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Labyrinth Story 8

Labyrinth Story 8

Chapter 8 – 008 Flood Damage

Hwanin, who had spent the night in the hideout, left the hideout and headed for the Great Lake as soon as the surroundings became brighter.

Of course, after hiding the entrance to the lair well with branches and bushes. I found a shore-like lakeside about two hours away, so I’m going to use it as a base for a while.

‘But I don’t understand.’

It is a great lake where you can get food even if you move a little. And yesterday I was very hungry, so I stayed there for over 3 hours.

They made a fire and cooked food. If there were monsters nearby, they would have smelled them and come to us…….

‘None of them showed up.’

There was also emergency food, and if a monster had appeared, I would have known for sure, but it is strangely disturbing that not a single one has appeared.

There is no doubt that monsters inhabit the lake as well.

But the reason I didn’t get attacked could be because the lake was as wide as the sea and didn’t notice me yesterday…….

‘There’s a possibility that it’s poisonous, so it’s out of interest.’

But my condition is the same as yesterday. No, perhaps because I ate seafood, my energy was replenished and my condition was better than yesterday.


Also cares

Eat star clams and jade crabs only when you are really hungry and can’t stand it.

Assuming this and that situation and deciding on a course of action, Hwanin took a slightly different route to the Great Lakes than yesterday, and luckily found a corona berry thicket with many fruits.

There are 21 ripe fruits that no one has touched.

Six corona berries the size of a 500 won coin can stave off hunger, so if you don’t consider the decrease in physical strength, it’s the amount you can use for a day’s worth of food.

Quack. Quack. Quite good. Quite a bit. Cackle.

“…… !”

Hwanin, who was also taking unripe corona berries to eat for emergency food, heard the first stage of the emergency food alarm that suddenly started and stopped the alarm by grabbing the beak with his hand.


Silently, holding the black club tied to his waist, he lowered his body and held his breath.

The noise died away and silence fell over the jungle. Hwanin doesn’t even breathe and opens his ears to explore the surroundings.

The corona fruit bush is a parasitic tree that grows mainly on trees. Glad you don’t have to worry about just across the bush…….

Rustle. Puseok.

…… Just when I thought, I heard the bushes swaying about 30 meters to the side and rear.

Hwan-in, who immediately hid behind a tree with a parasitic corona berry bush, took out his smartphone with the screen off and pointed it at the swaying bush.

When I adjusted the angle, the bushes began to be reflected on the black LCD screen, and after waiting for a while, the bushes swayed violently, and the monster I had never seen before walked out through the bushes with a choked moan.
After that…….

But the condition is not good. If you look closely, the muscles look soft like balloons, and blood is flowing non-stop from cut wounds all over the body.

Most of all, as if she was very tired, her stretched shoulders were lifting and breathing heavily, and even her gait was staggering.

‘Did he fight another monster?’

She waited to see if there were any more of her kind, but she did not emerge from the bush.

Looking more at her wounds, the general situation comes to mind.

She had a 3-line, 1-line and a wound, scratch-like scars, and bite marks on her left leg.

In particular, the scars with round holes at regular intervals are familiar to the eyes.

‘The teeth of a beast-headed monster. There are also wounds that seem to have been inflicted by a green monster with something sharp. Are you being chased by them?’


A gray monster approaches the tree where Hwan-in is hiding, seemingly discovering a corona berry thicket.

Hwanin, who was examining the monster’s condition and deciding whether to fight or give up, switched from a black club to a stone axe and held an emergency food bag in his left hand.

Well, there might be good monsters in the forest, but Hwanin’s intuition spoke.

That monster is a cannibal.

‘5…… 4…… 3…….’

Just after counting down from 10, Hwanin puts his smartphone in his pants pocket and thinks of the steps of the gray monster.

He stretched out his arm and threw emergency rations to the left of the gray monster.


After that?

At the cry of emergency rations flying in a parabolic line, a gray monster turns around. Then, with a little more intense breathing, the moment he stepped forward with his arms outstretched toward the emergency rations.



The pain in his back caused the gray monster to arch his back and let out a savage scream.


Hearing the loud screams, Hwanin let out a gasp.

The moment the gray monster showed its back, he approached like an assassin and cut the gray monster’s spine with a stone axe.

Surprised that his bones were intact even though he shot with both hands without controlling his strength, even though his fingers were three inches deep, he pulled out his stone ax and tried to avoid it.


The stone ax cannot be pulled out as if it is caught in the muscles.

It was Hwan-in who changed his strategy for a short time and tried to hit the stone axe’s head with a black club…….


With a roar of anger, the gray monster sensed that it was about to turn and jumped backwards without hesitation, and within seconds, the gray monster’s rocky fist passed Hwanin.

Hwanin felt a thrill of excitement at the sound of Huung-fisting and raised one corner of his mouth.

A gray monster with the same height as himself, but twice the width.

I don’t know, but if I get caught by that hand or even hit by one, I’ll have to give up my survival.

Hwanin puts a terrifying smile on his lips despite the situation that would have frightened a normal person.


The spirit of the gray monster charging with its arms wide open with its eyes red enough to bleed from its eyes merged with the hellish face to create an indescribable atmosphere.

However, Kibaek was a Hwanin who did not care. The only thing that matters is to deal with the enemy in front of you.

Hwan-in analyzes the gray monster’s movements while avoiding the arms of the gray monster that is trying to tear him apart.

The joints are not soft because of the muscles. Huiing – The type that leaves everything to uncontrollable power when he sees his body being dragged by his arms swinging along with the sound of the wind.

Its movement is also linear, so it is not difficult to avoid if you concentrate.

Of course, it could be because of anger, but…….


The gray monster slammed the ground several times with its fist, feeling extreme annoyance and anger at Hwanin, who avoided it like a rat.

Then, as she lowered her upper body, she supported her with her fists and fixed her lifeless gaze on Hwanin.

“…… !”

The gray monster’s limbs, which have changed to quadrupedal walking, are bent in slow motion to Hwanin’s eyes.

That would make it much faster and more stable than when walking on two legs.

Considering the arm’s reach, it would be difficult to avoid.

Hwanin quickly untied the wooden shield’s arm knot and watched the gray monster’s limbs move.

The upper body bends slightly and then straightens out…… Now!

At the timing of the gray monster’s charge, Hwanin throws a wooden shield into his face and launches himself to the left.

The gray monster, hit in the face by the flying shield at the moment it bounced like a spring, let out a roar of annoyance and stopped charging, nervously rubbing the area hit by the shield.

The tingling of something in the eye stimulates the rage of the gray monster.


If translated, it would be something like ‘this rat-like bastard!!!’. The enraged gray monster looked for the illusion with bloodshot eyes-



There was a shock to his back, but it didn’t hurt.

A tingling sensation that started in the back all the way down to the buttocks, just a strange feeling of power loss.

Hwan-in, who hindered the view, came back and hit the stone ax head with all his might, and smiled as he saw the gray monster’s legs shaking like a fawn.

It worked.



Hwanin, who grabbed the stone ax with both hands and pulled it out with the recoil of the kick, took a shot at the shoulder of the gray monster who twisted his body and swung his elbow again.

It doesn’t stop there, but bangs and bangs the elbow itself.


Every time the ax was struck, a large amount of blood splattered and bones began to be exposed in an instant.

As if the artery had been cut, red blood spurted out like a sprinkler, making a fuss-shot sound.

Hwanin doesn’t stop and uses a stone ax to cut his left hamstring and even his right hamstring, completely incapacitating his legs.

Then, the floundering right arm also slams down like chopping firewood.

Knock, bang! Bang!!

“You’re so damn strong!”


I’m going to have a good time-!!

Hwan-in, who smashed the gray monster’s limbs after cutting off the arm bones after several blows with an axe, switched to a black club and returned to the monster’s head, which wriggled like a worm, breathing heavily.


“Even in this situation, do you not lose your fighting spirit?”

Hwanin struck the black club without hesitation at the sight of the gray monster screaming while raising its wobbly arms.


A green monster or a beast-headed monster would have shattered his skull. The gray monster, however, is quite unharmed, with only his face slammed into the ground.

Kreol – Hwanin struck the gray monster’s head again as it raised its head slowly while making a strange noise.

Knock, cluck! Knock! Knock! Bang!!

Simplicity and honesty.

It was only after hitting it six times that the gray monster’s larynx collapsed with a trembling sound and stopped moving.

“Hu-wook, Heo-eok. Huh Eok. Nice…… Whoop whoophaha.”

Hwanin burst into laughter at the sight of a gray monster whose head was smashed to death with its limbs covered in blood.

The excitement of battle has long since been washed clean.

Thanks to the surprise, the battle was one-sided.

The gray monster ran amok despite the wound, but the body was honest with the pain. As he moved, he shuddered and stopped in pain, and after several attacks he even gasped as if exhausted.

Despite this, I had a hard time killing the gray monster.

Even though I mercilessly hit the head with a black club, which was no different from a vital point, I had to hit it six times. The arm bones were also broken only after being struck down several times with a stone axe.

I haven’t experienced it, but the power radiating from the body must be close to supernatural power.

It is strong, durable, and has a high fighting spirit. It is on a different level from the green monsters and beast-headed monsters that are hardened or frightened by the death of their own kind.

Considering the momentary acceleration of the charge just now, and the running speed of Earth’s gorillas, it would be impossible to run away from this gray monster.

When I imagined walking around with these monsters and encountering them, I was a fantastic person who felt relieved.



Hwanin, who had stopped thinking, trudged to retrieve the emergency rations that blinded him.

The wooden shield that was thrown was thrown away by the gray monster’s nervous gesture, and the skeleton shook and creaked.

Grabbing the edge of the wooden shield and shaking it, the branch holding the shaft of the shield fell down, and finally the shield itself was shattered.

It is a wooden shield that has been fought over dozens of battles in 5 days. It must have been a miracle that he was fine until now.

“I’ll have to make a new one.”

Hwanin, who was thinking of making a new one because it was a great help for an impromptu creation, was about to head to the Great Lake, feeling chills running down his spine and looking back.

The forest where Hwanin’s gaze reached, the place where the gray monster appeared suddenly becomes noisy.

Kick? Kyakyam. Kyakyakyakyakya.
Hey hey.

Eight giggling green monsters stepped out of the bushes.


It was different from the green monsters up to this point. Unlike other green monsters that covered only the lower half of the body, it was dressed in leather with a layer of wood, and it was holding a wooden shield that was no different from the one made by Hwanin.

More than anything.

‘It’s me.’

Three of the eight were carrying rusty blades.

Broken rusty longsword. A (rusty) shortsword with severe scratches, as if scratched with a stone. A spear made by tying something like a rusty dagger to the end of a wooden stick.

Even the green monster with no blades wields a dingy stick or club.

“Is it an elite greenskin?”

He muttered as if confirming the appearance of the well-armed green monsters.

It’s a bad situation.

He lost his shield and consumed his stamina while fighting the gray monster a while ago. His breathing is still rough, and his heart is beating finely due to the aftereffects of the intense movement.

Not only are you well-armed for this situation, but you’re fighting 8 green monsters that are grinning at you without rushing into them?

I’m sorry!!

Hwanin realized the moment he saw the green monsters sneeringly jumping up and down.

“I watched you fight the gray monster.”

Kiki Kiki.

As if the answer was correct, a laugh that was darker than the other green monsters came from behind them. At the sound, the green monsters that had come forward moved left and right.

From there, a green monster wielding a grotesquely twisted wooden staff about 1.5m tall strutted out in a figure-eight stride.

Gyu Gyaa~! Kerruk! Kyagya gyya gyak!

A wand green monster that makes nonsensical movements with its wand, shaking its shoulders up and down and stamping its feet on the ground.


Unusually, a very faint aura shimmered around the body of the green monster holding a staff.

You can’t even see it if you don’t look closely, but when you witness it, chills run down your back and neck.

Chicken meat rises with an eerie feeling.

Hwanin felt more threatened than the gray monster by the green monster holding a cane, wearing leather like a robe and even a crude leather hat on its head.

If you throw emergency food as bait…… It doesn’t make any sense.

Should I use that

…… No, it’s too spread out. You must throw at least 3 of them to have an effect.

Hwanin, who silently watched as the green monster holding a cane made an incomprehensible sound like kieek, kikik, kukyai, made up his mind.

I grabbed a stone ax and a black club in each of my hands, gripping it tightly enough to make a sound.

The level of equipment is outstanding, but after all, it is a green monster. There is a difference in leg length, and the weight of the equipment will prevent you from gaining speed.

The cane green monster with its arms outstretched and in a ridiculous form was obviously unguarded.



As soon as he made a big move to ambush the green monster with a clear smile on his face, not only the green monster with a cane that came forward, but also the seven monsters behind him shrank in obvious fright.

…… Kiek!?

The green monsters stupidly blinked their eyes at what happened next.

If Hwanin had attacked as it was, the green monsters would have also counterattacked according to their past experiences. And Hwanin must have been on the defensive in an instant.


To the height?
…… Kirr?
Kech, Kek?

Wasn’t that an attack?
Why are you running away?

As soon as he realized that the threat had worked, Hwan-in disappeared between the bushes in an instant.

If the green monster’s intelligence had fallen just a little bit, it would have immediately chased after the Hwanin who ran away according to its instincts.

However, due to their mediocre intelligence, the green monsters couldn’t do anything like this and showed stupid behavior.

Kiyaaaaa-! Kag gug!!

It fueled the fury of the green monster with the staff.

Fak Fak!


Seeing the green monster slamming the ground with a cane and screaming angrily, the rest started chasing after Hwanin as if being chased by bees.


The green monster, which hurriedly sent its foolish and foolish kinsmen away, clutched its staff with both hands and gnashed its teeth.

How dare you, how dare you scare me! No, I’m not scared, but anyway!


Although the green monster’s intelligence did not accurately understand the feelings of shame and insult, the green monster, who was revered as a special and exceptional existence among the green monster’s crowd, hid the fact that it was frightened by the threat of the Hwanin with anger to the point of blushing.

Turn off…….

The green monster, shivering with rage, raised its wand aloft and slowly began making circles in the air with it.

The eccentric who offended me will pay a cruel price.

Geugyooh- Gyaugyaa- Gigee-

As strange sounds flow from the green monster’s mouth at a constant tempo, whitish light begins to gather near the staff.

A light that only one of his own people can see. A special light that gives multiple powers!

Eight glimmers of light converged on the wand, and the green monster threw one of them over itself.

His body trembled as if he were breeding with a female. My body becomes as light as a feather.

…… Kihee-

The green monster with an evil smile on its mouth began to run in the direction where Hwanin had disappeared, carrying a staff with seven lights on its side.

Its speed was twice as fast as that of its predecessors.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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