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Pretending to Be a Girlfriend?

Pretending to Be a Girlfriend?

여친 생긴척 하라고?
Native LanguageKorean

The party members annoy me from some point on.
When I asked my brother for advice, he said:

“Tell me you have a girlfriend.”

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  1. l says:

    Cant wait to suffer another poisonous relationship from this author

  2. Videl says:

    95% drama, 4% masturbation, 1% sex. Like seriously, 139 chapters and there are only 2 sex scene. Not even the girl in the cover get a share. It’s unlikely but if you like drama and don’t really care about sex scene but still ended up in this site, maybe you will like this. As for the story, it’s decent. Not too frustrating for me who don’t really enjoy drama

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