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How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 193

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 193

Chapter 193 – 193. Filming (5)

Since I was young, I have lived a life of constant praise.

I was a young child who was loved by everyone, no matter where I was, and I thought that living like that was the right answer.

I want to get more praise from my teacher.

I hope my friends think of me as great.

After growing up as a calm and upright child without any accidents, an opportunity arose to make me even more proud of myself, so I took it.

As a result.

I was currently being strangled by my sister’s boyfriend.


The spit that was spat out did not fly to his face.

How did this happen?

I’m sure he must have grown uprightly without ever going astray.

Before I became independent, I always went to church as my father told me to do.

Oh, maybe it was a mistake to stop going to church after I started being an idol.

… It can’t be.

If there was a God, the world wouldn’t be so cynical.

“Why are you talking about your shoulders?”

“… Other than that, I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

Actually, I don’t even know if I did something wrong.

All I did was…, I just told my dad that the man on top of me was dirty.

The decision to kick him out of the team was all based on my father’s thoughts.

Since the player was going to be sent to another team anyway, the manager at that time decided to change him while he was still on the team.
How big is my fault in terms of proportion?

Besides, looking at what you’re doing now, it wasn’t really wrong, right?

“… “You have no idea what kind of life I lived after this thing was destroyed.”

“Well. I think I know enough to know. I wasn’t living a debauched life, rolling around with my sister and cheating on Hinami… Hehe…”

“Shut up.”

Kang Joo-hyuk, throwing away all pretense and hypocrisy, returned to the same form he had when he tried to rape me, and strangled me with eyes full of anger.

As soon as he stopped talking, he relaxed and had no trouble breathing, but his touch seemed to warn him of what he would do if he opened his mouth again.
As I glared at him, who was very angry, I sneered without removing the venom from my eyes.

“… What’s so funny?”

I am not afraid of the person who threatens me, and I continue to do so.

They laugh at him endlessly without stopping.

Until the anger filling my head becomes funny.

I snorted quietly, stretched out my arm, and placed my hand on his left shoulder.

“It’s funny, right? … “It’s not my father or the director, it’s me who is doing this.”


It’s covered with a t-shirt, but there’s definitely a scar underneath.

A long scar left from the surgery and a small scar I added on top of it.

How deep is that scar, and why would he do this to me?

Are you trying to do to me the same thing you did to my sister?

But I’m not your sister.

I won’t be able to love him like my sister even if I die or wake up.

“Do you feel relieved because I touched your daughter instead? … Her older sister has already ruined it. “Do you think the thought of destroying me makes you excited?”

“… “Why are you so upset because you can’t take criticism?”

“… Anyway, I’m getting criticized all over the internet. Because it doesn’t really hurt to get a little more from that person.”

As if he was genuinely puzzled, he looked at me provoking him and smiled.

Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s so angry about.

You’re already living too well to say that you just quit playing baseball.

He just needs to get revenge on his sister. There’s no need to mess with me either.

Why does a person who has everything he wants to want to keep me under him?

Because I’m a pretty and attractive woman?

… By that logic, all men in this world should be like Kang Joo-hyuk.

That’s not necessarily true.

“Hey, Seojia.”

“… If you don’t plan on committing a crime, get out of there. “If you’re going to strangle me, kill me now.”

“Where did the kid who was so nervous last time go? “What is it that makes you so annoyed and scared?”

“I told you. “I have nothing to lose.”

“… “If you really had nothing to lose, you shouldn’t have erased my face earlier.”

“I did the same thing as you. … You keep pornographic videos to yourself, so others can laugh at you, and I upload photos anonymously, so others can laugh at you secretly. That’s enough, there’s no need to give me a scolding scold, right?”

He looked down at me with a helpless expression on my face and placed his thick hand on my chest.

I frowned slightly at his touch, which felt more like a pain than a dirty one, and he also arched his eyebrows.

“… Are you going to rape me now? But. Why haven’t you done something before? Do you think it was so fun for me to tremble at that person? Since you don’t respond, I’m trying to do something even worse.”

“I will not. … “What fun is there in fucking you?”

“If you don’t want to do it, get out of there right away. “Just sleep.”

“Do you really want to suffer from me that much?”

“… “Don’t you think what you’re saying is strange?”

Is there any woman in the world who enjoys being raped?

In the first place, if she wanted to be raped, how could it be called rape?
When I snorted loudly at him saying something funny, he took his hand off my chest, grabbed his forehead, got down from above me, and sat down on the bed.

Then he picked up the bottle of alcohol he had put down and took a gulp, then sighed and closed his mouth.

How many minutes did the sound of exhaling last?

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no sign of him leaving, so I broke the silence first, stood up, and touched him.

“… If you’re not going to do anything, get out. Here.”

“Do you keep doing this because you want something done to me?”

“I don’t want anything to happen to me. … You are the one who wants to do something. Why are you asking me that?”


No matter what, it was always him who had malicious intentions towards me.

I have no reason to fuck with him anymore.

No matter what I do, I don’t want to be interfered with by him.

Either hide your true feelings and continue living as a celebrity, or go back to being an ordinary person and live a certain life.

It was unpleasant for him to intervene in my life.

But I couldn’t shake it off on my own.

Because he has already taken too many of my weaknesses into his hands.

If he forces himself on me…, I probably won’t be able to resist.

Honestly, I fucking hate it.

It’s disgusting.

I didn’t want to be touched by a man like that.

… But the moment you reveal it to the outside.

I knew he would be more interested in me.

“No matter what you do, you can’t report it to them. Do whatever you want. If you’re tired, please turn off. Please.”


I’m a really boring girl anyway.

If he gets rid of all the unpleasant feelings that have built up inside him, he will probably get sick of me.

Honestly, even if I think about it, Hinami is much better, right?

Why should I be interfered with by a man who has no reason to love me?

Even if I were to love you, I have no intention of accepting it.

“If you thought I would be afraid of you for the rest of my life, you were wrong. It’s okay now, so whether you break your promise or keep it, just do one thing. … “Now I’m much more scared of ordinary people walking on the street than I am of you.”

“… Was it that stressful to get some bad comments?”

“Well. “I was a little more annoyed than what he was doing at my house.”

“But. Seeing a stubborn bitch like you doing sex-related things, I thought it would be like that.”

He seemed completely astonished by my indifferent bluff, lost interest, and stood up.

After turning off the lights and turning the room pitch black.

He climbed onto the bed and took off his clothes one by one.

“… In the end, it will be like this.”

“I think I’ll cut my wrists if I leave it alone. What are you going to do?”

“Hey, what a strange misunderstanding… ?”

“Think again about what you said. … Well, you have nothing to lose? Is it okay to be raped? Do you think that sound would come out if the head was intact?”

“What is that…”

Even I was very embarrassed by Kang Joo-hyuk, who suddenly started saying strange things while taking off his clothes.

Either he gets tired of me and falls off, or he can’t bear the anger he’s been building up and spits it out.

Of course I thought it would be one of the two.

I was dumbfounded by the result of neither oatmeal nor rice, so I tried to push the man who was on top of me.

But it was so heavy that I couldn’t shake it off, so he took off all his clothes and placed his hands around my neck.

“I’m not doing this because I like you either. … “I’m doing this because if you break down mentally and go crazy, Hinami and Ha-eun will be screwed.”

“Who are you talking about? Do I look like someone who can be scolded just because I received some malicious comments?”

“The bitch who was crying and sucking dick because she was afraid of being raped suddenly starts talking about whether she rapes her or not. “If the thought doesn’t extend that far, is that a person?”


… It was quite disgusting to see a cub speak human language.

What he was saying made sense, so I couldn’t refute it either.

Of course, I’ve never even imagined suicide.

If I accidentally slip and die, people will think I committed suicide.

“… Because I have no intention of doing so. Calm down for a moment.”

“Why. … “Are you scared now that you really feel like you’re going to be raped?”

“It’s not that I’m scared, it’s that you’re mistaken…”

But I didn’t want to be raped by him for that reason.

In the first place, I just wanted him to get tired of me, not that he would pay attention.

But, it’s natural, right?

Because I am such a proud woman.

Because Seo Ji-ah is an idol who doesn’t have any flaws.

That’s why she’s interested in me, so if that breaks, she won’t be interested in me anymore…

“You could be mistaken. … “You were mistaken about me too.”

“… Yes?”

“I became trash because you mistakenly thought I was trash. … I might mistake you for a poor bitch who is mentally broken and trying to commit suicide. Isn’t that right?”


I shouldn’t even care.

Why is he.

Smiling more happily than before.

Are you looking down at me with eyes filled with joy?

I hate him from head to toe.

What do you like about it?

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

경멸하는 여자를 굴복시키는 법
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A life ruined,
and how to pay her back for ruining mine.


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