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How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 101

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis 101

Chapter 101 – Episode 101. Independent


I woke up, got up from the bed and looked around her.

I saw a messy bed and Su-ah and Si-eun hugging each other.

“Yes, nya.”

Si-eun was in Su-a’s arms, burying her face in her chest.

Si-eun smiling happily in the warm and cozy arms of Su-a.

She was even massaging Su-ah’s breasts with both hands.

‘… That seat was originally mine…’

For some reason, I felt for a moment as if Si-eun had lost Su-a.

After covering Su-a and Si-eun with a blanket, I got up from the bed and checked the time.

Fortunately, it wasn’t that late, and it was just time for dinner.

As I was organizing the clothes that had been taken off, Su-a and Si-eun also woke up.

“Umm. Did Sunwoo wake up?”

“Yes. Would you like to sleep more?”

“No, I’m sorry I only had to clean up Sunwoo.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Sieun, you should wake up soon, right?”

“Uuuuu can’t you just stay like this a little longer?”

“She’s acting a lot silly today. My daughter?”

“Ehehehe… It’s been a while since I slept with my mom.”

“But I have to let go now, right?”

“… Oh.”

The two, who had been fighting over the chest for a while, stood up.

“Ugh. I feel uncomfortable. Oppa, shall we wash first?”

“… Can’t I wash too?”

“No. Today, I’m going to shower alone with my mom!”


I looked over to see what Su-ah’s opinion was.


“Mom, let’s take a shower alone with me, okay? I have something to talk about with you alone.”

“… I’m sorry, Sunwoo. Furthermore, I’ll wash up quickly and come out, so can you wait a moment?”

“Did you hear? Can’t you come in?”

When Si-eun hugged her and looked up, Su-ah quickly passed away.

Unfortunately, I was unable to wash with Si-eun and Su-ah.

While the three of us were washing up, we imagined various things…

In front is Su-a, and in the back is Si-eun. Or something like Woo Si-eun.

I wanted to apply body wash and be surrounded by slippery, soft bodies…

Because of Si-eun, my plan went to waste.

While the two of us went to take a shower, I sat on the bed and watched TV blankly.

Occasionally, Si-eun’s voice cackling along with the sound of water could be heard inside.

“Ehehe. Mom~”

“Ah. Si-eun. No,. Stop… Ah.!”

… There was also a strange sound that wouldn’t have been made when washing normally.

Just the sound and silhouette seen beyond the glass bathroom made my dick erect.

I was very curious about what was going on inside.

I wanted to go in too, but I held back.

Soon Si-eun and Su-a came out after washing up, and I was left to wash alone.

For dinner, I simply ordered delivery food.

Si-eun’s opinion was that eating delivery food was a hassle to go out, and she wanted to stay like this with her mom more.

Su-a’s sister was hugging Si-eun without even being able to put on her clothes at Si-eun’s request.

I also wanted to be held in Su-ah’s warm arms…

However, the sight of Si-eun and Su-ah hugging was quite nice to see, so I decided to endure it today.

So, after eating delivery food at the motel and watching a drama on TV for a while, we returned home.


When Sihyeon came home from work, there was no one at home.

Normally, Si-eun would have stayed at home, but today there was a text message saying she went out with her mom.

Sihyeon, who received the text message, ate dinner outside before returning.

Sihyeon must have had dinner too. After a quick shower, Sihyeon came out and settled down on the sofa in the living room.

And I watched the drama I usually watch.

The drama that Sihyeon watched was a pure melodrama.

Unlike other dramas, it wasn’t that provocative, but there was a charm in watching the banter between the main characters that tickled my heart in a strange way.

In the past, while watching that drama, I had hoped that Si-hyeon and Sun-woo would be like that, but now that they are in a real romantic relationship, I am so happy.

After the drama ended, Sihyeon took out her cell phone.

And she looked into the houses that are currently on the market.

I wasn’t planning on leaving the house right now, but…

Still, I planned to become independent of this house someday.

“What size would be good…”

If you live alone, it might not be that big.

Sihyeon put down her phone for a moment and fell into her imagination.

A spacious house for living alone. Si-hyeon lives there with Seon-woo.

I imagined being independent with Sunwoo and living in a newlywed house.

Should we each use our own rooms?

Anyway, I’m going to share the same bed someday, but this time…?

Then you and Sunwoo sleep together in the same bed and wake up together.?

It was great when I went on a 2-day, 1-night trip last time…

Ah, but Sunwoo was so active…

Could it be that you do it every day? Can my body endure?

It’s so different from when I do it alone…

I thought I was confident in my physical strength… Should I exercise more?

When Seon-woo gets a job later, I wonder if we will commute together.

Uh, but what if Sunwoo often has to work overtime?

I want to see Sunwoo longer…

Anyway, even if I earn alone, it’s more than enough for the two of us to live on, so why not just stay at home?

Sihyeon was alone in her delusion with a smile on her face.

‘But the premise is that Sunwoo leaves the house together…’

At that time, the three who had gone out came back with the sound of the front door opening.

“Sister~ Are you home?”

“Sieun, did you go out with your mom too?”

“Yeah~ The three of us had fun today!”


At that time, something caught Sihyeon’s eyes.

“But did you wash outside? Your hair wasn’t dry enough?”

“… We went to a sauna today! It was so much fun, let’s join you next time!”

“Would you like to go together? … Okay, I’ll try again next time.”

“… I’m tired, so I’ll go to my room first.?”

“Good night~”

While Si-eun and Si-hyeon were talking, Su-a walked into her room a little quickly.

The three remaining in the living room talked for a while and then returned to their respective rooms.



After entering the room, I took a breath.

“I almost got into big trouble…”

Her heart sank at Sihyeon’s suspicions.

Starting from this small suspicion, her heart was anxious that her current relationship might be discovered.

Fortunately, I was able to get over it thanks to Si-eun’s wit.

Meanwhile, I thought of Si-eun, who looked at me with meaningful eyes and said that we should do it together next time.

… Did they mean that the four of us should do it next time?

Dealing with the two of them today was quite daunting, but if Sihyeon is added…

It felt like I had to squeeze out beyond the floor and into the basement.

“It seems like my energy is increasing day by day, but I need to look into nutritional supplements first.”

While I was searching for nutritional supplements said to be good for men, such as zinc, on my smartphone, I heard a knocking sound.

“Seonwoo, can I come in?”

“Oh, sister. Come in.”

The person who came to the room was Sihyeon.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s nothing special.”

Sihyeon naturally sat next to me and talked about various things.

It was about the current situation, such as whether you had fun with your mom today, how going to college was, and whether it was difficult to go to and from school.

But it didn’t seem like Sihyeon came to talk about this at this time.

I felt like I was going in circles because I couldn’t get to the point.

“I’m tired, but… Can’t we talk about this tomorrow?”

“Ah… Actually, that’s not it…”

Sihyeon seemed to finally get to the point.

“Well… I’m going to be independent of home now.”

“… Really?”

It seemed like what Si-eun said was true.

“When are you going to leave?”

“I haven’t decided exactly yet. I’m planning to go out, right?”

“… But why are you suddenly leaving? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay with your family?”

“… That’s true, but…”

For me, it was best to spend time together like this.

If… Everything goes well, we’ll end up living together, so I didn’t want to be torn apart like this.

“We can’t continue to live together like this. You, me, … And Si-eun. It would be nice if I could stay with my family, but… In the end, we all have to live our own lives.”


“So, by the way… If I become independent in the future… Will you live with me?”

In the end, Sihyeon’s main point was whether we should become independent together.

I remembered Si-eun’s words, asking if you would abandon your mother and me and go out and live with Si-hyeon.


I tried to answer right away, saying it wouldn’t work, but Sihyeon’s expression as she waited for the answer looked so pitiful.

It reminded me of Sihyeon when she was having a hard time in the past, so I couldn’t refuse.

… It’s not like I’m going to leave right away anyway.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Do you… Don’t want to live with me?”

“Why would I not like living with my sister? It’s not that… It would cost a lot of money to find a house… And I don’t have any money…”

“I’ll find a house. Just bring your luggage.”

“… And although the word is independent and cohabitation, it is still not too early to live with just the two of us.”

“Uh, anyway… Someday… When we get married, we’ll live together. We still live together now with the feeling of living together beforehand, but living alone is a different feeling.”

I tried making various excuses, but Sihyeon was more persistent than I thought.

At the end, she spoke in gibberish, but I couldn’t understand it properly.

However, those desperate-looking eyes showed how sincere Sihyeon was.

“. Okay! Because I understand. It’s a bit too sudden, but give me some time to think about it.”

When Si-hyeon stopped talking in the middle, he came to his senses.

“… Oh, it was too sudden, right? Think about it and then answer.”

After finishing the story, Sihyeon returned to her room.

I lay in bed and thought about the future.

The problem between Su-a and Si-eun has been resolved, but what should Si-hyeon do?

Ah, I’m graduating now, but I also need to get a job…

I should have prepared more when I had time…

What if I get a job far from home?

Ah, how can I refuse Sihyeon…

Wouldn’t it be okay to live with Sihyeon and come back here only on the weekends?

I tossed and turned, thinking about various things and worrying, and then fell asleep.

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

How to Conquer Them With Hypnosis

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While running errands, I was drawn to a strange scent and entered a store I had never seen before. The scented candles I bought from the owner of the shop had a secret.


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