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Eat the World Tree 876

Eat the World Tree 876

Chapter 876 – Tower of Deep Dreams (15)

Jeong Si-woo stopped breathing. His gaze as he gazed into the distance sank like a calm wave, and his heartbeat was extremely quiet.

I feel like I have been forced to relieve the unprecedented emotions that were throbbing in my heart.

With nothing to resolve, I press on in my heart and erase the face of the sister I killed.

If I hadn’t missed you from the beginning, wouldn’t I have had to feel the pain?

I hate myself for doubting myself. I want to stop crying and forget my heart.

A pathetic feeling that comes after a violent resolution. Nothingness. Agitation. There is nothing but sorrow there. It’s just empty.

A musty sense of self-destruction tears apart my worn-out heart, as much as the stale smell of a fuel tank stuck in the iron plate of an old truck that has been running without maintenance.

Jeong Si-woo’s heart was exhausted, and his faults were nothing more than empty chaff that could not be crushed.

The more courage you have, the weaker your courage becomes.

Sometimes he should have turned his eyes to the shell that surrounded him.

If the force that was pushing hard from the inside disappears, it will break and break like a steamed eggplant.

On a night without a partner, there is no time to cover the thorns.

It’s easy to steal the delicious kernels.

-Excited, excited.

Jeong Si-woo felt the need to turn his earnestness to someone.

As he became weaker, blood flowed from his fist where his strength had been put into it. When a thin stream of blood fell, the ebony in front of him got scared and stepped back.


The spirit of Hromund, a warrior from a previous era, sealed in the holy sword, was torn apart and scattered.

【Sleep- No, you crazy person. Come to your senses! That’s your brother. That’s right.】

Mystiltein’s sword wave broke and scattered fragments.

【Crazy bird, cut it out, keaaaaah!】


After killing the owner of that sound who had no fault. It’s finally quiet now.

Jeong Si-woo’s white hair fluttered in the wind, and his body, which had stopped convulsing, was now free of fear.

What should I pursue now?

Jeong Si-woo thought from the top of the cargo ship transporting the kidnapped children.

The waves were irregular.

Even though it becomes calm, it comes at an instant and creates a big wave again.

The sea that had become smooth became turbulent, and Jeong Si-woo slowly raised his eyelids, closed his cracked lips, and let out a loud breath.

By holding your breath, the broken sword is restored to its original state. The soul of the old warrior was no longer contained.

A holy sword that shines only for Jeong Si-woo to own and handle.

White magic bloomed from the body, instantly creating an aura.


Siwoo turned around. I didn’t avoid it. He just figured out the way he came back. That’s what everyone else does. That is not difficult.

The World Tree of Justice once said that.

-Don’t you want to go back? Right before you and that child break up.


-This world has many futures. There are many dimensional ships that have been damaged by kings from other dimensions, but there might be a place somewhere that will accept us.

From the beginning, to a place where there were no wounds.

At that time, I thought it was a ridiculous statement. Because Jeong Si-woo cherished his past relationships. Since they are suppressing their suspicions about Lee Si-heon right now, other people will be shocked.

Siwoo also had someone he loved. She’s a beautiful and mischievous nun who hasn’t come to fruition yet, but is still developing in a pretty good direction.


There were so many precious memories. But did it sound too good?

-It can be reverted.

If only someone would climb to the source. This tired mind and body can be restored.

-Or is it better to be reincarnated in the same new relationship?

There is also a way to abandon them all.

-You can destroy Lee Si-heon, who encouraged you.


-Are you still worried? Maybe our fates were different from the beginning. Because Lee Si-heon is not a human being of this dimension.

The World Tree of Justice persuaded Jeong Si-woo. Although the voices were not actually heard, the two, who were somewhat in sync, were able to share their opinions.

Why did Lee Si-heon look like that?

She even overheard part of the truth.

-An external being shaped Lee Si-heon’s fate to suit his taste.

The two met in a strange way when they met Lee Se-young in a favorable situation.

Even the azalea that crumpled her face at first.
Sansuyudo has a dazed look and has never been interested in others.

It may seem like a story where Lee Si-heon simply filled in the shortcomings of three people, but the thread of all those events may have already been woven together by the hands of a noble being.


Even the moment on that day when I deliberately changed the outcome of the match…

If you talk about Lee Si-heon without mentioning his experiences and emotions, as he had to carve out his flesh and bones, it sounds like a very unreasonable situation.

If that’s true, what kind of face should I make?


For the first time, Jeong Si-woo felt envious of others. He was jealous of the relationship, results, and future from the man he thought was his best friend.

Even if there are things that go out of line in that method.

The person who walks around this world as if it were his heaven is Lee Si-heon.

Jeong Si-woo asked himself in his mind. Was there a duty in the world that had to be maintained on a bloody battlefield?

If I take care of my love, family, and destiny, there is nothing left. Now even that is about to be taken away.

-Because my fate was taken away. I have to get it back.

I couldn’t help but lose my mind when I thought that I had been robbed of the relationship I desperately missed as a person.


Jeong Si-woo laughed.

The sky, decorated with the setting sun, spread the teachings as if it was following its own principles.

Our reality was simply a world where laughing evildoers run the gamut behind the obvious calculations and the cotton thread called the cause.

There was no such thing as standing justice from the beginning.

The justice of the world is only clear.

The harsh dimension collapsed, and pure white energy burned on Jeong Si-woo’s holy sword.

He hastily packed all his desires into his empty shell.

Sometimes human emotions are.

It helps you meet the moment of transcendence with an incomprehensible beating.

“Step back.”

The ebony made a judgment about the terrible momentum and filled the sword with magical energy and warned.

Jeong Si-woo’s magic power was flashing with a light that no one had ever seen before, and the new type of magic power that was manifested without anyone’s teacher was blocking the muddy power emitted by the ebony magic energy.

I don’t know which force has the upper hand.

Right now, Jeong Si-woo’s color was showing a much brighter presence.

“… Yes.”

A detached voice flowed from Jeong Si-woo’s mouth.

I lifted the sword I was holding and slowly pointed it towards the sky, then lowered it towards the sea. A solid white line divided the world and the dimensions were separated.

“All you have to do is start from scratch.”

The feet of Jeong Si-woo, whose purple pupils were shining brightly, cracked. The cargo ship was split in half.

Sinking ship. The angle of the tilt was distorted, and the cargo fell into the sea.

It wasn’t just the ship and the sky that were divided. Just as a river dries up and the land in the center is revealed, the sea divided in half spreads out, unable to compete with each other. Siwoo and Eobdan became distant.

Ebony’s trembling eyes caught Jeong Si-woo. Siwoo’s eyes were no longer focused on the ebony.

-What a mess!

Collapse of trials.

The boiling flames of the setting sun subsided, replaced by the cold moonlight.

* * * * * *

Shaking peach blossoms. A small river with a wall surrounded by mountains.

The river and mountain that everyone has forgotten has disappeared from the map without leaving a trace of soil, but in my mind, I still picture the site of the original source.


Green tea with warm yet sour peach syrup was served in front of me.

The old man and the grown-up girl looked at each other for a moment and then covered their mouths, unable to hide their surprise.

Taejin, who put his hand inside the wide toshi, looked at the old Dowon’s house with his eyes and cleared his throat once. Because even he couldn’t have imagined this meeting.

“How are you?”

“… “Father?”

Although the wear of the fabric was different, the two wearing the same black dragon robe were very embarrassed by the unfamiliar faces they saw.

“If you do this, it can even come into your darkest dreams.”

“… “Dream.”

Is it a dream?

Cheondo sighed and closed his eyes with a complicated expression.

After taking a deep breath, she slowly raised her eyelids again, and her father’s face became clear, as if the haze had disappeared.

“It’s a dream.”

“Okay. It’s a dream. Looking at your goofy face, I guess you’re doing well.”


Taejin frowned at Cheondo’s pitiful gaze as he lost his words.

Should I say that there is an incision, but it has lost its rigidity? In addition to her long absence from the front line, she seemed to have lost confidence due to the long separation from her two younger siblings.

How can a person stay strong all the time? This was quite an issue for Tae-jin, who passed away after passing on all his teachings.

The gombangdae that was lying on the table instantly hit the top of Cheondo’s head with all his might.


“Are you out of your mind?”

“Ah, ah, father.”

After she regained consciousness, she did not put a drop of water on her hands and received the hospitality of Lee Si-heon and Alba.

Taejin clicked his tongue and shook his head as if he was even more displeased with the sight of Cheondo shedding tears despite her stinging pain.

“Oh my, look at this kid. “She went somewhere and gave birth to something I couldn’t even call my daughter.”

She said she didn’t give birth.

If she had a son-in-law, she would immediately put her trust in him and embrace him.

Well, didn’t these two get along well in the past, executing the death penalty and transferring the capital?

Without a doubt, if Lee Si-heon hadn’t suddenly disappeared, they would have been married for a thousand years.

“Get one more hit.”


“Ugh… “Father.”

The prone Cheondo held on to his tangled red hair and cried cutely.

It feels good to meet her father after a long time, but I can’t even find what to say.
No matter how much he is said to be the next Cheonma after Taejin. She was a girl who was more delicate and weak-hearted than Baekdo and Hwangdo.

Now that she is in a very difficult situation, she has met her father whom she once lost, so her feelings are understandably complicated.

-Taak, taak, taak, kongkongkongkong!


Cheondo, who had been trying hard to stay strong, could not bear the constant barrage of gombang and grabbed the top of her head and poured out her pain.


It felt like going back to the old days, when her heart was tender.

“Everything my son-in-law said was a lie.”

“Yes, yes? What is that…”

“I came down from the underworld for a moment to say that you were doing well, but your spirit has become weaker than that of Yeon.”

Cheondo, who did not know who Yeon was, but received the implied meaning, tightly closed her lips.

There is nothing unfair about it, but what Taejin said was true.

Cheondo also felt sorry for herself and cried.

“If you are a son-in-law… “I guess you met Lee Si-heon?”



“But I don’t really like the way it looks.”

“Oh, no. The child is not guilty. If it’s a sin, I-“

“Can’t you see who is the most adorable?”

“… That must be me.”

Cheondo clenched her fist and bit her lip. My heart ached, and I felt guilty and even a little bit of resentment.

Taejin looked at Cheondo’s face for a moment, then drank a cup of tea and asked.

“Are we meeting because we admire each other?”

“… Yes. Father”

“To the point where you become this weak?”

“I became weak… It’s not because of him, it’s-“

“Say it. “Don’t limp.”

“… It’s my sister’s problem. It’s the fault of a broken danjeon. Above all, it was because I was weak.”

You speak straight.

Taejin, who blew out his nose, looked at Cheondo pitifully and shook his head. Cheondo felt an indescribable shame.

Taejin takes a moment to rub his beard. He poured tea into the empty cup in front of him and added a word.

“It might be right to prepare for a breakup.”


“How long are you going to just rely on those two?”

Thud. Falling heart.

Cheondo could not find anything to say, and spoke to him in a somewhat heated tone.

“Father, but I-“

“Isn’t that guy already by your side?”


Taejin strongly advised.

Pointing to the cooled peach tea.

“Drink, shake. And forget it. That would be a good path for you too.”

Those two people won’t come back.

Taejin’s words that came into his dream made Cheondo’s stomach boil like a cauldron.

Eat the World Tree

Eat the World Tree

세계수를 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I came to this world after eating the world tree.


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