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I Entered the Martial Arts World. 830

I Entered the Martial Arts World. 830

Chapter 830 – 831. The Original Woman Will Deliver Him.

Hehe, your breasts are so desirable today.”

Dojihui comrade Zhang Jie gazed at the courtesan’s voluptuous breasts with a sinister gaze and opened her mouth.

“Eyeing … I’m ashamed ..”

The gisaeng covered her breasts with her arms and began flirting with her.

“It’s embarrassing, you should be proud of being born this good.”

Jang Gul looked at the courtesan with her flushed face and continued her words.

“…It’s so big…It looks dull, doesn’t it?”

“Looks dull! It’s so beautiful! Who the hell would say that to you!”

“…Other courtesans…Sometimes say it looks dull because it’s too big.”

The courtesan opened her mouth with a sad expression on her face.

“It’s all just that little bitches express their inferiority complex. Never mind. Of course, among those who don’t have breasts, not only are they fierce and fierce, but they’re also full of cunning jealousy!”

Janggeol raised his voice and started to get angry.

To see such wonderful breasts and ridicule them for looking sluggish

It must be a mockery stemming from the inferiority complex of those who have no breasts.

“…Is that so?”

“That’s it. So don’t mind it, okay?”

“Okay, let’s go~”

“. Yes … Then … Put her hands away .. I want to enjoy that voluptuousness with my eyes.”

Jang Gul looked at her courtesan with her excited gaze and opened her mouth.


At Jang-geol’s words, the courtesan slowly removed her hand.

Then her voluptuous breasts began to appear again.

“…Haa…That’s good…So…That’s good…”

Jean Girl exhaled heavily and continued her words.

Jumulluck Jumulluck

Then she slowly reached out her hand and she began to knead it.

“…Huh…Adult…That…Isn’t that kind of girl…”

Then the courtesan shed her moans and continued her words.

She was a blue flag selling her skills, not Hong Ki selling her body.

She is not the kind of woman who would allow her body to just anyone.

“No, then am I that kind of guy? I’m not the kind of guy who flirts with just about any woman. So don’t worry.”

Jumulluck Jumulluck

Zhang Jie began to knead her breasts more and more violently.

“Haaaaa… Great…”

The courtesan, whose breasts were squeezed, began to groan as she stretched out.

It was because of her skillful hand movements that she was excited.

“Jung..Really..No…I…Jungin…Or…I won’t allow my body..”

The courtesan started bouncing again.

Hehe, don’t worry about anything, I’ll take you into my concubine after I’ve done my work.”


“Really… This kind of real milk is the first I’ve ever seen in my 42-year history… How could I not take you into my concubine?”


The courtesan blushed and tried to stop her defiant hand.

It was completely allowed by her body.

Hehe, yes yes… Keep quiet.”

Comrade Dohwi, Jang Gul, began to let out a sinister smile.

It was because her permission filled her excitement.


Zhang Jie stretched out her hand and untied her gisaeng’s jacket.


Then, her voluptuous breasts appeared in front of her.

“It’s wonderful.”

Seeing this, Jang-geol sighed in admiration.

It was because the exclamation came out of my mouth at such a beautiful sight.

After all, the girl’s breasts were the best.

It gives the viewer a sense of happiness.

“Today, I will bite and suck until milk comes out of that big udder.”

Jang Gul licked his tongue and opened his mouth.

“… Breast milk… Doesn’t come out…”

The courtesan shook her head as if she didn’t understand her nonsense and continued her words.

I’m not pregnant, so how can milk come out of my udder?

Hehe, if you’re pregnant, won’t you come out?”

“…Aiyi…Adults too…True…”

The courtesan lowered her head with her face blushing.

It was because I was ashamed of the blatant obscenity.
Hehe, then where…”

Zhang Jie slowly stretched out his hand.

Towards her voluptuous tits.

It was the moment when history was about to be made.

“Comrade Do Commander!”


Suddenly the door opened violently and a man entered the room.

It was Ju Tae, the provincial commander.


The courtesan, who was putting her breasts out at the appearance of her extraneous man, threw out her non-reputation.

She then quickly covered her body with her arms.

And Jang-gul looked at Ju-tae, who had entered the room with an absurd expression on his face.

What the heck is this

“Here you are! I’ve been looking for you for a while!”

Ju-tae, who found such a long-haired girl, was delighted and continued her words.

“…Do Commander! How rude is this!”

And Zhang Jie, who heard that, shouted at her with a very angry face.

She thinks that she was disturbed before the work was done.

It was because of unbearable anger.

What the hell is this

She herself was clearly his boss.

But how can you intrude so rudely into your boss’ private life?

This was unacceptable in a society where public officials were so strict.

“I couldn’t help it.”

“What on earth can’t be helped! Oooh! I eat and go to the bath! Oooh! Kneading a courtesan’s nipples! Oooh! Daaaaa, a person with such a private life! Even if he invades the superior’s privacy, there’s nothing he can do about it.” Where the hell is this!”

Jang-geol began to raise his voice even more, as if his anger was not resolved.

Because his behavior was completely incomprehensible.

Even if I get down on my knees right now and beg, it won’t be enough

Do you mean to be so shameless?

“This is the call of the King of Light.”

The provincial commanding officer, Ju-tae, spoke in a calm tone.

“They told me to come out right away.”


Zhang Jie, who heard Zhu Tai’s words, closed his mouth tightly and fell silent.

It was because the answer was completely unexpected.

Did the hardened lord find him?

What the hell does this mean

Wasn’t she the one who was consistent with indifference no matter what she did?

Juseom Juseom

Soon, Jang-gul began to pick up and put on the clothes that were scattered on the floor.

“Keuhmm…Keuhmm…If that’s the case…Shouldn’t I have told you in advance…Ahm…If the monarch…Calls…I have to go…As a subject. .”

While muttering as if to make excuses.

And the provincial commanding officer Joo-tae stared at Jang-geol, who was quickly changing his posture.

With a very pitiful gaze.


I spread my palm full of rice grains.

Cock cock cock cock

Then one of the pigeons quickly began to play with its beak.

It’s like trying to eat more than one grain.

“Is it that delicious?”

The woman who looked at such a dove began to shed a deep smile on her lips.

It was because the pigeon eating the grains of rice seemed very cute to her.

“Eat slowly, you might get sick.”

Talk talk

Soon the woman began tapping her dove’s head.

Coo coo

Then the dove began to make a pleasant cry.

She didn’t seem to mind the woman’s petting.

How long has it been like that

Smart smart smart smart

Suddenly, the sound of knocking on the door began.

“Come in.”

Hearing that, the woman slowly opened her mouth.


Then, with the sound of hinges engaging, the door slowly began to open.

Then two men appeared.

They were Do Commander Jang Gul and Do Commander Choo Tae.

“Meet the monarch!”

“Meet the monarch!”

The two of them bowed and greeted each other very politely.


Then, the woman in the room, Lord Gyeonghwa, continued in a calm tone.

“It seems that the construction is quite busy, it seems that it has been quite a while since I called…”

“Sorry..Sorry! I went out without knowing how to make a call..Time has been delayed..”

Do Commander Jang Gul continued with a contemplative face.

“She has nothing to be sorry for, she is the one who suddenly called.”

King Gyeonghwa waved his hand and continued.

After all, it was his own fault for suddenly calling her.

It’s not something to apologize for separately.

“…I have something to ask.”

At that time, Ju-tae, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

“Ask me.”

“May I ask why… You summoned us?”

Ju-tae threw a question with a curious expression on his face.

“Because I have something to tell you.”

“..What the heck… What words…?

“I guess I’ll have to move separately from you guys.”


After hearing Lord Gyeonghwa’s words, the two asked back with a surprised look on their faces.

Do you have to move

What the hell does that mean

“So it is.”

King Gyeonghwa continued with a calm tone.

“No, lord…That…Suddenly…What do you mean?…Moving independently?…”

Do Commander Joo-tae asked with an expression that did not seem to understand.

Because she couldn’t quite figure out her intentions.

“I have to go delivery.”


“It is.”

King Hwahwa shook his head and replied.

Upon hearing this, Jutae and Janggeol began to make incomprehensible expressions.

Because the meaning became more and more obscure.

What the hell

Where do you mean delivery?

“That… Can’t we go together?”

Jiang Jie asked her with her anxious expression.

Currently, they were in her position under her protection.

If she and her separated, her danger could not but increase.

“There was a request to send it by express. If I go with you, it will take too long.”

King Gyeonghwa continued with a calm expression on his face.


Zhang Jie began to plead with her.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be in any danger now.”

The hard currency lord shook his head from side to side and opened his mouth.


The two asked back with a stupid expression on their faces.

“They say all the traitors in the imperial family have been caught.”

“If you’re talking about all the traitors in the imperial family… Are you talking about Wi Guk-hyeon and… Yu Joong-ki… Yang Gyeong!?”

Jiang Jie asked her back with her surprised expression on her face.

“That’s right. They say Yang Gyeong is dead, and Wi Guk-hyeon and Yu Jung-ki are imprisoned with the Danjeon in ruins.”

“Then…You said you were doing delivery…?”

Ju-tae asked her with an enlightened look on her face.

“Isn’t there one more traitor left?”

Lord Gyeonghwa continued with a cold smile.

And Ju-tae’s eyes, facing that dizzying smile, began to tremble.

It was because the coldness of the north wind wrapped around his whole body.
“The leader of the Five Command Departments, Seol Soo-beom, the left-handed leader.”

The hard currency lord opened his mouth in a calm and subdued voice.

“She will deliver him. She is in front of the execution table in the imperial palace.”

Her eyes began to glow coldly.



A man heavily armed with thick armor and various weapons was standing with his eyes closed.

With a very comfortable expression.

‘Is he crazy?’

Ha Do-il, the governor of Nangbang, watched the man with a shocked expression.

It was because the crazy image of sleeping while standing in a heavily armed state felt very fresh and crazy.

How is such a skill possible?

Even clothes are cumbersome, so it was human beings to take them off when sleeping and lie down to sleep.

But how can he fall asleep while wearing the same armament that looks like it will go out to hundreds of pounds?

Standing there too.

‘They say that at the level of a left thief, he can only be a psychopath… That’s right.’

He thought.

After all, a high-ranking official can do it only when he is half out of his mind.

It was when she was worried about the mental head of the man in front of her eyes.

Thump thump thump

Then someone started knocking on the door.


Startled by the sound, Hadoil quickly turned his head away.

Then he headed straight for the door.


And immediately opened the door.

Then a familiar figure of a man began to come into view.

It was the appearance of Lee Wan, the true sign.

[How rude is this!]

After Ha Do-il lowered his voice as much as possible, he began to reprimand Lee Wan.

[…Sorry! I urgently have something to report to the left governor…]

Lee Wan also continued with a lowered voice.

[Jwado-dok is sleeping soundly! Go away!]

]Ah…No…I have to report right now!]

[Didn’t you say you were getting a good night’s sleep! Aren’t you even listening to me?!]

Ha Do-il looked at the stubborn man and slightly raised his voice.

To him, Jwado-dok was like the sky.

But how can you disturb the sound sleep of the sky?

There couldn’t be.

[This means that Lord Gyeonghwa has come!]


Ha Do-il asked with a surprised expression on his face.

Suddenly, you’re a hardened monarch

What the hell does this mean

“What did you just say?”

Suddenly, a cold voice started ringing in their ears.

The two quickly turned their gaze to the back.

And could see

The figure of Seol Soo-beom, a leftist, staring at them with a cold gaze.

“Tell me in detail.”

Seol Soo-beom opened his mouth in a cold voice.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

I Entered the Martial Arts World.

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