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How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 192

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise 192

Chapter 192 – 192. Filming (4)

He looks at Hinami, who is sleeping soundly in bed, and sweeps her hair to the side of her.

Well, I said a lot that I wanted to do a lot, but I didn’t expect that I would just do it once and end up exhausted.

After understanding that you must have been that tired, I get out of bed, stretch, and leave the room.

It would be nice to spend time together here… , Because then Ha-eun will be very upset when she wakes up first.

Anyway, on days when I don’t have sex, I usually sleep separately, and in many ways, it would be better to sleep alone today.

After lightly washing my crotch and quenching my throat, I laid down on the bed in my room for the first time in a while and checked my phone.

It didn’t have much meaning, it was just a routine.

As she wiped the screen with an alcohol swab before going to bed, she only thought about checking to see if there were any calls.

After waiting for the alcohol to dry, I mechanically turned the apps off and on one by one to check.

“… ?”

… I realized that my number of tweet followers had decreased by one.

I’ve seen followers decrease, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen followers decrease.

When I looked through my follower list to see what was going on, the account that existed until a moment ago suddenly disappeared.

It’s nothing else, but Seo Ji-ah’s secret account.

I searched for the account to see if he had blocked me, but it didn’t even work and the account itself disappeared.

Just in case, I logged in with a different account and searched, but it was the same.

I was so confused as to why she had such a change of heart that she suddenly deleted her account, so I lifted her head off the pillow, sat down on her bed, and sent her a DM.

-What’s going on?


Immediate answer.

It doesn’t mean I woke up and saw it, I was just touching my phone.

I thought carefully about why the child, who wasn’t sleeping and was just looking at his phone at this time, deleted his account her her her her.

If you think about it with common sense, you probably just deleted it because you got tired of it.

… If you think a little more imaginatively, you might think that he opened his account because he was afraid of getting caught.

Maybe he threatened me because he found out my identity.

-Did someone threaten you?

-No one threatens me except you

But unfortunately, I seemed to be the only man in the world who was fearless enough to threaten that woman.

If I had to add one more thing, there would be a manager who was stalking me… , It is unknown whether that person is alive or dead.

If there was some other reason than just getting tired of it, I thought it wouldn’t be a dangerous situation since I’m not a woman who can handle it so calmly.

-Okay then, just deviate in moderation

-I don’t want to hear it from you

-I don’t want to say this to you either

I sent her a DM to stop her from doing something similar again, and I felt a little reassured when she got a reply that was just like the Seo Ji-ah I knew.

Because covering up her identity and running a deviant world was not like her at all.

Without joking, I might have been more nervous than him.

Since we have already been involved in an issue, if an accident occurs, not only me but also Hinami will be hit.

In any case, I was glad that I had relieved my stress enough, and was about to turn off my phone and go to sleep.

A link came up in DM, so I put down my phone again and followed the link.


Just a close-up of the upper body.

A photo of a woman massaging her breasts through her clothes.

Of course, her face is not in the photo, and her hair is hard to see because she tied it up.

But that doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to not know who this is.

-You’re really going to be in big trouble if you do that

-It’s really funny that you said something like that after dragging two idols to a pension.

When I gave advice to Seo Ji-ah, who was posting more extreme photos on her new account, she criticized me and criticized me as if I didn’t think it was funny.

She wasn’t wrong at all, so there was no room to refute what she said, but that certainly didn’t mean that what she was doing wasn’t dangerous.

… I’m just doing it now to the point where my identity her her her her her her isn’t revealed.

No one knows how far they will fall if they are left alone in the thrill of it.

While I was wondering how to scold this bitch so that she would listen to me, I deleted the DM I was writing and jumped out of bed and walked upstairs.

“Really, there is no such thing as a child…”

I know very well that this is not what I want to say.

I really enjoy feeling that kind of thrill, and I haven’t just uploaded it, I’ve done a lot of worse things.

But there was a big difference between me doing that in the corner of my room and him doing that on the internet.

Above all, the level of public attention is completely different between then and now.

Does that woman even know how scary the world is these days?

In the past, when you told me not to take pictures with Hinami, it seemed like you knew everything.

No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed obvious that she was going crazy from stress, so I didn’t even ring her doorbell, but instead entered her door lock code and walked into her bedroom where she was staying.

“… Are you crazy?”

“I don’t know, but I thought you were crazy, so I came here for a moment.”

The clothes shown in the link earlier.

She, who was wearing the black T-shirt in her photo, was buried under her blanket, glaring at me when they came in, showing a pitiful look in her eyes.

I also gave her a pitiful look, sat down on the bed where she was lying and held out her hand.

“Give me the phone.”

“I don’t like it. “That’s not even my teacher.”

“… You really got caught doing that.”

“I guess Kang Joo-hyuk was so confident that he wouldn’t be caught that he filmed that video with his sister or Hinami?”


It’s as if it doesn’t matter even if you get caught.

On the contrary, it seemed like it was fun to see me struggling.

For a moment, I thought about taking the cell phone away from her hand as she responded harshly with a sneer on her lips.

But since I knew best that it meant nothing to her, I changed my mind and turned on the light in her her room her her her, then took a picture of her lying down and sent it to her her her DM her her her her her.

“If you’re going to keep posting, why don’t you also upload what I sent you?”


Her account so far no one has visited.

No followers, 0 followers.

In fact, she wouldn’t get into trouble for posting a picture of herself lying on her bed on such an account, but she didn’t cross the line as far as posting a picture of her face.

She frowned slightly upon hearing my provocation, fiddled with her phone a few times and uploaded her tweet.

“… “I erased her face.”

“I don’t plan on getting caught, either.”

“I guess so.”

A photo of her face being erased with a white brush.

Still, as I looked at her, who was still barely holding her line, I thought carefully about what I could do to stop this woman.

… Anyway, the reason why things go astray like this is probably because of stress.

Should I force him to drink alcohol and put him to sleep?

But that’s only for a day or two, it can’t be done every day.

“More than that, why is Kang Joo-hyuk doing this in my room in the first place? … It has nothing to do with you, right?”

“We are well connected through articles. It doesn’t matter, there are so many of them.”

“Then you didn’t care before, so you did that to me outside?”

“… “You provoked it first, right?”

“Ah yes. Well, I guess so. … From your point of view, I would have done everything wrong from beginning to end.”

As I was thinking about how to control the woman who was sprawled out on her bed and spouting out her words, I strangely ended up understanding a little of what she must have been feeling towards me.

Just as I feel like that woman is a bomb that might explode at any moment, I would have felt the same way from Seo Ji-ah’s perspective.

A relationship in which neither party has any intention of actually launching a nuclear weapon, but they tremble because they don’t know when the other party will launch a nuclear weapon.

Realizing that there was no point in taking a hard line in this dangerous relationship, I left the room and searched the refrigerator to catch my breath for a moment.

I tried to grab a can of beer or something there, but I found a bottle of wine stuck in the corner, uncorked it, took a sip, wet my lips, and returned to the bedroom.

“… What is it, suddenly?”

“Let’s stop.” “If we get into an emotional fight, I don’t think there will be an answer.”

“It’s an emotional fight. That person just came into my house and started a fight…”

“Shut up and drink.”

I open her bottle, hand her some of her wine, borrow her her, her not-yet-still drunkenness her, and paralyze her her brain her her her her.

First, erase the things you don’t like about that woman from her her her her head her her her one by one her her her, leaving only the things you need to change your impression of her her .

I let go of the fact that she was a bitch who was rude, whined, and hated me so much that she even broke her shoulder.

All she could think about was the fact that Ha-eun was a friend of Hinami’s younger sister, and that they were acquaintances who were tied up and beaten up together based on false rumors.

After suppressing her negative feelings as best as she could, she spoke to her in a voice that had a hint of alcohol in it.

“Well, I didn’t come here to pick a fight with you. I’m not doing this because I’m worried about you. “I’m doing this for my own safety.”

“You’re honest.”

“If we get caught, you and I are screwed. Hinami is also screwed. You know that too, so you weren’t mean to me back in the day. “Please stop filming.”

“… “Why did someone who knows that well have a change of heart now?”

“I had nothing to lose then, and now I have a lot to lose. Well, do I need to explain more?”

“Besides you have a lot to lose, didn’t you do something similar at the pension?”

“Fuck that, it’s because you and Hinami were fighting so hard that I took your side.”

“Well, I guess so. Because Kang Joo-hyuk is on Hinami’s side rather than me.”

As I continued the conversation as calmly as possible, Seo Ji-ah finally crawled out of the blanket and sat down on the bed, took a sip of the wine I gave her, and took a long breath.

Then, just like me, he gave off a spicy smell, looked straight at me, and spoke calmly.

“But, I don’t have much to lose either. … “You stole my sister, and you stole her friend, right?”


“Honestly, the fans don’t like it that much… , Because I earned enough money. It doesn’t really matter if you get into an accident and retire. That’s what I thought too. … “It feels like shit to argue with me.”


Words that seem to disillusion not only with me, but with humanity itself.

Her expression scrunched up as she swallowed the public attention, which was even more bitter than the bitter wine. She took another gulp and returned her bottle to me.

“Ha. … And isn’t this fucking funny too? A man who took off his clothes outside, touched him, put his dick in his mouth, took pictures, and did all kinds of shit. “You’re shaking and admonishing me. .Just because an article broke the news.”


“Do you have a lot to lose, really? There are a lot of excuses. … It’s just that that side is also scary. “Getting scaled by people.”

Then he looked at me with laughable eyes and laughed at me.

He put the returned bottle to her mouth and drank some more wine, then flopped down on her pillow and stretched out her hands to the ceiling.

“Why are you so afraid of being criticized when you do things that others will criticize you for? … Are you an idiot?”

“… “What are you afraid of, me?”

“You’re doing this because you’re afraid of being branded by the whole world as ‘the guy who messed with Seo Ji-ah.’ “It was nice when I actually touched it, but the thought of getting criticized makes me scared. ?”

“I’ve never been afraid of something like that.”

“It’s true even if it’s just that. … “If you’re not afraid of that, why are you pretending to be an adult now?”

I put my outstretched hand to my cheek and caressed my flushed cheek a few times.

She held out her warm hand to me, raised her middle finger straight up, and laughed to her, accusing me of being a coward.

“Get out of my room right now. … “They’re not interested in me anyway, right?”


“You’re only interested in my name, job, and body. Because it’s disgusting to even pretend to care now… “Get out now.”

She criticizes me in a harsh manner and looks at her smiling heartily.

I took a swig of the wine in my hand.

Grabbing her her her her her her slightly intoxicated head her her her.

… I got up from my seat and locked the door.

“Why do you think I’m not interested in you?”

“Because they fucking hate me. … I understand. My shoulder was actually broken.”

After that, I put down the bottle with the remaining wine glistening on the floor.

“… “Hating it and not being interested are two different things.”

I get on top of her who is staring at me.

She placed her hands around her delicate neck.


Seo Ji-a felt her breathing becoming slightly heavier.

Trigon stretched her face a little more towards me,


… He spat out spit full of the scent of alcohol.

Because she couldn’t even spit it out very far.

She buried it in her t-shirt

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

How to Subdue a Woman You Despise

경멸하는 여자를 굴복시키는 법
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A life ruined,
and how to pay her back for ruining mine.


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