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A World Where Childbirth Is Obligatory

A World Where Childbirth Is Obligatory

출산이 의무인 세계
Native LanguageKorean

The Republic of Korea of ​​the future, where men are obliged to serve in the military and women are obliged to do industrial service.

Women’s personalities are destroyed overnight by the order of the state,
and they are subjected to inhumane training for sexual desire and pregnancy as tools for childbirth.
Finally, the obligation to give birth ends only when she is forced to become pregnant and give birth after receiving seeds from unwanted men several times.

Of course, women who have a body that is not suitable for the duty of childbirth or who avoid the duty of childbirth must also serve and sacrifice for the country in other forms.

Would you like to experience a highly desirable world where duties are equally imposed on both men and women?

Caution※ This novel is a hard fiction! This is an extremely hard adult novel that contains inhumane and dark content that never happens or should happen in reality!

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