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Labyrinth Story 13

Labyrinth Story 13

Chapter 13 – 013 Flood – Great Lake



At the moment when I was hit by the first wave, without exaggeration, I felt pressure and shock as if I was being crushed by a press.

I took a deep breath, but I almost exhaled all the air.


The wave never ended.

Twice, three times, four times.

Rurr-Rurr- With an incomprehensible sound, like a heavy tank passing by, each time the waves hit my back, my intestines shook and I was about to vomit from the pressure.

It’s to the point where even the strength in the limbs is exhausted.

As the cliffs were cut little by little by the waves, the exposure range of the tree roots increased, and even the body began to shake.

If you miss the tree roots here and get swept away by the waves, you might be dragged to the center of the Great Lakes.

Hwanin gritted his teeth and endured as the waves crashed and tried to drag him along.

Fortunately, the wave was not long.

The height of the waves decreased with each hit, and after seven hits, the water level went down to the feet, and the waves that came a couple more times after that receded as quickly as they approached.


“Heo-eok, Hu-wook! Whoa!”

Hearing the sound of the waves receding and shaking the gravel, Hwanin took a deep breath to get rid of the tingling sensation in his stomach and to supply the lack of oxygen.


When I looked down at his chest, the emergency rations turned wet.

I put it between the tree root and the body to prevent the string from breaking in the waves, but that seems to be the correct answer.

If I had just worn it on my shoulder, the string made of stems would have snapped in the violent waves.

Shaking his head, Hwanin looked at the waves receding quickly across the gravel field as if a tsunami had struck, and saw the faraway place of the Great Lake.

The Great Lake calmly ripples to see if there are any more tidal waves.

Hwanin, who jumped down onto the gravel field without thinking back and forth, found a nearby cliff with a low slope and clambered up to escape to the highest cliff nearby.


Gin is all gone.

Half-hidden in the bush, Hwanin sat down, brushing his wet hair back and looking at the distant shore of the Great Lake.

After encountering several monsters, I gave up hoping for common sense in this world, but this time it was a bit harsh.

“A whale that can cause tsunamis.”

What should we call a tsunami that occurred in a lake?

As I stroke his chin, I lightly touch his coarse beard. Hwanin thought while touching his chin.

Horned Whale…… The creature was far enough away that the scattering of light made the object slightly blurry.

Even at that distance, if it was as big as a fist, you would have to measure it in meters.

If you think about how to measure the size of an observation object you learned in school, if you do a rough calculation…… Is it about 60-80m?

I don’t know how it jumped hundreds of meters from the surface of the water, but considering the size and power of the tsunami that occurred as it fell from the sky, it would have to be that much.


It was surprising that a battleship-class giant of tens of meters could jump hundreds of meters, and I was also surprised that such a monstrous creature lives in the Great Lake, and I was surprised that I could not even guess how deep the Great Lake was.


A sense of skepticism rises along with doubts about whether it is possible to live in a world overflowing with creatures that literally make people less than ants.

Excitement, feeling new emotions and sensations are good too.

But wouldn’t it be nice if it was something that could be fought over?

When I unilaterally slaughtered a green monster or a beast-headed monster, let alone excitement, I felt like I was doing meaningless repetitive labor. The opposite case will be similar.

…… Maybe there are giants in this world.

It is a yard where there is also a hornback whale that lives in fresh water and is several tens of meters long.

He was a hwanin who muttered that he wouldn’t be surprised if he met a giant.

The clothes were expensive, so I got hit by the waves a few times, but I didn’t get wet that badly. But it’s a little wet because of the inside shirt or the water that has been pushed into the clothes.

Under the blue sky with a rainbow, Hwanin took off his suit coat and suit jacket and spread them out in the sunlight and began to check his pockets.



Hwanin, who put his hand in his pants pocket, frowned at the feel of the water touching his hand. Then hold it with your thumb and forefinger and lift it, which is square and rectangular.

A smartphone dripping with water.

The waterproof effect works like this, the smartphone would have survived even if it hadn’t been hit by the waves several times…….

I thought about throwing away my obsolete smartphone, but I quickly erased it.

This is a different world. If there is civilization, there must be a way to deceive and sell smartphones as overtechnology and oparts. It could be used for a gift.

Fortunately, the watch is fine.

Hwanin, who placed his smartphone on a rock in the shade, took out a multitool from his other pocket, disassembled it, wiped it dry, and set it down next to his smartphone.

The gold coin, which became the culprit of this situation, is also fine.

Hwanin, who briefly touched the gold coin shining in the sunlight, put the gold coin back in his pocket and tried to check the pocket of the numbing beads tied to his waist.

“…… Whoa.”

A sigh comes out of the absurdity and stuffy mind.

The pocket itself was missing, probably due to the poor string. It was hit by the waves and hit the wall here and there, but it seems to have been cut off and lost at that time.

If he knew this would happen, he would use it up when he faced 8 green monsters.

Forgotten is unavoidable Hwanin, who let go of his lingering feelings, spread the wet animal hide and began to check his food package.


All wet I didn’t expect to get wet like this, so I tied it up properly, but the water seeped through the gap.

Since it is soaked in fresh water, there will be no problem even if it is dried, but common sense here is subtly different from Earth.

With the thought of one in a million, I use my hallucinatory vision to check each food item.

“Are you fortunate?”

I opened the package and checked all the food, but there was no change in the color system.

The only regret is that the coral mushroom, which had almost dried up, got wet.

The last package was a collection of golden bell flowers and leaves.

The golden bell flowers were also wet, but not too wet, probably because the package was in the innermost part. The color system is also milky white, so it is laid out to dry in the sun.

The thing attached to the wound on the thigh was slowly turning yellow.


This change in color system was an illusion whose mechanism is still not understood.

If it’s not close to bluish-green, it must be harmful to the body, but the fact that the crushed golden candles attached to the wound turns yellow…….

If you think about it, there was such a thing in the food of the earth.

A little bit is medicine, but a lot of it is poison.

Eating them is not harmful to the body, but when they touch the blood vessels under the subcutaneous fat, they become poisonous.

What is the hallucinatory color of those things?

Examining hallucinatory vision raises questions again about this suspicious phenomenon.

After Hwanin was able to use this ability, he made several hypotheses about why he had this ability.

A dream in which I saw a river of light. It is possible that it affected the real self.
Possibly a phenomenon caused by the toxicity of the things he ate in the jungle.
Possibility of mutation of body organs due to unknown germs or germs.

Hwan-in objectively sees body changes caused by unknown germs, the third hypothesis, but since it is a world where supernatural powers exist, there is a possibility that it is the effect of a dream in which he saw a river of light.

Quack. Quew.

Emergency food drying feathers under the warm sunlight was paying attention to a nearby coral mushroom, but Hwanin, who was trying to look there at the emergency food’s cry, accidentally saw his face reflected in the screen of a smartphone passing by.


Staring at his face reflected on the screen, he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them. Then he picks up his smartphone and looks into the screen.

…… It is as it is.

A chin with sparse beard. Indented and protruding cheeks and cheekbones. Saggy eyes due to fatigue and lack of nutrition.

And dimly shining eyes.

“What is this?”

Reach out your hand, hold your smartphone, look around your eyes, and touch your eyes.

It is certainly. At that time, the green monster with a cane and its subordinates’ eyes were shining lightly.

Hwanin thought of something, so he blocked the hallucinatory vision. Then the light disappears from the pupil.


He touched his thick beard and stared at the cane standing under the shade of the tree.

It can be said that it was a coincidence that he collapsed with a headache as soon as he applied the cane.

Seeing the river of light could be dismissed as having a strange dream. Because once or twice can coincidences overlap.

But add in being able to see other colors of creatures and having eyes glowing like those green monsters, and it’s no longer a coincidence.

What if you could use psychic powers like that green monster?

I don’t want a formless explosion. If only I could move as fast as the green monster with glowing eyes…….

Grab a wand. The color is brown like a normal tree, but the texture is so good that I wonder if this is really a wooden stick.

It’s not as much as velvet, but it feels like the slightly soft feeling helps you hold the cane more easily.

After examining for a moment the deer skull (even though it was small) decorated at the end of a twisted wooden stick, Hwanin remembered what the green monster had done and began to imitate it.

Like this…… Did you shake

I recalled the action right before the transparent explosion attack and tried to move similarly, but nothing happened.

I try swinging it around, changing the way I hold it, changing the position of holding it, and swinging my cane, but all I hear is a boom-bung-tree swinging sound.


For a moment. What if I opened my hallucinatory vision instead of just swinging my wand?

When I opened the hallucinatory field of vision that had been blocked while holding the cane, a sensation of hot air, cold air, and static electricity flowed in from the cane, passing through the vicinity of the pit of the stomach and beginning to spread to the limbs.

Even though Hwanin was startled, he did not relax his hand holding the staff.

The senses that came up through the neck diverge from the chin to the left and right behind the ears, and then meet at the nape of the neck. Next, it spreads around the eyes, spreads from the inside of the nose, and forms a point slightly above the forehead.

When you open your skull and spray water, you will feel this cold, exhilarating yet warm feeling.

My mind is blank and I have no idea, just like when I was young and got a weak electric shock while touching an outlet with chopsticks.

Took, let go of the cane, and the sensation that occupied the body gradually disappears.

” This…… What about the senses?”

Hwanin, who was sweeping his arms down in a confused state beyond being surprised, suddenly realized that a warm and cool sensation was passing by on his exposed skin, face, and hands.

It is completely different from the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the wind.

It is a sensation that has never been felt on Earth, so it cannot be compared or compared.

If I had to express it, it would be about fire, warmth, cold energy, and chill.

“…… !”

At that time, Hwanin hurriedly looked back at the sudden coolness he felt from behind. Then, startled, he took three or four steps backwards.

It was neither a horse nor a deer, but an animal with six legs and horns like a crown.

If it were just an animal, I wouldn’t have been so surprised. Hwanin was surprised because the animal was grayish white and translucent.



The animal ghost let out a long cry and then began to walk at a certain distance from Hwanin.

I could definitely hear the cries…… Didn’t hear. Hwanin’s heart beats at this bizarre feeling.


Hwanin quickly regained his composure when he saw the emergency food staring at him strangely, as if he couldn’t see a ghost.

Is there a possibility that you are hallucinating this time?

None. It’s strange to say that such a distinct presence is a presence to a ghost, but animal ghosts are still clearly felt.

The sensation I felt the moment I opened my hallucinatory vision with the cane was not an illusion.

The sensations of warmth, cold, and static electricity that I felt the moment I grabbed the cane have disappeared, but I feel that the path of those sensations remains in my body.

And I could instinctively know that the warmth and coolness that was touching my skin right now were another aspect of that warmth and chill.

I don’t know why. Just found out that a baby sucks her mother’s breast naturally.


Was it because Hwanin kept thinking about something else? The crowned horse deer ghost hopped and ran away from Hwanin before dispersing like smoke.


Hwanin swallowed dry saliva and analyzed the current situation by clenching and opening his fists a couple of times.

As soon as I grabbed the cane I had dropped on the ground and opened my hallucinatory vision, these strange things happened.

It seems that there is an 80% chance that he has seen a lot of ghosts in the river of light and that he has been able to see ghosts, and that he has acquired supernatural powers related to ghosts.

Then the animal ghost just…… Did I call Or a wand?

The animal ghost was pacing as if it wanted me to give orders. Then it disappeared into the jungle.

Taking a deep breath, Hwanin grabbed the antler staff again and carefully opened his hallucinatory vision.

However, the three senses that were preparing did not invade the body.

Instead, I begin to feel the warmth and coolness flowing into my body little by little, really weakly, through the cane.

Hwanin was a little surprised, but he rejected the energy and did not resist.

For what reason do I feel that this phenomenon is not harming me? And what can I do with this phenomenon?

It was a hwanin who was lost in thought while holding a cane.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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