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Eat the World Tree 875

Eat the World Tree 875

Chapter 875 – Tower of Deep Dreams (14)

“Grunt, growl.”

Kapha, the lapdog, is showing affection by shaking his tailless butt.

As I stroked her head, feeling the softness of her breasts docked in the space between her thighs as she sat cross-legged, my lips drew a clear arc.

“Siheon’s arms are the best in the world! “Grung!”

“Yes, our poop puppy.”

“What is a poop puppy?”

“They say they’re cute lovers.”

“Heaning, it’s Siheon’s poop puppy doing kafka!”

The gaze of those around me changed sharply due to natural gaslighting.

Seyoung, who was tiredly hugging my side, pressed her arms as if they were going to break them.

“Hey Lee Si-heon.”


“The bitch who took your baby came fighting to the death, and you just go around touching her breasts?”

“First, please take your hand out of my pants and tell me.”

“Oh, shit, I don’t know, it’s hard. Just leave it alone…”

That and playing with my dick are different things.

My lower body shivered because I felt like if I made a mistake in controlling my strength, things would get worse.


I summoned the power of healing in my hands and spoke as I rubbed Seyoung’s back.

“You worked hard.”

“… Of course.”

The intensity seems to be different for each ordeal, but even taking that into account, it must have been an extremely difficult ordeal for Seyoung.

Both of his arms and legs were weak, and I could guess how hard the fight must have been just by looking at him burying his cheek in my side and not moving due to his fighting spirit.


Suyu, lying on the left, was controlling my seed sac and moving her soft cheeks.

“Yes, Si-eon. “It was hard for me too.”

This guy is lying without even putting saliva in his mouth.

Seyoung and Suyu have the same initials, but their powers are as different as heaven and earth.
I arrived here before Seyoung. I clearly saw with my own eyes that there wasn’t a scratch left on this big piece of flesh, what a fool.


“Seyoung, don’t listen.”

“Don’t listen to anything, you bastard.”

Love is heavy. Swearing is heavier.

My stomach was cold because Suyu and Seyoung’s hands, which had been lukewarm from earlier, were engaged in a sweaty line battle inside my underwear.


Seyoung and Suyu grabbed the pillar. Trembling – lower body shaking.

“Oh, Suyu, don’t cross the line.”

“Where is the line? It’s my phlegm rice cake. “It’s my egg.”

I looked up at the sky, whistling with effort as I passed over the terrible metaphor of Cornus officinalis that seemed to make me chew my way through it.

Inside the collapsed dimension after the ordeal. I don’t know how much more time I have to spend here.

It seems like there is a structure where people join every time they complete an ordeal, but since there are many people who haven’t come yet, they are stuck here without a move.

It seems like you can break the dimension and run away if you want, but the problem is that if you do that, you don’t know what variables will arise in the tower’s strategy.

At that time.

Dal-rae and Al-ba, whose clothes were torn, fell through the gap in the open dimension.



Two people land on the floor with a pong sound.

On one side was Azalea, soaked in blood but without any wounds, and on the other side was Alba, who had turned into a kid without knowing why.


The girl stood up, shaking off the knees of her white pantyhose, and waddled around, wiping away her sweat.

“Ugh, wow. You… ! I brought Dal-lae. “You would be surprised to know how much Dal-lae has accomplished.”

“… Part-time job sister?”

I was surprised to see the baby bear confidently leaning on his waist and smiling with a sense of accomplishment.

Even Suyu and Seyoung, who were sitting there, were so shocked that they let go of my dick.

“As for the others, haha. I’ll replenish my magic power for a moment and check. But, uh. “May I ask what the three of you are doing there?”

What are you doing?

Isn’t it fulfilling the role of plaything that it always played?

In response to her resolute gaze, Alba gave her a pitiful look, then wiped her forehead and snorted.

“By the way, Dal-rae…”

Now that I think about it, it’s quite good news that Azalea’s ordeal has ended safely.

I looked at Dalrae, whose eyes were red, and spoke as kindly as I could.

“Did you make it?”


Dal-lae, who had timidly put her hands together and hesitated, relaxed her expression at my words and nodded.


I’m afraid to answer. Dal-rae ran as fast as she could and threw herself towards me without hesitation,

Dal-lae’s body was tightly folded between Kafha, Su-yu, and Se-young, who were lying down earlier.




The three people moan at the same time. I also fell backwards, embracing Azalea’s body. Then, the sound of sobbing out of relief filled my ears.

-Ttubang, ttubang.

As she was stroking the wildflowers and looking at the sky, her face was reflected

“… Can I hug you too?”

“I think that would be a bit dangerous.”

A pouting Alba puffed out her cheeks and pouted her lips.

* * * * *

Is it an ordeal?

If the prediction was correct, the person in front of me, i.E. My old family, would have been nothing more than an illusion created by the tower.

Because I haven’t been able to shake off my regrets yet.

He pushed his back so that the tower could erase those regrets.

And the fact that I saw this illusion just by someone pushing my back.

Both of them were secretly watching the direction of breakup.

“Sia Jeong.”


Although this does not apply to all situations.

Most people who stood on the edge of a cliff by themselves were prepared to throw themselves over the cliff and die.

So Eobdan and Jeong Si-woo also had no choice but to accept this situation differently.


A family that has taken different paths must be pushed out through trials.

But just in case.

What if the target in front of me was really a family outside the tower?

This is an issue that could directly lead to regret if you clash your swords now.

“… “I am ebony.”

So, try having a conversation. The lips of the ebony holding the sword opened, and a timid word came out.

Sia Jeong. The name of Jeong Si-woo’s only younger sibling, given to her by her adoptive parents.
Siwoo’s frown narrowed slightly after being rejected.

“Sia, that’s-“


Neither of them had any clear memories of that time.

Whether it is due to the effects of time or strong drugs. Except for the lump lodged in my chest, it was an unfamiliar object. This wasn’t just a feeling by ebony.

Siu and Eobdan have abandoned the names they used to use as a family together.

Maybe there was someone else that the two people missed, and this in itself could have been a lie.

Siwoo’s face, which was fine, was broken beyond recognition.

The distorted face was distorted in some way. A completely different expression from the one Ebony used to feel, an expression that seemed to have come to an end after suffering,

Jeong Si-woo suddenly became speechless and found himself confused.


Why can’t I speak?

While I was deep in longing, did I forget all the words of joy?

There was so much I wanted to say. Have you been eating well so far? Didn’t it hurt too much? I worked hard every day to find you. He made a contract with a vicious woman called the World Tree of Justice and roamed the battlefield without fail.

There must be a lot of things that we haven’t been able to talk about before. If you solve it, all misunderstandings will be resolved.

And… Have you ever been treated harshly by Lee Si-heon?

The thoughts we had inside were words that could break each other’s trust if they went against the truth.


This is unavoidable distrust. It was an intention that could not be resolved.

The concept of Lee Si-heon’s brainwashing power is stuck like a screw, so even if Eobdan explains it, it is a terrible fact that will haunt Si-woo until the end.

“That is… That, no. Ha.”

Maybe I was too scared to ask the truth.

Siwoo couldn’t say anything, and he only timidly stuttered, letting go of all his warrior-like dignity.


The black ebony robe swayed in the salty sea breeze.

Ebony came here to serve as a symbol of Socheonma and as a disciple of Lee Si-heon.

Originally, it would have been right to take out the sword without saying a word, but Ebony hesitated for a while before deciding to ask a question.



Siwoo’s mouth opened faintly. His pure white teeth and gums were visible, and white breath blew out between them. Ebony’s face was somehow a little creepy.

Because the eyes of his older brother, whom he once loved and relied on, were now gray.


“I’m not Sia. Brother, I…”

“It’s Sia.”

Did she miss her lost brother, or was she just using that longing as fuel but in reality it was just empty chaff?

“I- ugh?!”

Ebony, who was opening and closing her monochromatic mouth, suddenly let out a moan.

Jeong Si-woo’s arm, which let go of the sword, tightly grasped the elbow of her sister who was nearby.


“Brother. Ugh… “Eup!”


Siwoo’s face was pale, unable to find his thoughts. Sweat was pouring down his face, and his eyes were shaking violently, as if he was suffering from something.

After checking up to that point, Ebondan was able to notice that Jeong Si-woo’s mind was more extreme than he thought.

“It’s Sia.”

Same thing again.

“It hurts, it hurts. Wait a minute-“


Siwoo, who turned pale at Ebony’s scream, let go of his hand. Suddenly, the lifted ebony landed on the container and sighed.


Siwoo’s hand twitches wildly. He tries to grab something, but only vain wind passes through the man’s joints like a rake.

Ebonyeon felt an inexplicable sense of guilt at the sight of Jeong Si-woo, disorganized like a dropped puzzle.


In addition, what is more intense than the feeling of regret and pity is the fear caused by the unknown, which cannot be understood even though the family is thicker than blood.

Even the sweet ebony couldn’t easily approach the whirlwind of crazy emotions that seemed to be clinging to him.

Am I being controlled by something?

No. Rather than that, it felt like it was breaking its wings and falling like artificial intelligence that couldn’t figure out a difficult problem.

The shadow on his face covered Jeong Si-woo’s face. Soon, only purple pupils began to float in that place.

“… “Oppa?”

The lips, which seemed to have been sewn together, opened and a whisper spread across the cracked shell.

“Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you?”

A young man who has taken on the role of World Tree Hero with his superhuman mental power, and has firmly defended his walls by waging a war of nerves with trees of all dimensions.

“Ugh, turn it off. Kkuuuuu!”

Siwoo, struggling with a headache, was panting and laughing and frowning repeatedly.

His face was completely different from the face he had been flirting with Siva and the other national trees just a few days ago, and he seemed a bit divided.

“… Was it true that I was looking for you?”

I turn to Ebony for the questions I ask myself.

Before any question could be answered, the topic got twisted.

“Sia, what did Lee Si-heon do to you?”

The sentences are not natural and seem enchanted.

The sound of a pounding heart echoed irregularly throughout the dimension.

“Uncle, you saved me. “I don’t know if there’s a misunderstanding, but you’re that kind of person.”


A look that does not convey trust at all.

Ebony swallowed his breath and unconsciously strengthened the sword he was holding.

It wasn’t because I felt hostility. Jeong Si-woo’s voice did not contain any anger towards Lee Si-heon.

The Ebony family has had a consistent face with an unfathomable strangeness for a long time.

It was still the same now, but something added to it set off Ebony’s alarm.

“… “Believe it?”


It happened in an instant that the black monster stained with heartache swallowed Jeong Si-woo with its large maw.

“Come to your senses.”

Ebony, who unconsciously held out the tip of his sword, trembled and shouted.

Transparent tears flowed from under Jeong Si-woo’s dazed eyes.


-Drop, drop.

Jeong Si-woo, who closed his ears and could not hear what Ebony said, was filled with a small, golden whisper.

Finally. Someone’s wish may have come true.


The strength in his clenched fists loosened, and the wrinkles on Jeong Si-woo’s forehead cleared up.

The wide-open eyes sink, and the pupils are half obscured.

The relaxed expression he made for a moment didn’t show any anguish.

Eat the World Tree

Eat the World Tree

세계수를 따먹다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
I came to this world after eating the world tree.


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