My Innocent Older Sister. 69

My Innocent Older Sister. 69

Chapter 69 – Travel to Japan. (3)


I can’t believe you don’t exchange money, which is the most basic thing for traveling abroad.

Both of us foolishly only talked about where to go and what to eat, but we never once brought up money until this moment.

The result is that now I don’t have a single penny to spend on my trip.

“Well, can’t we still go to the hotel?”
“I don’t have the means to go to that hotel right now…”

For some reason, my sister came up with a positive idea, but unfortunately, it didn’t work.

In the worst case, you just have to go back like this.

Because I can’t sleep at the airport for 6 days.

“First of all, wifi…”

The greatest weapon modern people have, search.

It is no exaggeration to think that everything begins with search.

[Exchange money abroad without cash]

Fortunately, there were many people like me, and I was able to find a solution surprisingly easily.

If you have a card that allows overseas payments, such as Visa or Master Card, you can simply exchange money.

I already knew about the existence of Visa cards when I was in middle school because I wanted to make direct purchases overseas, so all the cards I have now are Visa cards.

All that’s left is to find an ATM.

The airport was very friendly, and fortunately there was a sign indicating where the ATM was.

“Phew… I’m glad.”
“I almost got into real trouble.”

I am thankful that technology in the world has advanced so much, and I completed the currency exchange safely with the Korean guidance sound.

The exchange rate happened to be a lot cheaper, so I was able to change more than I expected.

“Now I just need to get a transportation card and go.”

Now you have money, all that’s left is to find accommodation.

Since check-in started at 3 o’clock, I was able to go very leisurely.

“Wow… I can hear a lot of Japanese.”
“Because it’s Japan…”
“Still, it’s amazing to hear a foreign language.”

I heard a lot of Japanese, as well as English and Chinese.

Even though you can hear a lot of English and Chinese when you walk around, hearing the native Japanese pronunciation made me feel like I was really in Japan.


As soon as I got down to the platform along the road, I had no idea where to go.

This line is the same as this line, and I can’t find any stations I know.

Although I heard a lot of Korean, I couldn’t ask them because I was afraid they might be in the same situation as us.

“I don’t know where to ride.”
“Can’t I just take the train to Hineno from here?”
“…How does your sister know that?”
“Hu, hu, hu. I said I researched everything in advance.”

Normally, I would have said something about showing off, but now I was grateful for my sister’s abilities.

Even though you can’t speak Japanese, you researched this route in advance.

As expected, I had very high expectations.

Be sure to make good memories.

“I only trust my sister!”

For some reason, I boarded the train, relying on my trustworthy older sister.

It was similar to our country’s subway, but it was much more cushioned, and the seat arrangement was different like a train like KTX.

“Was it Fukushima?”
“Fukushima?! Isn’t that a dangerous place?”
“They say there is Fukushima in Osaka. Like Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do.”
“…I can trust you…?”
“I was confused for a moment! Really.”

With regret that I had trusted him for no reason, the tram departed.

I was really happy to hear Korean.

“Wow, look at the view outside.”
“The building is definitely better…”

I saw a lot of two-story houses that I only see in animations, and I saw a lot of big factories on the way to the countryside.

More than anything, it was nice to be able to sit down and walk this long distance.

[This station is Hineno. This is Hineno. The door to get off is on the left. The station you need to transfer to is… ]

“Let’s get off.”
“…Are you sure you’re getting off?”
“Why? We have to transfer at Hineno.”
“That’s true… This train is bound for Osaka. If I wait, won’t it go?”
“Did you?”
“I think so… No. I guess you’re right.”

I don’t know for sure, but I thought my sister would get upset if I said more, so I stopped.

“Uh… Ride this…”
“Sister… Where are we?”
“Um… Country? Where is the country?”

And the cost of quitting was quite high.

“Che, check in.”
“Okay! Passport?”

If I had gone as I said, I would have arrived at Fukushima at 2 o’clock without having to transfer, but I ended up arriving at 4 o’clock.

“Hey, Minu-sama?”
“802. Here is Manual.”
“Okay. Arigato Gozaimasu.”
“Arigato gozaimasu~”

After talking to the staff in poor English and all kinds of body language, I finally entered the accommodation.

“We finally arrived…”

A room big enough for two people.

There was a queen-size bed, TV, air conditioner, and air purifier, everything you needed.

It wasn’t as spacious as the hotels I’d been to before, but it didn’t feel stuffy.

“Oh, the room is nice. Right.”
“Why are you sulking again, my sister?”
“Because you were late because of me…”
“What does it matter? I didn’t have any plans today anyway.”

My sister got scared and sulked again for no reason.

It definitely arrived later than expected, but it didn’t really matter because it wasn’t in the middle of the night and it was within the margin of error.

“If you have time, take off your clothes. It was really hot.”

I had heard a lot that it was hot because it was at the lower latitude, but it was much hotter than expected, and I was sweating like water.

Now that I see it, I see my sister’s outfit with the bra fully visible.

It makes me angry to think that other people may have sneaked a peek at it.

“I’ll take a shower first.”
“Let’s do it together.”
“Yes. I don’t like sweating cold.”
“Then do it first, sister.”
“I don’t like that either. I didn’t let you do that yesterday.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t do it yesterday because I had to wake up early today.

Because if I did, I would definitely miss my flight.

“Your body is sticky too.”
“So… Let’s do it together…”
“I can’t stop you.”

In the end, we took off our clothes together and went into the bathroom.

Because the toilet and bathroom were combined into one structure, it was narrower than expected, so I had to cling to my older sister.

“Your ass is hot.”
“I guess it’s summer…”

Since my sister wasn’t the only one holding back, my dick has been erect since a while ago.

It was natural for me to touch my sister’s butt.

As I sleep and wake up repeatedly, it stays the same without dying.

Since it is in a sticky state, it is safe to put it in right away.

“Ugh… It’s cool.”

I was blown away by the cold water falling from above.

It flowed from my head to my sister’s head and onto her chest.

“Can’t you just wash up…?”

If you look closely, you are so shameless.

Although I purposely listened to everything to relieve my anger.

Actually, it was my sister’s fault.


A kiss that feels like it’s been a long time since we last kissed.

I feel like I look more innocent when I do it while taking a shower.

This older sister is cute and crazy even while taking a shower.

“Have you been holding back since yesterday?”

A foul smell that persists even after washing with water.


I pushed my older sister against the wall and started to get closer to the source of that obscene smell.

Caressing my sister’s sensitive spots while squeezing her fleshy breasts and buttocks,

As much as I endured it, I lusted after my older sister with my lips.

“Ugh, haaa…”
“Spread your legs.”
“Ugh… Huh?!”

My sister spreads her legs shyly.

I hooked one leg around my arm, placed it against the wall, and, believing that my pussy was already released, inserted it.

I said my pussy was happy and tightened it with all my strength.

“Haa… Ah, yes…!”
“Do you like it because I put my dick in it after two days?”
“Ugh… I like it…”

My sister’s relaxed face urged me to move my waist.

It was a limited action in a limited space, but it was enough to make my dick happy.

“Minwoo… A little higher…”
“Like this…?”
“Yes, there, it!”

I pressed myself a little closer to my older sister and pushed up her dick.

My sister’s body immediately flinched as she hugged me, as if she had reached where she wanted to be.

I barely held back from feeling like I was going to cum, and took my dick out.

“Turn around.”

The image of my older sister leaning against the wall.

A pussy that throbs, begging for it to be put in quickly, and an ass that also twitches.

I inserted it right away without any hesitation.


Because of my posture, I was able to fuck him much harder than before.

The sound of flesh hitting each other overcame my sister’s moans and the sound of water flowing.

“No, sister… Hold the wall properly. You nailed it properly…”
“Hey, I’m using too much strength…”
“Just be patient…”

I forcibly hold on to my sister’s body, which is slowly falling down as she loses strength. Pushed into the wall

He pressed his sister with his body and moved her waist.

The cock was wrapped in the meaty pussy and began to twitch.


I hugged my sister tightly and ejaculated just like that.

I liked the slippery feel and continued to move her waist.

Because of that, I had to ejaculate one more large lump of semen.


When I took out my dick, my sister sat down trembling.

The remaining drops of semen fell on my sister’s face.

“The smell of semen…”
“Sister, wash me.”

My older sister naturally got down on her knees and started licking my dick.

The skillful tongue play that made it safe to say that she was fucking her mouth was enough to make me cum once again.

“Jjuup… Upp…”

My older sister sucked my dick and rolled my testicles with her tongue, as if it was delicious.

Yesterday, he asked me to show him something, and I guess that was this.

If this had happened, I really don’t think I would have been able to get on the plane.

“Well, don’t you…”

Due to my sister’s unstoppable technique, I allowed my third ejaculation in just ten minutes.

I feel like my legs are going to give out now.

“It’s okay?”
“Okay now…”
“I feel like my legs are going to lose strength.”

My sister has an expression that says she is still inside.

But this is the limit of my cock for now.

Men will sympathize, but no matter how much semen they accumulate, they cannot let it all out.

But women also know that this is just the beginning.

“Can’t you bear it even a little bit?”
“…There is no such thing as a true pervert.”
“I’m not a pervert…”
“I’ll do it if you admit it.”
“…That’s right.”

After being forcibly exploited by my older sister once more.


I stretched out on the bed and fell asleep.

My Innocent Older Sister.

My Innocent Older Sister.

새침한 우리 누나.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
My older sister is a popular adult story writer. The writing skills come from me.


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