life. Instead of continuing a meaningless discussion, I thanked the other person.

“Ah…What has this been like since morning. Thank you, Captain.”

“Don’t call me that.”

Rebecca frowned at the title I called her. Then her stern face became even more distorted by her scars.

“It’s been more than 5 years since I was discharged, so should I be called that?”

“But Rebecca says she’s cheesy again. What are you talking about me?”

“I’d rather call her Rebecca. It’s better to be cheesy than disgusting.”


She sighed and looked across the school gates again. Maybe Erica will turn around this way, she looks like she is watching. It was difficult for her to imagine how she felt about having to look at a student much younger than herself.

But on the other hand, Rebecca was the only one among the guards who could try to persuade the academy’s student body president. Because he was a man with thick bones as a soldier, and a veteran who made a name for himself on the battlefield.

Because of that aspect, he was a person I often talked to as I majored in military science. Of course, every time Rebecca hated it, she used to give a pinjan.

Sure enough, this time too, she nervously brushed her long hair and continued her nagging.

“Rather than that, are you still clinging to swordsmanship and military studies?”

“You were listening.”

“Eavesdropping is my hobby. So why are you still stubborn? They told me to learn magic like the other kids. Or go for magic engineering. These days, you have to learn one of the two to make a living, you know.”

“But it’s useless in practice.”


“Rebecca-san said that. On the battlefield, magic was just useless rubbish.”


When I rebelled meaninglessly, she laughed dejectedly. Then she shook her head and let out a sigh.

“Yes. I did. It takes time to chant, and a stone on the floor is a more effective weapon than magic that might block the opponent’s exorcism. But that’s a story from a long time ago. That’s a story in the field without even tactical standards.”


“Didn’t military science teach that? In modern warfare, elaborately chanted large-scale magic is much more important than well-trained infantry. Swordsmanship may be superior to magic in hand-to-hand combat, but it’s different in battles between armies.”

“That doesn’t mean swordsmanship is completely useless.”

“And most of all, Lope. There is no war in the world these days. Why would I throw away all the decorations and nabal and get a job as an academy security guard? Now is the era of peace. You say you’re obsessed with military science? Why are you so stupid?”

Contrary to the vague criticism of the student council president, Rebecca’s advice struck a chord. An era of unprecedented peace in which mankind occupied the entire continent. There was no place for the study I was learning.

“Magical isn’t practical? Can you make fire with swordsmanship? At least can you use magic engineering machines? It’s useless to learn swordsmanship, military science, or anything like that. What if the world suddenly collapses?”

“Then be a security guard like Rebecca-san. Or maybe a police officer.”

“Magic subjects are required for the police exam.”

“Cops don’t use magic very well.”

“It’s still necessary.”


The absurd reality always made me laugh. Rebecca patted me on the back and said.

“Okay. Go and study. Will you listen to what I say?”

“I’m listening carefully. It’s because I can’t admit it.”

“Okay, go study. I’ll start class.”

“Yes. Thank you, Rebecca.”

I bowed her head towards her and with her feeble steps I stepped over her school gates. At that moment, all energy was drained and all enthusiasm was lost. Even if I went there, nothing would make me feel good.

In terms of power relations in this twisted academy.


His exhaled breath painted the scenery of the academy white. At first glance, it was a peaceful and energetic place like any other place. However, that was a spectacle confined to ordinary students.

This academy, which strictly values ​​magic grades and background, was never friendly to students like me.

Nominally, the academy’s purpose was to embrace various studies and values, but, as always, the lofty purpose did not carry on to the end. As Rebecca said, magic is what you need to live in this world. Humans without talent were left behind or treated as outcasts.

It was the same at the academy, so subjects other than magic were rejected to an excessive extent. In particular, the swordsmanship subject I was learning was severely alienated to the point that there were only two students in the entire school. One is me, and the other is a first year blind student. Even I knew that he was blind, so I was told that he made the wrong choice.

It was impossible for the academy to treat such students well. How can the students look favorably on the yard when the teachers are also ignoring it? Losers like us were often treated as other students’ emotional dumpsters. Like that aristocrat who trampled on my feet earlier.

Of course, it wasn’t just these losers who were being bullied.

“Hey, dumb bitch. Aren’t you answering?”


Of course, the timid and flawed loners do the same.

Looking in the direction from which the swear words came from, several students surrounded the single female student. Although I couldn’t see her well because of their backs, I knew her identity as soon as I saw the mask obsessively wrapped around her face.

Buy The so-called dumb year. I couldn’t tell if she couldn’t speak or not, but she was a timid female student who always covered her face with a hat and mask. Already, that gloomy quality alone was enough to cause bullying by other students.

“No fuck, do you want me to do a lot? Answer me, you asshole. You know how to talk. Why are you pretending you can’t?”


“Are you ignoring me?


“No sir…”

“No guys. Are you bullying me to buy again? They’re really mean kids.”

At that time, a lively and fresh voice was heard without any countermeasures. As soon as I heard it, I frowned.

Roselia. That crazy bitch

“You still don’t know how to talk to Saya, right Saya? But I know what you mean.”




Rogeria asked, and Saya shook her head. Then, Roselia said with her unique refreshing smile.

“When Saya shakes her head, it means you know, doesn’t it?”


“Look. You’re throwing up again. Then buy it. Will you do me one favor?”


“Would you like to give it to my classmates once?”

No that crazy bitch

The face that said the shocking words was still as innocent as a child. She was the daughter of a noble aristocratic family, and one of the worst madmen in the academy. In front of that pure malice, Saya couldn’t say anything and she just froze.

“He doesn’t say anything. Does that mean it’s good?”


“Should I buy it?”


Saya didn’t do anything because she knew that any reaction would catch her pod. But Roselia didn’t look like she would let her go at all. It seems that I got the day right today.

It’s this academy that takes care of such crazy people as long as they have good grades and a good background.

It was disgusting.

“Then buy it. Who shall we start with? Baron? Hater? Or…”

“Will you move away?”

Eventually, I couldn’t stand it and intervened between them. Then Roselia smiled and turned to me.

“Uh. Lopez level. Did you get all the punishment? Erica seems to be very dull.”

“Okay, get out of the way. This is my seat.”

“Your seat is further ahead. Why don’t you just ignore it and pass by? Don’t be bothered.”

“Do you really have to be like this in the morning, Rogeria?”

“Then you. Why are you meddling in other people’s business from morning?”

It’s because you’re fucking crazy.

I barely swallowed the profanity that often came out. There was nothing good to do without thinking. Because it’s obvious that if a student like me did that, I would end up alone.

So I cast my gaze at the other bystanders in the classroom. Some were looking at this with fear, and some, including the student council president Erika, were looking at it with amusing eyes. Passing through them one after another, my gaze soon turned to her, which was not supposed to be.

Lena sat quietly in the front row of the classroom.

We met eyes for a very short time. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other like this in the academy. Lena ignored me for fear of damaging her reputation as the best student in the class, and I also turned away because I didn’t want to cause trouble.

However, at a time like this, I had vain hopes that he would come forward. She believed that although she disregarded her friends for fame, she was as good as her heart. That’s why I broke her unspoken rule for the first time in a while and looked at her.


But what came back the next moment was the same disregard as always.

Lena met her eyes for a split second and quickly went back to her own routine and talked to the students around her. Not to a failing student like me, but to the geniuses that the academy is proud of. I was left alone in this academy again.

Well, what I was expecting was wrong.

Still, I get a feeling If I stay like this, I think I’ll show my temper. So I calmed down and opened my mouth.

“Rogeria just…”


“Can’t you just… Just move on? I’m begging you. Please.”

“Ha… Indeed…”

Roselia raised her head and glared at her face. Then she smiled and said.

“You’re really struggling to look good to a dumb boy.”


“Ah. That’s it. I’ll just go.”

Then, as if she had never done that, she went back to her seat with a lively jump of her gun. The other students also went back to their own space, chewing and spitting out my swear words, as if they had lost interest. I swallowed a sigh of relief and turned to Saya.


Through all of that, she still kept her mouth shut. For some reason, I felt a bit shaky, so I just avoided the seat. It seemed that if I asked if I was okay, it would only hurt Saya’s face.


But then two fingers sneakily grabbed my collar. Panicking, she turned around and Saya held out her fist at me. Then he took my hand and dropped something on it.

It was a very small piece of candy. No, maybe it was candy. The wrapping paper was a little wrinkled, and I wasn’t sure because it was the first design I’d seen.

“Uh… Are you giving it to me?”


“Thank you.”

Then Saya shook her head. Does it mean that it is this way that I am thankful for? After putting the candy in the pocket, the atmosphere became more awkward. Even my seat was right in front of Saya, so I couldn’t avoid it.

I feel like I have to say something more. It was when I opened my mouth to such a foolish obsession.




Suddenly, an academy professor rushed through the door. Everyone in the classroom was surprised by the sudden situation and looked in that direction.


But he gasped and said nothing. Then, at the end, the words he spat out stuttered for a long time.

“No… Everyone. I have an urgent notice. It’s over there… So…”


“Yes. Notice. Notice… Notice…”

The repetition of the same words seemed to have gone mad. At first, the students, who were only a little surprised, gradually began to feel uneasy. Perhaps they realized that the professor wasn’t just embarrassed.

The fact that today’s day will never go by routine.

The professor, who had been flustered for a while, soon brought heavy magic engineering equipment from the outside. It was the sophisticated communication device I saw at his entrance ceremony. Even after he brought the equipmenthehesitated for a long time, and then started the equipment.

“Kuhmm… Ah…”

Soon, a man appeared on the big screen. But more than that, the flag of the Empire of Man fluttering behind him stood out. Except for the emperor, the only men in this empire who could stand in front of such a flag were the spokesmen of the imperial family.

He seemed very tired as if he had already been on this broadcast for a long time. But what stood out more than that was the tear marks in his eyes.

“…I’ll say it again, citizens of the Empire. This situation is real. It’s a real situation, not even a hint of lies, folks.”

Besides, he was crying and talking. The spokesman for the imperial family, not anyone else, was holding back tears. Even during the memorial service for the previous emperor, he had remained calm, but something had caused him to lose his temper.

“What…? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. What’s going on?”

“What the hell…”

A murmur was heard everywhere. Everyone already guessed that it was not an ordinary thing. The question was, what was it?

Soon, the spokesman for the imperial family, who had made up his mind, stood up. Then he spoke the single truth in a heavy voice.

“Now, 100,000 dragons are coming to destroy the empire.”


I was speechless at that moment and opened my mouth. So did the others.


A dragon that ruled this continent alone in the past.

With just one object, it boasted enough majesty to represent the word fear.

Then, what words can 100,000 dragons represent?


I couldn’t bear to put the next word in my mouth. It was the childish wish I spat out without thinking last night.

“Yes, folks. The dragons are coming. It’s hard to predict accurately, but… From what I’ve observed, they’re expected to land in the Empire within 200 days.”

“200 days… So…”

“His Majesty the Emperor has now raised the security posture to the highest level, Level 3, and has ordered that each city be sealed off. If any Imperial citizen leaves the city without proper permission, they may be punished according to the law. .All of this will remain indefinitely until this situation is resolved.”

His voice, which continued to tremble, now began to completely break down. The script in his hand was already damp with sweat and was tearing powerlessly.

“Perhaps, there is a possibility that a high-speed entity will land as a patrol party before that. The Empire is doing everything possible to respond to this. Imperial citizens, please wait for the next instructions in a safe place. Again, this is not real. This is the situation. This is…”



The spokesperson, who was continuing his speech, suddenly opened his mouth in despair. Eventually, the tears in his eyes fell miserably.

“Now… It’s all over…”


When he lost control, the professor hastily shut down his equipment. But the words he had already spoken did not disappear. It hovered around the classroom like an afterglow after ejaculation.


No one was in a hurry to open their mouths. I always thought there would be screams and cries in a situation like this, but that didn’t happen. Probably because everyone knows it doesn’t make any sense.

And if you were smarter, you would have realized that now everything in everyday life is starting to lose its meaning.

In the face of obvious destruction, the remnants of daily life were worthless than the trash rolling around on the ground.

People in the classroom looked into each other’s eyes. Even in the midst of different emotions, only one fact was clear. Even the spokesperson for the imperial family had lost their temper. The familiar rule of law no longer rules the world.

That the world is going back to the lawless era.

From that moment on, the important thing was no longer the status within the academy.

It wasn’t magical talent, status, or relationships.

What mattered was power.

Among them, pure physical strength for survival.

So the laws of the world began to change in an instant.

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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