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Because I Live in the US 216

Because I Live in the US 216

Chapter 216 – Investment Advisors


“That guest? If you’re here to disrupt business, can you leave?”

It may be a little different from the public image.
A tall-looking bartender is threatening customers.

‘Looks like you can see # on your forehead.’

You look very angry.
Apparently, I often eat instant food.

“What crazy sounds all of a sudden!”
“Then fuck you.”

Sora also seems angry.
I don’t know if I’m still eating cup noodles in the corner of my room these days.

‘Even the bartender is surprised.’

It’s surprising that a kid who looks delicious curses at me.
Sora also learned to speak only the truth.

“It’s embarrassing if you do this.”
“I see that your boyfriend is drunk, so please take him out quickly.”

Originally, it would have been a little tougher.
He is holding a form in front of a woman.

‘Those who do dirty things.’

I know you’re a healthy self-employed just because you’re wearing a suit.
It seems you need to get a grip on reality.

“Glenlivet 13 years.”
“Old Forester 1920, Samaroli Bowmore, Foursquare 1998, Ezra Brooks 15 years, Karuizawa 15 years.”
“That, those drinks…”
“Is there a lot of hard-to-find alcohol?”

Bartender and boss.
His expression suddenly freezes.
All I did was say the name of the drink.

‘Let’s see if there’s something stabbing.’

You probably know what the drinks I mentioned have in common.
Befitting the position, the attitude becomes very polite.

“I know it hasn’t been officially cleared, but you managed to get it.”
“Sit down for now.”
“If you don’t remember the boss, I could ask a friend of mine who works at customs.”
“…Let’s say it in the words of the customer. In words.”

Korean Liquor Tax Law.
Alcohol in restaurants must be purchased only from liquor wholesalers.

‘But the price is high.’

There are not many types
It is impossible to purchase rare and old sake.

So it comes to airborne in a different way.
Going to places like Namdaemun, earning money, etc.

“That’s why it’s illegal.”
“I know that.”
“You don’t have to say that to your face.”

In addition to the liquor tax, additional taxes are levied on the sale of alcoholic beverages.
It is not for nothing that restaurants charge 5,000 won for soju.

‘How many taxes must there be?’

What if you take that tax off?
It becomes a profit in full.
Whiskey is a particularly taxed alcoholic beverage.

This is because ad-hoc tax is applied, not specific tax.
The higher the cost, the higher the tax rate.

“If you bring 100,000 won worth of alcohol into Korea, it becomes 255,000 won.”
“It looks very sticky.”
“For business use, wholesale margins are added, and income tax is additionally charged at the business.”
“Your belly button is bigger than your belly?”

As Sora said.
Bar owners think so too.
What is the margin even if you don’t pay that tax!

‘That leads to tax evasion.’

More than 90% of domestic bars are directly or indirectly evading taxes.
This is one of the worst places.

“You also sell whiskey bottles.”
“I guess so.”
“Some of that must have been tax evasion. It’s often called a bottleneck…”

You can see it just by looking at it.
As an industry insider, it comes as a shock.
And that feeling is sure to be different.


Not wrong.
The boss, who was quietly watching, put down the tulip-shaped nosing glass.

“…The Macallan 1997 is 25 years old. I would appreciate it if you could lower your voice a little.”
“Let’s do that.”

It is the cost of silence.
There are few customers in the bar.

‘If there are any rumors.’

You don’t have to pay a penny or two in taxes.
From the point of view of the industry, it can be scratched and scalded.

The main source of income for Korean bars.
In fact, it’s because it’s tax evasion, not alcohol and food sales.

“I do not know.”
“Senior seems strange, and tax evasion doesn’t seem normal…”

Such a reality.
Sora can’t accept it.
The brain is very complex.

‘I have to have this level of impact to remember it.’

It’s not just the bar.
Most restaurants use tax evasion as a side income.

Receiving cash is a nobleman’s business.
In addition to that, there are as many eccentric methods as mountains.

“That’s how the real world works.”
“Is it necessary to know?”
“You have to be able to face it.”

Even if it is limited to catering only.
Things in other industries have a certain degree of difficulty.

‘It’ll be fine as a starter.’

Reverse side of the coin.
Definitely uncomfortable.
There is a reason people believe comfortable lies.

Investors, however, should keep their eyes peeled.
Because it definitely exists.

Kirik! Kirik!

How the industry works.
Even the smallest details should be reflected in the investment.

“Are you making a highball?”
“Can’t you see?”
“Woo! It’s because it’s different from the ones we used to make at festivals.”

The bartender is making highballs.
This is what made my wrist fall off during the festival.

‘It’s good to drink lightly.’

Perfect for a first drink.
It’s a basic cocktail that even beginners can make.

Kirik! Kirik!

It’s different when a pro makes it.
Chill by putting ice in a long-necked glass.

Discard the ice in the glass.
Fill the glass with fresh ice and pour the whiskey.

“Why are you throwing it away?”
“Sense of unity.”

A textbook way to make a highball.
As Sora said, it is true that it seems inefficient.

‘But there’s a reason for everything.’

Cool the glass with ice.
Wherever you pour the whiskey, the temperature cools down evenly.


Pour sparkling water over it.
Whiskey mixed with melted water from ice dissolves in carbonation.

Lemon peel to finish.
After twisting the lemon peel, put it in the glass as a garnish.

“The highball is out.”
“I’ll eat well!”
“You eat well too.”
“I’m the type that won’t go hungry no matter where I go.”

They also give you eye candy.
I didn’t even order snacks, but I don’t know what to do with them as a service.

Gulp! Gulp!

Take a big sip right away.
With a tingling sensation of carbonation that stimulates the throat.

‘This is a highball.’

It tastes like whiskey.
The lemon peel adds an accent and goes over smoothly.

“I also rode a lot of highballs at festivals. It’s on a different level from what I rode.”
“Wasn’t that meaningless?”

Sense of unity.
It’s not just a mix, it’s a cocktail made in one glass.

‘A cocktail named Highball, not a highball.’

Just like the cartoon bartender said.
It’s hard to do this in a normal business.

This is why you use tonic water instead of carbonated water.
To cover up clumsy skills with sweetness.

“I see…”
“In order to properly make a degraded version, you need to know the original.”
“I think I know.”

Market research should be done with FM.
If you don’t know the prototype, it’s only half a penny.

‘The catering business.’

Good food.
They often copy or borrow ideas.

It’s never easy.
There is a reason why Chun Jong-won travels abroad.

“Gin and tonic is here.”

Experience is important.
After all, what he does when he goes out with Adati is his daughter, not sex.

“I used peaches, a seasonal fruit. Fruits can be eaten as cocktail picks.”
“I don’t have a pick.”
“I forgot.”

Next is the gin and tonic.
The highball runs the twin wagon of the easiest cocktails to make.

‘If a professional makes it.’

It seems likely.
Beautifully sliced ​​peaches are placed in a glass as wide as a wine glass.

Garnish role.
You can add a peach flavor to your gin and tonic and eat it instead of a snack.

“Hamon and melon came out. And this is Maple Story.”
“Maple Story?”
“Yes, unlike Mangem of the same name, it is sweet, rich in content, and highly complete.”

Different from the original recipe.
Large bars pursue their own signature cocktails.

‘Not bad.’

The most traditional cocktail.
Arranged the IBA version of Old Fashioned.

Alcohol went in
Snacks also came out.
If it’s a little poisonous, but well-made cocktail.

“I was a judge.”
“I’m a pirate.”
“Somehow, it seemed like he would be good at committing crimes.”
“It’s good to know you’re not a thief.”

It goes well.
Sora, whose cheeks were red before he knew it, made a noise.


I also take a bite of snacks.
Moisturized lips are delicious no matter when you eat them.

‘That’s my girl.’

It’s a good job to seduce women.
That’s probably why it’s been bugging me ever since.

It contains resentment.
And if you don’t feel attached to this sex machine woman, you’re not a man.

“What is it all of a sudden?”
“It’s my brother’s heart.”
“Then can I do whatever I want?”

To show off.
Did Sora accept it wholeheartedly, or did he forget what kind of place this was?

Side! Side! Jjook ♡

Gently embrace both cheeks with thin, long fingers.
I give you a passionate kiss

Narrow bar.
The sound of saliva and tongue moving resonates nakedly.

‘I’m going to pull out the spirit and eat it.’

It has become very slutty.
No one would imagine that it was a virgin kiss.

“That guest…”

Even the noisy bartender is bending over.
Customers also stop drinking and look at this side.

It was as quiet as a dead mouse.
Only the boss, who is not old enough to stand, quietly comes and stops him.

“Shall we go to the car?”
“Will you?”
“Please call the assistant manager. Quickly.”

I drank enough to drink.
I cross my arms with Sora and hand the card to Bartender.

Unlike before, she can’t straighten her face.
I’m not a woman that you can flirt with.

“Senior, today was so good.”
“Did you bring me here because you wanted to eat me?”

I haven’t eaten yet either.
Sora, drunk, rubs her face against her chest.

‘Should I show you the magic that the hymen is gone when I wake up?’

Why did you bring Sora?
Not just for a cocktail.
You need to know what the real business is like.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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