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Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse 251

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse 251

Chapter 251 – #2-45 Resentment, the Magical Girl Is Cornered (Blue Sapphire – Pleasure Replica Sex) (1)

* * *

Pang pang pang pang…

Jjibooooob… !!

View… Byul… Byul… I’m crying…

While being hugged as if clinging to the jailer, he takes the jailer’s seed and his semen deep inside his stomach.

Black hugged the warden with his arms and legs and struggled in a happy climax.

Even though I told myself over and over again that I had to endure it, that I had to endure it, I still couldn’t bear it…

“Ha, it feels good. It feels good. Spraying a lot of my seed into the vagina and uterus of the sow magical girl… “It feels so fucking good, I never get tired of it.”

“First, is this enough for erectile sex in the morning? Kehehe.”

Black was in such a trance that he couldn’t even properly understand the voice of the prison guard who was hugging him from close range.

However, she still does not stop reciting words of apology and confessing that she is trash.
This is evidence that the prison warden’s brainwashing and use of him to induce thinking were successful.

However, despite this, there is still a long way to go before he reaches the level he wants.

Brainwashing is inherently delicate, delicate, delicate, and delicate.

In 『Factory』 Or 『Facility』, Hypnosis and brainwashing are completed as if they were produced using mechanical devices, but the process and results of such unromantic acts fall short of even 1/100 of what he hoped for.

‘Even so, I can’t hold on to this woman forever.’

‘Hehe… Within the next week… ‘I’ll try to complete it within three days at most.’

‘By denying everything about this sow, subordinating everything, and subjugating everything.’

‘Only for me… A toy that perfectly suits my taste… Let’s make it into a sex toy… Kehehe.’

With his fiery penis, which was still erect, the warden rolled Black’s vagina and uterus, which had just received a large amount of ejaculate, and pulled them out.

Black moaned with his eyes half-closed in pleasure, and the white fluid that had just been ejaculated flowed back and fell out of his empty vagina as his cock was pulled out.

Black’s rough expression, feeling deep happiness in the climax.

And the vagina of a female who is satisfied with climax, spitting out semen.

All of that is being filmed by drone-type cameras… To show everyone this vulgar depravity…

* * *

As the guard said, Black’s every move… During her sex, even the moments when she reached climax, all of it was broadcast and shown inside the ‘facility’.
Blue Sapphire also watched all of her colleagues, roommates, and friends.
Of course, I was feeling worried.

‘Tsk… ‘What are you doing to Black?’

‘The condition is clearly strange… As expected, I should have dragged him out and escaped last night… !’

“What are you thinking about, hey?”

“If we don’t cry straight away, we’ll become sad? It feels like I’m playing with a doll.”

Slap! Thoroughly!

Jjiboobjjiboobjjiboobop… !!

Kuuuk… Little mouth…

Buuuuut… !!


A hologram screen that relays a black image floating in the air in front of your eyes, in a position that is highly visible even if you look slightly towards it.

Blue Sapphire, who was trying to look away from her agony while looking at the screen, twisted her body and cried out due to the intense stimulation that came all at once to her body.

The place where Blue Sapphire is currently located is one of the teaching assistant classrooms located inside the ‘facility’.

In the center of this rather large training room, Blue Sapphire is restrained, as if hanging halfway, with her arms up.
Surrounding her are her four instructors and guards.
They each exposed their hard bodies and penises, and were somewhat distant from the blue sapphire hanging in the center.

Next to them… A doll imitating the appearance of blue sapphireThere are.

Although it is called a doll, to be precise, it only lacks the content (spirit), and its appearance and interior are exactly like those of Blue Sapphire.

A clone created by applying Mekrak’s homunculus technology, whose physical properties and functions all match the main body.

It is also an item that has been sufficiently improved to enhance the durability and sensitivity of the genitals, allowing for a more pleasant experience than the main body.

And the most important part is.

Each doll is connected to the main body that is currently restrained in the center of the room.The fact that we share senses and magical powerIt is.

A total of four ‘Blue Sapphire clones’ in the room and the main Blue Sapphire have the same type of ‘vulva’ engraved on their lower abdomen, and the function of this vulva is used to share magic power and senses.

In essence, sharing magical power between others is a somewhat flawed technology even with Mechraq’s technology, but perhaps because the characteristics of the clone and the main body are identical at the genetic level, they succeeded in lowering the amount of magical power outflow during sharing to less than 10%.

There are still many problems that need to be resolved, such as distance issues and costs incurred during manufacturing.

However, the warden, who recognized the usefulness of this technology, first introduced it as a pilot in this ‘facility’, allowing it to be used as part of the curriculum provided to prisoners…

A total of four clones who share magic and senses with Blue Sapphire.

Each of the strange guards is in charge of one of those clones, and they are torturing them in whatever way they want.

Someone is stroking that wet pussy, just like the main body, with a dick.

Someone is squeezing and sucking on the breast that produces milk more easily than the main body, or kneading it with their hands to squeeze out the milk.

Someone slaps the buttocks of an unresisting clone with their hands, or buries their face between the buttocks and licks the butt hole, which tastes as sweet as the main body, with their tongue.

Someone else was tormenting the clone to the fullest by attaching various sex toys and toys to her body and probing her vagina with a dildo.

Duplicates do not react as loudly as the main body.

There is no expression, and there is no light in the eyes… However, as if she is clearly feeling pleasure, her pussy is wet and her back sometimes moves as if she is about to go away.

And the reactions of those clones.

The blue sapphire located in the center of the room reflects several times more loudly, groaning ungainly, twisting its body and leaking all kinds of bodily fluids.

“Ahhh… ♡ Stop, stop… ♡♡ Hehe… Strange… It got weird♡♡… !!”

“Nope. “This is our job.”

“And even though it’s a clone, it feels fucking good. “Is there any way to stop?”

“Hi-Hi… It’s okay to break it somewhat… Since it was an experiment, I heard that it was okay to do something quite drastic… ?”

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious… Duplicant pussy, it’s delicious… !”

In response to Blue Sapphire’s plea, the guards each said a word and either ignored or ridiculed the plea.

Now, all the senses that clones feel are coming to Blue Sapphire at once.

In other words, even if you simply calculate… Fourfold pleasure is rising all at once.

The duplicants’ senses were so vivid and realistic that it was hard to believe they were being shared remotely.

Thanks to this, my consciousness melted into the pleasure, and in the torrent of helpless pleasure, my pussy flowed out love juice like a broken faucet.

But what bothered Blue Sapphire more than anything was the fact that no matter how good she felt, she could never reach her peak.

All the magical girls in the ‘facility’ except Black were banned from climaxing by the warden.

Same goes for blue sapphire.

The pattern that emerged along with the vulva on the lower abdomen means ‘restriction of climax,’ and as a result, Blue Sapphire was also unable to go at all.

The pleasure that comes from the clones is definitely not enough to reach its peak.

Clearly, each one of the clones is providing enough pleasure to reach climax, and even if you simply calculate it… During the time that should have passed once, there was a feeling of pleasure that could have passed four times.

But I can’t go.

I can’t reach the peak at all.

She felt like maybe these clones… You won’t be able to go.

Even though they also have the peak function.

Following the main body, Blue Sapphire, climax is probably also prohibited for them.

Because of the ugly main body, the clones can’t go… I almost feel sorry for that fact.

‘It’s painful, it’s painful… !’

‘I can’t go… I can’t go… Ugh… Pussy… The uterus, the brain… It feels like everything is going to melt…’

‘But even so, I can’t go at all… !!’

“?! Sigh… ♡♡!!”

A sweet, nasal moan flowed from the mouth of Blue Sapphire, who was sweating and gritting her teeth as she endured pleasure and agony.

The mysterious guard, who was testing the duplicant’s durability using various sexual tools, drove a dildo deep into the clone’s vagina… She crushed the clone’s womb.

“This guy is a specially improved model… I asked them to make my uterus especially sensitive. The uterus alone is ten times more sensitive than the main body…”

The guard deliberately explained this to Blue Sapphire, as he continued to penetrate the defenseless clone’s vagina and womb with the dildo in his hand.
With the other hand, he pushed a heavy anal bead into the clone’s butt hole and moved it back and forth together.

There are no restraints on the duplicate, but the body, which has no consciousness or will, does not resist at all… I bow down like a doll and just accept the merciless harassment by that toy.

The one that reacts is the blue sapphire.

“Uuuuu~~~♡♡ I’m going, I’m going… ♡♡ Go away… Go… ♡♡!!”

Blue Sapphire clung to him, wriggling his waist and moaning loudly.
As if to keep up with the shaking waist, the vaginal juices bounced and dripped from her pussy.

But no matter how much Blue Sapphire shouts and no matter how much she wriggles.

She still couldn’t go.

They say they will go away, but the wave of pleasure stops at a dangerous level that seems like it will reach its peak, and it only continues to give a sense of desolation, like incomplete combustion.

I can’t go.

I can’t go.

I can’t go.

‘… Block… Rack…’

In a situation where she couldn’t go at all, Blue Sapphire’s gaze fluttered around her body like a fish on land… I turn to the hologram screen in the air again.

Colleagues on screen… Black Twilight is just now leaving again.

No, no matter when I looked at that screen, black continued to peak.

It reaches its peak so easily.

It seems like Black himself is trying to hold back the climax somehow, but in reality, it lasts only 3 minutes… No, it keeps going to the point where I wonder if I can endure it for just one minute.

With a very happy face, the female is enjoying joy.

… Somehow, she even looks like she’s showing off.


As the waves of pleasure subsided slightly, Blue Sapphire stared at the black on the screen with blank eyes.

There is clearly worry and concern in that gaze. It is contained.

However… Besides that.

Clearly, slightly different emotions also seem to be burning…

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse

Magical Girl Hypnosis Factory in the Apocalypse

아포칼립스 속 마법소녀 최면공장
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
Humanity has been invaded and defeated by alien enemies.

Their over-technologized hypnotic weaponry has made the Earthlings helpless and subjugated,
Magical girls, their only hope, were processed in hypnosis factories to become their sex slaves and faithful soldiers.

There seems to be no hope for humanity.


There are still magical girls (22) who resist such evil... *This is part 4 and a sequel to "Magical Girl Succumbed to Evil".


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