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Labyrinth Story 9

Labyrinth Story 9

Chapter 9 – 009 Flood Damage

Tak tok tok.

Hwanin ran to the point where he was out of breath and quickly scanned the surroundings.

Hwanin knows very well how much stamina he has left.

Running away won’t go far. So, I have to find a place where I can take advantage of the 8 enemies before my health completely runs out…….

The right place doesn’t stand out.

‘Damn it.’

The green monsters I encountered on the second day, it would be perfect if there was something like a big rock at the place where I met them.

At least, it would have been better if there was a steep slope, a place with overgrown bushes, or a place with dense trees, but of course, the gaps between the trees are gradually widening and vacant lots are being formed here and there.

‘I heard that even dog poop can’t be used for medicine.’



Hwanin’s eyes calmed down at the high pitched sounds of the green monsters that gradually approached.

The green monster’s pursuit speed is faster than expected. Almost twice as much.

Eventually, even the sound of the green monsters running begins to be heard. The green monster’s running wasn’t this fast, so what happened?

Even the deep ditch, which normally only blocks the road, is now invisible. It is so thick that there are no trees to become obstacles or obstacles.

My breath is running up to the tip of my chin. If you run more than this, you won’t even be able to fight.

Hwanin, who stopped escaping, chose to confront the eight green monsters with his back to suitable trees and bushes.

I open the bag of numbing beads tied to my waist and pour them into my coat pocket. Then, throw emergency food into the bush and button up the front of the coat.

A slightly thick suit coat in early spring. If you include a suit jacket, vest, and dress shirt, the price is about the size of a small used car.

A kind of Gambeson, the role of quilted armor will do enough.


Holding a stone ax and a black club in each hand, Hwanin slowly inhaled oxygen through his nose and exhaled it through his mouth, calmly waiting for the green monster.

Hee hee hee.

After a while, the eight green monsters arrived and spread out in a fan shape, splitting the threads without showing any signs of exhaustion.

If they had arrived separately, they would have been able to deal with a couple of them first, but their movements are systematic and cooperative, as if they have not hunted once or twice against a strong enemy.

‘…… What is that?’

It’s so faint that I can’t tell the color difference, but I notice that the eyes of the green monsters are glowing unnaturally. I’ve killed 22 green monsters so far, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

Gyaaa Kyo-oh, kak! Kak!

A green monster, the only one of the 8, comes forward with a stick or something, pointing and shouting something.

He looks very angry, but Hwan-in doesn’t show any reaction with an expressionless face, so he finally strikes the ground with his cane and kicks it! It even made me scream.

Hwanin’s eyes narrowed.

The incomprehensible speed of the green monsters. Her eyes were so bright that you could tell they were shining even in broad daylight.

Seven of them appearing to be afraid of the one holding the staff.

If you notice it, it seems that the green monster holding the cane is the culprit of this situation.


Kiyarrr! Kyakyak!!

Hwanin glanced sideways at the green monster with a luminescent cane and the 7 surrounding it as if it were besieging it, and secretly took out two numbing marbles from his coat pocket.


Shuk – Exactly!


As I threw the pebbles I had picked up earlier and hit the forehead of the rampaging green monster, it fell backwards.

Seven gazes instantly focus on the staff green monster. At that moment, as if Hwanin had been waiting for them, he threw a numbing orb like lightning at the feet of the green monster with a bladed spear and the green monster with a cane.

Paha- Fush Shook.

Kew…… ?!


Two numbing marbles exploded, and black and red smoke spread out like a cumulus cloud, but the guy with the spear evaded the smoke with unbelievably nimble movements.

The only thing that got caught was the green monster with a cane that had fallen behind and the other one that was close to the green monster with a spear.


Three green monsters with blades rush at you like mad dogs, and the other three follow suit.

The speed of the six rushing at them was so fast that it was difficult for Hwanin to react.

If you see him running zigzag and freely braking and changing direction, it means that he is not at full speed.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Hwanin hurriedly flew over the bush behind him, while taking out one more of the remaining three paralyzing beads and throwing it towards the bush.

Key Yak!!

Dark red smoke erupted again with a pop and a sound, and three birds holding blades appeared precisely through the smoke, but their movement speed was so fast that they left the bush in an instant.

Perhaps because of that, all three of them showed no signs of being paralyzed. The other three are walking around the trees and bushes.


You can’t win without getting hurt.

Sensing this fact, Hwanin snorted strongly with excitement and threw a stone ax at the green monster holding a broken long sword.

It was Hwanin who practiced stone ax throwing during the past three days.

Thanks to this, the target hit rate reached 90% when thrown from a distance of 15m, and the hit rate decreased to 60% when the distance was increased to 30m, but increased to 90% again when the target range was widened to about 50cm in diameter.

If you catch the target with the torso of the green monster, you can hit it 9 times out of 10. And…….


Hung Hung Hung – The stone ax that flew quickly while spinning was lodged in the shoulder of the leftmost green monster holding a long sword.


10% explodes here.

The green monster with the short sword and the green monster with the spear kept their eyes fixed on Hwanin, clutching their weapons and rushing at them, even though their fellow countryman with an ax stuck in their shoulder was lying flat on their back.


And the green monster that stabs the spear as soon as it is within range.

Hwanin aimed at his spear with a level of concentration he had never done in his 26 years of life, and raised the black club diagonally and hit it.

Kkwaduk, with an unbelievable rupture sound that is the sound of trees colliding with each other, the green monster holding the spear swivels sideways along with the spearhead.

It wasn’t as strong as the speed. Only slightly stronger than a normal green monster.

Right after that, he twisted his body as much as he could, but the rusty shortsword pierced Hwanin’s side, and Hwanin changed his left hand to the black club like lightning and struck the back of the green monster’s head as it passed by.



Hwanin, who even confirmed that the green monster with the short sword fell forward, confronted the green monster with the spear that rushed at it again before he had time to catch his breath.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

The sound of the beating of the heart makes Hwanin deaf. It feels like the heat rising from the depths of his chest covers the ends of his head.

Maybe that’s why the movement of the green monster looked strangely slow.

The trajectory of the window movement.
Green monster movement.
The ugly face of a green monster with bloodshot eyes and clenched teeth like a rabbit.

Hwanin, who changed his black club with his right hand before he knew it, stepped on the side step to avoid the spear’s trajectory and at the same time stretched out his left hand and grabbed the spear rod.


The startled green monster pulled the spear as hard as he could to keep the weapon from being snatched away, but Hwanin, instead of enduring the force, threw away the black club and grabbed the spear with both hands before swinging it as hard as he could.


Feels like swinging a barbell press with a 30kg disc on one side only.

The illusion that power is concentrated in both arms and the muscles are swollen to the limit.

The action of the green monster tenaciously not letting go of the spear was rather welcomed with open arms.


The spearhead, about 2m long, was made of the same material as the black club. No worries about breaking right away. Using the green monster as a weight, rub the back of the head and swing the green monster with the spear to crash into the green monster with the short sword.

Kwa Dang Tang!


As the two tumbled together, a dull pain arose in Hwanin’s shoulder and side.

While they were grappling with three of them holding knives, two of them surrounded the tree and hit Hwanin with a club wrapped in thorns.

“You should have aimed for the head.”

With a ferocious smile, Hwanin pierced one of the stomachs with his spear, pulled out the spear, and at the same time blocked another green monster from attacking again with the spear.


I kicked as hard as I could with a front kick.

Then he turned around, covered in blood, and clutching the broken longsword in his left hand, stabbed the approaching green monster in the arm, neck, and belly one after another.

Although it was a green monster that evaded the attack aimed at the arm and neck with quick movements. I couldn’t dodge the last attack, so I extinguished it – I groaned and grabbed my stabbed stomach.

Hwanin, who killed him by slitting his throat, smiled with his eyes shining fiercely.


I never thought the bayonet technique I learned in the army would be so helpful.

Kihik?! Kyaaak! Kyaha!
Get stuck! Hey hey!

The green monster who lost the spear and the green monster who missed the short sword, perhaps due to a poor collision position, struggled while entangled together, then struggled as if in a seizure at the sight of the approaching Hwanin.

The eyes of the two, which had been dimly shining just a moment ago, had already returned to their original state. It moves at the same speed as other green monsters.

Hook, hook.

This sense that mercilessly takes away life that cannot resist.

This feeling of metal sticking through soft flesh.

It was when Hwanin, who had been breathing heavily from the rising excitement, was left alone and took a step towards the last one that trembled without being able to do this or that.


Caught in the shapeless explosion, Hwanin was thrown to the ground like a piece of luggage.


My ears are buzzing and the world spins round and round.

It is a bonus that all the bones of the body and the joints of the right half of the body throb.

“Keugh…… !”

What happened?

Hwanin, who was swaying and raising his body, unconsciously looked towards the bush, and he could see a green monster whose face was red enough to be called a red monster, not a green one.

A green monster with veins all over his face pointed a staff at him.

Goo Go Gya…… Crack!

Sensing that the green monster’s high-pitched sound and the tip of the staff glowing once, Hwanin rolled his body without hesitation.



Invisible…… Something whitish flew in and blew the place where Hwanin had been before.

The vibration of the explosion that exploded at close range felt the pain of breaking away from the bones, but Hwanin rolled his body again without a chance to catch his breath.


However, it was faster for the short sword to cut Hwanin’s thigh. The last one that picked up the dead green monster’s shortsword attacked Hwanin.

A burning pain runs through his thigh. However, the pain became a consolation and awakened Hwanin’s spirit in an instant.

If you stay like this, you will die.

Fortunately, the right hand had not let go of the spear. Hwanin jumped up and threw a spear into the neck of the green monster who was about to wield the shortsword again.

Kroek…… !

Although he misses a bit, there is no way he would survive having 1/3 of his neck cut off.

Until just a moment ago, his body was unable to move due to the creaking pain, and he was at a loss as to where he got this strength from, but Hwanin immediately threw himself at the green monster holding a cane.


What was absurd was the green monster with the staff.

Spiritual Explosion is a force that, when properly hit, makes even the occupiers of the Gray Forest stagger. But that skinny bastard moved like nothing happened even after being beaten straight up.

The green monster, which tried to shoot a spiritual explosion at Hwanin again, was taken aback when he realized that his staff was empty.

And he regretted that he had touched a monster that he should not have touched when he saw Hwanin who approached him in an instant.

Although they had cornered them, seeing them fight one-on-one with the occupiers of the gray forest and defeat them, they were fooled by their grotesque, skinny appearance.

I don’t want to die.

Those were the last words the green monster uttered.

“Huh, huh. Heo-eok……. Huh.”

Hwanin, who even killed a green monster with a cane by cutting off its head, thought he would die from the bottom of his heart.

Every time my heart beats, the bones and joints on the right side of my body throb. The thighs cut by the shortsword hurt as if pricked with needles, and felt hot as if burned.

The pain in the shoulder and side from being hit by the thorn club is also unusual.

It’s just that the speed has increased by about 2 times, but I can’t see this much damage. It seems like everything I’ve been careful about for the past 6 days has gone to waste, so I laugh out loud.


Suddenly, with a strange feeling, I looked around and counted the corpses of the green monster, and there were only seven.

Hwanin, remembering that there was still one left after being hit by the paralyzing orb, passed by the bush. Then, as if the effect of the numbing beads had worn off, one of them came into sight.



When the spear was stabbed at the part where the heart was supposed to be, the green monster collapsed with a groan and stopped breathing.

Hwanin, who was sitting down next to him, frowned in pain and took off his suit coat and suit jacket to examine his side and shoulders.


It was just a bruise.

There were holes in the suit coat and suit jacket, but the thorns barely penetrated the vest.

The reason I felt this unusual pain was…… It must have been because he was caught up in something like an air explosion and forcibly stimulated the bruises he had suffered first.

Anyway, if his bones were broken or cracked, the spot would have been swollen, but since he was fine, this pain felt all over his body would be a bruise.

Bruises aren’t such a big deal. If you rest, you will recover.

The problem is the cut on the thigh.

Fortunately, I only cut half a finger. It is fortunate that the fabric of the suit pants was tough, so he only suffered about 1/3 of the damage he was supposed to have.

After thinking for a moment, Hwanin got up and limped around among the corpses of the green monster to find the shortsword.

“…… Damn it.”

The shortsword I found was covered in rust and was very dirty with dark bloody scabs and was dripping with unknown oil.

Hwanin let out a deep sigh and heated his multi-tool knife by lighting a fire with his face hardened.

I wouldn’t do this if I had antibiotics.

Cauterization is a last resort to prevent tetanus and other infections in the absence of antibiotics or anything.

However, burnt wounds cause tissue damage and create a more vulnerable environment for germs.

“This damn forest always makes you choose between the worst and the lesser evil.”

Take off your clothes and cut off the hem of your clean running shirt to make a long bandage. Then, Hwanin put his coat together and took a deep breath while holding the red-hot knife.

Chi Ik-

“Turn it off…… !!”

An indescribable terrible pain.

He is a phantom with bloodshot eyes and forehead and presses the heated knife more and more strongly into the wound.

10 seconds passed like 10 minutes. After removing the knife from the wound, Hwanin covered the wound with a bandage cut from a running shirt while sweating like rain.

Now all that remains is to pray that no complications will come.

“Whoop, whoop.”

He snorts violently and pulls out a package of corona berries from the inside pocket of his coat.

I wondered if all the fruits would have been crushed because I was caught in an air explosion and rolled on the ground a few times, but fortunately only a few did, and the rest are fine.

Still, I’ll have to wash the fruit by the lake. As the juice dries, it may invite or damage insects…….

Hwanin, who ate only the crushed ones and replenished his moisture, closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh as he felt his lower eyelids puffy.

What was the identity of the green monster holding a cane?

If we put it into a novel, it would be reasonable to see him as a wizard.


You’d be right in saying there aren’t many green monsters with wands. Considering the level of things they were carrying around like escorts, there wouldn’t be many of them.

When I think about encountering them…… The green monsters were chasing the gray monster, and he must have been an uninvited guest.

Hwanin sighed again and raised his head to see the roof of leaves formed high up there.

The blue sky catches my eye, and I hear the chirping of birds along with the slight sound of the wind. It is a very peaceful atmosphere.

I just want to lie down and take a nap, but I use the spear as a staff to get up. Even if you rest, you should rest in a safe place.

Hwanin, who had raised his body half way up, staggered from sudden dizziness and stumbled onto his cane.


“Keugh…… !?”

He lost consciousness as if his brain was being ripped apart and the pain was like an erection.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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