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How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 102

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 102

Chapter 102 – Episode 102. Detection?

After telling everything to Su-ah, I felt a little lighter.

Although he revealed the secret and entered into a legal, two-legged relationship, his daily life with Su-ah did not change dramatically.

Sometimes, when we make eye contact at home, we exchange affectionate glances,

Before Su-ah went to work, she gave a brief hug and a brief kiss.

It was a minor change, but little by little, she felt her bond with sister Su-ah deepening.

Rather, it was Si-eun who changed.

Si-eun’s skinship became more and more bold.

“Oppa! Let’s go to the convenience store with me.”

“… Just say it with words.”

She would often jump in and be hugged from the front or from behind,

“Ehehe. I heard this is the most comfortable as expected?”


When my family is watching TV, he ignores me and lies down on my thigh,

“… Side! Ehehehe.”

“Hey, you…!”

While Sihyeon looked away from her for a moment, he kissed her,

“Are you okay, little one?”

“You’re really crazy…”

She even put her hand over his pants and touched his cock.

It is said that she did it secretly when Sihyeon wasn’t looking, but there were some moments that made her heart sink.

It is said that Si-hyeon did not see her kissing or touching her dick, but whenever she came into my arms, Si-hyeon would always nag me to do it in moderation, but he did not say anything.

After just looking at Si-eun, she just went about doing what she was doing.

I couldn’t stand Si-eun’s skinship, which became bolder day by day, so I called her to my room.

“Oppa, what’s going on?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know that?”

“Ugh. Si-eun, you don’t know.?”

Si-eun tried to get away with a cute smile, but she had no luck.

“What are you going to do if you get caught by Sihyeon or start to get suspicious?”

“… No… That’s…”

Si-eun, who hesitated for a moment and could not speak, suddenly raised her voice as if she was upset.

“No, my sister is pissing me off!”

“What is Sihyeon?”

“Did you see the look in my sister’s eyes when I was with my brother?”

“Uh. Wasn’t he just calm?”

“No? She just looks at me like she feels sorry for me? That really pisses me off!”

“… So is it still like that?”

“Now there are two of us, including my mom! But when my sister looks at me like that, I’m done…”

“You don’t know Sihyeon.”

“Yes, but…”

“It’s still like this now, can I stay with Sihyeon later?”

“No… That’s that and this is this… Just because we’re bickering doesn’t mean we’re on bad terms… Being upset is being upset, but wanting to be together is another thing…”


“… I understand! I’ll restrain myself a bit from now on…”

“If you get caught already, you and I will be in trouble. So let’s be a little more careful.”

“… Yes.”

After making that promise, Si-eun returned to her room.

… But her promise was not properly kept.

Si-Hyeon still reacted indifferently even when Si-Eun was attached to me, but on the other hand, when Si-Eun was attached to me, she got in the way.

I had no choice but to call Si-eun into the room once again.

“… Ehehe, isn’t it easy to hold back.?”


“No… My sister… Saw how I looked and felt sorry for me and clung to my brother… This was even more unbearable…”

“… Is that really all there is?”

“… Actually…”

Si-eun lowered his head and shook his legs.

“… I know it won’t happen, but… I felt a little uneasy when I saw her hanging out with my older brother and older sister. It felt like she was going to go out with her older sister…”

“… I couldn’t do that…”

“I know! I know! … Still…”

When I found out that Si-eun’s behavior, which I thought was just grumpy, was caused by her anxiety, I felt a little sad.

“Besides, my mom and sister were seduced by her older brother, but I’m obsessed with my older brother… I always come to their room too…”

Because she lowered her head, Si-eun’s face was not visible, but her voice became more and more subdued.

“Every time I approach you, I get the feeling that maybe you don’t find me attractive…”

Si-eun was still wiggling her legs with her head down.

Sure, she and Si-eun often had secret relationships at night, but she was always the one that Si-eun came to visit.

… But that’s because Si-eun couldn’t go because the room right next to hers was Si-hyeon’s.

She didn’t bother to say anything and instead hugged Si-eun.

“I see. Then should I come visit you from now on?”

“… My room and my sister’s room are next to each other, so I can’t because I’ll get caught.”

… I knew it.

Still, the reason I say this is that I was so anxious.

“Even so, you can’t just ignore the fact that I’m not attracted to you, right?”


“I’m holding back a lot too.”

“Chi, what can you tolerate…”

“Do you know how much I endure every time you show yourself defenseless?”

“… Are you showing it on purpose?”

“Was that something like that? Then you don’t have to endure it?”

“… I guess so.”

Si-eun was pouting, but I felt like she was feeling a lot more relaxed than before.

“Look at me now, I always dress like this.”

Si-eun was wearing dolphin pants that were thin, with her underwear slightly rolled up and all of her thighs visible.

I lifted Si-eun and placed her between my legs.

Then she put one hand inside her t-shirt and the other inside her pants.

She expertly took off her bra and put her hands inside and touched her soft breasts.

With her other hand, she reached into her panties and rubbed her fingers between the plump flesh of her pussy.


Si-eun’s warm body temperature and soft skin made me want to hug her like this all the time.

I lightly pinched Si-eun’s sensitive nipples and rubbed her clit.

Then, Si-eun, who had already been tamed by my hand, quickly went away.

“Yeah. Tsk…!”

“Be prepared because from now on, I won’t tolerate you whenever you show yourself defenseless.”

“Huh, huh. I tried it…”

Si-eun got up from her seat and left my room, her legs shaking slightly.

After that, I started harassing Si-eun whenever I got the chance.

“Ahhh…!.. Ahhhhh…”

“Shh, you have to be quiet, right?”

“Ugh… Ugh…!”

I lifted Si-eun’s short shorts, who were lying on the sofa, and put my hand through her slit and rubbed her clit, then inserted my finger into her soaked pussy and explored inside of her.

Sihyeon was making coffee in the kitchen, but she couldn’t see what I was doing because she was covered by the sofa.

She knew very well where and how Si-eun liked to be touched, so she just touched Si-eun a little with her fingers and Si-eun fluttered away.

I poured the pussy juice soaked on her hand into Si-eun’s mouth, cleaned up after her, and stood up from her place.

Not only that, she did even worse things when Sihyeon wasn’t around.

While sitting in the kitchen with Si-eun, her lips looked so soft.

“Suck it.”

“. Huh?”

I just unzipped my pants and took out my dick through the gap.

Just like that, I pulled Si-eun’s face with my dick.

Soon, Si-eun took her dick in her mouth and started sucking it with all her heart.

“Uuuuu really…”

I liked the feeling of Si-eun’s warm mouth along with the slightly sticky feel of Yoplait.

She felt better than she expected and wanted to enjoy it for a little longer, but she was too lazy to stay like this in the kitchen.

I couldn’t hold back and just ejaculated into Si-eun’s mouth.

“Uuuuu… Gulp… Gulp…”

Si-eun eagerly swallowed her semen that poured out along with the yogurt in her mouth.

At that time, Sihyeon came down from the second floor.

I quickly took Si-eun off and put her dick into her pants.

Thanks to Si-eun’s careful sucking, her dick was clean.

“Have you seen my hair tie?”

Si-eun could not give her answer as she had not yet swallowed much of the semen in her mouth.

So instead of answering, she shook her head from side to side.

“What, what were you eating?”

Si-eun swallowed and answered, barely swallowing all the semen in her mouth.

“… Oh, I was eating Yoplait. Would you like some too?”

“Is there a plain?”

“No, it only tastes like strawberry?”

“That’s enough.”

Sihyeon went back up to the second floor.


Only after Sihyeon’s appearance disappeared was I able to sigh.

It almost caused something big… But honestly, it felt a little thrilling.

At first, I did it because I wanted to match Si-eun’s rhythm and make her feel better, but gradually I started to enjoy this breathtaking feeling.

Of course, not only me but Si-eun has also done similar things to me.

Like pulling my hand and touching my breasts without even wearing a bra.

Climbing on my thighs and rubbing my butt.

Or he would suck her fingers as carefully as if he was sucking her dick.

As Si-eun and I continued to play, our ‘prank’ became more and more dangerous.

Meanwhile, a weekend date with Sihyeon was scheduled.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I felt that there was someone under the blanket.

‘… What is it?’

Before I knew who it was, my pants were taken off, and I felt a warm feeling surrounding my cock, which had a morning erection.

It felt like I was sucking a dick with my mouth inside the blanket.

It seemed like the culprit was Si-eun, who had been trying to steal semen from yesterday when she said she was going on a date with Si-hyeon.

‘I could have done this by last night. Do I have to do this by morning?’

Although I thought it was a little excessive, the fellatio I received when I woke up felt quite good.

I couldn’t see what I was doing because I was doing it under the blanket, but it actually seemed a little worse.

I put my hand under the blanket and stroked the head that was sucking my cock.

Soon the feeling of ejaculation came, and I just pulled his head and plunged my dick deep into it.

“Ah… Si-eun, I’m going to cum.”

As the cock entered my throat, I felt a slight resistance, but Si-eun liked to force it, so I deliberately pushed it deeper.

It felt good to suck a dick while my throat got tighter than usual.

The semen was poured not into the mouth but through the throat and down the esophagus, and Si-eun eagerly swallowed the semen, gulping it down.

In the morning, she felt refreshed and took off her blanket.

“Wasn’t it stuffy? Are you okay?”

When she lifted the blanket, her face was revealed.

“… Jjook.”

Inside the blanket, Sihyeon with an expressionless face was looking at me with her mouth removed from the dick.

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

최면으로 그녀들을 함락시키는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
While running errands, I was drawn to a strange scent and entered a store I had never seen before. The scented candles I bought from the owner of the shop had a secret.


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