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Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse 252

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse 252

Chapter 252 – #2-45 Resentment, the Magical Girl Is Cornered (Blue Sapphire – Pleasure Replica Sex) (2)

* * *

In a room that is not very large, the clone is humiliated by monsters surrounding it on all sides.

Because they share senses with the clones, everything that each clone feels as they are humiliated… All that pleasure came rushing in without stopping, pushing the blue sapphire to the point where it became tattered.

I already felt such pleasure that I would have gone dozens of times, but I still couldn’t go to Blue Sapphire.

All because of her companion, Black Twilight.

Black Twilight, unable to control her impulses one night, broke into the warden’s room, and when she was discovered, all magical girls in the ‘facility’, including Blue Sapphire, were banned from having sex.

Similar things are probably happening in other rooms, too.

Everyone must be feeling the same, blood-curdling pain from the agony of not being able to climax…

Phew… Phew… Huh… !

Blue Sapphire, her naked body hanging in the center of her room, stood with her feet on the ground, her body shaking.
Her waist is constantly trembling, and between her legs that are held together like a cross leg, a large amount of traces of her bodily fluids remain.

Her whole body is wet with sweat, and it seems like sweet pheromones are emanating from her entire body.
Her sweat-soaked hair sticks to her face and is annoying, but now that both her arms are restrained, she has no hands to remove it… My body, immersed in this pleasure, is so annoying that I don’t even have time to pay attention to it in the first place…

There were no other people around.

Only naked copies of her that resemble her are left lying here and there as if they were neglected.
Now is a short break.

It was a time when I could barely catch my breath and come back to my senses, but it was also an even more painful time for Blue Sapphire, whose body was now on fire.

‘Ah… Go… Evil… Ugh…’

‘I want to go… I want to go, I want to go, I want to go.’

‘However… I can’t go… !!’

Rather, when pleasure comes incessantly, the voice of one’s anguish becomes a little quieter, being pushed aside by the pleasure of her body.
However, after being left alone like this, the good things were short-lived… The longer she was left alone, the louder the voice of her desire became, and now it was becoming unbearable.
I wish anyone would come and continue the humiliation… If the pleasure is cut off, it feels like something will be broken due to the overflowing desire… And my pussy feels empty… My heart feels empty… That’s because a little while ago, I was constantly being touched and penetrated…

It rattled… !

“Hey, the new product isn’t bad. It was okay.”

“They said a new brand of alcohol on Earth will be in stock this time. “I want to drink that quickly too.”

“I see. They say that once you drink Earth’s alcohol, you really can’t drink the old alcohol. I think we could just take over the entire liquor factory.”

“Isn’t it already in progress? Take control of the factory.”

The door opened, and the strange guards who had left earlier returned to the room where only Blue Sapphire and the clones remained.

This was the end of her short break.

However, the voice of anguish that had tormented her so much during her break had somehow broken some part of her.
Blue Sapphire was smiling with a distorted expression as the monster guards appeared, signaling the end of the break…

Ah, finally… At las… I could be humiliated again… Damn, you could come in… ♡

* * *

Ugh… Clothes… Oh, my…

Hehe… Urg… Kwaaaaah…

Blue Sapphire’s humiliation and harassment still continues.

A magical girl with blue braids who doesn’t know what to do, hanging motionlessly in the center of her room while simultaneously experiencing four times as much as normal through the clones.
When her request came again, she couldn’t resist and rudely apologized on the spot with her legs spread.

The urine shot out with force and fell on her floor, but even though she felt embarrassed, she couldn’t do anything about that physiological phenomenon.
Meanwhile, with the pleasure still flooding in, Blue Sapphire cried out in pleasure as she peed herself.
After a while, Blue Sapphire flinched and sagging after spewing out her urine containing a large amount of magical energy.

Her fatigue was visible in many ways, but even in that state, her body still twitched and moans escaped her mouth.
Blue Sapphire No matter how she reacts, the monsters won’t stop playing with her clone.

In the midst of her parade of pleasure that seemed to last forever, she saw someone approaching Blue Sapphire.
The human came up to Blue Sapphire’s side and gently lifted Blue Sapphire’s limp buttocks.


It was a clearly different feeling from ‘sharing the senses.’

This may be because no matter how advanced the technology is to share the senses, it cannot be said to be 100% the same as the stimulation applied to the body.

The person who directly touched Blue Sapphire’s body was the monster jailer who was in charge of one of her clones.
A soulless, blank-faced clone stands next to the monster guard, who is grinning and massaging her main body’s buttocks and stroking her pussy.
The clone has no will of its own, but it can give simple commands through a program implanted within it…

“I like the replicas, but I’m a little tired of them.”

“As expected, the main body is delicious.”

The clone clearly resembles the blue sapphire at the genetic level, and has even been improved to make it more pleasant to pick and eat.

But after all, a clone is a clone… Compared to the main body, the difference was clearly there.

This may be because Blue Sapphire is a ‘magical girl’ and has a ‘characteristic’ function unique to magical girls.

In addition to that, things like the vivid reaction of a living human being, or the efficiency of magical energy that can be absorbed when eating directly rather than indirectly… Such differences clearly existed.

When the guard who raised his hand to the main body comes out first, other guards claim their rights, saying they will do the same.

In the end, they decided on a turn and ate the body of Blue Sapphire for a set amount of time… In the meantime, they decided to wait, satisfied with the clones they were in charge of.

Float… Look… !!


A cock like a solid pillar of fire penetrated the blue sapphire vagina.

A completely different sensation from what I have experienced indirectly through ‘sensory sharing’.

I feel a special satisfaction of satisfying something deep inside me, something invisible.

The vulva engraved on the blue sapphire’s lower abdomen hums and glows faintly.

It is responding to the user’s state.

The fact that the vulva is shining is no different from a sign saying ‘I’m doing really well, so please fuck me some more’…

The monster’s cock split Blue Sapphire’s narrow pussy and reached deep inside with great ease.

And while the dick was digging in, the duplicate approached the front of the hanging blue sapphire.

A face that resembles your own. A body that resembles oneself.

The clone, which is itself, clings to the motionless Blue Sapphire… We started kissing.

At the same time, he massaged Blue Sapphire’s bulging breasts with his hands and even stimulated them by flicking her nipples.

Again, the clone can follow uncomplicated instructions through the program without any problems.

And I still share the feeling with blue sapphire…

“Ugh… ♡♡!!”

“… Right… ♡”

Blue Sapphire being kissed by the duplicate, and the duplicate kissing Blue Sapphire both moaned.

Compared to the main body, the reaction was definitely simplified, but it was clear that the clone also felt pleasure.

The senses of the duplicate are transmitted to Blue Sapphire.

And at the same time, the sense of blue sapphire is also transmitted to the clones.

The four clones do not share each other’s senses, but let’s stimulate the main body… That was also fed back to them.

Right now, the sensation of kissing Blue Sapphire’s lips, which feels like an erogenous zone like a vagina.

The sensation of teasing the breasts, which are several times more sensitive than usual, and the nipples, which feel like the clitoris.

And the feeling as if the hole was being pierced by the body of the monster guard who was in charge of him, and the deep inside his stomach was filling up…

Everything has been passed down to that clone as well… A faint smile appeared on the face of the clone, which had shown no reaction so far.

Maybe it’s because of my mood, but the momentum with which he kisses Blue Sapphire and the teasing hand that massages her breasts… It feels like it has become stronger and more intense than before.

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Crunch… Tsuuk…

Chu-up, Chu-up, Chu-up, Chu-up, Chu-up…

Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub… Little mouth… !

“… !! … !!”

A clone that shares his senses with him, and a monster guard who pierces his vagina with a heavy cock.

The blue sapphire sandwiched between the two creates a feeling of pleasure applied directly to the body… And, as expected, I trembled in agony at the pleasure and delight coming from the remaining three clones.

It feels like my whole body is burning with agony.

I feel like I’m immersed in a swamp of pleasure, unable to breathe and sinking deeper and deeper.


‘… Black…’

At the end of the gaze of the blue sapphire, which is hanging and being eaten, there is a hologram screen still floating in the air.

In the hologram screen, the black twilight that is reflected there… Even now, I am still being gently hugged by the man called the prison guard… I was leaving while being caressed by him.

No matter how much he wants to go, he can’t go… Black is going away…

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse

아포칼립스 속 마법소녀 최면공장
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
Humanity has been invaded and defeated by alien enemies.

Their over-technologized hypnotic weaponry has made the Earthlings helpless and subjugated,
Magical girls, their only hope, were processed in hypnosis factories to become their sex slaves and faithful soldiers.

There seems to be no hope for humanity.


There are still magical girls (22) who resist such evil... *This is part 4 and a sequel to "Magical Girl Succumbed to Evil".


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