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My Innocent Older Sister. 67

My Innocent Older Sister. 67

Chapter 67 – Travel to Japan.


A pussy trying to suck my glans.

As if pulled by manpower, the glans was inserted into the hole.

Maybe it was because I couldn’t have sex while taking care of my older sister and smelling her dirty scent for a few days, but the feeling on her glans was significant.

The sight of the cock lodged in her pussy flesh, which must have gained some weight, seemed like it would be eaten.

“Yes. It’s good because it’s been a while since we fucked.”

I think I understand why people who like alcohol say it’s been a while since they haven’t had a drink for only 5 days.

I can’t stand it.

“Do you like it too, sister?”

Driven by each other’s affection, their bodies overlapped.

Because of the sweat caused by the hot weather, our bodies became stickier.

The crackling sound was louder than usual.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…!”

Hold the plump belly and admire the shaking breasts.

I grabbed the nipple that was shaking and tracing a trace, and pinched it as if rubbing it.

“Because it’s sensitive?!”

As I pinched her nipples hard, my older sister’s back arched.

Like my sister said earlier, I kept massaging her breasts, so I guess they were very sensitive.

“Are you gone?”
“Uh, uhm…”
“Your pussy is so tight.”

The cock I removed to change my position was very sticky even though it had not ejaculated.



Upon insertion, a cute sound comes from the vagina.

It’s cute like an older sister’s moans.

“Your butt has gotten bigger too.”
“Oh, no…”
“That’s right.”
“It’s not like that…”

My sister says she has gotten better at fucking, but she keeps denying her own strengths.

I guess I have no choice but to tell you.


When I squeezed my butt hard, my fingers were buried like my chest.

A really flawless butt.

The soft curves and the skin rippling like waves every time it hits your groin make you want to fuck it more the more you fuck it.

“Huh, huh, turn it off…!”

My older sister buried her face in the pillow and grabbed the bed sheets with her hands.

It’s even more disgusting because you can clearly see the anus twitching.

“Sister. Can I cum?”
“S-please cum for me…”
“Can I cum inside your pussy?”
“Uh, huh…!”

With the feeling of ejaculation slowly rising, the speed of movement became faster.

The pussy must have recognized this, too, as it began to tighten the cock more and more.

As if urging me to ejaculate quickly, the feeling of procrastination was conveyed to my cock.


He pushed his waist hard and ejaculated semen.

I kept shaking it even while ejaculating, to the point that my testicles ached.


I took out my dick and drew a heart on my sister’s butt with the semen that had formed on the glans.

“What are you doing…?”
“Semen marking.”
“What marking…?”
“I drew a heart.”

Although he said so, he smiled inwardly as if he was happy.

“Suck it.”

My sister put all of my dick in her little mouth and cleaned it cleanly.

Thanks to this, it hurt a little, but my dick never got tired.

“Ttuk, ttuktuk tttu…”
“I guess you want one more time.”

And we didn’t stop having sex until we passed out for the first time in a long time.

“Euch! Haa…”
“Are you okay…?”
“Yeah… Maybe.”

The ending of cold sex.

That day, after lying around for a while with my sister who wasn’t fully recovered yet, I was also suffering from the flu.

Both nasal passages are swollen, the nose is blocked, and the feeling of being unable to control the runny nose.

In a word, it felt like real shit.

Why do we get sick just by exchanging body fluids?

Contrary to what was said in a webtoon somewhere, “Ningen no body and tendeun desu ne,” The reality is quite the opposite.

“Oh my god?”
“I should rest all day like my sister.”
“You weren’t thinking about what to do with rice, were you?”
“It’s not like that. You can solve that problem on your own.”
“You’ve grown, sister…”

Feeling deeply moved, I laid down on the bed.

I feel better when I tilt my head upward.

“Is there something I can do for you…?”
“No it’s okay…”
“Would you like me to hold your hand?”

When I took my arm out from under the blanket, my older sister gently held my hand.

I knew I had a high fever because my sister’s hands felt cold.

“It’s so hot…”
“It’ll be okay if you get some rest… Don’t worry so much…”

After my sister went back to her room.

I’m repeating the process of tearing off a piece of tissue, putting it in each nostril, breathing through my mouth, taking it out, and putting it back in.


How long has it been since my nose finally opened and I was able to breathe properly?

When I finally came to my senses and got up, my stomach started screaming for food.

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. A little… I’m hungry so I’m going to eat ramen. Do you want to eat too, sister?”
“I’m okay──”

This time, I heard my sister’s stomach growling.

“Sister, didn’t you eat…?”
“I didn’t eat because I wasn’t hungry…”
“It’s too loud for that…”

Earlier, did solving problems on your own just mean starving?

At least order delivery.

“Umm, it’s delicious.”

Okay. If you eat well, that’s it.

“Oppa bye~”
“Yes. Have a nice vacation.”

The long-awaited summer vacation has arrived.

An eventful first semester.

I almost became a monster consumed by sex and lost my GPA, but I somehow managed to make it up.

This is largely thanks to Jihee, who helped me as I am the only male friend other than my boyfriend.

I really should buy you something delicious next time.

“I’m here.”
“What’s going on? I’m sitting in front of my desk.”
“I can’t write.”
“Are you in a slump?”
“I guess so…”

I haven’t written anything properly since school started, so I couldn’t check my sister’s writing either.


A ranking that is clearly different from before.

Not only the number of views, but also the number of recommendations dropped significantly.

Also, popular novels have been completed, and many new works have begun to appear.

“What should I do…?”
“Silly, don’t cry.”

I comforted my crying sister by gently hugging her.

“But you didn’t go to hell. I’m glad I found out before that.”
“That’s true, but…”

As with any work, there are episodes where the number of views suddenly drops.

When the serialization cycle is irregular and readers do not check, when the content is stretched out as if it never ends, when strange settings are added, or when there is a sudden, rapid development, etc.

In the case of web novels for adults aged 19 and over, there are cases in which ordinary episodes appeared in the 19 and over episodes to develop the story.

Of course, in this case, if the 19-year-old episode is used again, the number of views will return to a certain extent, but this was not the case with the older sister.

My guess is maybe…

“You just keep giving me shit.”
“But I don’t have any materials anymore…”

Was it also a material issue?

Because of the characteristics of modern daily life, the writer’s experience is more important than anything else, since reality research must be used to some extent no matter what situation is written.

This is because if you only write about what you have roughly heard, you may convey incorrect information.

“Isn’t this going to lead to ruin…?”
“I told you. It’s still okay.”

It’s a relief to know the signs now, but later, when the number of views drops to three or two digits, it’s already too late.

“What should I do now…?”
“You just have to find the material.”
“With what?”
“I guess I’ll just keep making rice cakes at home. Traveling seems to be okay.”
“Travel? I don’t remember.”
“Well… Other than going out with Jihee recently, the last time I went on a trip was when I was young.”
“I already wrote that.”
“I guess so…”

A time when we were a complete family.

I went somewhere to play, but I don’t remember where exactly.

Still, I remember it being a lot of fun back then.

“What’s the matter?”
“No. Nothing.”

What am I thinking now.

There is only one older sister in my family.

“What should I do…”
“I can go on a trip.”
“If it’s okay with you, it’s okay right now, or you can catch me and go. I’m on vacation now.”
“Then let’s decide where to go right now.”

Before that, I told them to first post a notice of hiatus.


The result of a long discussion.

I decided to go to the next country, Japan.

This is because it is the most prosperous country in terms of subculture, and there are many places I want to visit.

The atmosphere was getting hotter and I was about to buy a plane ticket for tomorrow, when I realized one important thing.

“We didn’t have passports.”
“I should have made some in advance…”

Well, since I have no need to go abroad, there is no way I made it.

These days, there are a lot of people traveling, so it takes at least two weeks just to get it issued.

“Well… You can still reserve a ticket for two weeks later…”

As the heated atmosphere subsided, I began to see something different this time.

“…It’s the peak season so it’s very expensive.”
“It’s twice the price I expected.”

Although it is cheaper to fly on a low-cost airline, I wanted to try flying on a more premium airline.

The price is really NG.

Moreover, in places with a lot of infrastructure nearby, hotel prices were also high.

“Huh… First of all, I’ve already reserved everything…”

In the end, I found a suitable and cheap place, went to all the sites that usually had advertisements, and ended up paying a total of 1.3 million won, paying for my sister’s flight, and making hotel reservations.

“I guess I’ll have to go take a passport photo at once.”

The time is still daytime.

There is enough time to take pictures and go to the district office.

“Welcome~ What kind of photo did you come to take?”
“A passport photo.”
“Yes~ Please wait a moment~”

We were anxious, so we decided to take a picture together and split the picture.

“Would you like to come back in two hours?”
“Two hours…?”
“Yes. You can see the folders here right now. These belong to the customers in front of us.”

Since I couldn’t force him to do it, I decided to wait.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been like this.”
“Huh? What?”
“This is why I went on a date with Minwoo.”
“…Is that so?”
“Yeah. We always went on dates at home.”
“…I’m sorry. I don’t have time to go somewhere because of assignments…”
“No, it’s okay.”

As expected, it was my fault that I ran out of materials.

Although I had promised to do my best to support them, I couldn’t do anything using college as an excuse.

I need to support you hard from now on.

Because it’s the only dream that my stupid sister found.

“Let’s go to Japan and make a lot of materials.”
“…No. It’s nothing.”

What do you mean by wanting to make something other than materials?

For now, I decided to keep it in my heart.

My Innocent Older Sister.

My Innocent Older Sister.

새침한 우리 누나.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
My older sister is a popular adult story writer.The writing skills come from me.


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