Smith, a Black Company in Another World 939

Smith, a Black Company in Another World 939

Chapter 939 – Ep.937 Smith, a Black Company in Another World

A tightly closed space without a single window.

A large, colorful chair is placed in the center.

I approached the authoritative chair.

“… Anyway, the women in my house are the prettiest when they sleep.”

I stretched out my hand towards the light blue hair of Sith, who was lying on her back as if asleep in the sarcophagus under the chair.


When I gently lift it in my palm, the mysterious hair flows down like a handful of sand.

Her pale, lifeless skin was as cold as ice.

But I wasn’t too worried.

I know that I will recover naturally over time anyway, so why worry?

Even if that’s not the case, there is still a way for me to fill my divinity myself.

Therefore, the feeling I felt toward the Sith I was lying with right now was not worry, but rather a bit of annoyance.

“I can’t really hit you…”

I was worried about the person, so I came running in a huff, but the person in question was lying down and sleeping peacefully, so I couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

“Besides, where has this bastard disappeared to?”

The guy who broke people’s hearts in prison was no longer seen at some point.

‘When I really think about that time…’


The inside of the prison is gloomy but well-maintained in cleanliness.

“So, you were waiting for me here?”


Kalm, who was sitting side by side with the iron bars in between, slightly moved his small head up and down.

“Was that ridiculous missionary intentionally trying to attract attention by causing a stir?”

“That’s right.”

Kalm answers somewhat calmly while kneeling.

To be honest, not only did it not suit me at all, but it seemed so foreign that it was uncomfortable.

“Do you know when I will get here?”

“Sis told me.”

“… Sith?”


I just nod my head calmly, but I don’t know why I crave honey so much.

“I can’t even contact you, so how does he know?”

“He said communication is impossible, but it is possible to watch Mr. Smith.”


At Kalm’s answer, a red light momentarily turned on in my head and quickly disappeared.

“Watching was possible?”


“… Well, okay. Even so. But I heard that the Sith are being detained by the Temple Union under the pretext of inviting them.”

“It’s true.”


“Uh, um… I know it’s very rude, but Mr. Sis instructed that if Mr. Smith’s questions exceeded 3, he should just explain them step by step from the beginning. “Is that okay?”

Kalm asked very cautiously yet politely.

“… Okay.”

“Yes. Then, I will explain it step by step from the beginning.”

Have my memories been distorted all along?

The Kalm I knew was somewhat immature, had a strong child-like aspect, and was the kind of guy who laughed and cried a lot and was mischievous.

“Today’s plan was given to me by Lord Sith on the second day after accepting the invitation from the Temple Union.”

Who on earth is this guy who speaks quietly and looks at me with bright, sparkling purple eyes that are far from being clumsy?

“First of all, you said that you would know if I told you that one of Smith’s companions was the cause of the loss of communication with Mr. Smith… ?”

As he said, I waved my hand and signaled to move on.

“Yes. So, I apologize for unintentionally proceeding with this matter without Mr. Smith’s knowledge.”

“Sorry for what…” …”

“Hehe, then let’s go back a little while and ask how I got in touch with Sith, right?”

“It did.”

“That was possible with Iona’s help.”

“Iona… Iona… Ah, Iona!!”

It was definitely a name I remembered, but the face didn’t immediately come to mind, so I searched my memory for a moment, and fortunately, I was able to recall a memory related to her face.

She is the only elf brought from the elven forest, and is the daughter of Elder Gior, as well as the only elf who has inherited the lineage of a scribe.

And the elf who took on the role of watching me through the eyes of the Sith and recording my life story, decided to stay in the temple rather than join me on the journey to the empire.

She was Iona Bean Synops.

“Even though he was imprisoned in the Temple Union, that is, the Temple of Abundance, the line of sight was still shared, so when Sith wrote on the floor, Iona moved secretly through it.”

Oh my god.

I never thought it would lead to something like that.

Moreover, since the Sith temple was her absolute domain, it was impossible for local gods such as Lapitera to look into it.

“Oh, and you also said that all the other gods are focusing on Sith right now, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Yeah, that one. “Why did you detain Sith while inviting them?”

“Of course, you told me the reason. Instead.”

Kalm took a deep breath in her mouth and changed her expression to become a little more blunt, as if imitating someone.

“Never get excited, don’t get angry, and think calmly. And don’t stop talking.”

“… Okay.”

It didn’t look like him at all, but no matter how you looked at it, it looked like he had just copied the Sith. I had a lot to say, but I nodded, sparing my words because it would only delay the time I got to hear the answer.

“The Temple Alliance plans to oust Sith’s divinity and transplant it into a piece of chess of their own choosing. Oh, of course, we are not forcibly expelling them, and since Sith-sama agreed to it, he said there is no problem other than the loss of the Holy Spirit.”

Only then did I understand why Kalm had given such caution, even if he had to clumsily imitate the Sith.

“… Shall we continue?”

Judging from the fact that I’m watching this person’s eyes more than a little while ago, I guess my expression isn’t so good right now.

Mariel, too, said that every woman she meets shows her emotions on her face, so that’s probably the case even now.

I nodded, rubbing my face with both hands a couple of times.

“Uh, continue.”

“Yes. Sith said,”

Not only I but the other five beings will also be given the same amount of divinity. So don’t get emotional and when you get back do what you do best. Do you understand?

“… “He said.”

Her husband came back from her long business trip, and she was his wife, telling him to fuck her from a faceless bitch…

However, considering efficiency was such a Sith-like idea that I couldn’t help but nod my head.

“Finally, he asked me not to leave it for too long. “If it is left in a state without divinity for a long time, the attunement with the body may decrease and result in separation.”

If you fuck a bitch whose face you don’t know, wouldn’t it be okay to interpret it as asking her to hug you first instead of going to other wives?

“So, when does the expulsion of the Holy Spirit start?”

“It started last night, so it wouldn’t have finished by now──”


She was truly a goddess who could not help but be a devotee.


“You really talk like it’s someone else’s business.”

Coo coo coo coo.

She lightly poked Sis’ cheek with her finger, which was out cold, but still soft from being her doll.

“At least we should allow them to prepare mentally… “Anyway, you lack sensitivity.”

How surprised she was when the word ‘now’ came out of her Kalm’s mouth.

No matter how much she warned and mentally prepared herself, it was not as easy for her to calm down her excitement as she thought when she heard the news that her woman had collapsed.

“I feel like I want to wake him up right away, but…”

Unfortunately, the amount of divinity I can recover per day is limited, and today’s amount had to be injected into Mariel, who was currently sprawled out in the basement of the temple.

Since he used up more than half of his strength to cover the distance that would have taken a day by carriage in just a couple of hours, we had to recover him as quickly as possible just in case.

“… But where has this bastard Kalm really gone?”

In order to fill Mariel with her magical power, I had to go downstairs, but unfortunately, it had been a long time since I had been visiting, so I had been unable to leave for a while because I could clearly see that if I left the room alone, I would inevitably get lost and end up as a child.

I wasn’t just touching Sith’s sleeping body for no reason.

“Oh, and tell the kids to stop digging. They’re not some kind of mole children…”

Although she said she borrowed the power of the sign, her wives also had the sign, so if they had jumped over the gate or the castle wall and entered, they would have definitely noticed.

However, as if he had foreseen all of this, there was a staircase leading underground beneath the Bazelan branch of the Sith Church, and surprisingly, a long tunnel had been dug underneath it that led all the way to Molingta.

Naturally, the final destination of the tunnel was the basement of the Sith Church headquarters.

I had thought that I was extremely good at digging tunnels since I was working at Petrmira, but who would have imagined that even now that I converted to the Sith Church, I would still be unable to give up that habit and still be digging tunnels.

Of course, digging a tunnel is not a crime…

‘Maybe you should at least decorate it a little.’

The problem was that it was too gloomy.

I’ve already heard that the Temple Union is openly singling out and harassing former cult members and all… They say it’s okay, but I hope they pay attention to my position as well.

‘… ‘Let’s just get out.’

I felt like I was going to get lost, but in that case I had the option of just jumping out the window, so I decided to stop moving before I wasted more time.

“See you later.”

Before leaving, I lightly kissed the cherry-like lips of the sleeping Sis one last time and stood up.

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
5th year in this world. They are still being exploited by the company.


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