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The Demon King in Yagem Dreams of Justice

The Demon King in Yagem Dreams of Justice

야겜 속 마왕은 정의를 꿈꾼다
Native LanguageKorean

I thought he was dead, but when I woke up, I became a villain in Yagem, whom I loved.
A demon king who has everything from power, power, wealth, looks, and clothes!

In order not to be killed by the hero who will come a year later, let’s quickly give up our position as the main enemy of mankind. You have to live a good life from now on.

… But why were you sucking mine?

“Huh, haang… , Help me… , hmm… ,lung… under.”

Oh, this is a joke.

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  1. Oppa says:

    Just finished reading this and overall, it’s decent read. The plot is basically a man reincarnates into the demon lord and starts to act friendly to everyone which comes out as a surprise and the mc goes out of his way to fix and improve the demon kingdom. The sex scenes are good but are short, only 7/60 was sex and the rest pure politics and improving relationships with heroines.

    Credits: shinobu.alt

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