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Labyrinth Story 19

Labyrinth Story 19

Chapter 19 – 019 Flood – River


A seagull-like creature the size of a fighter jet passed near the cliffs on the shore of the Great Lake with its wings spread out, which seemed to be 12 meters long on each side.



Hwanin swallowed asheheard how fast the speed was, followed by a noise like a passing fighter.

Have I underestimated the bird’s eyesight too much? No way, it recognized itself from a distance where it could only be seen as a dot and flew away.

At first, it was just a matter of moving the location. However, it took less than a minute for that thought to change, and the dots that were mere dots gradually grew in size and finally began to fly near the cliff as if in an armed demonstration.



Seeing the giant seagull monster passing by again, it falls off the cliff some more. Now, even though it is far away from being near the cliff, it feels like my body vibrates with the noise whenever a giant seagull monster passes by.

At first, emergency food was called in, but it wasn’t. It was probably because of the anger that his own people had been kidnapped, but it wasn’t that either.

If that was the case, the emergency food would have left anyway.

However, the emergency food was attached to Hwanin’s shoulder even though he was excited.

As he walked, Hwanin pondered.

‘It is unreasonable to go to the river if it is captured as a target like this. You will be hunted as soon as you leave the forest…….’

That doesn’t mean it’s safe here.

Because of its size, it may not be able to enter the forest, but it is a world where green monsters command spirits and lizard people use invisibility.

Wouldn’t it be strange if he flew like that and suddenly fired a feather missile?

Quack. Quite good.

“Be quite.”

Hwanin, who touched the beak of the emergency rations as if excited and squawked, caught the sight of the seagull monster passing by again leaving behind a hole in the air and a ripping sound.

They were often seen flying at an angle, so I was able to grasp their color and shape in detail, but except for their size, they looked very similar to seagulls.

The back and upper part of the wings are blue like the sea. The belly and the underside of the wings were white like clouds, but that color distribution meant one thing.

It is a protective color or camouflage color to protect the body from natural enemies.

It was an illusion that was not well understood.

It’s that big, it can get that speed, its two yellow legs are the size of a small tree trunk, and its sharp beak is such a weapon that even a brown bear can easily tear it apart.

But you need camouflage?



Continuing his thoughts, Hwanin witnessed a seagull monster flying straight towards him through the tall, thick trees, and ran into the forest in fright.

Quagmire! Kwakwagwang, Kwagwagwang! Kwajijik-!

And the sound of the forest breaking, the shaking of the ground.

Hwanin gritted it.

You rush so ignorantly! Was the word bird head a science?!

Kirururook-! Kiruruk-!!

Kwakwawang! Kugoong, kuwagwang!

A seagull monster, crashing into the forest and smashing dozens of trees, struggles with a loud cry.

Every time its nimble wings like kukri swing, the sound of trees breaking and the ground exploding reverberates in succession, making the forest noisy, but Hwan-in stops for a moment and is surprised at the appearance of the seagull monster that can no longer enter because it is crushed by a fallen and half-broken tree. Swept away

It is a dense jungle with trees of various thicknesses ranging from 4m to 15m in diameter.

No matter how monstrous it is, it will not be able to dig into this jungle any longer with its size.

Kirururu-! Squeak!

Hwanin calmly stared at the giant seagull monster struggling under the numerous smashed and broken trees, and continued to move away from the Great Lake.

It is a monster that is not damaged and not even a single feather is damaged even when it is covered by a tree and emits light.

I wonder what kind of necromantic effect the spirit of such a monster has, but no matter how much I think about it, attacking a monster like that is an act of suicide.

‘I’ll have to cross the river one way or another…’ … Should I just take this opportunity to go down the river?’

Thinking that it wouldn’t be bad to calmly draw up a map of the area, Hwanin hurriedly realized that the surroundings were strangely quiet.

Is this the feeling of tension as if being targeted by a predator?

Hwanin, who looked around with his heart pounding and the feeling of being imprisoned.


“…… !!”

I almost sat down clutching his chest.

An unidentified roar heard near a rock the size of a house. It was because the sound of her heart pounding and chills running down her spine, making cold sweat run down her back, came from close by.

It was the moment when Hwanin, who let out a soundless scream, was about to run in the opposite direction of the sound.


The moment he turned around, Hwanin’s legs froze like pieces of wood at the sight of the monster that covered his entire vision.

When it appeared, a large beast engulfed in blue flames breathed in flames near Hwanin.

Huung – The wind embracing the heat blows past Hwanin, making his hair and the hem of his clothes flutter.

Hwanin was at a loss for words at the appearance of a huge white cat and beast as big as an elephant.

A golden stripe on the flowing white long hair.

The long-grown molars are several times longer than those of a saber-toothed tiger. The four legs and shoulders, which are as small as small wooden poles, entwine like a whirlwind of blue flames and sway wildly.

The monster, who seemed to be able to loosen his knees just by looking at it, stared at Hwanin in front of him for a moment, then raised his head.



Disappeared suddenly

Hwanin, who had been knocked back for a long time by the roar and shockwave that sounded as if a wall had been shattered, held back his dizziness and looked up.




Cucumber and light! Kwakwagwang, coo-gu-gu-gu-gu…… !!

I could see a bloody battle between a seagull the size of a fighter and a monster the size of an elephant.

When the blue flame tiger swung its front paws, trees several meters thick shattered with a roar.

Every time the seagull monster swings its wings, the blade-like wind cuts the tree into small pieces like it was cut into cubes.

Literally a monster battle.

When the two of them rolled together, the beautiful giant tree broke like a can of sorghum, and with each miss, a tree the size of an oak tree burst and shattered to pieces.


At that time, the emergency food didn’t run away, and as if asking what he was doing, he pecked at Hwanin’s crown and flew up.

Hwanin, who suddenly came to his senses from the pain, left the two monsters behind and began to sprint away from the spot.

Kirwalara-…… !!

Rorororo…… !!

Koo-Goo-Gung, Doo-Dung, Koo-Gwa-Gwa-Gwa…….

As they got farther away, the roar and roar of the two monsters gradually became smaller, but Hwanin was not relieved.

Hwanin, biting his lip, ran until his lungs were ripped while receiving the low-quality decree effect of the beast-headed monster.

“Hoo-wook. Hoo-wook.”

The surrounding trees, bushes, and bushes approached in an instant and then quickly passed by.

Hwan-in, who was running with all his might in a strange feeling that his body did not belong to himself, saw a body scattered not too far from his path, and stopped running with his eyes wide open.

A pair of huge, pointed crown-like antlers.

A six-legged creature with a mysterious green appearance that looks like a mixture of a deer and a horse.

Seeing a creature as gigantic as a giraffe dead with its belly torn apart and more than half of its neck torn off, he naturally recalled the spirit of an animal that had appeared in front of him a while ago.

“I hope this is…….”

Is it the front yard of the blue flame tiger?

At that time, Hwanin’s gaze was fixed on the trunk of a tree.

‘Those toenail marks…… !’


One memory comes to mind. The first night after falling into the jungle, the bright yellow eyeballs I saw in the pits of tree roots.

An equally huge claw mark that had been carved into a huge wooden pole as if marking the territory.

And the roar of an unidentified beast heard near a rock the size of a house.

The eyeballs I saw then were bright yellow. But the blue flame tiger’s eyes shone blue as if it were emitting bluish-white flames.

But the roar of the beast I heard near the house-sized rock and the roar of that blue flame tiger were the same.

Then I…… Was the blue flame tiger different from the beast then?

You mean how many of them look like that in the jungle?

The more you dig into the question, the bigger the question grows.

The speed of that blue flame tiger just now was so fast that he couldn’t see it.

If it’s enough to cause a sonic boom, it’s speed enough to cover hundreds of meters in just a few seconds.

Then, if the blue flame tiger had made up his mind, he would have hunted it too, to the point where it would be shameful that he had sacrificed a green monster at that time, so why did he let it go?

Because someone like me can easily be trampled on even after time passes?

It is said that if you are too surprised, you become calmer, and your thoughts, which were tangled in confusion, subside calmly, and your breathing, which quickly became rough due to tension and excitement, stabilizes.

Hwan-in, who left the deer’s corpse behind and started running again, calmed down and thought that the situation might not be so bad.

That’s how it turned out.

The number of green monsters or animal-headed monsters that I encountered while wandering around this area reached about 40.

Had the blue flame tiger’s territorial consciousness been firm, no life except for small animals would have existed in this area.

Above all, didn’t the blue flame tiger ignore himself and attack the seagull monster?

It is more persuasive to assume that the horse deer monster died after challenging the blue flame tiger and losing.

If not…….

‘Has this area become the territory of the blue flame tiger?’

If the blue flame tiger killed the deer on the day he saw the spirit of the deer and took over this place as his territory, all this would be explained.

And rather than the theory that the blue flame tiger has a weak concept of territory, the hypothesis that it newly secured a territory is more valid.

How can life be so twisted?

Recognizing his situation anew, Hwanin twisted his lips into a sneer and found a tall tree with yellow fruits in front of him and his eyes lit up.

As expected, the two-tailed monkeys poked their heads out from the top of a tree far away, looking at us.

I sent a signal to the emergency rations flying far ahead by blowing a whistle.


“Emergency food, grab ‘that’!”

… Kkoaek!!

Instantly understanding what Hwanin said while pointing a finger at the two-tailed monkeys, the emergency rations launched an almost perpendicular upward flight and attacked the two-tailed monkeys gathered on the branch.

Hey hey!

Two-tailed macaques run away like swarms of cockroaches infesting their nests.

Hwanin shouted at the emergency food grabbing the nape and arm of one of them.

“Forward ‘throw’!”

Pretty much!


Then run towards the falling two-tailed monkey and catch it in the air.


He continued to run without slowing down, turning the monkey’s neck 180 degrees and killing it.

For about 20 seconds, while running with the monkey’s corpse on its side, a whitish soul comes out of the dead monkey’s body with its tongue pulled out.

Hwanin immediately took the soul and put it on his body.

“Whoa…… !”

When the program is done, the heart pumps quickly and accelerates the blood flow, so the legs move even faster, and the running speed also feels several times faster.

‘The monkey corpse…….’

My intuition, which I had naturally cultivated in my life, was sending me a warning. It means that if you throw it away, something big is going to happen.

Intuition sends warnings like this only a few times a year, and if you ignore those few times, something bad has happened.

Fall down and break a bone, the stock you sold soars, or the coin you bought crashes.

It’s a bit difficult to run, but thanks to the Necromancy effect, it’s not burdensome, so I put it roughly in the beast-skin bag slung over my shoulder, and I put more strength into my legs to kick the ground.

At the same time, the knowledge of climbing a tree came into my head, and my gaze naturally looked over my head, but the tree branch path made 20 meters above the sky could not handle the weight of a hwanin, even if it was a two-tailed monkey.



Then, I witnessed a confrontation between four beast-headed monsters and three green monsters.

It was too late to dodge. Going back would be a waste of even more time.

Thinking that it would be like recreating the situation in his head, Hwanin slowed down a bit and rushed between the two groups.


I’m sorry! Arr!
Month by month!!

Against the seven monsters that were startled and wary, he swung and stabbed his spear like lightning, killing four and knocking down three with just seven attacks.

Kick, kick, kick…….

‘It’s said that the two-tailed monkey has the necromantic effect, but it’s so easy to kill.’

It happened in just a few breaths, and moreover, it was done with only one hand, so the feeling of the body change is extreme.

Three of them fell down, but they were clutching their chests, stomachs, and legs, so they were afraid of being chased and tried to run again…….

Oooooh…… !!!

Along with a terrifying roar, a large amount of air waves surged like a tidal wave and swept over the body.

Trees, bushes, and bushes caught in the air waves shrieked and swayed.

Pusssss… !

Wake up!

Like monsters screaming and having seizures, Hwanin felt his heart sink and his legs stiffened like pieces of wood.

To make matters worse, the code of conduct has been released, perhaps because of the psychological shock.

I clenched my teeth and forcibly started to move my legs.

However, the current situation was not friendly to Hwanin.

The moment he felt that a bolt of lightning had passed over his head, a tremendous gale blew up, and when Hwanin opened his eyes, a blue flame tiger monster stood tall like a mountain in front of him.


I didn’t even hear the chasing sound.

Hwanin, who faced the big eyes that burned like blue, shed a blank laugh.

The pressure felt from the glowing blue eyes is greater than the gigantic size of an elephant, than the daunting blue flames that wrap around one’s body, and the bloody body that is suspected to be that of a seagull monster.

The changgeuk, stained with the blood of monsters, shakes. My hands and body trembled in front of a predator that I could not resist.

“…… Whoa.”

Does my life end here?

I tried to recall the steps I had taken after falling into the jungle for the first time, but there was no way to escape the current situation.

If he hadn’t chosen this path, he would have died long ago.

In the end, it was destined to be like this.

Accepting that, the trembling of the body stopped.

Although he was intimidated, he was not frightened or in a state of mental panic, so Hwanin straightened up, aimed his spear, and stared at the blue flame tiger monster.

‘It’s nice.’

Standing upright on four legs, the momentum seemed as solid as a mountain, and the upright head and posture were to the point where you could feel a straight pride that didn’t feel any dirt or meanness.

The color system of the blue flame tiger seen through the soul’s vision is bluish-white that matches its appearance very well.

Honestly, it’s such a wonderful creature that I’m sorry that I thought it was a monster.

Queueek! Pretty much!

The emergency rations that had been forgotten for a while fluttered in and flew in between the blue flame tiger and Hwanin.

It’s stupid. I was just going to run away, so why did I come back?

Hwanin slightly furrowed his eyebrows and pushed the emergency rations away with the tip of his spear, in the spirit of running away, but instead of thinking about leaving, the emergency rations ended up circling around the blue flame tiger’s head and cackling.


It’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that I didn’t have a coward.

I was stunned for a moment by the nonsensical behavior of the emergency rations, but the blue flame tiger, which had been staring at Hwanin without moving until then, looked over the emergency rations.

Shh- Tak.


He lightly swung his long tail, like that of a white tiger, to cut off emergency food.

Hwanin, who hurriedly received the emergency food that was falling round and round with a small cry, was unknowingly relieved that he was not dead, but only passed out.


Her body stiffened with tension as she felt the gaze of the blue flame tiger touch the corpse of the two-tailed monkey at her side.

Was it this situation that my intuition warned me about?

The gaze of the blue flame tiger continues to move, sweeping past the traces of the monster smeared on the spear, stone axe, and club, as well as the monster’s blood smeared on the coat that is slowly getting dirty.

The moment when I finally felt that I had paid attention to the six soul beads attached to the antlers of the deer antlers staff.

The blue flame tiger lowered his head and glared at Hwanin from close range.

He was a visionary who felt more strongly the warning not to pollute the forest any more than the fear of living in the city where you could even feel his breath.

Don’t get dirty, what?

Does that mean don’t kill animals? Or not to gather forest resources?

While Hwanin was in a bit of confusion, the blue flame tiger stared at the river with a lofty gaze, then passed by and disappeared into the forest on the other side.


Watching the blue flame tiger’s graceful back, Hwanin sat down on the ground as soon as the blue flame was completely hidden by the trees.

It feels like avoiding a runaway dump truck by a narrow margin.

Belatedly, my heart pounded like it was being beaten with a bat, and cold sweat poured out of my body.

Although he somehow maintained his reason with his natural temperament, his body was unable to escape the overwhelming influence of predators.

Hwanin, who was out of breath, watched as the souls escaped from the bodies of the three monsters who were unable to fight, then stood up and staggered toward the lower reaches of the river.

The blue flame tiger’s exact intentions were unknown, but one thing was certain.

If you stay in this jungle forever, you will die.

It passed this time, but there is no guarantee that it will pass again next time.

The other side of the river could be the territory of the blue flame tiger, or maybe some other similar creature, but you have to get out of it anyway.

I can’t linger any longer.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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