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FFF Class Femme Hunter 353

FFF Class Femme Hunter 353

Chapter 353 – Chapter 353 – Asuka (5)

The memory of me writing the letter while thinking hard passes by vaguely.
I’m not sure what exactly it is.
As much as I enjoyed writing that letter, it seemed certain.

‘Memories of the future…?’

Come to think of it, the hero said he could see the future.
Maybe that’s what you meant by that feeling.
…I don’t know why it’s so fun.

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.
I’m just in the middle of writing the letter I’m preparing now.
Wasn’t that right before I was even kidnapped?

It’s hard to believe that he’s about to be kidnapped.
I’m not sure exactly what you’re thinking.
It’s probably something related to the warrior.

“Yes yes?”
“Are you okay? You suddenly look blank.”
“Oh, it’s okay. It’s just that I’ve been thinking a lot.”
“I’m sorry. I came out of nowhere and talked too much.”

To be honest, it’s true that it’s a little disconcerting.
Right now, this week’s resistance fund management is also busy.
When you hear a story about saving the world, you probably do.


In the end, that’s what fulfills the resistance’s purpose of existence.
It’s something I had to do from the beginning.
If you think so, it’s something to be thankful for.

A long-cherished wish that seemed impossible to finish in our generation.
It’s because we can achieve this thanks to the hero.
It’s never something to apologize for.

“So, don’t say that. I just want to thank you.”

Of course, I don’t know if I can trust someone I’m seeing for the first time.
The same goes for the part about the future we just saw.
My intuition itself tells me that the warrior is a good person.

“As soon as we return, we will proceed with this plan by raising it as an official agenda.”
“Yes, for the independence of the Miao people.”

Just by looking at how you can express this.
It feels like a comrade I’ve known for a long time.
…I still can’t believe that I like someone and even get married.
I understood that the warrior was a good person.

“Well, I’ll help you with the little things.”
“…Then, that’s all I have to do.”

Oh, right.
Come to think of it, the hero came to tell me all of this.
You have to go back once before starting the operation.

Even doing the act of writing a letter in the first place.
It was intended that the hero who had lost his memory after returning would come naturally to this place.
So, the most important thing is done, you must go back.

“In Resistance, are there any fun places to play?”

However, the words that came out of the hero’s mouth were a little different from that.
He said he still had some time, so he asked if there was anything to play with.
This, this flow!?

“In the future, I was busy fighting so I couldn’t take care of that part.”
“You talked about the legacy of the resistance or the hero, didn’t you?”

…Wow, that’s definitely my specialty.
I think we should protect such cultural activities.
It’s me who likes it again.

“Yes, yes! Let me guide you!”

So this is the first time.
People like me who are interested in this kind of thing.

Of course, I had to work, so I organized everything related to this project.
I took the warrior to my treasure house.
…Well, it’s not my property, it’s the ‘Independent Culture Archive’ owned by the Resistance.

“Well, only the name is grandiose.”

Before the Forerunners were taken over by the Elves.
They are the crystallization of the culture enjoyed through the Internet.
Many of them became colonies during the serialization, and there are no traces of them after that.

“It feels like an electronic library.”
“Most of the real stuff was taken care of.”

Unlike the real thing, data is easy to copy, so I was able to save it somehow.
These disks are just backups made on much smaller locations.
The actual original server was handled by elves.

“Some of them are scanned e-books that are only real. Many of them seem to be illegal scans, but… It’s ironic that they survived thanks to that.”
“That’s right.”
“Oh, of course we found and scanned some.”

Not all data is like this.
I even have a few bookshelves in real life.
Of course, it is not in good condition and there is a risk of damage, so I only read it as data.

“Do you have any recommended works? Time is limited, so…”
“Oh, if that’s the case.”

It wasn’t that anything huge happened.
The hero sees the works I recommend, and I have been running through them together for the first time in a long time.
It was such an ordinary time to talk to each other about the work after watching it.

‘…It’s normal.’

However, it must be ironic that it is an ordinary time, experiencing it for the first time.
It’s because I’ve come to know and learn about ordinary life thanks to the works.
The real normal for me is the hellish colonial life.

“It’s definitely interesting, your point of view is quite different from ours.”
“Is it so?”
“Yeah, if it were us…”

The works that I liked the most have now become our favorite works.
The character I loved has now become the character we love.
The time I used to be alone has become the time I spend with the hero.


But the fun times of laughing and chatting passed quickly.
The warrior has finally returned home.
He said that he himself did not know the exact time due to time constraints, but he passed away without saying anything.

‘That’s strange…’

It wasn’t that long.
No matter how much fun it was, we were only together for a short time.
As soon as the hero passed away, it felt strangely empty.

‘…As expected, I must have liked the hero.’

Now I can see why I enjoy writing letters.
Right now, if I think of the warrior, I will be happy.
So I guess I miss that empty seat more.

‘It wasn’t a time like this.’

There was something the hero entrusted to me.
Unless you find that way from now on.
When the hero comes later, he doesn’t have the confidence to look straight in the face.

Of course, the hero lost his memory, so you wouldn’t know.
Still, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Do everything you have to do, and when the hero comes back, you have to face it proudly.

“Hehe♡ Hehe…♡”

That’s why I masturbate more often than before.
Including several tools.
I also changed the work I used for masturbation and started making various attempts.

It’s because I need the best way to leave.
It’s the only key that can save this world.

“…Whoa, it’s getting harder and harder after all.”

But masturbation, which I was trying to enjoy, turned into work.
Maybe it’s because of the problem with my mindset, but it feels like my sensitivity is getting weaker.
I was thinking of finding the best feeling, but it’s rather weak because of it…
It’s a really difficult problem.


I was suffering from frigidity for a long time, and I couldn’t even masturbate properly.
Instead of the work I usually watch, I started masturbating while recalling memories with the hero.
Because of that memory that energizes me more effectively than anything else, I finally found a breakthrough.

“Heh, hehe…♡ I think this is the first time I’ve gone like this…♡”

I honestly knew why this was happening.
I like the hero, and that’s why my body heats up just thinking about the hero.
I’m not sure if this is the first time I met the hero, or if it’s because of the memories with the hero.

I like it, although my feelings right now prove it.
I have no idea when or how I came to have these feelings.

“…It was a much simpler conclusion than I thought.”

I like the warrior.
I don’t just like it, I like it in the sense that I want to be a companion.
That’s why, the method that makes me feel the most is also held by the warrior.

If I am loved by the warrior I love.
That would be the greatest pleasure I could ever have.
That should keep me focused enough to save the world.

“…I solved the homework given by the hero, but I feel rather bad.”

Because the conclusion is the conclusion.
It seems that the vacancy of the warrior is more felt.
I really miss the warrior.

“Here you are. I think I need to work on that letter I told you about earlier.”
“The movements of the elves are unusual. I’ll try to hide them as much as possible, but…”

What will happen to me in the future has already been communicated.
My sister said she would never do that.
It seems uneasy because the situation is shutting up.

“Sister, don’t worry too much. The hero will save me.”

I hid as much as possible and started writing a letter to the hero.

Why did the warrior have to save this place?
With which system the rules of dimension travel work, etc.
In fact, words are the letter I write, and most of the contents written here are things that the warrior found out by looking into the future.


The contents are so decided.
The desire to see the warrior that I put in this letter is mine.
That’s why the hero also asked me to write down the contents with my own hand.

“I miss you. I like you…”

I wrote a letter pouring out my regretful feelings for a long time.
When you finish writing the letter…
I have already become unable to overcome the overwhelming feeling.

I definitely like it, and the memory of that time is lovely.
So just thinking about it like this would make me happy.
I don’t know why there are so many tears.

FFF Class Femme Hunter

FFF Class Femme Hunter

FFF급 페미헌터
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
"Is it real?" In an absurd world where only women awaken as hunters, I, a man, have awakened. But the ability is hypnotic and you have to make women happy to accumulate experience points? Just in case, I climaxed the hunters, and the experience began to be copied. Feminist Feminism by you Your trait is 'feminist'.​


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