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The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 130

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 130

Chapter 130 – Master Golem (4)

“Why did you come here?”

Kalt took Zenit to a bar in the village, saying there was a good place for the two of them to talk.

It was also quite luxurious, so there were tables, and it was a bar with an atmosphere where you could at least come with a lover rather than someone of the same sex.

‘And why a store like this…’

Does Kalt have such tastes?

Zenit felt uneasy for some reason.

“I also wanted to choose another place if possible, but this was the only place where the two of us could talk calmly. The topic we wanted to talk about was also the topic.”

“What a topic I want to talk about…”

“At that time, because of what you did to our Scarlett, I also acted a little childishly. Everyone has sensitive issues, so you used it as a provocation, right? That’s the inferiority complex you have towards Scarlett.”


Zenit understood why Kalt wanted to talk to her alone.

It was Kalt’s consideration to keep Zenit’s sensitive topic from being heard by anyone else, especially Scarlett.

“That’s why I called you today. Why do you..? Have such strong feelings towards Scarlett? From what I heard from Scarlett, you and Scarlett first met when you were summoning your colleagues.”

“Do you… Think I’m going to say that out loud?”

“Well, I won’t open my mouth easily. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if I can’t hear you.”

At that moment, the waiter brought in food that could be eaten as a light snack and the alcohol that Kalt had just ordered.

It was a wine worth a lot of money in this bar.

Kalt immediately uncapped the wine and poured some of it into Zenit’s own wine glass.

“Even if you can’t hear, you’ll have a new drinking buddy.”

“Soo, drinking buddy…?”

“What, are you not able to drink? I thought you could drink well since you are a noble.”

“No, of course you can drink alcohol. But why suddenly a drinking friend…”

“Let’s not nitpick about the little things. After all, we are comrades working to defeat each other’s demons and prevent the resurrection of the demon lord.”

Kalt raised his glass and gently tilted it towards Zenit.

“Okay, cheers.”

Zenit had no idea what Kalt was up to.

But she saved Nellis Party’s life, including that of Kalt.

“… Cheers.”

One drink would be fine.

Zenit thought so and raised her glass.

30 minutes later.

“I am~! I am the eldest son of the Count Tsire family~! I have worked hard to become a man worthy of the Tsire family!”

Tshire was very drunk and was lamenting his situation to Kalt.

This is because, in addition to drinking alcohol, Kalt hypnotized Tsire, who was a little drunk, and made him honestly confess his concerns to Kalt.

And Kalt learned the details of why Tshire felt so inferior to Scarlett.

‘Indeed. There was this kind of background.’

Even though he was born into a noble family that produces wizards, his talent for magic is hopeless.

Even though he tries to maintain his pride as an aristocrat, he gets a second shock at the sight of his parents bowing down to the Bunnings, who are of a different class even if they are the same count.

It is said that Scarlett, the youngest daughter of the Burning family, has the greatest magical talent.

I ended up comparing myself to the exact opposite and felt inferior.

In some ways, it can be said to be a common yet sad story.

‘But he’s not a completely bad guy.’

At least he is not jealous of his younger brother who is more talented than him, and he also has the tenacity to focus on the sword, which he did not even properly learn when the warrior’s blood was awakened. At least, he used his divine protection to act to save his comrades in a critical situation. 〈 Br〉

Excluding her actions based on her inferiority complex towards Scarlett, she showed her warrior-like personality and behavior.

Therefore, Kalt decided to solve Zenit’s concerns.

‘There’s no need to continue having bad relationships with other heroes in the first place.’

Kalt further hypnotized him into thinking that what he was saying was more and more true.

“Hey, Zenit. Who are you?”

“Who are you? I am Zenit Tshire! I am the eldest son of Count Tshire! Furthermore, I am the dual-strike hero!”

“Yes, you are a warrior. You have probably achieved many achievements so far, right? Defeating monsters and saving people.”

“That’s just nagging! Do you know how many achievements I have achieved with my colleagues? Even if it’s not as much as the famous Maybelle Party! I, too, have charted a path worthy of being called a hero!”

Zenit, drunk as she was, raised her glass high and boasted about her accomplishments.

There was a story that I was most proud of, such as what monster I defeated or what village I saved.

“You know what? There was once a village I saved from monsters. When I happened to visit that village again! The villagers recognized me! Our party I was leading! They talked about what happened at that time several times and expressed their gratitude. I did it! That was valuable to me!”

“I know that feeling. There has never been a more satisfying moment while working as a warrior party than that time.”

“That’s right! You know something too!”

After first maximizing his mood, Kalt began work in earnest.

“Zenit, isn’t it funny when you think about it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are already a great warrior. A worthy warrior who is respected and appreciated by people and knows how to practice good will. But isn’t it strange that such a warrior now gets angry and angry because of the inferiority complex he had in the past?”


“There is no need for you to feel inferior to Scarlett in the first place.”


“Yes, what is your family name? Did Count and Countess Tsire also abuse you because you had no talent for magic?”

“Absolutely not!”

“So, are you jealous that your younger brother has greater magical talent than you? Are you angry that you are falling further behind?”

“That will never happen!”

“Yes! I don’t even feel that way toward my closest family members. Why do I feel toward Scarlett, a complete stranger? Isn’t that strange?”

“Uh, um… Well, come to think of it…?”

“When you reunited with Scarlett, your emotions may have become stronger. For you, it was because you had a vague sense of inferiority that had inflated because you could not see the reality directly. But think about it carefully, Zenit. You were the Scarlett at that time. Has there ever been a time when I provoked you or argued with you enough to make you feel intensely inferior?”

“… Nothing.”

When she thought back on it, Scarlett had never behaved displeased with anyone, even though she had lost her temper.

“Isn’t that really stupid? She’s never met the person in charge and doesn’t even know him well… She just hates her partner, fueling her inferiority complex.”


Zenit was silent.

When she heard Kalt’s words, she was quite shocked, as if she had just woken up from her alcohol.

‘Why have I always felt so inferior to Scarlett? There was no need for that…’

Of course, even if she didn’t have an inferiority complex, she would have broken up with Scarlett if she hadn’t solved the problem.
But even if she was, she could have broken up in a better way.

By the way.

‘I continued to harbor an inferiority complex that made me feel stupid until a few days ago. So much so that I can’t even admit that Scarlett’s problem has been solved.’

My past self felt really foolish.

At the same time, Zenit feels sorry for Scarlett.

She was angry because she had lost in a sparring match with Kalt and had to force herself to apologize to Scarlett, so she felt embarrassed for taking out her anger on her colleagues.


Kalt said to Zenit, who was lowering her head in shame.

“Anyone can make mistakes. Of course, there are mistakes that cannot be undone… But what you made is a mistake that can be easily made up for. It is a mistake that you can apologize to and reconcile with those who did you wrong.”

Kalt smiled.

“Just like me trying to reconcile with you like this.”

“Reconcile with me…?”

“Didn’t you tell me? I was emotional back then too. I behaved a little immaturely towards my junior.”

“You’re a junior…”

“A junior is a junior. Because I was active as a warrior party before you. Well, it’s not the party now… It was the time of Maybelle’s party.”

“Meh, Maybelle’s party!?”

“Yes, I was in charge of the vanguard at Maybelle’s party. Well, my name was buried by Maybelle, so I’m not that famous.”

‘The vanguard of the fastest hero, Maybelle Party…’

Zenit, who immediately believed Kalt’s words, thought it was natural for her to be defeated.

No matter how much he said he was a hero, it was natural for a man belonging to Maybelle’s party, the fastest hero who routinely completes quests to exterminate difficulty A monster, to overwhelm him.

“Why is the vanguard of Maybell’s party in another party…”

“That’s a personal matter. Anyway, that’s not what’s important right now.”

Kalt got up from his seat as he had finished his drinks and snacks.

“Let’s go, Zenit.”

Kalt placed his hand on Zenit’s shoulder.

“There are people you need to apologize to, right?”

“… Got it!”

Zenit suddenly stood up.

“This Zenit Tshire! You can’t continue to do something pathetic and ignore it! Because that will be a disgrace to the Tshire family! And! As a hero, you can’t do something pathetic!”

“That’s it.”

After that.

Zenit and Kalt headed to the inn where the Nellis party members were.

At the inn, there were not only Nellis party but also Zenit party members.

Kalt and Zenit were away at the same time, so we couldn’t do this or that, so we followed them to the inn together to express our unsatisfactory gratitude and exchange with the warrior party.

“Scarlet Bunnings!”

“What? Ugh, what is it? It smells like alcohol. Kalt, you couldn’t believe you drank with this guy…”


“I’m really sorry until now!”


Scarlett was surprised by Zenit’s sudden crime of plaster.

“It’s all my fault! Because of my pathetic and foolish inferiority complex, I did something harsh to you in the past! I’m so sorry!”

“W-what?! What on earth?! Hey! Kalt! What did you do to this guy!”

“Not really? We just had an honest conversation.”

Zenit rose from her seat again and this time she turned towards the wizard of her own party.



She committed the plaster mortal sin again.

“Jeez, Zenit?!”

“I’m sorry! I ended up taking out my anger on you because of my stupid inferiority complex! Please forgive me for being so foolish! No! Words aren’t enough, hit me as much as you want!”

“I forgive you! I will forgive you, so wake up!”

“Thank you.”

Zenit stands up from her seat.



This time she committed a grave sin to another member.


“I went crazy and couldn’t stop it. I’m sorry for hurting you! Please forgive me!”

“Oh, no. Zenit tried desperately to protect me. I forgive you!”

“Thank you… Dren!”


“Huh?! Is it me this time? I’ve never really taken out my anger on you…”

“I’m sorry! I’m just sorry!”

“… You’re really drunk.”

For no particular reason, Zenit’s plaster apology continued until Nellis and Aria’s turn, and her party members dragged Zenit away as she continued to cry out that she was sober.

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

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