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The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 62

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me. 62

Chapter 62 – Hypnosis of Courage (1)

Maybelle listened more closely to the sounds she heard.

The content of the news was as follows.

A flood occurred in a dungeon where difficulty level C monsters were the mainstay.

Most adventurers and warrior parties in the nearby area headed to the area where the flooding occurred and fought against it.

However, in the flooded dungeon, monsters began to proliferate in greater numbers than expected.

When you thought the people gathered nearby weren’t enough.

Fortunately, the Maybelle Party appeared.

Maybelle Party said that with her skills worthy of her reputation, she quickly defeated many monsters.

The warrior party and adventurers who heard the news talked about the Maybelle party.

“As expected, it’s the fastest Hero Maybell’s party. No matter how flooded it was, it looks like it was no match for any number of C-level monsters.”

“They say they are recruiting new people recently, but I don’t know if there will be anyone suitable for such a huge party.”

“But why were you near that area? Wasn’t it originally in a more dangerous area?”

“Didn’t you run out after hearing the news that there was a flood?”

“Really, a hero is a hero? I guess he can’t see the danger to people even if they are far below his level.”

“Only do the work that attracts the most attention.”

Every time she heard people like that, Nellis puffed out her cheeks and became dissatisfied.

‘The party that kicked out Mr. Kalt can’t be that kind-hearted!’

However, she did not voice her dissatisfaction directly.

Even if I tell you anyway, there’s no way the people here will believe me.

Above all, if you say something for no reason, you could cause trouble to Kalt.

At the same time, Nellis indirectly realized the difference in skill between herself and Maybelle.

‘Quickly kill many difficulty C monsters…’

Difficulty C.

It’s an uneasy level to deal with Nellis alone.

However, Maybelle, the fastest hero, can easily handle dozens or even hundreds of such monsters.

Well, since you have the blessing of acceleration, you can hunt a lot of monsters in a quick amount of time, but that’s not the problem.

The fact was that she was afraid that she could kill a monster that Maybelle could easily kill.

Also, be kind to yourself.

Nellis was upset that she was still much weaker than the warrior who banished her Kalt, who promised to make her a superior warrior.

‘I will never become stronger. Don’t let Mr. Kalt regret choosing me!’

Nellie’s spirit was burning with enthusiasm.

The next day.

Nellis’ party went to the blacksmith shop.

“Okay, that’s it.”

The old man, the owner of the blacksmith shop, brought the Kalt and Nellis swords that he had taken yesterday and handed them over.

“Thank you, old man.”

“Wow, this is my new… Alexcalibur!”

“Nellis, pull it out and swing it.”


Although Nellis was confused by Kalt’s words, she immediately pulled out her sword and swung it lightly.

“Oh, oh! Ka, Mr. Kalt! It’s amazing! It’s somehow… Easier to swing than yesterday! It’s an amazing feeling that even though it’s light, there’s more power to the sword!”

“It’s thanks to the old man adjusting the sword to suit you.”

“So that’s why you took the sword yesterday! Wow…!”

‘This is the skill of a craftsman! Of course, this is the blacksmith that Mr. Kalt uses!’

Nellis looked at her own new sword with a twinkle in her eye.

Kalt also followed Nellis and pulled out her sword and swung it lightly.


“As expected, the old man’s skills are not going anywhere.”

“Hmph, there are still 20 years left to rust.”

“It looks to me like you’ll be fine for 30 years, right?”

“Still, the gossiping continues. Just give me the money.”

“Yes, old man.”

Kalt immediately handed the money over to the old man.

The old man said after receiving her payment, looking at Nellis, who was looking at her sword with her beady eyes shining.

“Really. This guy is not worthy of a hero.”


When Nellis heard that sound, she flinched and her body trembled.

“Ah, I’ll do my best from now on…”

“If you’re going to do your best, speak with more confidence!”

“Huh! Yes!”

Kalt, who saw the scene, smiled happily and said.

“It looks like Nellis likes her, old man.”


“Heng, what do you like about him? He uses a sword unbefitting a warrior, so I’m just saying that!”

The old man’s disciple, who was watching the conversation between the old man and Kalt, sighed and said.

“Master, when you say that, people usually misunderstand.”

“What do you mean by misunderstanding? Why should I care about other people’s misunderstandings?”

“Master too…”

“Um, Mr. Kalt… What do you mean, the old man likes me…?”

Nellis, who did not understand the situation, asked Kalt.

“That’s literally it. You said yesterday that you couldn’t think of Nellis’ sword as a sword used by a warrior.”


“That’s a compliment.”

“Huh?! That was a compliment?”

Nellis thought that what she heard yesterday was just a sword used by an incompetent warrior.

But the meaning is opposite to what I thought.

Nellis, as well as Scarlett and Aria, who were listening quietly, also tilted their heads.

“Right, old man?”

“What is a compliment? I just told it like it is.”

The old man snorted loudly and crossed his arms.

“Heroes are sloppy when using weapons! I don’t know if it’s divine protection or what, but there are only a few who focus on that and try to improve their skills in wielding weapons! Compared to that, I think just cutting it is the end!”

The old man looked at Nellis and said.

“Even though he was sloppy, and his skills were lacking, the sword he swung showed signs of trying to use it as a weapon. That’s all. It was a sword unlike any other warrior I know.”


“In other words, Nellis is someone who knows how to use a weapon properly.”

“W-that’s what you said!?”

Nellis never dreamed that what the old man said yesterday about not being worthy of a warrior had a hidden meaning.

‘No, how do I know that’s what it meant in the first place! But…’


Nellis was happy to hear it as a compliment again.

‘Is this it? It means it was recognized by a blacksmith who even Mr. Kalt recognizes? Hehe~.’

“What are you laughing at? If you’re done with your business, get out now!”

“Come on, let’s go out. If we stay too long, the old man will get furious.”


“Isn’t that old man’s personality too twisted?”

“Even though he may not be honest, he seems to have a good heart.”

“What are you babbling about!”

Nellis’ party quickly left the blacksmith shop.

And Nellis’ party goes to the guild and encounters a level D monster.

After accepting the request to subdue Tentacle Boer, I went out of the city.

Since Tentacle Bore is relatively close to the commercial city of Tridia, people traveled on foot instead of riding a carriage.

During her move, Nellis drew her own sword and smiled happily.


“Do you like it that much, Nellis?”

“Of course! I have a new sword that fits perfectly in my hand! From now on, you are Alexcalibur… No! It’s Alexcalibur Neo!”

‘It looks like naming continues.’

Since he liked Nellis, Kalt didn’t care about her naming sense.

“Oh, by the way! Come to think of it, money! Mr. Kalt! How much did the sword cost? I’ll pay mine!”

“… Now that I think about it, you paid for this brooch and grimoire yesterday. How much did it cost?”

“Well, if you look at the donations, I should have paid them! Please tell me!”

Kalt thought it was amazing to see three people asking to know how much they spent together.

Nellis Party is not taking it for granted that Kalt should buy it, but is trying to pay the price properly.

He was different from Maybelle Party, who thought it was natural for Kalt to procure the necessary items with his own money and never said he would contribute a little.

“You don’t have to pay. This time… Okay. Think of it as a gift from me for your growth. Next time, buy it with your own money, okay?”

“A gift from Mr. Kalt…”

“… Well, if it’s something like that, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll take it well.”

“Thank you, Kalt. I will grow up to be worthy of this gift that Kalt gave me.”

“Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Continuing their movement, Nellis’ party arrived at the area inhabited by Tentacle Boers.


And not long after arriving at the habitat, Nellis’ party encountered a Tentacle Boer.

A monster in the shape of a wild boar with several writhing tentacles on its back.

Tentacle bore.

Nellis trembled when she saw the monster for the first time.

“Ugh, gross!”

“You look in a bad mood.”

“Wow, it looks evil.”

“Nellis, be careful because Tentacle Boar can control the tentacles on his back to restrain his opponent.”

“You mean that thing on your back that wraps itself around you!?”

“Yes. The Tentacle Boar’s method of attack is to wrap around the opponent and slam them with their tusks.”


Nellis imagined the tentacles of her Tentacle Boar wrapping around her arms.

Along with her physiological disgust, she felt that she never wanted to be wrapped in tentacles.

“Aria! Bless me by making me agile!”

“I understand, Nellis! Thank God! Give me nimble feet!”

“Mr. Kalt! I’ll go first!”

“Okay, just hit it once. I’m here so don’t be scared.”

“Yes! Ahhh!”

In just one month, Nellis kicked the ground against a monster other than a kobold.

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

The Hypnotized Warrior Party Is Obsessed With Me.

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