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Quest Given When Possessed 463

Quest Given When Possessed 463

Chapter 463 – Academy’s Final Exam (5)

Material Recharge, a skill acquired through sex, was not a skill that could be completely satisfied.

I was aiming for yin and yang beyond shadow and fire, but it was as if the wrong skill came out.

However, it was important that a back was created after using the black and white twin wheels that consumed a large amount of mana.

It was important that the options increased, whether it was using Shadow Dive to escape or gathering remaining mana to hit a spiral break.

Also, I’m still at B rank. If the rank goes up a little more, wouldn’t the mana recovery rate also go up? And it occurred to me that the closer the recovery rate was to 100%, the closer it was to natural scenery.

‘If you think about it, the direction was closer to natural scenery.’

When there is shadow or darkness, you can recover mana, and in a space full of heat, you can absorb heat and convert it into mana.

Since I have used such skills, I thought it was normal for skills related to mana recovery and absorption to appear.

‘But why did it come about as a result of repeated sex that regulates yin and yang?’

It was a repetition of being sucked by Shahemoth in fox mode and spitting out by regular Shahemoth, but was that judged to be recovery of resources?

“Anyway. I’m glad I got the results before the final exam.”

After the weekend, there would be a final exam for the first semester. The professor didn’t tell us what test we would take, but he told us to bring our own weapons.

Since it seems to be related to practical skills, I think I will be able to finish the exam quickly and finish my first year at the academy.

‘There were almost no classes in the second semester, so I don’t remember much.’

Unlike the first semester, where students took common subjects, class Q only had classes once a week, and attendance was free after the midterm exam, meaning each student had to clear a quest.

Even if I received a quest, I mostly solved it while possessed, so on the outside, I was waiting for the quest, so I showed up every time, but the other three took turns not showing up.

As the weekend passes, everyone will be able to see how much they have grown.


“Today is the final exam like other students. We will take the written exam very lightly and then move on to the practical exam, so write questions and answers.”

Professor Jeon Yeon-nam said as he entered the classroom, which felt empty because there were only four students.

As we gently waved our hand, a piece of paper arrived at the desk where we were sitting.

“The professor told me to prepare for the practical exam, so I didn’t bring a writing utensil?”

As Chris Roanna spoke on our behalf, the professor spoke while holding a piece of paper that had suddenly appeared in his hand.

“It’s a new test. Just think about the answer while injecting mana.”

Upon hearing those words, Asui Miyama was the first to grab the paper and let out an exclamation.

“Wow. That’s amazing.”

I also read the first question while holding the test paper in my hand and letting my mana flow.

[Problem 1: The place where people with status window abilities reside was divided into two areas: Utopia and Olympus. Describe your thoughts on Utopia, which seeks to minimize the intervention of powerful people on ordinary people, and Olympus, which seeks to increase the frequency of intervention.]

‘Is this the content that will be asked on the test?’

-Is this the correct content to be asked on the exam?

I was a little embarrassed because the answer was printed exactly as I thought.

It seems like you can control it as if you were having a conversation with Shahemos, but I think they gave you this piece of paper with the intention of writing down your thoughts without adding or subtracting.

First, I erased what I had filled in and expressed my thoughts on the test paper.

-A utopia was created for those with abilities who were the objects of curiosity, admiration, and fear. Even if you had abilities, if you did not want to live separated from others, you could give up your powers and undergo a sealing procedure.

I’m a little angry about being forced to come to Utopia because I’m a quest person, so let’s not write about it.

-With the creation of Olympus, the option of gaining access to ordinary people with abilities was added, and it is expected that many people who know how attractive it is to rule with power that others do not have will flock to Olympus. If Olympus intervenes more actively than it does now, I think there is a high possibility that a new privileged class will be created along with talented people’s crimes.

This was roughly my thought.

If you don’t want to live separated from others, but want to use your abilities, you now have the option to go to Olympus.

If you had that kind of mindset, wouldn’t you choose to go to Olympus rather than sealing your power? If this happens, more students can utilize their abilities even during their school years.

In the past, side effects were minimal when receiving ability sealing procedures that had to be done to a minimum.

‘There will be a lot of crime.’

And since it is difficult for the public to prevent the crimes committed by those with the Sangtae Chang ability, Olympus has no choice but to intervene, and this will further permeate into the public.

After thinking a bit about question 1, I read question 2.

[Problem 2: How will I spend my time when I become a second year student?]

At this point, I filled in the content thinking it was more like a survey than a test question.

-I plan to continue growing as I continue my life at the Global Academy, similar to the first year.

Since there were only two written questions left, I put down the paper, and soon after, the other three people also put down their papers as they had completed the exam.

Professor Jeon Yeon-nam said after seeing that.

“Did you take all the written tests such as surveys?”


“It definitely felt like a survey.”

After hearing our answer, Professor Jeon Yeonnam waved his hand again, retrieved the paper, and put the test paper in his pocket.

“Let’s go. The practical test is the main part of the final exam.”

Because it was Monday morning, the sparring room where we would take the written exam was empty, and when we arrived there, the professor spoke to us.

“For the practical part, I plan to see your maximum strength by sparring with me. Shall we go in order of your best performance on the midterm? Let’s start with Chris Roanna.”

“Yes, Professor.”

The two people put on protective shields and advanced to the center of the sparring room.

A protective barrier was erected to isolate us from the outside world, and the three of us sat down on chairs roughly nearby.

“I saw the professor fly in the midterm, how strong is he?”

Asui Miyama asked while looking at me and Vulcan.

“You’ll see it now.”

“I really… Sian, what about you?”

“I briefly learned how to use weapons, but it wasn’t easy. I got beat up the whole time I was taking the class.”

“Oh? Which one? A sword?”

“You used swords, swords, and spears?”

“Really? That might help.”

While we were talking, it seemed like the two were ready.

Should we say that the professor gives up the player? The professor moved his hand slightly, grasping the sword made of sword steel, and slightly nodded his head, and as a signal, Chris Roanna began to move.

As Chris Roanna’s rich blonde hair spilled out enough mana to spread, multicolored circles appeared around it.

‘It’s a bit similar to black and white twin wheels.’

When I saw that it had various colors, I thought it would be right to call it upward compatible.

Six circles, circles containing fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness, rose in the air and Chris Roanna began firing.

Each element began to bombard Professor Jeon Yeon-nam with attacks containing its own properties, and I thought that it wouldn’t be much different from the practical exam for the 3rd year wizard department that I was scheduled to attend.

‘Or a little better.’

Isn’t six attributes strange? Flames spew out, water pours down, winds rush, and rocks block the way.

Since darkness and light are attributes that are difficult to describe, they were used to filling in the gaps in an attack covered with four attributes.

“This is true. Chris Roanna is definitely outstanding.”

With those words, the professor swung his sword, and the barrage of elements that seemed to continue continuously stopped in an instant.


Chris Roanna looked at the elemental ring where her bombardment had stopped with a confused voice.

“Manipulating multiple attributes is a great advantage for a magician, but there is no need to utilize them all at once, because they clearly cancel each other out. And since a large amount of mana is used, the mana flowing from student Chris Roanna’s body is It’s easy for me to capture it.”

Professor Jeon Yeon-nam swung his sword in the air.

It seems clear that he is cutting something rather than just swinging the sword in the air, but seeing as the elemental ring summoned by Chris Roanna is blurring, it seems that he has cut off the mana supply.

‘Should I call him a professor after all?’

‘Can the black and white wheel I use withstand that?’

I thought Chris Roanna’s elemental bombardment was the result of his crazy growth over the past year as a quester, but I didn’t know he could block it so easily.

“Of course, ordinary people wouldn’t have been able to endure.”

As the professor continued to walk away swinging his sword in the air, Chris Roanna removed her ring and began using magic as usual.

I made about 50 magic missiles and launched them at once, and the professor started running fast to avoid the magic missiles.


When there was a magic missile that stuck in the ground and disappeared, Chris Loanna began filling the gap with a new magic missile.

When a magic missile was fired at the location where the professor’s direction of movement was predicted, the professor, who had secured a place to move by instantly cutting it down, became a light and caught Chris Roanna’s back.

“Good. A student like Chris Roanna has the skills equivalent to a Global Academy graduate.”

“Still, you were pinned down by the professor and lost?”

“I’m your professor, right? I’ve constantly refined myself.”

Vulcan Rudric stood up immediately after seeing him overpower Chris Roanna, the strongest wizard I’ve ever seen, with a single sword.

“I’m next.”

It seems like Vulcan’s competitive spirit has filled me, and I’m curious to see how the professor will defeat Vulcan.

Quest Given When Possessed

Quest Given When Possessed

빙의하면 퀘스트 줌
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
"Tutorial Quest

-Start: [Skill] Possession
-Completion: ???

My life plan was ruined the day I went for the ability sealing procedure.


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