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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 18

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 18

Chapter 18 – The Vampire Incident (3)

The raised eyes looked at me.
Her black hair, neatly tied back, shone softly in the streetlight.
It contrasted strangely with her pure white skin, and it was quite beautiful.

If I didn’t know, I would have been a pretty girl that I couldn’t take my eyes off of, but fortunately, I’ve been watching it for a while, so I have some tolerance.

Even if you can’t use inner energy, if you receive the correction of the Heavenly Demon Spirit, your stats are better this way.

Midsummer’s heartbeat and breathing, which had sped up a little, hit my ears.

“Are you nervous?”
“Oh, I didn’t.”

Midsummer glared at her eyes.
He has a very easy-to-understand personality.
Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to go to him for the Out of Conscience trait, not me?

As if Midsummer was trying to counter my coming, he was still taking the standard form of a small number of magicians.

I don’t know why Cheon Ha-yeon ordered the dance.
There must be an intention
When I glanced to the side, Cheon Ha-yeon was staring at me.

Because they shared no marriage with each other, they couldn’t see the gap properly.
There is no way that there are no gaps at our level, so it seems that the characteristics themselves are offset.

That’s better anyway.
It’s because I can’t rely on an unknown identity forever.


He let out a long exhalation and immediately kicked the ground.
Even though I couldn’t use my energy, my body was already overwhelmingly stronger than a normal person.

Body was light.

I would never have thought that a mere 10 increase in stats would have had such an effect.
It felt more certain because I didn’t use my energy.

Stepping on her advance, she stretched out her fist.
Midsummer’s fist, which had been staring at my fist with cold eyes, stretched straight out.


Fist and fist met.


Obviously, the stats should be normal only when I’m ahead.

However, the more I exchanged numbers, the more I was pushed out.
In particular, the power contained in the light gesture of midsummer was unusual.

I tried to sense it with my senses to see if I was using my energy, but it was clear that I was receiving it with pure physical ability in the middle of the summer.

I don’t know how the hell that kind of strength comes out of a thin body that looks like it’s going to break.
I judged by accelerating my thoughts in the slowed clock.

‘I lose.’

It was a failure to go on like this.

Losing to midsummer
It is impossible.


He took a few steps back and asked.

“What have you done?”
“You didn’t do anything?”

Midsummer asked casually, tilting her head.

I was sure of that expression.

“A characteristic, did you hide it?”
“Oh no?”

Hey, if you’re upset, you’re out of luck.

“What kind of characteristics are you hiding?”

Midsummer rushed in with a red face like a persimmon.

Thanks to this, the movement has been enlarged, making it easier to read.

Judged soberly.
As a result of sharing and comparing each other’s stats before, I had the upper hand in internal attack, and Midsummer had the upper hand in strength.

However, this is just a ‘status window’ that has been revealed.
Humans are not simply cut like that.

I just felt it while dividing the numbers.

It’s the same EX class, but the Unicorn God Kong is superior to the Heavenly Mountain Goddess Ball.
In particular, the most different part is the footsteps.

Midsummer often missed the movement that was unique to the Heavenly Demon’s reign, which was pushed by force.
It was also the reason I was able to step down.

As Midsummer’s movement grew, the power of the attack became stronger.

Stepping on foot with a paper gap, he struck the back of Midsummer’s hand.


Midsummer screamed and lowered her guard.
Even without Muhon telling them, the midsummer’s movements and gaps were clearly read.
I took a step into her arms.
If I put my fist right into the abdomen like this, I win…


Swearing through her mouth, she barely escaped midsummer’s counterattack.

Just stick your fist in your stomach.
But sticking a fist into that slender stomach is a bit of a stretch.
It was kind of like that too.
It’s a big deal if you get hurt.
Because this isn’t the purpose of defeating the heavyweight for show.
He urgently looked at Cheon Ha-yeon asking for help.

“Until there.”

Fortunately, he must have realized the meaning of my gaze, and Cheon Ha-yeon immediately stepped in and stopped him.

“Woo, I could have won.”

Midsummer sighed and sat down.

“Yes, yes, you won.”

She let out a deep sigh and placed a hand on her midsummer head.


Midsummer opened her eyes round and looked up at me.

“You won.”
“No, what is it?”
“I lost.”
“Okay? No bite? Is it real?”

Seeing her holding both of her hands together by herself, it seemed pretty good.
I want to feel at least 1 win at the end after roughly 199 losses.
For me who knows the truth, I just laugh.
I wanted to go over like this.

“No, midsummer you lost.”

The referee’s decision was harsh.

“If Mu-gong Kim hadn’t reaped the last attack, you would already be lying on the cold floor. In my view, it is your clear defeat in the middle of summer.”
“No, that is nonsense. Hey, is that a lie?”

Midsummer grievously grabbed my arm.

“It’s true that he stopped attacking at the end, but I don’t know if he was lying down in one shot.”
“…Again, lost again.”

Midsummer put on her country-lost expression.
If he had a tail, wouldn’t she wag it hard and go down right away?
I was considerate and told her about the possibility of a draw, but it seems that the word ‘defeat’ was already firmly embedded in Midsummer’s mind.

“So, how do you feel?”

Gently stroking her hair in the dead of summer, she asked Cheon Ha-yeon.

“One more. I have something to check.”
“I’ll have to look at some attacks using inner energy.”
“I’ll do it.”

I distanced myself from Midsummer, who was half stunned.
Even though he has a dumbfounded expression, whenhehears that he is demonstrating martial arts, his eyes shine.

“What about power?”

There is no ability correction against Cheon Ha-yeon.
The duration of the stat increase has already ended during the preparation.
Still, the A-class internal skills were not going anywhere.
Class A and Class S were one step, but the actual experience was enormous, so it was a little disappointing.

“You look at me so funny. Blow. Come with full force.”

Chun Ha-yeon said with her hands behind her back in a stunned posture.


He nodded his head and raised the spirit of the Heavenly Demon.
Like a volcanic eruption, a tremendous amount of energy rushed through the entire bloodstream.

Put everything in one hit

The opponent was the woman closest to becoming the next best person in the world.
The energy of the Heavenly Demon Sacred Spirit was converted according to the rule of the Blood Beast Demonic Gong and began to condense in her right hand.
A bloody glow shimmered down her wrist.


She immediately spurred her ground and moved forward.
The pace with internal energy was incomparable to the previous one.
Do not aim for gaps.


Cho-shik, who had given Kim Yong a serious blow.
He threw out the blood-water demon, blood-yeom-pacheon, in front of Cheon Ha-yeon.
Chun Ha-yeon’s hand, which had been still until just before, made a strange movement.


Massive careers in each other’s hands collided.
The floor around it was smashed, and dirt and stone crumbs scattered in all directions.
Red energy and black energy harmonized with each other and dissolved as they flew high into the sky.


When I realized what had just happened, goose bumps ran through my body. I analyzed Cheon Ha-yeon’s response as the marriage of no marriage occurred naturally.

That was close to the trick of grafting a flower on a tree.

It didn’t stop at hitting my blood magic attack as it was, but it changed the direction of the force and deflected it into the air in order to relieve the career.

“…It’s a terrible attack. I never thought I would break through at least part of the Heavenly Demon and the Supreme Master of Heaven.”

Cheon Ha-yeon lightly wiped her hands and said.

“You look more like a monster. In that brief interval.”
“I’m a small believer, so this much is natural.”
“It’s over?”

The mid-summer that had been watching us fight with wide-eyed eyes quickly approached.

“Okay. I guess you know. Go over there.”

Cheon Ha-yeon moved to a pavilion near the training place.
It was definitely an academy with an oriental flair, so there were places like this all over the place.
Sitting huddled together in a place bathed in the soft moonlight, this has its own taste.

“I don’t know what your inquiring policy is. One thing is certain.”
“It’s self-study.”

At my answer, Cheon Ha-yeon tilted her head.

“…That’s hard to believe. I’ll discuss that later. The most urgent thing for you right now is ‘basic’.”
“Basic? In some aspects?”
“What is martial arts? What should the uninhabited pursue? Countless unmanned soldiers have been fighting for their lives for thousands of years to find the answer.”
“Is this a question with an answer?”
“There is something close to the correct answer. A conclusion reached after a lot of trial and error. If you are a warrior, you must pursue the unity of the spirit and spirit.”

Because various information was forcibly injected into my head, in theory, of course, I also knew.
Jeong is the body, Qi is the spirit, and God is the spirit.
Maybe it was a matter of course.
However, when the game became a reality, it was vague about ‘how’.

“Is that our problem?”

Cheon Ha-yeon wouldn’t have brought up the story for nothing.

“…Mugong Kim, Midsummer. Your bodies are too abnormal. Especially Kim Mu-gong, you are more serious. Compared to his enormous internal energy, his body was very poor, and he was good at handling energy, but he didn’t really feel his intention in attacking. Honestly, I don’t see how that’s possible.”

It is possible because of the unmarried.
It’s impossible to say like this.

“You can think of it as a natural temperament…”
“I guess so. You are the legendary bodies of the sun and moon. It’s the first time I’ve seen it myself.”
“Assuming that the body is trained, what is righteousness?”

Time is not a problem, it’s physical training, you just have to do it consistently anyway.
In the long run, time can naturally solve the problem.

The problem is that the spirit is God.
That is, the mental part.
Imagine that humans suddenly have tails and wings.
Can you move it freely at once?
That’s exactly how I feel right now.
Thanks to being unmarried, I use it ‘unconsciously’, but even I, who actually use it, didn’t know ‘why’ that was possible.
That’s why Cheon Ha-yeon must have said that she didn’t really feel righteousness.
From Cheon Ha-yeon’s point of view, it must have seemed no different from a child making a fist out of instinct.

“God is the expression of one’s will. You are already using it unconsciously. To raise this to the realm of consciousness…”

Cheon Ha-yeon narrowed her eyes and murmured softly.

“The easy way, the hard way, the ignorant way. Choose.”
“Anything else aside, what is the ignorant way?”
“It is literally. I can’t guarantee the result, but maybe it’s possible to reach the stage the fastest.”
“The fastest… The ignorant way. Mr. Midsummer?”
“Yes? Me too.”

Midsummer, who had been listening to us in a daze, was startled.

Did I understand him correctly?

“It is a good decision. Then. First of all, it would be good to aim for each of you to choose between the blood magic attack and the minor magic attack, and repeat it lightly 10,000 times.”
“…How many light times?”

I wondered if I had heard it wrong, so I asked again.

“Ten thousand times.”

Cheon Ha-yeon said firmly.

“So, are you splitting it up?”

The corners of her lips drew a soft arc.
Even though she was dressed as a man, her smile was so beautiful that it instinctively gave goose bumps down her spine.

“Can that be? One time, ten thousand times.”

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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