Smith, a Black Company in Another World 937

Smith, a Black Company in Another World 937

Chapter 937 – Ep.935 Smith, a Black Company in Another World


“Kukkuk, you’ve had a lot of trouble~?”

“Ugh! Hey, go away… Ugh… !!”

Giselle shook off Genoa’s hand that was patting her back and quickly lowered her head, gagging again.

Not only her, but most of the wizards she had comfortably carried on her back were stumbling and lying on her floor with white faces.

“Genoa, stop bothering me and come this way.”


Genoa poked Giselle’s cheek one last time, came under the shade of the tree I was leaning against, and roughly sat down on the ground.


“Thank you.”

I lightly patted Melbourne’s butt as he handed me cool water with my only hand and quenched his throat with the bottle of water I brought him.

“Me too.”


I threw the half-left water bottle at Genoa.

‘But no matter how hard I try, it works.’

Two days after crossing the border into the Kingdom of Vittorio.

And for two days, Giselle and the magicians constantly used lightening magic on the bodies of the group members while moving, except during rest periods.

Since it is a magic that consumes magic power depending on the weight of the magic object, our party wearing light clothing rather than heavy equipment could be said to be very cost-effective.

Even in the case of Mimic cases filled with edibles, the weight was constant regardless of the contents inside.

The problem was that no matter how cost-effective it was, the distance we traveled per day was beyond common sense.

No matter how good the cost-effectiveness was, their magic power was not infinite, so there was bound to be an end, and after covering five or six city streets in a day, no matter how good the cost-effectiveness was, they ran out of magic power.

Of course, measures were taken to enable movement again through emergency magical injection during each break, so it was possible to maintain the lightweight magic until today, the second day.

In other words, Giselle, as well as her vice tower owner Tisha and the other wizards, should have fainted from exhaustion of magical power right away, but I forcibly injected magical energy into them so that they could not do so.

‘Well, it’s just a taste, but I looked at the dick and had a taste of it, so isn’t it good teacher?’

In fact, there were overwhelmingly more requests to increase the time to enter the Mimic case.

“You are truly a filial son in many ways.”

I carelessly patted the Mimic case at my feet.


While stroking the Mimic case, Genoa sticks his head through it.

“What are you doing?”



It’s okay as long as it’s cute.

I stroked Genoa’s horns and head, and Genoa immediately made a happy noise and pressed her cheek against my thigh.



A few leaves fell from above, and May, hanging upside down, stuck out her face.

She asked, gently scratching May’s chin with her free hand.

“How long until we arrive?”

“Like now, yes, hehe~ So, keep the pace and it won’t take more than half a day~”


Half a day is enough even without lightweight magic.

Instead of the wizards dying, the rest of the party was only slightly tired.

And actually, even if I was a little more tired, it didn’t really matter.

If a situation arises where you have to fight anyway, there will be no help except for Mariel.

That’s because if we, who are in hiding with the token, have to fight, the opponent will naturally be Ellis or Ravel.

‘… But isn’t it a bad idea to go home empty-handed?’

The situation wasn’t completely urgent, but I felt a little upset because I felt like my body was spinning too much.

I don’t know about other wives, but it would have been good to at least prepare a gift for Winter.

‘I ended up exchanging something that had an age limit…’

Of course, there was no problem because I was able to gift it to my second child, Shiron, who was about to be born, but I was a little worried about returning empty-handed to Gyeol-won, who was anxiously waiting for me right now.



“Here we go again. “Leave it alone, it does that sometimes.”

When I slapped my cheek with the hand that was stroking her chin and head, May, seeing her for the first time, was startled, and Genoa showed a familiar, annoyed expression.

‘Let’s come to our senses. It hasn’t even arrived yet, so I wonder why I’m so worried…’

I said, tapping my cheek a couple more times.

“We’re leaving, so let’s get things sorted out quickly.”

I didn’t have to let go of my nerves just yet, even if I wanted to taste Kernax’s breast milk tomorrow morning.


Half a day, three hours passed by in an instant.

And as time passed, the landscape changed from forest to plain.

“… “Somehow I arrived.”

Of course, there was still one more day to go to Mallingta, but I couldn’t help but feel emotional as I came into view of the familiar city walls.

[ Master. ]

“How’s the atmosphere inside?”

[It felt like war was just around the corner. ]

“It must be hard to rest.”

Originally, the plan was to rest in the city of Bazelan and then depart again at midnight. However, it is said that the atmosphere inside is unusual, so it would be difficult to rent an inn as an outsider.

“What about the temple?”

[It wasn’t destroyed, but it was empty inside. ]

“… Is it neutral?”

The reason the temple was empty was because it was close to Mallingta, so they probably moved there.

The fact that his body was in good condition could be interpreted to mean that he was not completely hostile to the clergy union.

[And the next day, I heard a rumor that a young priest who was proselytizing had been captured. ]

“Tsk tsk, missionary work in these times.”

Of course, it’s a real shame because they probably did it because they ordered it from above.

‘The statue of God is left behind, but missionary work is prevented…’ … It’s neutral, but it seems a little closer to hostile.’

If they were truly neutral, they would have been deported rather than arrested.

[But it seems that they were saying that if you become a believer, they will give you items made in the image of the saint’s holy relics, rather than simply proselytizing. So he was arrested on suspicion of being a cult member. ]


[ Master? ]

“No, just wait.”

This coming headache.

If my prediction is not wrong, the young priest mentioned by Rita just now is definitely someone I know.

“Have you ever heard of something like impressionism?”

[I heard he has purple hair and looks very gloomy. ]

Oh my god, Sis.

As soon as I heard the impression, my hands were already stroking my face.

“… Melbourne.”

“Yes. “Mr.

The woman who had been quietly standing behind her moved to stand in front of her.

“If I don’t return by the time the sun sets, take Mei and leave for Mallingta first.”

“… All right.”

“Thank you.”

She looked like she had a lot to say, but she eventually agreed.

“Master, Rita, Genoa.”

The three women who had been called by my name approached me.

“I’m sorry, but I need you to stand as an escort.”

“No matter what, I have to pay for the food.”

[ Gladly. ]

“Do you know the priest who was captured?”


The world is wide, and there may be no one who resembles him, but I can say for sure that there is only one gloomy young priest with purple hair who goes around seducing people by talking about saints and holy things.

“… “Let’s go into the city.”

I prayed to the Sith that my predictions would be wrong.


“The atmosphere is definitely different?”

“… “Let’s be quiet.”


As you may have noticed through our conversation, we have entered the city.

And that too without using stealth.

“How long are you going to leave it standing there?”

“I’ve included a message, so please wait a little longer…” !!”

It feels like about 10 minutes have passed.

Passing through her outer city gates was no great difficulty, thanks to the main island of Genoa, but to cross the threshold of her mansion, where the master of this city lived, she needed the permission of that town’s master.

So, we were now waiting in front of the inner gate for a message from the person in charge.

-Huh, oh, oh!! Rain, get out of the way!!

“I see you came?”

“… Genoa.”

“I understand, I understand.”

Leaving Genoa pouting for a moment, I raised my head and looked up at the gate.

“Whoa, whoa!!” “Where are you?”

“Hey, it’s coming over there.”

The woman, who had no special charm but was of ordinary beauty, finally looked down, out of breath.

“S-Mr. Smith!!”

And as soon as he could see my face, he opened his eyes wide and shouted my name.

“You remembered.”

“Of course! How could I forget Mr. Smith!! What are you doing?! “Don’t open the door right away!!”

-Yes, old!!

The gate, which had been tightly shut, began to creak open.

“What, did we know each other?”


When I heard about Kernax’s dispatch, I met with the owner of the territory to which this city belongs.

I don’t know his full name, but my family’s last name is very similar to Bizelin, so I never forgot it and still remember it.

Viscount Biorin.

And the woman smiling brightly at me right now is her daughter, Rania Biorin.

When I was having a mock battle with Kernax ahead of the Territory Battle, she was a woman who kept interrupting my conversation with Kernax and came in and interrupted the conversation, which is embedded in my memory as a very annoying woman.

“W-what are you doing here…” … ?”

“Let me tell you, it’s a little long.”

Rania Biorin swallows her saliva as she quickly glances at the group standing to my left and right.

‘Back then, he was acting so tactlessly.’

“I’m sorry, but I’d like to see a little of the young priest I captured a few days ago.”

“Young priest?”

“Oh, that’s…”

Whisper whisper.

“… Ah!! Yes, of course. “That’s difficult.”

Unfortunately, because her ears were so sharp, she unintentionally overheard what she was saying, but since she was in a position to ask for understanding, she decided to pretend not to hear.

“Maybe they tortured you…” …”

“Omg?! “W-How can that be possible?!”

Her answer came not from the mouth of Rania, but from the middle-aged woman who had informed her of the situation in a whisper a moment ago.

“Even if they are suspected of being heretics, how can we do anything when torturing heretics is only permitted to inquisitors?”


First of all, I felt relieved.

“This way.”

Rania personally guided us to the prison.

“You’re a typical man-crazy bitch who will destroy your family.”

“… “Did you deploy the barrier?”

“No problem.”

In response to Marie Elle’s affirmation, I also gave her a small nod.

Even though he has no intention of giving the rice cake to anyone, look at how he still can’t let go of his attachment to me and is trying to win my favor in any way possible.

‘Thank you to me, though.’

If Ardella’s younger siblings had shown the same behavior, she would have been beheaded by Ardella right away.

If it was the Ar Del I knew, she was truly a woman worth living for.

“Here we go.”

“Wait a minute, I want to go in alone.”

“Yes? Ah, yes. Please.”

Rania moved aside, and I went into the prison alone, giving a glance to the rest of her group.

Take a moment to walk down the hallway, following the lights of the magic lanterns placed at every opportunity.

I was able to spot a person’s shadow on the floor one square in front of me.

“… Ha.”

I prayed, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

“Kalm, what are you doing here…” … ?”

As I stood in front of the iron bars calling out his name, I was momentarily speechless at the completely unexpected sight.

A girl with purple hair was bowing towards us, about to fall flat on the floor.

“… Kalm?”

Did you fall asleep because you were tired from crying?

That was when I reached out my hand and tried to touch it.

… Sreuk.

Kalm, who was lying down, slowly got up.

“I see the great one.”

He made the sign of the cross, which I don’t know where he learned it from, and bowed his head towards me.

“… Who are you?”

There is no way our Kalm is such a smart kid.

There must be something else that ate the real Calm.

“Ugh!! It’s Smithy~!! Ugh!! Sniff… !!”


As soon as I had that suspicion, Kalm’s face suddenly burst into tears and he returned to the face I knew.

Just for a moment, I was sobbing and crying so bitterly.

“… Shall we continue?”

Kalm, who had stopped crying as if it were a lie, asked that question.

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

이세계 블랙기업 스미스
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
5th year in this world. They are still being exploited by the company.


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