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Show Your Fetish

Show Your Fetish

너의 페티시가 보여
Native LanguageKorean

A calm daily college story of a protagonist who can see a fetish

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  1. Jay says:

    The story is getting trash like literally. He’s so obsessed with his past life that everything he does he thinks oh it’s so different from the past. Authors should not write MC’s with neet or introvert characters because they don’t know how such people behaves. No introvert would blush in front of some girl, most probably he’ll think she’s annoying. Introverts don’t like being social and is an introvert is given chance to redo things with powers he’ll get confidence boost not like some whimpering pussy blushing in front of every girl he sees. And he was practically raped while he was sleeping and when he got up and fucked her back hard next day he’s like sorry did I do it too hard? He doesn’t have any self esteem. If it were any other guy irl they’d probably put on their pants and leave. I don’t understand why authors show males like this if it were some female character mc would chase her and explain why he did this and as the situation is reversed mc still has to explain and beg for forgiveness? Your writing is thir class. He fucked some narratophiliac girl and all dirty talk during sex was please put it in my wussy? Even a three year old kid would write better sex scenes than this. Maybe author is virgin himself.

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