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The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 129

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 129

Chapter 129 – Master Golem (3)

‘Are you glad you blocked it with your arm? In the first place, it wasn’t powerful enough to be blocked with an arm. But how… !’

“It doesn’t make sense. How can I deal with that Master Golem’s attack…?”

Zenit wasn’t the only one with such questions.

Sister Marty, who was healing Zenit’s arm, also blurted out her words as if seeing her ridiculous sight.

And it was Aria who answered their questions.

“That is the hero of our party. It is the protection of the indomitable hero Nellis. If you do not give in, you will block any attack.”

“Defensive protection…”

If it’s defensive protection, it wouldn’t make sense to block the Master Golem’s attack.

But even so.

‘If you don’t inflict the right amount of damage and just wait, you will end up losing.’

Before that happens, we must retreat quickly.

That feeling has not yet disappeared from Zenit.

Nellis, who blocked Master Golem’s sword with his arm, kicked the ground and moved forward, swinging his sword at Master Golem’s feet like Kalt had done.




Although she swung with all her might with the correct posture, Nellis’ whole body trembled from the recoil.

“Nellis! It’s still too early to cut you perfectly! Swing as if grazing the surface!”

“Yes, yes! Look here! It’s a big rock!”

Kagang! Kagang!

Following Kalt’s immediate advice, Nellis only scratched the surface of the Master Golem’s leg, attracting the Master Golem’s attention.

Master Golem never looked at Nellis, who was attacking like a fly near his feet.


The Master Golem’s legs, which were snappy but had high speed, kicked Nellis.



Nellis flies away after receiving a traditional kick.

However, Nellis, who immediately fell to the ground, picked up her body and rushed towards the Master Golem again.

“What is that…!”

Even though it wasn’t a sword, the sight of Nellis not caring even after being kicked by the Master Golem surprised Zenit again.

“Nellis’s protection prevents any shock from coming to her. Even though her clothes get dirty when she rolls, Nellis never falls.”


Kagang! Kagang!

Nellis went near the Master Golem’s legs and swung her sword while Kalt had her attention again.

To fulfill her role.
To get the guy’s attention until Scarlett’s magic is complete.

No matter how grandly she flew, there was not an ounce of frustration or giving up in Nellis’ eyes.

And the time has come for the roles played by Kalt and Nellis to come to light.

“Everyone step back!”

Scarlett, who had been gathering her magical power and concocting her spell, unleashed her magic.

The huge vortex of magical power floating above Scarlett’s head turned into red flames.

Seeing the flames, Nellis and Kalt immediately distanced themselves from the Master Golem.


“Why are you doing this, Scarlett?”

“Sorry, Aria’s turn probably won’t come.”

“Don’t worry about me, just blow it off to your heart’s content.”


From the moment Scarlett entered this room, there was something she didn’t like.

She didn’t like Zenit, who was losing so pathetically.
She did not like the sight of Zenit, who had abandoned her and was desperately trying to protect her, even using her protection because her life was in danger.
She didn’t like Zenit, who didn’t know anything and was already scared when she saw Kalt and Nellis running towards the Master Golem and told them to run away.

If it weren’t for her to focus on her magic, she would have shouted at him to just shut up and watch.

So instead, Scarlett put all of her frustration and anger into her magic.

Shows everything at once.

After losing to Kalt, let’s finally show Zenit, who has never seen her own magic before.

How great was the wizard who had arbitrarily harbored an inferiority complex and rejected him.

The one I am using now does not contain the magic that Kalt bought me.

It’s just something that was contained within her from the beginning.

Two of the advanced attribute magics learned at the academy.

Flame and wind.

By combining its essence into one, it reproduces magic with extreme power.

Above Scarlett’s head, a vortex of flames is completed, emitting such intense heat that it seems as if it could burn anything.


The wizard of the Zenit party stared blankly at the magic.

Scarlett’s magic was beautiful.

A fusion of two attributes of advanced magic.

It was a kind of secret technique that an ordinary wizard could not easily master.

After making sure that Nellis and Kalt were far enough away, Scarlett swung her wand at her Master Golem and chanted the name of her magic.

“Scarlet Tempest.”


A swirl of flames, or rather a storm of flames, attacked the Master Golem.

The harsh scorching flames scorch and melt the surface of the Master Golem.

Even though the Master Golem tried to move, the entire surface, which had already melted in an instant, stuck to its joints, preventing it from moving properly.


Did he feel his own death looming?

Master Golem instinctively tried to block her magic by using the energy that was giving him strength.

Although it took time to use it again to block another wizard’s advanced magic, he was able to gather energy to strengthen his attack power.

However, it was a useless struggle.

Scarlett’s fusion magic was completely different from the power of ordinary advanced magic.

The energy that had somehow been gathered was consumed in an instant with just one rotation of the scorching storm, and the Master Golem’s body melted in earnest this time.

The energy that mainly protected the magic stone completely disappears, and the master golem’s magic stone melts.

From that point on, Master Golem was already as good as dead.

But the magic containing Scarlett’s anger never stopped.

It burned and burned and burned and burned again and did not stop until the melted remains of the Master Golem completely turned into ash and disappeared.

After the scorching storm completely disappeared, all that remained was blackened ash.


Kalt briefly expressed his admiration.


Nellie gaped and opened her mouth in surprise.

“What, what is this…!”

Zenit opened her mouth wide, and she was truly shocked.

I know that Scarlett is the top student at the Academy, and I heard that the problem was resolved a few days ago, but still.

Even so, this was an extra-standard sight that went far beyond imagination.

There are many spells to defeat difficulty B monsters.

Even magic that can be defeated in one go can be defeated with intermediate magic if you are a skilled wizard.

However, if the opponent is an Ogre-level monster, it is almost impossible, and you must use advanced magic to defeat it in one go.

But go beyond that and reduce it to the level of ash without leaving any form at all?

At least Zenit had never seen or heard of such magic.

At that moment, Scarlett’s nickname, which had made her feel so inferior, came to mind.

The prodigy of Bunnings.

The most talented person in the history of Bunnings, with exceptional talent every time.

She possesses enormous magical power since childhood, and after entering the academy, she is an elemental master who can control all attributes.

That was the nickname Scarlet Bunnings had.

Zenit Tsire could not admit it.

Zenit Tsire didn’t want to admit it.

Therefore, when Scarlett’s problem was discovered, her inferiority complex immediately turned into distorted joy, and she threw Scarlett away without giving her a second chance.

Because of that, she never had a chance to see Scarlett’s full strength.

But now Zenit saw it clearly before her eyes.

She had to see Scarlett’s power.

As soon as she saw it, Zenit Tsire had no choice but to admit it.

‘Ah, Scarlet Bunnings is really…’

She will become the greatest wizard of all time.

Scarlett noticed Zenit’s blank gaze looking at her.

She felt somewhat relieved, perhaps because she had used the most powerful and powerful magic she had used recently.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t want to reveal her feelings in front of her Zenit.


So Scarlett snorted and turned her head.

She had no intention of showing her happiness to someone like her.

If you’re going to show it, it’s better…

Scarlett’s gaze turned to Kalt.

Kalt looked at where only ashes were left and said to Scarlett, giving her a thumbs up.

“You’re the best, Scarlett!”

Following Kalt, Nellis also raised her arms and shouted.

“Scarlett! What magic was that just now? It’s so cool! It’s amazing!”

A simple and short compliment.

But even so.

“Of course!”

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but go up.

After defeating the Master Golem, Nellis’ party and Zenit’s party escaped the dungeon together.

After reporting to the receptionist that I felt the energy of a demon along with the news of the defeat of the Master Golem.

“Thank you so much!”

First, Dren, the Zenit Party’s vanguard, bowed his head and thanked Nellis Party.

Following Dren, the other party members, Wendy the wizard, Marty the nun, and finally Zenit also bowed her head and thanked Nellis Party for saving her life.

From Scarlett’s perspective, it was unexpected that Zenit bowed her head as well.

Kalt spoke to the Zenit Party, who bowed their heads.

“I’m so glad that no one lost their lives. It was worth it for us to hurry up and not lose. Right, Nellis?”

“Yes! The most important thing is that everyone is safe!”

In addition to saving them from a crisis, showing such a big heart, the Zenit party’s favorability towards Nellis’ party was increasing.

“By the way… Zenit.”

“…! What, what?”

“Can we talk for a moment? If possible, just the two of us.”

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

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