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Labyrinth Story 6

Labyrinth Story 6

Chapter 6 – 006 Flood Damage

Third day in the forest.

After a fearful night, the foggy morning arrived.

The current interest in colostrum is whether or not an unidentified beast is interested in him, because he thought that if so, it was most likely to come tonight.

However, there were no uninvited guests in the middle of the night, and the body of Hwanin, who spent nearly 14 hours in the pit, was turned into a log.

Just like yesterday, Hwanin crawled out of the hole under the tree with a stiff body, and an unconscious sigh flowed from his mouth.

It’s good to be vigilant while sleeping through the night, but only when your body is stiff like this…….

It’s good to find safety, but if you can’t fight properly because your body is stiff when you have to fight, you’re in trouble.

“I will need a hiding place.”

If you squat down in a pit like this and continue to sleep, your body will get sick.

The more I got to know the jungle, the more unclear the plan to get out of here and find people.

There is no law saying that monsters are only green monsters.

It is difficult to think that beasts of prey exist only with that unidentified cat.

It is unknown how wide the jungle is.

Hwanin strongly felt the need to make long-term plans and move slowly.

“…… Well?”

While doing gymnastics and stretching to loosen stiff joints last night, Hwanin suddenly realized that his limbs were better than he thought.

Yesterday, considerable fatigue accumulated in the body.

He crafted a two-handed club and a wooden shield, fought seven green monsters, and even ran an hour-long marathon in a suit while holding an object weighing several kilograms.

He was prepared for a considerable amount of muscle pain, but in the morning, his thighs, shoulders, and calves were only a little sore as if he had been riding a bicycle for tens of minutes.


Being in good physical condition is a welcome thing, but a bit of anxiety rears its head as knowledge and other phenomena continue to follow.

Hwanin, who suppressed his anxiety and solved his morning with two handfuls of Corona berries, realized that a certain problem was becoming more serious while solving menstrual symptoms.

As for bowel movements, I didn’t eat much in the first place, so even so, the smell when urinating was not ammonia, but rather the sweet smell of fruit juice.

For two days, I only filled my stomach with fruits. Even if nutritional imbalance is a later issue, the fruit alone will gradually reduce your physical strength…….

I took out the emergency rations that were only making small breathing noises in the pit.


The emergency rations and sleeping with their beaks tied and their black eyes widened were not so bad.

Emergency rations, the one-horned bird, pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi, because the sound of breathing stops as if it was like that when the sound of the wind or the rustling of leaves or bushes outside came outside.

Blinking black eyes and exchanging glances with emergency rations that snorted like stings, Hwanin untied the string tying his beak. It was an emergency food that immediately started crying and making a fuss…….




Every time he cried with the black club, he lightly beat his beak, and it quickly became quiet.

‘Does he have high intelligence?’

Hitting the beak with a black club was just an act with the intention of killing the spirit of the wild animal. Hwanin did not think that behavioral correction would be so instant.

But to stop crying after being hit a few times.

If it was a cat or a dog, they would be nervous, bite the club, and make a fuss.

Hwanin stuffed leftover corona berries, which were considered unripe, into the beak of emergency food. Then, perhaps because he was hungry, he gulped down the emergency rations while making a muffled sound.

Is this one-horned bird aware of its situation?

His intelligence seems uncharacteristically high for a bird, so he would have understood what his predicament was.

Then, how should we interpret this behavior that looks like a pet bird?


As if wondering why he was looking at him, the emergency ration tilts his head.


He was a Hwanin who didn’t complain about food or side dishes, and he had a decent appetite, so he thought of consuming the one-horn bird he accidentally caught as a valuable source of protein.

I’m still able to endure it, so I keep carrying it with me, and when I really need protein…….


…… I was thinking of taking it.

The appearance of the emergency rations shaking their head like a parrot and squawking sounds like a parrot urging food.


I pick up a few more corona berries and feed them, so I accept it without hesitation.

Since it happened like this, I should eat well and gain weight until then. Hwanin thought so.

Before leaving, Hwanin obtained a few long vines, twisted them together, and tied emergency food tightly together to make it look like a bag.

I planned to carry it on my right shoulder as it is, and if I had to fight against a green monster, I would throw it into a nearby bush and fight it, then retrieve it after the fight was over.

But what exactly is this guy?

It was the first time he struggled after being caught, and now, despite being treated like luggage, he remains calm and doesn’t cry. Rather, like a rooster wrapped in a cloth, he turns his head to and fro and looks around.

Then, sometimes, when our eyes meet.


He cries a little as if he is looking at something.


Hwanin, who forcibly put aside the thought of complicating things, turned on his smartphone with about 65% remaining battery and checked the distance and direction he was moving.

It seems that in the next couple of hours, we will arrive at the place where we first fell.

In the meantime, I looked closely at the ground and trees, but I never saw a trace of a beast after that. There is a possibility that we did not find it by chance, but it is safe to assume that it is out of the habitat of wild beasts…….

Quack! Kww!! Queueek!!

At that time, Hwanin slightly furrowed his eyebrows at the behavior of the emergency rations suddenly crying and making a fuss.

In order to stop barking, he lifted the black club and tapped his beak, but kek, kek! Even though he makes a choking noise, he doesn’t stop crying.

You don’t know where the monster might be. There is a possibility that you will come to hear this sound.

Turn it off- ……… Kweek! Quack! Pretty much!

Even if you squeeze your beak, it’s only for that moment. Hwanin, who was about to take out the string he had kept in his coat pocket because he didn’t want to stop crying over the emergency rations, jumped back in a hurry the moment the wind blowing in front of Huying brushed the tip of his nose.

‘It smells like beast.’

I didn’t feel any presence at all.

The direction from which the wind blew was the direction in which the bushes grew up to chest level.

As he raised his black club and shield and glared at the bush, the bush shook and a bipedal beast that appeared to be 100 cm tall appeared.



Do you call that a kobold in the novel?

The whole body is covered with mottled hair, and the head is so ambiguous that it is difficult to tell whether it is a dog or a hyena.

It has an inverted joint below the knee, and the front feet seem to have developed, and the four toes have grown by about two joints.

The toes near the tarsal bones are twice as long as the others, and appear to act as human thumbs.

Puss seat-

The bush swayed and two more appeared.

Beasts The monsters each held a block of wood in their front paws like a weapon.

The green monster had at least some rag-like hide wrapped around its waist, but those…….

…… Wait, leather?

Hwanin remembered something and compared the skin of the green monster with the beast in front of him.

‘It looks like the skin of that beast’s head.’


Hwanin, staring at the three beasts with obvious hostility, threw back the emergency rations he was carrying on his shoulder.


When the emergency rations screamed out loud at the impact of the fall, the three animals simultaneously looked towards the emergency rations.


Hitting the ground with all his might, Hwanin rushed forward, almost covering his entire body with his shield, and struck the head of the beast-headed monster in the center with a black club, which was startled by the sudden attack.


The beast-headed monster with its head sunken in a single blow fell down with its tongue pulled out, but those on the left and right immediately attacked Hwanin from the left and right.

Hwanin, who showed his yellow teeth and ran like a dog…….


I hit the animal-headed monster on the left that approached first with a wooden shield. Right after that, he hits the face of the monster on the right with a black club, then kicks it as hard as he can with his superior Lich’s leg.


‘Crying is also bullshit.’

It was smaller than the green monster, but the species itself was different, so I paid attention to the weight and kicked it hard.

I expected it not to be strong, given that it provided skin for a weak green monster, and that it had forelimbs that were about half as short as its legs.

‘The only thing to watch out for is the bite and dirty claws.’

Hwanin saw the beast-headed monster staggering back up from being knocked down by the impact of the shield strike, exchanged it for a stone axe with a black club, and slashed it at its neck.

The monster, who was blown away by the kick, couldn’t even get up while grunting, as if its internal organs had been ruptured, so it stepped on it with its foot and slashed its neck bones.

“I don’t know if I’m strong or if these monsters are weak.”

Maybe it was because he dealt with the three more easily than expected, but he tried to relax a bit, but Hwan-in took care of all the tension by substituting himself in the form of a dead beast head monster with his head broken and decapitated.

If their habits are dog-like in appearance, the females of these brute-headed monsters will give birth to several puppies at once.

No matter how weak each individual is, the violence of numbers cannot be underestimated.

If 10 or 20 of these guys attack you at once, you will never be able to survive.

If you’re not careful, you will be the one who dies.


The emergency food, which had been tightly closed while fighting the beast-headed monster, let out an incomprehensible cry when Hwanin approached.

What is this guy really like?

I don’t know if he warned of the monster’s approach, but he was a Hwanin who decided to sleep with his beak tied at night anyway.

After that, Hwanin wandered around the jungle for three days.

The purpose was to escape the jungle, but he was in the process of figuring out his surroundings because he had decided to proceed cautiously through several experiences.

The flat terrain became bumpy as it moved away from the point where it first fell, and as if erosion and uplift had occurred, height differences began to appear, and the number of green monsters and beast-headed monsters roaming around increased dramatically.

It feels like I often run into green monsters or beast-headed monsters when I go in the direction I originally intended.

As a result, the number of battles increased dramatically and the consumption of physical strength also increased rapidly.

In addition to that, the number of corona berry bushes has also decreased, and there are bushes, but the number of berries has been noticeably reduced, making it difficult to secure food.

Just as corona berries are an important food for Hwanin, the monsters were also eating corona berries.

The battle continued, but the food was poor, so his physical condition began to deteriorate to the point where he could feel his physical strength dropping.

It’s a shame because the monsters weren’t active at night, otherwise Hwanin would have risked returning to the place where he encountered the unknown monster.



After beating four beast-headed monsters to death with a black club while out looking for food, Hwanin massaged his throbbing right wrist.

The aftermath of the drop in stamina caused a slowdown in movement.

If it had been two days ago, he would have been out of breath, but today he allowed an attack by a beast-headed monster that would have dealt with it without damage, and in return he suffered a blow to his right arm.

It was a shame because it was an attack wielding a wooden block. Had it been a bite, he would have nearly lost his right arm.

Hwanin, who was rubbing the spot where he was hit, touched his cheek while reflecting on his clumsy gesture earlier. I can feel the sunken cheeks and the raised cheekbones.

If someone saw Hwanin now, he would say that his entire body was overflowing with life.


When our eyes met in the process of carrying emergency food on my shoulder, I cried as if it had become a habit.

‘Is it time to catch and eat it?’

There’s nothing like the bond we’ve had together. I’m not a Hwanin with soft emotions enough to feel that.

Hwanin, who considered hunting animals with the numbing beads he had been saving in case of danger, retrieved a stone ax stuck in the back of a beast-headed monster, wiped the blood off his fur, and turned around.

Let’s go back to our temporary hideout. If I can’t find corona berries or other food on the way, I’ll have to eat them.

The hideout was a place he found by chance.

I found a hole in the ground that was deeply dug in the shape of a ∪, and a small pit with a cross section that even exposed the roots of trees.

It looked more like a place created by the ground being distorted by an earthquake rather than soil erosion, but there was no sign that wild animals used it as a nest, and the interior was wide enough to sit with legs stretched out, so it was chosen as a hiding place without question.

‘It is foolish to bake and eat emergency food in a hiding place. I’ll have to light a fire in a suitable place, eat it, and then go back.’

It would be nice to turn on the smartphone, check the recorded movement route, and go to a place where we didn’t encounter monsters, but the smartphone’s battery is less than 20% left.

So, when escaping the jungle, I turn off my smartphone for one last use.

‘I don’t know if I can escape.’

For the past three days, he has traveled around the area as much as possible, leaving small traces that only Hwanin alone can know about.

The radius was more than enough to fit an entire city.

The monster is encountered twice a day, and it is impossible to even get a sense of how wide the jungle is.

There is no water (I found some rotten and stinky puddles) and food is hard to come by.

It is natural for humans to have negative thoughts in their workplace.

At least, he endured this much because he was a Hwanin with a different mindset and thinking than ordinary people. If he were an ordinary person, he would not have lasted a few days and died while being chased by a monster.

It was when I was trudging along with a tired movement.


Hearing the sound of the emergency rations suddenly crying, Hwanin lowered his eyes and looked at the emergency rations.

It doesn’t detect monsters and cry. When the emergency food detects a monster, it makes a pretty noise and cries to the point where it hurts your ears.

It wasn’t even that we cried because our eyes met.

The emergency food was staring at it with its beak fixed to one side.

“…… ?”

I raised my head to see what was there, but all I could see was the jungle hidden by the bushes.

Let’s hit the beak with the handle of the black club. Tight? Looking at Hwanin, Uneopsiksik fixes his head in the direction he was looking at again.

Hwanin turned his body so that the direction he was looking at was behind his back. Then, as if trying to look back, the emergency food turned its head around, but when the angle did not come out, it seemed to give up and began to look in the direction Hwanin was going as usual.

When he twisted his body slightly, he fixed his head to one side again as if he had never done it before, and cried, quack, emergency rations.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.’

After thinking for a while, Hwanin turned to the place where the emergency rations were looking.

There was no particular reason. It was just to check why the emergency food was crying.

If there is a monster that is difficult to handle at the end…… Hwanin thought that this would be his destiny.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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