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I Returned, but the Reverse World

I Returned, but the Reverse World

회귀했는데 역전세계
Native LanguageKorean

I, who was the bottom hero, returned, but the world is strange.
“Heroes, no, men don’t fight. Fighting is a woman’s job.”
“Then what is the man’s role?”
“Isn’t that obvious? You have to provide semen.”

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  1. Pablo says:

    Hmmmm no se. No me convence mucho la sipnosis la verdad jajaja.
    Aquí probador de venenos hará el trabajo por ustedes y leerá lo que pueda, si está bueno lo terminaré y si no pues simplemente dejaré una reseña hasta donde llegue.

  2. Aarón Alejandro says:

    And how was it always? You no longer answered or left the review

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