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I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 184

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 184

Chapter 184 – 33. Blood Is Thicker Than Water (6)


A physique 20 centimeters taller than me.

It’s sad, or

Or cute.

It’s a bit far from that image,

A solid body.

Drawn by it,

By force.

Head to bed.

“… Oh.”

Bigger than mine.

It’s rougher than mine.

Hotter than mine.

The color is darker than mine.

Woojin’s hand.

… Rather than treating him like a younger brother,

Brother… It is more appropriate to treat it as.

Such hands.

Caught there without any resistance,

Rather than forcing,

With silent permission.

Head to bed.

“You just asked me to treat you like a junior, but now you want me to treat you roughly?”

… A voice with a hint of laughter as if it was fun.

“Why all of a sudden? You said that last time. You secretly don’t like me not treating you like an older sister, and you don’t like me calling you oppa?”

Whisper whisper.

The tone is low and clean… ,

A voice mixed with relaxation.

“… Did you feel a sense of crisis because of Jiyun earlier?”

“Oh, no? It’s not like that…”

“Then why?”

“… I just…I was wondering if you would like it…”

“… Ah, I think I’ll like it.”


“I think you’ll like it… La.”

And, the voice that falls and grabs my wrist.

That kind of voice,

… Because it’s really my taste.

Every time I hear it, my heart makes a sound of shame.

Rather than a younger brother,

At the word oppa.

To the word man or male.

It’s a much closer voice.

Even if I call you oppa,

It’s not an awkward voice at all.



He is.

“… It’s okay.”

“… Eh.”

“Forcing someone else to conform to their tastes, well…” “I don’t like that either.”

Instead of coming one step closer and eating me,

He returns to his younger brother while maintaining a subtle distance.


This time it’s really a mess-

He gently stroked my head, which was full of shameful delusions.



We lie down on the bed together, holding my lower abdomen with one arm.

… Just,

Like an ordinary, ordinary lover.

“Hey. Lee Ha-yoon.”

“… Yes, yes.”

“…There’s no need to pretend to like and accept things I don’t like just to suit my tastes.”

“… Something you don’t like… ?”

On the bed, which has suddenly become crimson.

I received a whisper from him who hugged me like a doll.

“Uh, Hayun, you don’t like it when I treat you carelessly.”

“… Ah… ?”

“Like the last time we went to see a movie together… I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll beat you up.'”


Did I act in a way that made me feel that way?

I’ve searched through the past that has become blurry, but I’m not sure.

I don’t hate it.

Rather, my taste is closer to that… C.

But that doesn’t mean ‘I want to be raped by you!’ Because it looks strange to shout like that.

I slowly close my lips to think of a better answer.

Well, I guess there is more to it than just being honest.

“In the first place, you don’t really know what I want to do.”


… Is that so?

Now that I think about it, it’s definitely… It was definitely not something I knew very well.

Woojin gets excited when he calls me oppa. That’s all there is to know.

But does that mean Woojin really has extreme tastes?

Aren’t you overinterpreting it too much?

… If you listen to what I say, it doesn’t seem like I’m not interested.

To what extent it is,

I’m not sure either.

“So let’s end the story here.”


“Whew… I guess I even had to wear my high school uniform just to do this. I made you a bother. I’m sorry.”

The voice becomes strangely more relaxed than before.

When she turns her head, she sees Seo Woo-jin with slightly closed eyes, as if he is tired.

No, now he’s almost closing his eyes and rubbing his face against my shoulder.

… It looks like a large dog.

With a brief appreciation, I was also drooping like Woojin.


… It’s not even dinner time yet, so why is he so tired?

The focus is there.

What comes to mind is,

What did Woojin do a little while ago to come here?

What kind of noise did you hear from Jiyun’s room?

… And,

3 damp condoms I just threw in my trash can.


… Ah.

That means.

“… Hey. Seowoo… Jin.”

“I’m listening.”

“… You said I don’t know your tastes.”

“… Yes.”

Not just a doll wearing a school uniform, but person to person.

Unlike me, who is fully clothed, I wrap my arms around Woojin’s bare skin and talk to him.

“… Tell me. Your preference.”


“I just need to learn… That’s right… “


“Ho, maybe… There may be some overlap…”


Woojin makes eye contact with me.

“Well, if it’s something really weird, I’ll say no out loud… !”

“… Something strange. Something.”

“Um, absolutely no anal stuff? And… There are other fetishes I don’t like… “


“… Tell me about it first… Your tastes…”


“Anything you don’t mind doing to me, I’ll give you permission…”

… It suddenly occurred to me,

A topic that seemed very just tired a moment ago.

It’s like I’ve never rubbed my eyes before.



“Hey, Woojin… , … Hick?! Hey, hey… Stop using your fingers…”

Wrong, I thought.

I’m not just thinking about liking Woojin,

My thoughts too.

I should have done a little bit.

“… I think I said, “It’s okay to organize it, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. That’s right… ?!?”

After a short confession time.

… To everything Woojin said.

Even things that were similar to my tastes.

Even things that were a little different from my taste.

… What would happen if I really did it?

Even though my heart was pounding with anticipation.

Rather than shaking your head to the side,

Because I nodded and shook it hard.

My thighs, spread apart on both sides, are trembling against my will.

“It’s still just a finger, Hayoon.”

“Haaak… Hak… Ugh…”

“Earlier… I heard that it would be nice to pound your cock with all your might.”

“This is a finger, Izana…”

“So. Like you said, it’s only a finger. Not yet.”

“Hiyat… , Ugh?! Ugh… ! Klee, that’s it…”

If it were Woojin as usual, she would have given her a short break.

… Oh, no. No.

Instead, when I asked him to stop, he forced me to climax,

I would just watch them flinch.

Like now, like this.

“Go…” ” , Go, go… Gaaa… ?”

Just before you go,

I took my finger covered in love juice away from my clit for a moment.

“… Woojin. Woojin…”

“You decided to use polite language, right?”

“… Oppa…Senior…Quickly…That finger…”

“… “What would you like me to do?”

… Watching the creepy flinching subside.

I’m not waiting for the love juice to leak out from inside me, which is so wet.

“… Klee… Squeeze…”

“Like this?”

“Ugh… Don’t touch it gently… Just a little… Just a little harder… “


It’s not about rubbing the clitoris with a intensity that I can never be satisfied with.

It’s just that they would have sent me away.

I shake my back and wet the floor.

He softly whispered in my ear that it was okay to go.

But that…

Woojin wanted to see my anxious expression…



High school uniform full of air freshener smell.

Among them below. Woojin’s hand her her her, soaked with love juice, touches her her checkered skirt her her.

… I haven’t even given permission yet.

To wipe one’s hands as if it were a towel.


Rather than feeling bad about it,

Me too, swallowing my saliva and looking down.

… A little,

I feel bad.

“… ! … Ugh!”

I was on the verge of leaving but ended up not going.

I was caught up in that breathtaking lingering feeling and took a moment to catch my breath.

Before I knew it, Woojin hugged my waist, which had slipped down, and returned it to its original position.

… Next to the bed.

Between Woojin’s legs as he sits comfortably.

Sitting there like a little sister in her brother’s arms.

Both legs were pinned as if draped over one of Woojin’s arms,

I pulled her knees up to her chest,

I have no choice but to scream like a bitch again.

That guy is sleeping…

… My senior keeps saying.

As he gently touches my clitoris…

“You don’t like this?”

“…I don’t know…Don’t keep bothering me like that…”

“You’re speaking a little strangely. You say you don’t know, but don’t bother me.”

“Ssi…, What’s wrong?! Ugh…”

“… Then, can you at least push it inside with your finger?”

“Hi… , Hee…”

Seo Woo-jin pinned the back of my knee with one strong forearm.

His fingers gently caress the area near my vaginal opening, and then he begins to carefully probe the hole.

Unlike when I masturbate, I can only use one finger.

Even though it’s longer and thicker than my finger, it’s still only one finger.

However, he seems to know where my weaknesses are, and he completely breaks me down without even going to the root.

No. No. While spitting out sounds like this,

Not long after, he let out a sweet, wet moan.

I clenched my thighs and clenched my teeth.

In the end,

Sticking out your tongue profanely.




Until you’re out of breath like a puppy.

… But.

“… See? My finger?”

“Haaa… , Haa…”


It doesn’t reach the peak.

Even if I fall and try to crawl.

Even if I stretch out my hand and try to reach it.

It’s so close that we can’t even touch it.

When I feel like I can do just a little more and start shaking my waist, I pull my fingers out without any hesitation.

I leave myself alone until the sticky fire burning deep in my lungs subsides.


“Jiyun wasn’t like this either.”

“… Don’t talk about her…”

While you are mixing with me.

Even bringing up the story of my younger sister.

“You asked me first… “What did you do with Jiyoon in that room?”


Before starting to care.

Bringing up the story we shared while lying in bed with me.

“… I did something like this. Jiyun asked me to do it.”


“And there are a few more left besides these…”


“Do you want to hear it?”


Tie them to a stake so they can’t give up and escape.

… Since I couldn’t hold back and asked Woojin a question,

As for why I asked that…

It’s so obvious even if you don’t tell me, right?


I ask honestly.

“… How was Jiyoon?”

“What? Reaction?”

“… Uh.”

“Hmm. It wasn’t that bad… About?”

“I don’t think he would like this…”

“He didn’t like it. … So he took revenge by teasing me.”

“… Are you anxious?”

“Not just me moving. Because Jiyun is also moving.”



Desire to monopolize.

A feeling that roughly fits no matter what you put on it.

All of those things.

Now, there is no need to hide it.

He patted the back of his head in Seo Woo Jin’s arms and quietly muttered.

“… Then you can continue… Until you are satisfied.”

“… I was planning on continuing even without your permission, Hayun.”

I can make you feel much better than Jiyoon.

Your violent tastes, which you just revealed, I can accept them all.

“Then it means that you will…” ” “Rape me, senior.”

“It doesn’t matter. … You said earlier that you wanted to play rape.”

Instead of familiar friendliness,

To Woojin, who looks down at me with an unfamiliar sexual desire.

… It’s okay for you to do whatever you want.

I also like senior tastes.

A topic that has been teased with fingers and treated like a fun toy.

Still, it seems good.

Like a puppy wagging its tail at a person.



As permeability sticks out its tongue.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

보건실에서 이상한 소리가 들린다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
A hero training academy for all kinds of transcendentals.

I, a former villain, have been enrolled as a first-year health committee member.


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