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How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 34

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 34

Chapter 34 – Episode 34. Withdrawal Symptoms (4)

Early morning, just after midnight, before the sun has even risen.

Su-ah woke up with an unusual feeling.

She felt the warm body temperature surrounding her own body.

When she slowly opened her eyes, the image of a man hugging her came into view.

Surprised, Su-ah hurriedly got away from the man.

‘What? What kind of man…’

She calmed her pounding heart and looked closely at the man who was lying next to her.

I was able to see her face thanks to her dim mood light.

The man’s identity was his son, Seonwoo.

‘Why is Sunwoo next to me…?’

At that time, memories of yesterday flashed through Su-ah’s mind like a panorama.

Masturbating while smelling Sunwoo’s panties.

Seonwoo witnessed that scene.

And then Seonwoo attacked him.


I wish it were all a dream.

Although she would end up being a lustful woman who dreams of having sex with her son.

Even so, if she just kept hiding herself, nothing would have happened.

Because she was used to suppressing herself and living.
I wish it was all just a dream, even this moment when Sunwoo is sleeping next to me…

However, the tingling pain in my lower abdomen that still remained told me that this was reality.


Since Su-ah woke up in surprise, Seon-woo also seemed to wake up.

“… Ah.”

Su-ah, who belatedly realized she was naked, pulled the blanket over her and covered herself before Seon-woo opened her eyes.

However, because the blanket was pulled, Sunwoo’s naked body was exposed.

Sunwoo’s strong body was seen hidden under the blanket.

… It’s smaller now, but the big, hard thing that roughed up my insides last night has also been revealed.

‘It’s still cold…’

Su-ah, who was worried that Seon-woo might catch a cold, wrapped the surrounding blanket just enough to barely cover her chest and covered Seon-woo’s body with the rest.

Seon-woo now fully opened his eyes and was looking at Su-ah.

‘What should I say…’

Suah’s mind was a mess.

While Su-ah was wondering what to say, Seon-woo spoke first.

“Soo-ah, I like you.”

Seon-woo smiled softly and held Su-ah’s hand.

“I am confident that I will be responsible for my sister in the future.”

But Su-ah’s face hardened after hearing Sun-woo’s words.

… Responsibility.

After thinking for a moment, Su-ah lowered his head and avoided Seon-woo’s gaze.

“Seonwoo, I… I don’t want to make you responsible for me.”

“… Yes?”

This time, Sunwoo’s face hardened.

“What happened yesterday was a mistake, it was wrong.”

“I’ll forget everything that happened yesterday… I hope you’ll forget it too, Sunwoo.”

“… I’m really sorry.”

Su-ah got up from her seat and put on her clothes.

Su-ah, who was wearing only pajamas and not even her underwear, picked up Sun-woo’s clothes and handed them to him.

“… Go back to your room.”

Seon-woo was pushed out of the room with a blank face as Su-ah led him.

Even the moment the door closed, Seonwoo had a blank expression on his face.

The door closed with a bang and Su-ah collapsed on the spot.

Sunwoo, you are like my son…

Even though I didn’t give birth to you because my stomach hurt, I really thought of you as my son.

How surprised I was to see you lying in front of the door alone in the cold winter.

Ever since I brought you home that day, I promised myself that I would become your parent on your behalf…

I wanted to be a parent who could provide strong support to Seon-woo, who seemed to be in danger.

But no matter how much time passed, Sunwoo, you never leaned on me.

… Maybe it was because I wasn’t trustworthy.

But instead of supporting you, all I did was tempt Seonwoo with ridiculous reasons.

I didn’t want to become a shackle that held Seonwoo’s ankles, even though I couldn’t support and help him who had a bright future ahead of him.

Su-ah covered his face with both hands and lowered his head as the feeling of self-destruction overtook him.

… Come to your senses, Han Su-ah.

You decided to become Sunwoo’s parents.

You are a mother before you are a woman.

You’ve been living like that for decades.

I have to behave well, not just for Sunwoo’s sake, but for the sake of my entire family.

Su-ah, who had been sitting down for a while, got up and headed to the bathroom.

Turning on her shower, she began to remove the traces of last night’s intense lovemaking from her body.

The lower part of her body was covered with a lot of lewd fluid from her own body.
Her own lower abdomen and breasts were also sprinkled with Seonwoo’s semen.

Just as if I wash away the traces of last night, the memories of yesterday will also be completely erased.

Su-ah diligently washed her body.

However, the traces of the affair and the lingering pain in my lower abdomen continued to remind me of the ecstatic memories of yesterday.

In her life she had never felt such pleasure.

It felt as if my entire body was melting, bleaching my memories and turning me into a beast that only chased pleasure.

Su-ah slapped her cheek with both hands.

… Come to your senses.

It took a long time for Su-ah to wash herself before coming out of her bathroom.


I stood blankly in front of Su-a’s door for a long time.

It wasn’t until I got a slight chill and started shaking that I went back to my room.

Among the clothes that Su-a had brought for her, she wore only her underwear and lay down on her bed.

The words Su-ah said earlier lingered in her head.

I don’t want to take responsibility.

It was a mistake, it was wrong.

Please forget.


Seonwoo sighed deeply.

Didn’t Su-ah want me too?

So wasn’t she masturbating while smelling my body odor?

When she woke up earlier, she even thought about going to the second round with Su-ah…

Instead of going to the second game, he was kicked out.

I was lying dazedly on the bed, thinking about what happened earlier, and then I fell asleep.

When I fell asleep this time, I had a dream for the first time in a long time.

It was a dream, but I couldn’t do anything, like I was being held down by scissors.

The content of the dream was similar to the last time.

Today too, Sihyeon was on top of me and shaking her hips.

However, if there was something different from usual, it felt like I was more into dick today and couldn’t come to my senses.

Sihyeon was laying down on top of me, moving only her waist vigorously and getting fucked by my dick.

Although I couldn’t see the lower body from the viewpoint, I could tell that the lower body was actively moving by listening to the snapping sound.

Today I realized it was a dream even before I woke up.

The reason I was able to realize this was because Sihyeon, who was lying on top of me, had small breasts.

The last time I saw you at the swimming pool, your breasts were much bigger than these.

Perhaps because it was a vision in a dream, he was showing off a charm that I couldn’t normally imagine.

It looked like a puppy, rubbing its face against my cheek and licking its neck.

In the meantime, the lower body moved steadily, and soon the feeling of ejaculation began to rise.

The moment I was about to ejaculate, I woke up from my dream.

When I woke up from my dream, I immediately checked the inside of my panties.

Today too, my dick and panties were clean and spotless.


I breathed a sigh of relief and went straight into the bathroom to take a shower.

I felt uncomfortable because I overlapped with Su-ah yesterday and didn’t even wash.

While I was taking a shower, a question suddenly occurred to me.

‘But yesterday, while having sex with Su-ah, there must have been a lot of love juice, so why is the bottom clean?’

But as I thought about my sister Su-ah for a moment, yesterday’s worries came back to me one by one.

Responsibility, fault, mistake.

Mistake… Mistake…

No matter how much I thought about it, it didn’t seem like Su-ah had any feelings for me at all.

Otherwise, there’s no way you could masturbate while smelling my panties.

Because Su-ah wasn’t the kind of lascivious woman who got horny for any man.

After washing up in the bathroom and returning to my room, I opened the dresser for the first time in a long time.

I took out a scented candle that had not been used for a while, hidden deep in the drawer.


I returned home a little early this evening.

Today, I originally had a meeting with the group project team members, but after asking for their understanding, I returned early.

Because of that, I made a promise to buy food next time, but that was a minor thing.

When I arrived home, there was no one in the living room.

It seemed that Su-a had already finished dinner and returned to her room.

I quickly went into my room and took off my bag and coat.

Then I took out the scented candle from the drawer and went back down to the first floor.

I burst into Su-a’s room without even knocking.

“Oh my! Seonwoo. Why are you here.?”

Su-a’s hair was still wet, as if she had just come out of the shower.

Unfortunately, she was not only wearing underwear, she was already wearing pajamas.

I calmly spoke to Su-ah.

“I came back early today, so I’d like to give you my first massage in a while.”

Su-a turned her head and avoided my gaze.

“… Seonwoo, it’s okay if you don’t give me a massage anymore. Thank you so much so far.”

As expected, Su-a was refusing even my massage.

“Sister, you said what happened yesterday was a mistake, right?”

“… I asked you to forget about yesterday.”

“So what happens if mistakes continue?”


Su-a’s sister frowned and seemed to ask what she was talking about.

I paid no heed to it and spoke to Su-ah.

“Soo-ah, it’s [Time to get a massage].”

Upon hearing her keyword, Sua’s eyes immediately darkened.

“Actually, I didn’t want to do this either.”

“Yesterday, even if my sister was a little troubled or even if she slightly rejected me, I kept trying to approach her.”

“But you pushed me away so firmly.”

“It doesn’t seem like he doesn’t have any feelings at all, but why are you pushing him away…”

“After thinking about it, I thought it was because Su-ah couldn’t be honest.”

“So, I’m going to help Su-ah a little bit so that she can be a little more honest.”

I lit a scented candle and placed it on the table.

“I think it’s going to be a bit of a long night today.”

I slowly approached Su-ah, who still had cloudy eyes.

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

최면으로 그녀들을 함락시키는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
While running errands, I was drawn to a strange scent and entered a store I had never seen before. The scented candles I bought from the owner of the shop had a secret.


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