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I Entered the Martial Arts World. 831

I Entered the Martial Arts World. 831

Chapter 831 – 832. Black Dragon

“Currently in front of the castle gate… We are in a confrontation with the soldiers.”

In response to his question, Jinsaiwan began to speak slowly.

“Are you having a standoff?”

“Yes… No matter who it is, there is an order from the elder left-handed dog… For now… The monarch is blocking the entry.”

“Was she still?”

Seol Soo-beom threw a question at him with a puzzled look on his face.

The noble princess was restricted from entering.

It didn’t look like he was going to stay asleep.

“Yes, you didn’t forcefully use your skills or anything like that.”

Ewan shook his head and continued.


Seol Soo-beom spoke in a calm tone.

Hopefully there will be no resistance.



“To the elders of Dodok… Please pass on the word…”

Ewan mumbled and continued to speak for a while.

With a very sorry look on his face.

“You mean me?”

“Yes, it is.”

“What did you ask me to tell you?”

Seol Soo-beom asked with a curious expression on his face.

“…If you want to run away…Even now…You’d better go…”

Ewan continued, stuttering his words.

It was because I thought it might sound insulting to Seolsu-beom.


Upon hearing Lee Wan’s words, Seol Soo-beom burst into laughter.

Like it’s very fun.

How much did you laugh

“It’s fun.”

Soon, Soo-beom Seol continued with a cold smile.

“Call all the soldiers in the room.”

“You mean… The soldiers?!”

Hearing that, Ha Do-il asked with a shocked expression on his face.

Muster the soldiers

What do you mean by thinking?

“It’s a plan to prepare for the worst.”

Seol Soo-beom continued to speak with a calm expression on his face.

“Worst case…?”

Ha Do-il gave him luck with a worried look on his face.

“It refers to the case where the Gyeonghwa monarch forcibly passes through the nangbang.”

“Are you saying you’re going to fight against the hardened lord right now!?!”

Ha Do-il asked him back with his eyes wide open.

It was because the emotion of surprise was not the subject.

“It’s already been decided through consultations with numerous ministers…”

Seol Soo-beom continued with a cold expression on his face.

“But she is royalty!”

Ha Do-il was furious and raised his voice.

She was royalty

It is a noble existence with the same blood as the great emperor called the Son of Heaven.

“No matter how much she is of the imperial family, there are no exceptions.”

Seol Soo-beom opened his mouth in a firm tone.

“… Huh.”

Ha Do-il let out a laugh.

In the attitude of Su-beom Seol, who is so resolute

Because he felt embarrassed.

‘How many lives do you think you have to fight against the imperial family?’

Ha Do-il was suspicious.

What the hell is that crazy leftist thinking?

Jerk jerk jerk

Then, Su-beom Seo suddenly began to move.

“Uh…Where are you going!?”

Ha Do-il, who saw this, asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

“I’m going to go to Lord Gyeonghwa.”

Seol Soo-beom spoke in a calm tone.

“It’s a mindset that will make you realize that there are things in the world that don’t go the way you want them to.”

After he finished speaking, Seol Soo-beom went outside.

Soon, only Hado-il and Jin-sa Lee Wan were left in the room.

With a blank expression on his face.


“Are you really thinking not to open the gates?”

King Hwahwa opened his mouth as he looked at the firmly closed castle gate.

“There was an order from an elderly left-handed man not to let anyone in.”

One of the military commanders at the top of the castle gate spoke slowly.

“I didn’t know, that the left-handed leader was the one who stood above the general, the original woman.”

The hard currency lord continued in a sarcastic tone.

“…While the great general…Was away…The command system has changed in many ways.”

The military commander continued his speech with disapproval.

“Really? It’s the first time in a while.”

King Gyeonghwa asked him as if he didn’t know.

It is asking for an answer.

“…His Majesty fell, and the power was divided into three. Military power, administrative power, and judicial power. And among them, the left-handed elder has the military power.”

“Is that why she can’t hear the original woman?”


The military commander opened his mouth with an expression of regret.
The armed forces were well aware of how absurd the current situation was.

There is a general in his chin, but the lower person, Jwa Do-dok, has all the military powers.

However, he had no choice but to agree.

It was because while she was away, her military authority had completely passed over to the Left Dok Seol Su-beom.

“What are you sorry about? Never mind, aren’t you just a soldier following orders anyway?”

Hearing his words, Lord Gyeonghwa waved his hand and continued.

In the first place, the soldiers did nothing wrong.

What mattered to them was compliance with the established chain of command.

It was said that it was not about choosing something independently and deciding whether or not to do it.

It was absurd to blame them for that.

“You are doing your best in your position. Please do not blame yourself.”

King Gyeonghwa continued with a calm expression on his face.

“…Thank you for your understanding.”

The military commander spoke in a respectful manner.

It was because she felt the consideration in her words.

“And she intends to do her best in the position of her original daughter. So please don’t resent her too much.”

The lord of the palace continued with a cold smile on his lips.


And the military commander who heard that said a question with a puzzled expression on his face.

Will she do the best in her position?

Don’t resent me?

What the hell do you mean by that


At that moment, the sound of something burning began to be heard in the military commander’s ears.

‘What… What?!’

The military commander followed the sound and quickly turned his gaze.


And could see

It is a picture of a huge iron gate with a dark flame soaring.


That too, very strongly.

“Damn it! The gates are on fire! Sprinkle water right now!”

Soon, the commander raised his voice in an urgent tone and gave orders to the soldiers.

He said to put out the flames that soared through the gates immediately.

“”Ah… I see!””

The soldiers responded in unison.

Then he moved his body quickly and started scooping water.



Soon, a lot of water started pouring into the castle gate.

It was because dozens of soldiers on top of the gate were spraying water all at once.


However, the black flames that bloomed at the gates showed no sign of being extinguished.

No, on the contrary, it started burning even more fiercely.

It’s like melting the castle gate.

“It’s useless. The black flame is a transcendent flame that goes against the law. It can’t be extinguished with water, can it?”

Lord Gyeonghwa continued with a cold smile.

It was a smile that felt the chill of the north wind.

Ki yi profit

At that time, a grotesque metal sound resounded from the iron gate, and it began to lean forward.

Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam

And soon, the castle gate completely went over and collided with the floor, and a tremendous roar began to erupt.

The hinges holding the iron door melted and it collapsed.

Soon the gate, which had been firmly blocked, was completely opened.

King Hwahwa quietly looked inside the open castle.

Then, the appearance of many armed soldiers began to come into view.

I felt like I was waiting.

“You’re really thorough.”

Seeing this, King Gyeonghwa smiled deeply.

The thoroughness of the soldiers was quite satisfactory.

“How can I not be thorough when dealing with the general?”

Then, from behind her, a very familiar voice started ringing in her ears.


King Gyeonghwa quietly raised his gaze to the back.

And could see

A rough-looking man armed with thick heavy armor and numerous weapons.

“Nice to meet you, General. Did he really care about you?”

Seol Su-beom, a left-handed dog with a rough impression, greeted him politely.

“He wasn’t that far off.”

‘Oh… Is something wrong?”

“Don’t you know better?”

“Well… I don’t have any guesses.”

“You’re so shameless, Leftist.”

King Gyeonghwa glared at Seolsu-beom with a cold gaze and continued.

It was because the shameless response felt quite disrespectful.

“Shameless?…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Seol Soo-beom asked her back with an expression as if he didn’t know.

“You mess up the imperial family, plot treason, and don’t know… You’re even uglier than I thought.”

“It seems that the general has misunderstood something. Rebellion?”

“From my point of view, you seem to be doing Peking Opera instead of being left-handed, since you are so good at acting.”

King Gyeonghwa looked at him with cold eyes and continued.

“I don’t know what you said, but it’s a misunderstanding. General, I pride myself on being more loyal to the imperial family than anyone else in the world. Isn’t it impossible for me to plot treason like that?”

“It’s done, I didn’t even think that you would readily admit it anyway.”

King Gyeonghwa waved his hand and continued.

It was expected that the insidious bastard would not admit his treason in front of the soldiers.

There is no need to speak at length.

“Let’s just go with the original girl, to the imperial family.”

“I refuse. I’m not going anywhere. And the general can’t go through here to Beijing either. How can I get into a closed place?”

“I do not remember giving you a choice. And I have no intention of taking permission.”

King Gyeonghwa continued with his cold eyes twinkling.

“She just does what she wants.”

“Are you planning to exercise your skills?”

“If you do not obediently follow her mother-in-law, she will.”

“Daejangjangnim, the decision to shut down Beijing was a decision made through consultation by the ministers of the imperial family. There are no exceptions, no matter how great a general.”

“You have no right to control her mother. Only her majesty can give her orders to her mother.”

“This is a decision made by the ministers on behalf of His Majesty, who is bedridden.”

“No, you cannot replace His Majesty. How can a mere human replace the Son of Heaven?”

King Gyeonghwa continued to speak while glaring at Seolsu-beom with a straight gaze.

“…I really don’t understand the words.”

Seol Soo-beom shook his head from side to side and continued his words.

It was because he felt that the difference of opinion could not be narrowed.

“Did you try to solve it with words? You’re really naive..”

King Gyeonghwa continued with a funny expression on his face.

“You and I have already crossed a river of no return. Isn’t it impossible for us to talk like that?”

The lord of the palace continued with a cold smile.

“So now let’s cut down on useless and pointless chatter.”

Jerk jerk jerk

And he started walking slowly.

“Anyway, isn’t it your intention to mobilize her soldiers to stop her original daughter? Then, let her do what she decides.”

To the inside of the completely open castle gate.

“She will have to do her best instead. She is a transcendental being who is stronger than you imagined.”

Jerk jerk jerk

Her gait began to quicken.

And as she approached, a look of bewilderment began to appear on the faces of her soldiers.

It was because I couldn’t quite figure out what to do.

It was when she was so confused.

“…Stop it.”

Seol Soo-beom’s calm voice began to ring in their ears.

“Anyone who disobeys the imperial order! Whoever it is, we cannot forgive! If the general tries to advance! Stop it even at the cost of your life! This is an order!”

Seol Soo-beom vomited his enthusiasm and shouted.

It gave a justification to the wandering soldiers.

It was the name of the imperial family.

Then the soldiers began to grip the spear strongly.

It’s decided

‘If you’re a proud soldier of the Empire, you should have that level of grit…Ahm.’

Seeing this, King Gyeonghwa had a deep smile on his lips.

Rather than being frightened by myself being called the first person in the imperial palace

It was because the soldiers who were trying to resist felt quite satisfied.

They are doing their best

The imperial family

Furthermore, it suits the position of defending the country.

‘So, I’ll do my best to deal with her.’


Suddenly, black flames began to rise from the body of the hardened lord.

With tremendous momentum.

And soon, the soaring black flames began to gradually merge into one.

With something thick and long.

How long has it been like that

Soon, the black flames formed a pattern.

In the form of a transcendent being that appears only in myths.

“Black Dragon”


It was a dragon

It is a huge fire dragon horse with an ominous ink color.


The Hardened Lord stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Then the huge black dragon opened its mouth and began to fly away.

It’s like swallowing the world.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

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