Smith, a Black Company in Another World 938

Smith, a Black Company in Another World 938

Chapter 938 – Ep.936 Smith, a Black Company in Another World


Amela woke up just as the sun was rising, got down from the bed and removed her curtains.

A bright blue sky with sparse white fluff hanging down.

“The weather is really nice today too.”

Amela opened the closed window and smiled as she felt the light breeze blowing through her skin.

‘It’ll come tomorrow at the earliest, or within five days at the latest, right?’

Time has passed so quickly since I heard the news about Smith.

Well, it was the same as I didn’t usually go.

“Keuuuuu~!! Taha~ But where can I sleep?”

Before hearing from Smith, she had trouble sleeping even when she drank. But the fact that she will soon be reunited with the man who gave her all makes Amela feel like she is making up for the time she lost in sleep, and just by closing the back of her head, she falls into a deep sleep. They came in droves.

“Baby, just try to come back.”

Although she said so, Amela’s mind was full of expectations about what kind of punishment Smith would give her after his return.

This is because the distinction between rewards and punishments was very vague for the man she loved.

Either way, it ended up being a dirty act, so in reality, the punishment was the reward, and the reward was the punishment.

The only difference is that with rewards, it was possible to lead people in the direction they wanted, while with punishment, it was a little harsher or more humiliating.


“… “They fill it up with this shameful thing and then neglect it.”

Amella blushed slightly as she played with her heart-shaped token of jewelry.

This is because it reminded me of the first time I wore this.

‘… ‘He was really crazy.’

It was clearly her fault that she fucked a little too harshly in the aftermath of her heat cycle. But she sincerely apologized, but not only did he strip her naked, he made her walk on all fours like an animal and even made her take a walk naked.

Even though others couldn’t see it, making him urinate in front of the fountain on Temple Street was, on second thought, an act that crossed the line.

‘… The problem is that I am the craziest bitch who treats everything just because I tell it to.’

Amela was fiddling with her jewelry for no reason, and she had a little hope that when Smith came back, she would do something similar for him.


“Maybe it’s because I sleep well, but I always get hungry at the right time.”

Amela closed her window, left her room, and came downstairs.

“Her face is getting brighter every day.”

“You too?”

“What… “I can’t help but feel excited.”

I responded honestly, fluttering her long ears, and Amela also smiled in the affirmative.

“Are you awake?”

“I usually wake up at this time?”

Amela, who was trying to quench her thirst with the water she had brought for her, asked her Beneo, who came into her hallway carrying her bulging bag, where she was going.

“Where are you going this morning?”

“She said she would be back soon, so he got her some new clothes, underwear, and bedding.”

“You bought more clothes?”

“Have you forgotten that she left it all behind when she ran away? And if it’s Smith, he will definitely come back bigger.”

Amela frowned slightly at Beneo’s confident answer.

“It’s nice that she’s reliable, but it’s a little bit too big…”

“For small people, it’s okay to make it a little bigger.”

“You can just call him Jagi. Don’t you and he also call him Little Seo-nim? Ugh, I can’t do it.”

“Surprisingly, you like it.”

In response to my answer, Amela shook her head and said that she still couldn’t do it.

“But do you have clothes that fit his size?”

“The priests of the Sith Church are dexterous.”

“Come to think of it, they were quite talented.”

In particular, the five Apostles who knew how to use elemental magic were useful in many ways.

“Beneo, please wake up Kernax and Nyaho on the way up.”

“The theory is.”

“The theory is… It would be better to just leave it alone. “I don’t know much about the blood sharks.”


Beneo went up with a heavy bag. And not long after, Kernax, holding Winter in his arms, and Nyaho, who was gently wagging his tail toward Winter, came down.

“Our princess has been sleeping a lot in the mornings these days.”


Winter, who was dozing comfortably on Cernax’s chest, turned her head from side to side when Amela gently tickled her plump cheek with her fingers, then jerked her head in the opposite direction! She did and she turned away.

“Before, as soon as the sun came up, it would wake up like a knife and beg for milk.”

“I guess it was because I had to check to see if Seobang-nim came back or not.”

“… “I didn’t know that she would be worried if her daughter was so smart.”

Kernax comforted Winter, who was dozing off, and suckled her small, pretty lips.

“Ah, say so.”

“I can eat alone.”

“Come on~”

“… “It’s hard to take sides when someone gets scolded.”

“Oh my, isn’t that what it is?”

Actually, that was correct.

For other people, the line between punishment and reward may be blurry, but for Nyaho, punishment was definitely punishment, so there was nothing he could do about it.

Since Smith was already aware of Nyaho’s strong majo tendencies, most of the punishment given to Nyaho was to be left alone while everyone else was having fun.

… Bwauk.

“He was whining that he was sleepy, but his appetite took after his father and he was eating well even with his eyes closed.”

“Hehe, sir, I guess you like breasts a little too much.”

“Little? “The way I see it, it’s addiction, that bastard.”

With the news of Smith’s return, the mansion regained its cheerful atmosphere as if it were a lie.

But their teasing of Smith did not last long.

“Ok? “What, what’s going on?”

“I stopped by to show his face because he is coming back soon.”

In order to respond to the blatant strife of the Temple Union, Nemea, who had always stayed in the Sith Church, visited the mansion.

“Would you like to eat?”

“No, it’s okay. Rather, Amela? “I’d like to see you separately for a moment.”


“Okay. You.”

The two had a long-standing relationship even before they met Smith.

However, thanks to their relationship with Smith, Amela and Nemea are now able to shake it all off and form a consensus of their own.


“… Now.”

“It’s annoying.”


Tendons sprouted from Nemea’s forehead.

“Ah~ Just kidding, why are you shaking so much?”

“… “It would be nice to be thankful to Winter.”

“Hehe, we are always grateful to Winter.”

Amela stroked Winter’s head once and stood up from her seat.

“I’ll stop by again later.”

“I’m coming.”

Amella followed Nemea out of her mansion.

“How far are you going?”


“… “The temple is a little different.”

There are many reasons, but it was a place that I instinctively felt a little reluctant about.



Although she didn’t show it from inside, Amela noticed that Nemea’s energy was on edge even before she entered her mansion, so she knew something was up.

“Sis has returned.”


She applied so much force that a crunching sound came out of Amela’s fist.

“With most of her powers gone.”

“… Consciousness?”

“He fell asleep a little while ago.”


Amela let out a deep sigh and ran the hand she had been washing her face up through her bangs.

“Smith, when that bastard comes back, there’s going to be a big fuss.”

“… “I guess so.”

“So, is there more?”


Nemea was silent for a moment in response to Amela’s question.

“Ringo Agrissa.”

“Dumpy? Why is that bitch… For a moment.”

-Amela!! Full moon! I will visit you in 15 days! That day! I, chosen by the gods, will proudly defeat you in front of everyone!!

A deep valley appeared between Amela’s eyebrows as she recalled the conversation of that day.

“No way, to that damn pudgy bitch?”

“Not sure. I’m not sure, but…”

Nemea spared her words.

However, she only had no physical evidence, and she had already confirmed it to be true.

“Where is that pudgy bitch?”

“… “She was the one who brought Sith.”

“Ha, are you bragging about being a criminal?”

“Maybe so.”

Nemea said, sighing with a mixture of emotions.

“We brought them there very politely, even using a cot in the carriage, so we couldn’t find fault with them.”

“That’s not the problem.”

“Okay. It’s as you said. “The real problem is this.”

Nemea held out a small piece of paper to Amela.

“… Duel?”

“He said he was going to duel with you tomorrow at noon in front of everyone.”

“Ha, you crazy bitch.”


The red flames that rose from Amela’s hands engulfed the duel arena without leaving a single ashes behind.


“Don’t stop me.”

“… “God’s power is dangerous.”


Amela growled, baring her sharp fangs, which she had never shown recently.

“Avoid me like a cowardly bitch?”

“He… “Everything will be resolved when Smith returns.”

“That bastard came back and stopped me—”

-Ah, it’s Nemeani~!!

As the voice of a lively girl who did not fit in with the atmosphere gradually became more violent, the tense air was instantly relaxed.

“… Anyway, don’t stop me.”


Just as Amela was turning her body away, shaking off Nemea’s hand that was trying to grab her.


“… “Is that crazy?”

Amella glared at Kalm, the purple-haired girl who was hopping up the high Sith Church stairs and waving her hand.

“She hasn’t been seen for a few days, and it looks like her stash of snacks has run out…”

Nemea took her breath away from speaking.

“Well, why? “What──”

“Shut up and follow me.”

“No! “Is this bitch really crazy?”

Amela got angry at Nemea’s sudden action of grabbing her wrist and pulling her, and then Nemea glared at Amela, who was glaring at her, and pointed at Kalm, who was hopping in the distance, at her wrist, to be exact.

“Look at that.”

“I was looking at it earlier, what…”

Amela’s eyebrows, which had been wrinkled from her irritation, gradually spread out, and soon her eyes widened.

A black accessory wrapped several times around the wrist of Kalm, who is hopping on the stairs.

It was his token, worn around their necks and always worn by Smith on his wrist or below.

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

Smith, a Black Company in Another World

이세계 블랙기업 스미스
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
5th year in this world. They are still being exploited by the company.


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