There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town 490

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town 490

Chapter 490 – Part 2 6. Work Out (1)

Part 2 6. Work Out (1)

Sometimes there are things you can’t hide no matter how much you hide. There is no evidence, but the person’s attitude and expression often tell the truth. The sincerity hidden behind the sullen tone of voice that seems to be of no interest. Even though I said I was already full, I couldn’t take my eyes off the dumplings. What they reveal is not only the duality of an antinomic person, but also the absurdity of a situation where you can’t say you want while you want.

Chae-kyung’s attitude is that she came because she had no choice but to come because she asked. From the time she met Yu-Ri until she said hello to Kwon-Dong, the frown she never let go of and her mouth shut tighter than usual backed up her assertion, but unfortunately, everyone could already tell from Chae-kyung’s outfit. That she doesn’t really hate her. Rather, she was looking forward to coming here in her own way.

I couldn’t help but notice. Because Chaekyung’s clothes stood out because of her will to show off her charm completely and blatantly. It’s not a hoodie that didn’t show off the body because it was flattering last time, but the kind of clothes you’d post on social media. Wearing a long-sleeved cropped hoodie that only covered her chest over a black sleeveless strap that clung to her body, Chae-kyung’s figure was so seductive that Yuri was jealous. Under her, there were no harem pants that were in vogue recently, no tops or bottoms or anything exposed, but that made it look even more erotic.

Most of the cropped hoodies that came up to the chest were like that, but it was like a curtain hanging over Chae-kyung’s big breasts. The so-called wet curtain. Chae-kyung couldn’t have known about it unless someone ordered her to wear it, and it was obvious why she purposely wore it this way, but no one mentioned it or mentioned it.

Yuri didn’t like her sister’s aggressive outfit, but she decided to keep her mouth shut because Kwon Dong would like it. Of course, Kwon Dong started exercising as if nothing was wrong on the outside, but he licked his lips inside. He was even worried that he might be reporting himself, but since he showed up dressed in a bad show, he could not be happy.

To be honest, Chaekyung didn’t want to go overboard like this. Originally, she thought about going in moderation, she wore plain clothes like last time. But when she thought about it, she felt bad for nothing. I felt that Yuri’s bad temper for calling her even though she knew what had happened to her boyfriend, and she didn’t know what the hell she had caught on her weakness, she was forcing her sister to do her bad things. I didn’t like Kwon Dong. She was childish, but she wanted to show that she wasn’t too easygoing.

Of course, these were actually part of the excuses, so it was her sincerity that she didn’t want to lose compared to Yuri if she was going to go to Kwon-dong’s house anyway and suffer something like that. In his house with only three of them, Kwon Dong will compare the two of them whether they like it or not. Even though I had no intention of becoming your woman, Chae-kyung’s true intention was that if she dared to be compared to other women, she wanted to win. She was so confident in her own body.

At the same time, she thought that maybe she could catch two rabbits at once. She’s going to Kwon-dong’s house anyway, and she’s able to make Yuri feel intimidated while doing something pleasant. When she is compared to her younger brother whom she has attracted, and when she feels defeated and feels threatened, she won’t call Yuri either herself anymore. This was the stinging advice of her older sister as her close sister. Her sister and her boyfriend take good care of me. Don’t drag me, a arrogant upper-tier bitch, take care of what’s mine properly. Chaekyung was a woman who could say that. Because she was a tier 1 woman, a woman that all men wanted regardless of her taste.

Look at it now I try not to show it, but I feel that Kwon Dong is excited. The strength in her shoulders is tight and she’s clearing her throat for no reason. Whether she felt it or not, she said nothing to Yuri. An uncomfortable face. Chae-kyung thought she wished she realized that the discomfort was the price she had called herself.

“Now, let’s warm up first.”

I’m sure he’ll do some tricks, but he’s not the kind of guy who would, at least from the start. I don’t know if it’s because of his passion for sports, but Kwon Dong reaches out his hands only after doing a proper gym. Maybe it’s the style of waiting until women lose their energy and then eating them.

Chae-kyung obediently followed his guidance. He does gymnastics, stretches, and then uses this or that exercise equipment. When you exercise hard, you tend to forget other plans, and the plan to seduce you and humiliate your sister gradually faded from your mind due to the hard physical work.

By the time they were exhausted, Kwon Dong moved. Have Chae-kyung sit on the bike with her hand on the saddle, and set a level of difficulty that is not too burdensome. After setting a timer, she tells her to call her if she wants to take a break because if she stops on her own, she could get hurt. Chae-kyung nods her head. It became. Kwon Dong left Chae-kyung behind her and approached Yuri, introducing her to her new ‘her exercise equipment’.

“Go upstairs.”

As Gwon-dong ordered, Yuri climbed onto an object. It was a triangular shape made of round leather, and it looked suspicious whether it was really an exercise machine. Well, there are many types of exercise equipment in the world, so I couldn’t say that it was not an exercise machine because it had such a simple shape.

It was shaped like a pillow in the shape of a triangular prism rather than a triangle, with leather handcuffs attached to the lower part. As Yuri knelt down on top of her, Kwon Dong placed the handcuffs around her ankles and around her wrists. Now, its appearance evokes the idea that it is punishment rather than exercise.

That’s right. This was not an exercise machine, but a sex toy, a type of ride-on adult product. An improved version of the commonly known triangular wooden horse, it is a self-defense product that women can enjoy by placing it on the floor and riding on it. Handcuffs are optional depending on their taste.

Yuri, who was bound by it, felt tremendous excitement. She is restrained in a humiliating manner by her boyfriend in front of her brother. With her legs on her knees and her arms held back like criminals, she was stripped of her personal freedom. Whatever is done to her now, she will not be able to resist and will be greatly humiliated as a human being. She was so excited about it that she hadn’t done anything yet, but her glass was wet between her legs.

“It stimulates muscles with vibration to make you feel good, no, lose weight, so don’t try to loosen up and endure well.”

A face flushed with anticipation. Kwon Dong stroked Yuri’s head and cheeks as if he was proud. Yuri tilts her head to the side to feel her master’s touch. She seemed to be begging her eyes to feel better soon, quickly.

Kwon Dong rubbed her erect cock over her pants and against her glass face. Far from rejecting her, she is a female who enjoys the hardness with pleasure. An insignificant, despicable rapist, she never thought she would make it. She has to thank the man who trained Yuri like this. If he wasn’t a bastard, he wouldn’t mind dragging girls into his house and playing with them. He might be in prison by now.

He took out his cell phone and opened the app. The triangular pillar on which the saddle and glass of Chae-kyung’s bicycle are held can be controlled with one app, a product bought in the same place. I’m ready, so there’s no reason to hesitate. The moment I put my thumb on the screen, exclamation, not exclamation, sounded in both places at the same time.

“Oh! Hehe!? This, what is this… Me, hey?”

Chaekyung was so startled that she tried to get up off her bike, but her feet were tied to the pedals and she couldn’t bear it. Suddenly the saddle she sat on her cunt started to vibrate. It was also quite strong, so strong that I couldn’t ignore the feeling that came up.

From the beginning, the saddle was a bit unusual. The front was thinner than that of a normal bicycle, and the back was round, reminiscent of a man’s. In addition, the upper part was bulging, so even before it vibrated like now, the stimulation of touching the labia and clitoris was quite strong, but now it was openly giving pleasure like an adult product.

“Hey… This… Ah! This… What is this!?”
“It is the same as what Yuri uses now. Vibration relaxes muscles. It’s a sit-down exercise anyway, so it’s good to strengthen the exercise effect at the same time.”
“No, no, it’s okay. I want to stop. Please turn this off!”
“Hey, it hurts. Ride until the timer runs out. Don’t get up.”

Kwon Dong came up behind Chae Kyung and grabbed her shoulder.


As it is, press firmly on the naughty body of her female college student, and an unbearable moan leaks out. Vibration that hits the entire vagina, a pleasure that you can’t help but feel because of it. Besides, the bike’s pedals were moving as they were set, so she had to constantly stir her feet. In the end, while telling her to stop, she felt everything she felt and even moved herself, completing the lewd movement.

“Hot! Aww! Stop that! Turn it off! This… Vibration, turn off the vibration!”
“Everyone wants you to be good, so keep going. What’s next… 10 minutes left. If you wake up for nothing, you will get hurt.”

This time, after grabbing her by the waist of Chae-kyung, Kwon-dong pressed her body down again. Chae-gyeong, who had been holding on with her teeth, let out her dirty moaning as her gwon-dong shook her waist from side to side.

“Ah! Oh, no! There, there, I feel it so much…!”
“It’s an exercise, so don’t feel it and do it straight.”
“But, but if it vibrates like this… I can’t help it…”
“I come to exercise and feel something with my pussy. Do it right, straight!”

Her muscular arms wrap around her waist and press down. At the same time, her large palms slipped through the curtains of her hoodie and massaged her breasts, causing Chae-kyung to howl. Pleasure applied to a body that has been exhausted from a considerable level of exercise. It was she who was getting more and more confused in her mind.

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town

작은 시골 마을에는 즐길 것이 없다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A small town where you have to go all the way to town to find entertainment. All kinds of ntr stories about a college student who lives with a beautiful mother and her younger sister.


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