There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town 488

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town 488

Chapter 488 – Part 2 5. The Disintegration of the Family (10)

Part 2 5. Family breakdown (10)

“Get down on your knees.”

When my younger brother entered the room, I followed him like a diligent child. I knelt down under the bed and waited for Junhee’s next order. No, no more orders are needed. It only matters what Junhee does next. As I was told, I watched Junhee’s affair from the beginning, masturbated but not cheaply, and waited in the room until I washed up like this and came out. Now it’s my turn. A time for me to enjoy, a time for my birthright. The man closest to Junhee is me, not anyone else. Since Junhee was born, I have been watching her, and I have spent more time with her than anyone else, and I dare say that I have shared the deepest connection with her.

“Come to think of it, the first time… Was this posture…?”

Junhee sat down on the bed and slightly spread her legs in front of me. Very appetizing red petals. If permission is granted, I want to put my lips on it right away and suck it like crazy. While that desire kept me from taking my eyes off my sister’s genitals, I saw something in my eyes.

A white liquid trickling out from between Junhee’s legs. There must be traces of my grandfather. Why does this stay Junhee obviously went into the bathroom to wash up, and he said it was my turn next, so shouldn’t I have washed the man’s foreign body clean? I was both embarrassed and angry about something. I’m angry that her sister came to have sex with me and didn’t clean her grandfather’s semen well. It’s a bit crazy, but it’s a day or two.

“Why? Did you hate doing it?”
“No, not that…”

It is a specification to miss an opportunity while hesitating like yesterday. I will express that I want to have sex with you, Junhee, unconditionally. I will express my will and desire clearly and let them know. That I want too that I can do it

“I wonder why you didn’t wash?”
“Uh? Uh…”

Junhee smiled. Cruel smile. A smile like a devil disguised as an angel telling you you’ll die soon. Truly, here is a girl who is beautiful as an angel and irresistible as a devil.


Junhee spread her pussy with both hands. A vaginal opening pulled by thin white fingers. The pink flesh visible inside boasts wrinkles that are so appetizing. And in the middle, in the middle where only the man you really love should enter, the grandfather’s semen flows out.

“My grandfather… Made me take medicine and cummed every day. Even though I cried and begged that I couldn’t, absolutely not at first… He forced me to insert his cock and make me go away, so that the semen was packed in my uterus…”

I gritted my teeth. Angry? Are you jealous? I don’t know. I want to attack Junhee right now.

“My mom and I both like sex with her grandfather. Grandpa… His cock is big and he does it well. But, if I do get pregnant… If I’m on medication but I still have to get pregnant… I’ll get pregnant with my brother Agi.”
“Me too. I also want to impregnate you Junhee.”

Spit out desire You shouldn’t talk like that. It’s absolutely impossible and should never happen, but I couldn’t bear not to say it. But was this wrong answer the right answer? Junhee replied with a bright smile.

“Huh. Brother get me pregnant Cover my grandfather’s cum with my brother’s semen. Pack your brother’s incestuous sperm inside Junhee’s pussy.”

Even a fool would know. That this is permission. Since I gave permission, I don’t have to think about the aftermath, so the answer is to come quickly and have sex. Now if you really put up with it, you’re a fool, an idiot, and an idiot. I jumped up, grabbed Junhee’s shoulders, and pushed him backwards. Roughly, I continued to listen to your orders, but I was a man, and I hugged Junhee roughly as if I was claiming to be your brother.

Overlapping lips. Junhee’s saliva is sweet and delicious. Junhee’s tongue, which entered my mouth, moves vigorously like a child playing in a playground. Explore her gums, lick her teeth. He finds my tongue, wraps it around it, wipes off the saliva on it, and brings it to his mouth. Through this intense, affectionate kiss, I knew. That now we are lovers That the desire that should never be fulfilled has become a reality. It was a twisted form of love, a tangled promise in a state where each lusted after countless others, but anyway, today, we became lovers.

He got between Junhee’s legs and pushed her by the waist. She hadn’t even penetrated yet, but she felt like it. I wanted to show off my overflowing masculinity and explosive sexual desire. Then Junhui grabbed her with one hand and led her to her vagina.

This soft, fuzzy feeling. Mucosa and mucous membrane come into contact, gradually increasing the contact surface. This is the second time I put mine in Junhee’s. Just like last time, Junhee’s vaginal wrinkles tightened as if they were sucking out my soul. It didn’t bother her that it was full of her grandfather’s semen. To be honest, I don’t even feel it. The only thing I knew was the feel of Junhee’s cunt as she wriggled and tightened it as if it were about to eat mine.

Certainly, Junhee’s place was not a place that I, who was a sucker for sex, could easily handle. A name among names. I already have the urge to buy it. It hasn’t been long since I started shaking my waist, but it’s hard to bear it as if my whole body has become a cock. An unknown voice whispers in my ear. No, I’m not whispering, I’m shouting right outside my eardrum. Say cheap. Pleasure beyond your imagination awaits you, so pack it up. It cries out to pour out your incest genes on your own brother.

But I persevered. I put up with it. You have to become a proud man who suits Junhee. I don’t know how great the males Junhee has been through so far, but it’s not her brother’s job to accept her choice and discourage her. Even my grandfather, who is in his 70s, did it twice, but how can I save face when I, who is in my prime, loses it so quickly.

It seems like heaven is helping me. I would have been frustrated if I had just endured without any results. I would have given up, still realizing that I was useless as a man. But now it is different. I didn’t have to feel the same despair as before. Rather, I spare no support and encouragement to tell me to work harder, to not give up and keep trying since I am doing well now.

Junhee was feeling it. Just as he was happy shaking his hips on top of his grandfather, he was delighted with the movement of my hips under me. Matching the rhythm and breathing with her brother, Junhee reacted. When mine pushed forward, a hot sigh came out of my mouth, and when my cock, which can’t be said to be big even with empty words, came out backward, Junhee also kept her mouth shut and tightened it much stronger by applying force there. Happy. Happy. I think this is the first time we’ve truly mixed and sympathized with each other’s pleasures.

Yoon-jung really wanted me, but it was for her self-satisfaction. The fact that I was loved and loved was important in itself, but I didn’t think of it as a companion that went with me. Even that, when it comes to her sex, I’m a student learning from her. Even with her mingling, there was a gap between her and me that could never be bridged.

The sex with Chae-kyung had already gone wrong from the beginning. Didn’t I say that after my failure at that time, even her virginity was taken by Lee Yul? Afterwards, Chae-gyeong didn’t feel the pleasure of her intercourse with me, and she even acted like raping me in order for her to go away. We went out of sync, and that led to our ruin.

I don’t know what will happen in the future. Today is just one fluke and it may never happen again. But now, for now, it was certain. Junhee feels happy with my sex. Every single movement of my waist, from the head of my cock to the root of my cock coming out and going back in, Jun-hee felt it. It was the same for Junhee and Chaekyung that tightened and made me feel good, but perhaps because I was younger, Junhee could be satisfied with my little things.

Whatever the reason, this was a good thing. That’s why I didn’t want to rush it. You have to work harder, longer, and do your best to enjoy this time with Junhee. In game terms, I already have only 1 HP left, but it feels like I have activated the ‘Immortality’ skill. Masters do not run away to somehow survive in such a situation, but use the short time invincibility to demonstrate techniques to kill the opponent. It’s time for me to go one step further today.

“Aww! Oh, brother.. There..!”

I stopped and took a breath. Recovery is necessary. Just a moment, just a moment. In the meantime, before Junhee’s excitement cools down, she gently rubs her sister’s cute little clitoris with her thumb. As expected, the effect was outstanding, and Jun-hee moved her back while feeling the stimulation applied to her clitoris while putting mine in her pussy.

Without removing his cock, he lifted Junhee’s legs and succeeded in turning his body around. Naked little sister lying down in front of me and waiting for my command. Her small, slender body is so lovely. I’m too skinny for a man, but Junhee’s body is really this thin? Are there any organs in this? It was unbelievable.

Jun-hee squeezed the place slightly, shaking her hips little by little, as if it was hard to wait. I grabbed my brother’s buttocks with both hands and started shaking his hips again. The sound of my thighs and Junhee’s hips clashing echoed through the room. Grandpa and Mom might hear it, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to me is Junhee, Junhee.

“Junhee.. I’m slowly..”
“Huh! Wrap it up! Wrap it around Junhee’s pussy! Me too… I’m going too! Because I’m going with you!!”

As if the climax was really imminent, Junhee’s movements speed up. It moves forward bigger and hits the butt harder. I gritted my teeth and endured, but now I’m really at my limit, my cock hurts from holding it in. After that, after shaking my waist a few more times, I squeezed Junhee’s chest with both hands and ejaculated with a strange moan.

“Ah, ah… Oppa’s semen… Oppa’s semen… Come in…”

Junhee’s body shakes as she bends her back with her head down. Junhee’s body trembled to the extent that I wondered if a person’s body could bend like this. Not only the semen he had already accumulated, but also everything he was making in real time from his testicles were sucked out of Junhee’s pussy, but as if that wasn’t enough, Junhee’s vagina, feeling the climax, forced mine out. The field of view turns black, then turns white again, and paints red when I don’t know if it’s pain or pleasure. In the midst of far-off pleasure, I really, literally lost my mind.

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town

There Is Nothing to Enjoy in a Small Rural Town

작은 시골 마을에는 즐길 것이 없다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A small town where you have to go all the way to town to find entertainment. All kinds of ntr stories about a college student who lives with a beautiful mother and her younger sister.


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