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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 5

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 5

Chapter 5 – Entrance Ceremony -1-

“That’s right… I have to work as an adventurer at the same time. I’m aware that more than this is a nuisance. An assistant instructor would definitely suit me. The word ‘assistant’ is less prestigious than that, so I’ll just be an instructor.”

“And if you really aim for actual combat, get the help of the church, prepare priests, and then do it randomly…”

“No! Knights often deal with monsters…”

“If I’m going to judge the real thing, I’d rather have an item owned by an individual…”

Three people from different fields gathered and took out a few sheets of paper and wrote down the text.

An elderly knight who has spent decades on the front lines.

A wizard who doesn’t know the details, but thinks that the harder the physical training, the better.

An adventurer who has eliminated humans and monsters at any cost, as long as he can kill them.

When the three people who reached the opposite point gathered and discussed, something… Something was being created.

“Whoa… Finally, the draft of the training has been taken.”

Doran clenched his left hand, exhausted from writing a considerable amount of text.

He was also a master penman with his left hand.

“It looks so simple, but–. If this is enough, even the pit bulls will come to their senses these days. If they don’t pass this in the first place, they don’t deserve to stand on the front lines!!!”

Roland nodded as he read the text several times as if satisfied.

“But they are children of aristocrats who grew up like flowers in a greenhouse. Will their parents just sit in class like this?”

At my words, Doran grinned, eyes shining with madness.

The feelings he harbored did not seem so pure.

“In the end, all of this is an imperial order that fell on the academy. Rejecting it is the same as violating His Majesty’s order. That’s why I’m thinking of getting consent from the students and their parents before this training begins.”

After drinking and talking through the night, I came to a situation where I could speak moderately comfortably with Doran, if not as much as with Roland.

He seemed strict, but he was more communicative than Roland, who didn’t know where he would bounce if he followed the rules.

“Even if it costs a little money, it would be better to make a contract through mana.”

“Of course. First of all, it would be better to start with the students who entered the 100th class and compare them with the students who entered the 99th class.

As an instructor with the name tag ‘assistant’, my contract period was one year.

(I can only guess how strong you are, but I don’t know exactly. I was a wizard who focused on learning more than the battlefield. I’m really sorry to you who applied with good intentions, but I don’t think being strong doesn’t mean you can give an excellent education.)

Doran made a very valid point.

Being the strongest in the world does not necessarily make you the greatest teacher in the world.

For one year, I just need to prove it with the results.

Even just going to and from the academy freely for a year is of great value to me, and I also liked the educational draft created by the three people.

According to education, you can legally defeat the main character?

Go right away.

The day before the entrance ceremony.

For me, the day before the main character and the heroine meet rather than the entrance ceremony.

If I had been possessed at this point, not 25 years ago, I would not have been able to stay still with excitement.

There is anticipation and excitement now, but rather the spirit sinks heavily.

First of all, I didn’t have to participate in the entrance ceremony, and if I did, Doran said that he would introduce me to the instructors, so I just chose to watch it.

Now that I have time, I go out to the yard and sit on a chair and eat dried fruit.

It’s because time flies when you look at the night sky full of stars.

“Oh shooting star!”

It’s rare.
The shooting stars were falling one by one.

I just thought I saw something good because I wasn’t at the age to make a wish.


However, the number gradually increased, and meteors rained down from the night sky like a heavy rain.
Yoosung’s color was all different.

From red to blue.
Even a meteor shining like gold and a light blacker than the black sky.

Cheers rang out in the capital.
I heard the sound of singing as if they were attaching great meaning to this situation.

“I can’t believe this…”

I took a sword out of my inventory.
A black blade like burnt charcoal.

It is pitch black from the blade to the handle.
If you throw it in a dark alley, it seems that you will not be able to see it.

This sword is not for my own use, but it is something I have kept so as not to pass it on to others.

[Half Darkness]
▷Darkness does not cover your eyes.
▷ Not stained by any fear.

I lowered my eyes to the explanation box at the bottom, not the effect of the equipment that stretched like a receipt.

Some items may have a word left by the user or creator attached to them.

[Darkness is a transcendent and fundamental fear to creatures. Maybe it’s because I found this on a meteor with black flames that the darkness has spread in the world. ]

This sword right now.

In addition, the skills that I use in martial arts and the Tonabbeop are items from another dimension.

The main character is a soul that has crossed the dimension in Korea, although it was not intended.

Due to the nature of the game, more than half of the hidden pieces are not from this world.

‘Akkalight’ is set to have many problems in the dimension itself.

That’s the point and feature of this game.

That is why it is possible for the main character to open the dimension to Korea, which is normally impossible.

When playing as a game, I used martial arts in fantasy and used weapons with completely different styles of the times, so I didn’t think deeply.

I just said it was fun and a unique setting, but I didn’t have more interest in it.

‘The meteors pouring down now…’

There is a possibility that it is a hidden piece.

A lot of hidden pieces that didn’t keep their seats even though no one had visited.
For that reason, there was no regularity, there was something and there was nothing.

With my information now, who can see that meteor shower without any doubts?

“The main character is the main character…”

To interpret it from the point of view of expedient human beings, the pouring meteor shower was like a fireworks display celebrating the 100th anniversary of the academy.

However, for me, it is the moment when I can indirectly feel that a big change is coming to this world.

I caught the clue of the problem that had not been answered at all until this time, and I poured the remaining fruit into my mouth.

The entrance ceremony starts at 2:00 pm, later than usual, but the academy was busy from dawn.

Lofty Academy’s 100th entrance ceremony.

The number 100 did not have any special power, but it was certain that it was a monumental and special number.

It may be a simple coincidence, but there were too many talented people who stood out since childhood, and wasn’t there another special natural phenomenon yesterday?

Thanks to that, there were a lot of religious groups and wizards.

‘I didn’t even know this was happening since the game started after I entered school’

Passing by the shops lined up for the day, I was solving breakfast and lunch.

There were tents selling reasonably priced dishes on one side so that the general citizens could participate, not just the entrance ceremony for the nobility.

Since I like crude food with a stimulating sauce, I cook the meat in ale from daylight.

“Roman-san, are you already running from this time?”

“Isn’t this normal enough. What about Lark?”

Lilyne was wearing a neat suit, not her usual adventurer gear.

It is a dress faithful to the role of the youngest child’s guardian.

“Whoa- I decided to come alone today. I don’t have to worry that my image might get worse because of you.”

“Did he say that? Where did he take the wrong medicine?”

“Oops, when you get along with Mr. Lark, he’s a very meticulous person despite his size.”

“Together… Woowook… I never wanted to know all my life…”

Lilyne laughed out loud at my expression, bought a fruit juice from the tent, and returned to her seat.

It’s alcohol, so I understand the entrance ceremony or moderation, but I’m not thinking about these delicious foods.

“Have you been eating?”

“No. It’s not like that… But it’s embarrassing to see a stomach in a place like this.”

After hearing her remarks, my eyes turned to Lily’s belly, which was completely sunken.
She also hurriedly covered her stomach with her hands, perhaps feeling my gaze.

“… If you go somewhere else and say that, women will froth and rush at you.”

“What are you saying…”

“Ah! I didn’t tell you this. I got a job as an academy instructor for a year.”


Lilyne froze, holding her drink.
She didn’t seem to fully understand what I was saying yet.

“Adventurers will do the same.”


‘You must be crazy! What the hell is her platinum doing!’ Calms her down, who fires like her machine gun, and I refill her ale and return to her seat.

In the meantime, she had slightly weary eyes.

“Haa… No matter how puzzling, I don’t think it was like this…”

“Actually, this time it’s not my will. I owe something in the past, so I’m going to pay back the silver won?”

“It’s good to be sensitive to Eun-Won, but I think Roman-ssi is too harsh.”

“Me? Where is a human being as normal as me?”

Lily’s sometimes goes overboard.
I expressed my absurdity with her whole body.

“Maybe it’s because there’s no one around to touch… The weirdest thing is that you don’t know what you’re weird about.”

Haha- why is my mouth so hot today?

“If I don’t say anything…”

ㅡGuests who visited Lofty Academy. The entrance ceremony is scheduled to begin soon in the first auditorium.

Someone’s voice filled with mana echoed in the air.
Lily’s nagging, which was about to get long, ended at an awkward timing.


“Shouldn’t we go soon?”

“…How about Mr. Roman?”

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at me, perhaps dissatisfied because she couldn’t get all the words out of her mind.

“I’ll come later. I have a place to stop for a while.”

“Then… I’ll be there first.”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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