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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 6

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 6

Chapter 6 – Hyeeun Kang (2)

Kang Hye-eun’s eyes began to tremble more violently when I said that I would solve her accumulated sexual desire.

I kept rubbing my cock into the crevice of her ass, forcing the only answer back.

She is already sexually aroused by having her erogenous zones stimulated, and the person who stimulated those erogenous zones is shaking her waist from behind her.

The answer that would come out of Kang Hye-eun’s mouth was as if it had already been decided.

“Do it, solve it, Taekyung-ah….”

Even though they’ve known each other for over 15 years, even before she entered elementary school.

The voice that came out of her flushed face couldn’t be more alluring.

I met Kang Hye-eun and her eyes in front of her and nodded her head.

She left the unfinished dishes and immediately moved on with me in her stride.

If you want to solve your sexual desire through satisfying sex, the bed is probably a better environment for each other than the kitchen.

Without saying anything, Kang Hye-eun and I immediately moved to my room on the second floor.

Of course, I couldn’t leave her breasts exposed defenselessly in the process.

“Go, are you still touching your breasts?”

“You said you could touch it.”

“Yeah, but… Happ!”

With each step she took, her head-sized chest swayed in a dynamic motion.

It was a matter of man’s pride to let that movement go.

“It’s uncomfortable when it shakes, so I’ll hold it.”

“Taekyung is the one who took off her bra…Haha?!”

“Be quiet and walk.”

As a warning to Kang Hye-eun, who was arrogantly telling the truth, she strongly twisted both of her nipples.

After that, he didn’t fight or resist my words, and quietly walked with me to the bedroom on the second floor.

“Wait a minute, Tae-kyung! If you rub both sides at the same time…. What?!”

Once in the hallway on the first floor that leads from the kitchen to the stairs.

“Wait a minute! It’s dangerous here! At least after I climbed all the stairs…. Hmmm?!”

Once in the middle of the stairs going up from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.

Haha. Ha. This is just…. What?!”

I was relieved that I had arrived and held the doorknob of my room, one last time.

Before Kang Hye-eun started her full-fledged sex, she had already sat down three times with just the nipple climax.

Like Hansel and Gretel’s younger sister, she dripped silver liquid on the floor.

Every time she climaxed and collapsed by me, a strange sense of accomplishment bloomed in my heart.

Kang Hye-eun had never been able to defeat her with her brute force since her early awakening in her middle school days.

Seeing her kneeling down on her own in front of me now, I naturally felt a feeling similar to her sense of conquest, as if I had won her over her.

“Ha, ha, ha….”

Holding her doorknob, I moved her place into her room with her breathing hotly.

My slightly cluttered room greeted Kang Hye-eun with me.

“… Sorry, it’s a bit unorganized here.”

“Is that so? This, this is, ha, isn’t it neat… ?”

Maybe the afterglow of the third climax she just experienced hasn’t gone away, Kang Hye-eun asked me what I was saying with her hazy eyes.

I took advantage of that gap and hurriedly organized the traces that she had left to catch Kang Hye-eun with her 80 points.

As I was roughly pushing my scattered street clothes to the corner of the room floor, an alluring voice called my name again.

“Tae, Tae Kyung….”


“… Can I kiss you?”

After having been teasing her nipples for a long time, what kind of cute things are you talking about now?

Instead of answering Kang Hye-eun’s question as she blushed, he brought her face to her and covered her lips.

“Well…. Umm….”

They say a first kiss tastes like lemonade.

At least when it came to the first kiss I had with Kang Hye-eun, I didn’t feel the taste that could be compared to food.

My tongue invaded her mouth while tightly overlapping lips.

Then, as if fighting back, her tongue attacked my mouth and fiercely indulged the insides of each other’s bodies.

In the exchange of saliva made by the most tender muscles colliding, only the taste of each other’s pheromone was felt.

“Town…. Huh… !”

Of course, in the meantime, of course, my hand was on her chest, and thanks to that, I was able to take a little advantage in each other’s kiss.

Finally, I gently twisted one of her nipples and slowly dropped her face that had been overlapping for a long time.

“Euphehe…. Hey….”

I wonder if Kang Hye-eun liked the long and intense kiss.

She kept her crimson-tinged face and enraptured eyes fixed on me.

“From now on, don’t ask me one by one.”


“I am yours right now. Do as you please, no one will disturb you.”


As soon as I finished speaking, her hand began to move wordlessly toward my dressing gown.

Maybe you want to take off the other person’s clothes yourself. It’s a common taste in this world.

I did not reject Kang Hye-eun’s hand as she unbuttoned my dressing gown, but accepted it.

Her touch revealed the muscles hidden under my clothes under my pajamas.

“Taekyung, Taekyung’s abs….”

Is it difficult to even pretend now? As soon as my upper body was exposed, she immediately knelt down in front of me.

With her happy expression, she started rubbing her own face against my stomach.

When she saw Hye-eun, who was as delighted as a boy who received a teddy bear as a gift for the first time, she almost ate and laughed.

“Is it that good?”

“Yes…. I want to be buried in Taekyung’s abs forever….”

It was an exercise that I have been doing steadily, hoping that I might be able to awaken my body strengthening ability.

It seems that what really awakened her wasn’t her body strengthening ability, but her childhood friend’s female instinct.

I gently stroked the top of Kang Hye-eun’s head, who still buried her face in my abs with a cute face.

She was enjoying my abs for such a long time. Then she lowered her hands around her waist a bit.

I slipped her white fingers under my underwear and pulled down her pants and panties at the same time.

From her upper body to her lower body. My body was completely naked in front of her.

My hard cock bounced off the forehead of Kang Hye-eun, who was pushing her face against her lower body.

“…… Uh?”

I wonder if my stuff in the pants is a little different from what I expected. An embarrassing response came naturally from her lips.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, no…. So that’s….”


“Men sleep…. Are you really this big? Porn… Ah, no, compared to what I saw in sex education class, I don’t think it was this big….”

Are you embarrassed or excited? She put my cock on her forehead and continued her speech with gibberish.

It’s definitely quite big in my opinion. To the point where I’ve never had a single complaint about the size of my dick since I was reincarnated in this world.

“I don’t think I’ve met anyone taller than me, at least in real life.”

“Yeah, that’s right…. I thought I was wrong….”

“… Is too big a bad thing?”

“Oh, that can’t be! Where in the world is there a girl who doesn’t like big, big dicks!”

After all, even in the original world, there are no men who dislike big breasts.

To my stupid question, Hyeeun Kang replied with a strong denial as if it were nonsense.

“Hyeeun, take off your clothes too. It would be embarrassing if I was the only one naked.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Sorry, I’m not paying attention….”

“No, just stand there. Because I want to take it off.”

“… Ah Okay.”

She took off her already half-naked top, completely down to her underwear. She untied her belt that was tied to her bottom trousers.

Even though she had barely removed one layer of her bottoms, the insides of her pants were already dotted with obscene ooze, as if it had been flooded.

“You’re soaking it like this before you even start, isn’t it too erotic?”

“Taekyung, who has already had an erection for a while, isn’t what you are saying….”

From the perspective of this world, it probably should be.

After stripping off her panties, which were already dry, her soggy fissures and pubic hair were revealed for the first time.


As soon as I saw her, I couldn’t stand her any longer and immediately pushed her naked onto the bed behind her.

Then, without hesitation, I brought my cock to her lower body covered in love juice.

“It’s so wet, doesn’t it matter if I put it in right away without preparation?”

“I was already ready for a long time…. Put it in, Tae Kyung. Please put me to bed quickly….”

She had no particular interest in teasing a horny girl, so she didn’t hesitate to insert her cock into her childhood friend’s vagina for a moment.

There was a sensation of a blockage at the entrance to her vagina.


I never expected that there would be a woman with a hymen in this world.

Even thinking that the target was my childhood friend, my first partner, I was happy to drive her cock and tear her hymen.

“Wait a minute, Tae-kyung! Come to think of it, I don’t think I can do it now!”

Kang Hye-eun suddenly pushed my waist with her arms and began desperately to stop my insertion.

Hey, why are you like this all of a sudden?

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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